: Then explain why there is a professional 1v1 tournament. Try again kid.
Hmm. Almost any game has 1v1 tournaments, and just because game's original design was teamplay, doesn't mean that 1v1 replaces the core game idea? Yeah, screw the Summoner's Rift map, screw objectives, towers, send that all to hell, let's have fun on one lane and see who can beat each other up? This is simplifying the original game, and just because it exists doesn't mean it's more popular than the teamplay? I'm 100% sure it's not even close lmao. And to sum it up: if someone is bad in-game, why call or get called out for 1v1 when it's completely different meta and different skills (mostly mechanical, unlike 5v5). It still won't prove anything. It will just prove you spent some time figuring best champs for it and even if you did not, you are just better mechanically. Cool. I've seen good mechanical players in silver, does that actually prove something?
: PSA;
PSA: this is 5v5 moba, not 1v1 shooter.
: Cheater admits it...
If I say in-game that I use scripts just because I'm very good at hitting skillshots but claim otherwise, will you just straight up believe I'm a cheater?
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrey0345,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qivFsUuI,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2020-01-13T19:35:14.857+0000) > > The only thing that could mean is the Plat players having such trash mmr and losing all placements that they fly all the way into bronze to players, who were basically sitting on the same place from last year. So basically, players who don't really deserve platinum anyways. In low elo it isn't hard for a good player to carry the game singlehandedly, the opponents are usually the same so why even whine about players if enemy team isn't different? > And I'm not sure, but shouldn't bronze players after soft reset get placed into like iron? Or it isn't as harsh, as it is to platinum? Touble I'm having is that the dude that carries the game is always on the other team XD.
Wolity (EUW)
: " i want to carry the game " mentality can lose you a lot of games
It's a very poor mentality, of person who doesn't understand game's goal and, as you said, has big ego. In reality, when someone loses lane and his entire team is winning, for him to stabilize and stop feeding and focus on farm is just another form of carrying, well, if not exactly carrying, but winning. Or a tank jungler, who secures objectives, and is always positioning right in teamfights, isn't that carrying as well? People for some reason think carrying means being 20/0 and running around killing everything, when in reality all it takes is to break a nexus. If someone wants to win more games, he must understand his role in a team and do everything to complete his job as well as he can. That's it, no need to think about "carrying" or other garbage like that, if you are being carried in a game, why not just relax and thank your team for doing all the job? You'll carry the next one, wtf is the problem...
HiT 3m Up97 (EUNE)
: Nerf asasins & Make adc role great again
OF COURSE you are gonna get oneshot by assassin! Like, wtf else did you expect, you have 15 kills, do you build any tanky items? Who said you will be able to tank assassins just because you have 15 kills alone? Or tanks, in your opinion, build Infinity Edge with Statikk? It's not useless whatsoever, in fact, it's op, you just need some good tanks to peel for you and not let assassins get to you (obviously if you are not a fan of being rambo in enemy jungle and waiting until 3 people jump on you out of nowhere). 5/4 is good stats for assassin to deal enough damage?.. Like there is nothing questionable in your words, you are fed, you deal more damage than assassins and you melt tanks as well, it's just assassins have better burst and you have no time to react or kill them before they kill you.
Kâtarina (EUNE)
: Fun builds?
I liked on-hit lulu jungle few years ago, it was surprisingly powerful. Also a fun one is AP thresh mid/support. AP shaco support is meta but I barely see him in matches so maybe give it a try? ADC teemo is insane (actual adc, not apc). Proxy singed is still viable, I guess. AD rammus has some potential, but requires testing.
: why all these downvotes, jesus christ!
I think that's because you are provoking it. I understand you don't mean it, but you can't think of other name which won't connect with Adolf, at least because not everyone will know it's your name? Or you will run into everyone and tell them about it? Again, while I don't find it offensive, there are a lot of people and they have their own reasons to find it such. It's understandable it's censored, just find a different name.
Ritmann (EUW)
: So you thought the game was balanced
Wow, you really say that as though these champions are considered overpowered for a long time and it's like Riot is not fixing them. I wouldn't call even half of this list unbalanced. The only stronger champions I'd say are maybe {{champion:245}} and {{champion:235}} , and also {{champion:82}} {{champion:517}} and {{champion:13}} ? srsly..
