: friends list gone
Jushuu (EUW)
: Is that Nidalee god? Also gg
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: Its because players don't prefer to play supp or jg, not even in normals and to make games faster, matching puts players in autofilled roles.
That's the problem though. Because then riot cries about people inting or being toxic.
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Andantade (EUNE)
: What does this mean ??
Do you think that people as low as gold would understand this ?
sbepi (EUW)
: idk about what is type in korean but typing a timer followed by f, means that for that timing enemy player will have flash up tp, teleport etc 18:30 bot means that for 18:30 they will have most important sums up like flash and heal that helps the jungler understand how he is supposed to move into the map
thanks for the reply, i get it now.
: The timers are the important summoner spells and when they will come up for members of the enemy team. 1830 bot means that the enemy ADC's flash will be up at 18:30 game time. These are written by hand when someone witnesses summoners being blown in order to keep track of them and let the team know who is more vulnerable to being ganked/killed/may alter their positioning in a teamfight.
Ah i see, thanks for the reply. I understand it now. :)
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