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I know some champions are OP, I can't deny that. but in most cases it's more about the players than the champion. some one tricks can make your jaw drop with some champions that you don't see every game like {{champion:77}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:223}} top and the list goes on... once again i do accept that some champions stay over tuned for several patches and the skill level of the player is not the case, but most of the times it's the super skilled player that hurts your feeling and LP, not that champion.
I'd say decent {{champion:24}} alone looks scarier than all of these picks.
: As stupid as the flame is, the situation that bronze and Plat players are in a single game is just wrong. That shouldnt happen in rankeds.
The only thing that could mean is the Plat players having such trash mmr and losing all placements that they fly all the way into bronze to players, who were basically sitting on the same place from last year. So basically, players who don't really deserve platinum anyways. In low elo it isn't hard for a good player to carry the game singlehandedly, the opponents are usually the same so why even whine about players if enemy team isn't different? And I'm not sure, but shouldn't bronze players after soft reset get placed into like iron? Or it isn't as harsh, as it is to platinum?
mc4life (EUNE)
: Yes cassio can tank team by herself if played well, dont forget she has aoe stun as well and aoe 80% slow+grounding effect. Appears i didint say clear enough for you to get it. I mean cassio is TANKING entire team, she can be TANKING it. TANKING doesnt exist in ur elo, atl not same as in higher levels of play.
> TANKING doesnt exist in ur elo I don't understand, you are challenger or something? And I just went to Wikipedia, to prove you still didn't word yourself correctly and it's not me who is stupid but you who doesn't understand the term "tanking" very well. > "Tanking" occurs when the unit's intention is to be the one taking in damage (typically by being dangerous or detrimental, or using a game mechanic that forces it to be targeted), and secondly, to ensure that they can survive this damage through sheer health points or mitigation. Tanking is not being able to 1v5, or kill stuff very fast, or having infinite cc. Tanking - taking most damage, that could be directed to other priority targets on your team, such as adc. You are saying she can tank team by herself if played well because of her aoe stun and aoe slow+grounding. Well, I guess what you mean is she can PEEL and KITE quite well for some time so she doesn't die in few seconds and might kill few enemies. That could happen. But tank? And entire team? She must be like 30/0, 5 levels ahead of everyone, to tank entire enemy team. Again, tanking - taking a lot of damage and surviving it, does a mage seem like a class who tanks tons of damage? And last, but not least, you are still overrating her. Cassi is stronger than most, but if you can imagine her kiting 5 different players, all at the same time, each probably has some form of cc, I guess you don't have the correct idea of high elo.
mc4life (EUNE)
: In low elo nothing is strong since ppl dont know to play. I can explain you why is he op on a very detailed way, but you just wouldnt get it soo i wont bother. Hf.
No, why I wouldn't get it? I'm always open to discussions like that, and I gave you my arguments on why I don't think he's really that strong, why shouldn't you? And you are kinda arrogant, I checked your op.gg and the only thing it showed me is you were platinum 3 last season, why would you act like I'm "low elo" without seeing that I was around same (actually hit plat 1 in s8). I played a lot of champions and I think I have decent knowledge of this game to discuss this topic. > In low elo nothing is strong since ppl dont know to play. I can put it vice versa: In low elo everything is broken since ppl dont know how to play. Take Yi for example. Also, why should Morde be stronger in high elo if people _know_ how to play there? But again, I don't disagree with your point, if you don't mind, could you explain what makes him broken?
mc4life (EUNE)
: Yeah i see, 29 games in season9 - pretty much the same. I didint say anythings about tanks, i said cassio can tank entire teams by herself, which shouldnt be case for high dmg mages. Read the message carefully before smartassing.
But that isn't true? Cassio can't tank entire teams by herself, like most high dmg mages, in fact, high dmg mages are quite squishy to do that, the only mage that comes to mind with that ability is Vladimir, because he has passive which makes him tanky if he builds ap. It's extremely easy to destroy a mage like cassio if she instantly gets caught like 1v3 and gets cc'd, now imagine if she gets 1v5? And what do you mean you didn't say anything about tanks? I read your message couple of times, here: > You are unranked mate, in ur elo tanks dont exist. You clearly touched the theme of tanks in low elo and their absence (or that's what this message looks like). Where you didn't say anything about tanks? I answered looking at what you wrote, not what you think you said, you could reread your message before posting if you are aware I didn't understand it correctly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrey0345,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xuV9QQyi,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2020-01-10T16:05:14.939+0000) > > I have a better solution. > > Make him not be able to swap to 2nd gun. If not, you can always just delete him from the game. If he can use just one gun at the time, that makes him has just one ability (not counting his R until level 6) and you think thats fair? People who mostly complains about aphelios are those who doesnt know how to deal with him.
I wasn't being completely serious, but I do think his design is clunky and overcomplicated.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Yeah, sit under tower while everytone else i getting gold from kills as well and not losing anything while you are losing precious gold frmo not getting kills and minions since ur under tower. Very fair. Morde is one of the champs that can kill top/jg in level 2, when he gets even 6 its even easier unless jg somehow can beat him which is almost impossible since he needs like half of item to do his shit in early. HITTING is not an option, while ur animation is playing he will e and kill you. You can just run to wall and wait for him to come, he surely isnt gonna use his e right off, but wil save it for easiest situation. Outplaying isnt just soo simple.
I'm sorry, but what's bad about sitting under tower? Especially since you are a toplaner, who's job is basically farming and waiting for midgame? And what's problematic about farming under tower - or freezing nearby, so tower doesn't shoot it? And saying you are losing precious gold from not getting kills is kinda ridiculous, kills happen if your opponent does dumb mistakes, ESPECIALLY if you are on top lane. And there are a lot of champions who can bully you under your tower, renekton, for example. Why isn't he op for all the reasons stated above? He can kill you early as well. But ok. > HITTING is not an option, while ur animation is playing he will e and kill you. Thats a very interesting thing to say, but which champ are we talking about? Because morde's E is so delayed, it's rather you have time to dodge while his E is playing than you getting caught, but it's all situational, it's not a hard ability to bait. But here is the real question: is he really that op as a champion? I'm running into him multiple times, he isn't anything special, he's kinda like darius, maybe strong but easily bursted in 2v1, no mobility, easy champ to kill while ganking.
mc4life (EUNE)
: You are unranked mate, in ur elo tanks dont exist. Get in gold-dia and you will see how strong she is.
Saying I'm unranked on the first day of ranked season is the stupidest thing you could possibly say, you couldn't look at my previous season to say something? But nevermind, I don't understand why you're "proving" to me that I'm not dealing with tanks. I just pointed out she can kill squishies within 2-3 E's, for tanks she might need more, obviously. But i still don't understand your point because playing against tanks is supposed to be more difficult and require even more damage, which I stated above?
Hananim (EUW)
: Got a pentakill but it didnt impress him
Should've recorded and sent him the demo of it.
: Aphelios really needs a 4th bar below his hp-mana-maingun ammo for his secondary weapon
I have a better solution. Make him not be able to swap to 2nd gun. If not, you can always just delete him from the game.
: ADC as a role is in dire need of improvement
Seriously?.. They got insanely buffed, one of the most impactful units in game is adc right now. The new stormrazor is just op, and the damage adcs have is way higher than it used to be. > unplayable pre 20 mins without a strong support? well, if their support is stronger than yours, I think it makes sense they have advantage.
Blue009 (EUNE)
: The trolling report system does work.
We need people like you, who test the quality of report system on their own accounts. Great job.
mc4life (EUNE)
: 1. If fiora gets hit once by morde she will die, noone is perfect. It doesnt matter how much times she trades, she cant make morde be useless in late, no champ can. 2. Dont smartass about cassio, she is broken and heals too much, she can tank whole teams wihtout breaking a sweat and does not need items, just go spirit rush and you won the game if u know to play.
Does not need items? What does that even mean? You want to say she is able to carry with her base mana pool? She's extremely item reliant, you have to rush tier asap and you also really need tons of ap, which also boosts healing. Best way to make her work - have 600-700 ap and delete squishies within 2-3 E's. I don't say she's not broken, she is very good but saying she can tank whole teams is an extreme overstatement.
mc4life (EUNE)
: What about morde?
I think you should just avoid him and mostly try to kite him, he's a jugger, so he's practically useless if he can't get to you. His ult certainly helps him with that so after 6 I guess sit under tower? But depends on your champ. As DragonessOfMagic said above, it's indeed a good idea to play hit and run, go in for a short trade and get out, but make sure to dodge his E.
: 1) Morde deals MOST of his damage from landing the Q and his passive. Q can be dodged, passive...not so much but has a short range. You want to dodge his pull and q, then just proc the vitals and run away. Against morde you play hit and run, not all in. ANd fiora is extremly good at it, if in right hands. The reason you want to dodge mordes Q and Pull is because of his passive. it does not trigger until 3 attack or spells have landed. 2) Cassio also has stupidly short range. She needs mana because her abilities are spammy and thus cut through her own mana supply like a hot knife through butter. This also means, she won't have damage until she build AP, and has to rely on landing Q and W to give her some survivability. Long drawn out trades=cassio likes. Short burst=cassio doesn't like(that's until level 6. After that, turn your back to not get stunned when she is about to cast ult).
In early game Cassio can't fight like at all, you can really all-in her because she will run out of mana trying to spam you with E's. And it's a bit hard to go for short burst, she usually just hits Q and makes you run towards your tower while she spams Es.
: Your rank has nothing to do with it , you've raised solid points . And I absolutely agree , champion reworks have been absolute dumpsterfires mostly , only WW comes to mind where they actually succeeded in creating an improvement. Champions like Taric , galio... even the mini aurelion sol rework have been absolute trash however and you'll rarely see these in SR. I quit league myself too , though for different reasons. Overall balance of the game is atrocious and focused on damage , with strategic elements being shafted out of existence season by season . Overall game is in a poor state , starting from the client all the way up to laughable vision options , even as a support.
I absolutely miss the old Taric, was really a crazy bs to play, especially top/jungle.
: Cait and Leona do everything too well
If I say "no", what's your argument then?
: You might have bias affecting your views because when you climb to some rank for the first time, the players obviously look better than they actually are because they are giving you a challenge. However, when you get better and more experienced, you start to notice the flaws they have and suddenly they don't look as good. I remember thinking gold players were good at the game in season 1 when i first got into ranked but i obviously know now how bad those players actually were at the game. Just to clarify, season 1 gold players with the skill level they had back then wouldn't probably even be silver this season because the average skill level of players back then was so bad. Technically you can say that if a player is in the same rank he was last season, he is BETTER than he was last season, even when his rank is the same. That is due to the average skill level of players going up all the time and you having to adapt to all the changes.
Yeah, I agree on that but I think if we are talking how good/bad the player is, it's worth also considering when he was good/bad, what I mean is gold in season 1 was trash considering to what we have now, it doesn't deny the fact that back then that could be considered good level. I agree my observations are not valid anymore because I was talking about my experience before the rank changes (from 5 to 4 divisions; iron added). But I still think the level shouldn't have changed that much, if talking about plat 5 back then and plat 4 atm. Also a lot of really bad players I had in game very recently (who were bad enough to get me wondering what rank they must be in) had platinum 4. It all could be just a coincidence but still interesting. Also, I personally don't think I have become more experienced since then, because I played very low amount of ranked games and mostly was running normals, where players are not tryharding and forcing you to improve.
: >When I would play in season 5-6, in silver people were better than now in platinum. Let's not exaggerate too much, ok? Plat is pretty much the same it has always been. Low plat is bad as hell and high plat begins to resemble decent gameplay. Season 6 was the absolute worst we have ever had in ranked play due to dynamic queue boosting players way above their deserved ranks. People are complaining about this season but season 6 was the actual bad one. Don't forget that.
> Low plat is bad as hell and high plat begins to resemble decent gameplay. that's interesting, I've noticed high plat is decent but from my experience when I was climbing few years ago low plat wasn't absolute trash either, at least from what I see now.
bPyWythe (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=mistry,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bIInyIbU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-03T14:53:02.726+0000) > > The fact that people consistently smurf and climb to high elo with high win rates is enough to disprove it exists. > > People who play casually often have a skill ceiling they struggle to get above due to the fact that it requires more and more time to keep increasing your skill at the game. how does this disprove it?
Doesn't it? I mean, obviously the lower rank gameplay is harder to get through, because of VERY unstable level of play (one game your laner can dominate, and the other just run his lane down without realising it), but it isn't something that is supposed to stop you from improving and actually getting over it, it's natural the other players might ruin it, that's why it's low elo. Enemy team might mistakes just as well, it's not like both teams are in different skill brackets.
bPyWythe (EUW)
: "there is no elo hell" or is it?
> prove me wrong Elo boost exists, it's a thing and boosters somehow (probably _scripts?_) manage to get someone's account through low elo in a couple of days, maybe a week.
: nerf shaco
And here we are: after few decent buffs, the champion, who was absolutely worthless garbage for several seasons straight, gets asked to get nerfed. You really sure he's stronger than everything else around - stronger than Aphelios, stronger than all of the meta champions atm? Because, to be honest, back before season 7 - the season where he got reworked - he actually was about the same, if not stronger, and nobody ever cried about nerfing him, because he wasn't op and he actually takes skill to play unlike most op champs right now. And he already got few annoying nerfs so please, last thing we need is nerfing this clown.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrey0345,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wzq1NQeG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-04T09:47:14.380+0000) > > To be honest, I think people are smurfing just to have chiller experience in ranked OR try to solo climb while trying to carry 1v9 (i never smurfed but that is basically what you have to reach for if you ever want to climb in ranked). "chiller experience in ranked" is the polite way of saying : smashing some noobs :D
Yeah, exactly. Considering the fact, that players are lower skilled (usually by far) allows for less focused gameplay, more mistakes and overall, less "tryharding" (because you don't have to be playing great, usually playing slightly better than your opponent is enough). That, in return, actually lowers smurf's level of play - because he's getting used to allowing himself doing mistakes and readjusting back to his real level will take time.
Wolity (EUW)
: If they deserve silver or gold they will easily get there without a problem. My friend just lost his plat 3 promos because of a player like that , level 30 account without 0 knowledge about the game.... this must to stop. They must be put in iron and if they really deserve silver they will get there without a problem. But they shouldnt be putting every1 in gold and plat...
Unfortunately, that is how it is. Entire last season I noticed that skill dropped even lower and in platinum I've seen a lot of players who are absolutely clueless about the game and barely understand game's mechanics. When I would play in season 5-6, in silver people were better than now in platinum. Worst part is, they think they actually reached something because they are now so-called "high elo".
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: why do people smurf?
To be honest, I think people are smurfing just to have chiller experience in ranked OR try to solo climb while trying to carry 1v9 (i never smurfed but that is basically what you have to reach for if you ever want to climb in ranked).
: nerf cassiopeia with conq
I'm afraid it's not only conq, the champ itself is absolute bs, I occasionally play her and it's just an unstoppable self-peeling machine gun with insane movement speed. Her kit is just so good overall, almost everything one needs in a champion: crazy ms boosts, healing, slow+grounding, aoe stun and dps. And so far I played her only Phase Rush, I guess conq is even stronger? lmao
: But most of the time if a tank gets you you might be standing around for a while but you won’t die to him... unless you are an adc on their ow as they are squishy enough to be vulnerable to a tanks damage but if you’ve tried to 1v1 someone as an adc your asking for it... a support will keep them alive through it all. A tank isn’t the one that kills you it’s his team, he can hold you in place for that to happen but it’s not the tank that’s caught you. And don’t forget QSS exists
Yeah, that's exactly what I meant, I just didn't specify what will kill you, but most of the time there is someone near the tank to beat you up while you are cc'd.
: Actually quick correction, tanks do have mobility... juggernauts don’t have mobility. Out of the 20 actual tanks in the game 15 have some form of mobility, and out of the remaining 5; 3 have very large hastes and one has a global teleport... only 1 fully immobile tank who is Taric Actually your description as a whole is for juggernauts not tanks... if a tank gets you your not %%%%ed unless he has follow up
to be more precise: when tanks get to you, you are locked in cc till you die, if juggernaut gets to you, he just singlehandedly kills you.
Hananim (EUW)
: Adc players whining again, nothing new to see, been this way since season 1. Move along.
It's weird, considering they actually got buffed and from my experience are dealing hella damage atm.
: Well actually it happens every day on Diamond and Master streams. Tryndamere jumps, makes 2 autos and person dies :-) Much better Carry then all these useless marksmen.
Well, one dead person =/= penta? And probably it happened because the person who got autoattacked got caught out, cc'd and would die anyways? You clearly don't have too much knowledge of the game, saying Trynd is better carry than marksmen, at least because he's melee and they are ranged. It's not hard at all to kite and peel him off your squishies, I'd say it's even easier than dealing with Yi lol. Oh, and talking about skill, you actually have to be VERY good at Trynd to get penta on him, if enemies are not intermediate bots obviously. And don't forget that if you are talking about Diamond/Master level play, than your teammates are supposed to be as good as opponents, which might result in them peeling for Trynd, basically feeding him free kills. And last, but not least, Trynd is played because he's a great splitpusher, people mainly use him to destroy top towers, not to PvP but yeah, he's probably picked because of how insane his combat potential is. /s
: >damn, if champ can get penta just by playing good, he must get gutted ASAP You are not required even to be good to get penta on Trynd. You just autoattack and they all die. But guess what? Nobody guts Tryyyynd.... :) :)
Yeah, nice joke mate. The only place that's possible at is iron 4, and still you will struggle. I hope you were kidding.
: Oh WAIT Malphite is able to do the same. Five dumbs standing next to each with 20-0 malphite pressing one button! SO OVERPOWERED
yeah, except thats the only thing he can do, in smaller area, by putting himself in the middle of enemy team, by having to build full AP entire game instead of his designated role (tank) and, lets be honest, less damage. At least when he has 2 items, lmao. And without that he's just a mediocre AP caster, unlike Aphelios, who is a monster ADC, kinda like Caitlyn, low mobility-high damage output.
: Rito Gamez are so mingy when it's about buffs, but so generous when it's about nerfs
Game is always full of useless trash. That's the problem growing from years ago where the meta has like 30-40 champions and everything else is just mediocre garbage which gets outclassed in every way by better picks. And I dont think ADC sucks right now, I actually feel like they are performing way better atm than they used to, just way more damage, but its my opinion. And giving kills to ADC isn't always the correct play because it depends how far behind ADC is and who REALLY is carrying the game, so it's dependable. > You play good, make penta with your spells. damn, if champ can get penta just by playing good, he must get gutted ASAP
: My nerf / Buff list
So you propose nerfing {{champion:53}} but not nerfing {{champion:555}} ? Ok boomer
: Jungler tries to cheese red with little health and the lvl 6 galio's ult procs while he's tyrng to farm xD
I find nothing funny, it's our duty to protect our junglers from getting executed by dangerous red buffs! (if it gets stolen, dont dare to cry, we saved your life)
CJXander (EUNE)
: Is the jungle role in a bad spot, or the junglers are generally bad?
I think its both. While playing jungle is definitely hard and many mistakes can happen, the jungle nerf was just pure genius, since no matter how much one farms, somehow enemy mid/top is always 2 levels above so jungler is a much weaker unit in the first place. Obviously, its your jungler's skill which matters when he chooses where to gank, when to farm and how to ward, but now he's just weak, at least from my perspective. Of course that is not a problem if he gets forcefed tons of kills tho.
: > [{quoted}](name=Artori Paradigm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=G7BelR8Y,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-26T07:15:26.148+0000) > >rarely do you actually have fun, it's mostly trying to mitigate what your other 'teammates' have done and come back from that > ^This highlightes the core problem of the game, it's missing a match making and not the arbitrary random cluster%%%%ing.
Man I wanted to quote the same line while reading, because this is so true. The only way to not have to do that is to prevent teammates' doing any damage in the first place by forcing ganks non stop (which only a jungler can do, so Riot nerfed this OP role into the ground again, so nobody can impact the game anymore).
: >yes or match them with people who are 4 premade its like being premades is the only criteria {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Isn't it, if we are talking about norms? Normals already dont look at rank, why not make it at least played randoms vs randoms and prems vs prems, it definitely would improve experience.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Death train. You need to acknowledge one thing, there is a kind of aesthetic beauty to that. Modern pop-art?
I find the picture very funny, dunno why
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Biggest bullshit I've ever read here. And that's saying something.
Why? Seems to make perfect sense. The more you win, the higher you are. If you can't win, you probably are not good enough. Of course the game will try to stop you from having extremely high winrate, it will give enemy team better players and your team worse players. But will it stop your climb? Depends on how you play.
: why League Of Legends player community low IQ ?
Your post isn't treated seriously because you bring up completely irrelevant things to the topic. IQ? What do you mean by that? And how "this LOL players" are any different from people playing other games? Have you tried asking yourself about the skill level you are playing in, instead of the whole community? I can be low rank in Dota, see horrible players, and be like "hm, people in this game all have really low IQ", but that would be dumb, right? Well, that's how your post looks like.
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