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: The psychological effect of URF mode
Personally, I'm gonna take a long break from the game after playing URF not because it's that much more awesome than regular modes, but rather because of massive tilting spree I've been going through. More often than not, URF games are extremelly one sided, and lately I've been on a bad losing streak where game is pretty much lost in champ select, and during the game itself you can barely leave the base since your opponents get super oppresive champ compositions. And you can't surrender until minute 20, because there is always that one guy, who is doing not that horribly (smth like 2/6/2) and thinks we have a chance at winning thus refusing to surrender. Game is not fun at all knowing you're gonna get instantly deleted without any chance of counterplay if you leave the base OR you gonna get deleted anyway later, if you play defensively. For these reasons, I think I'm gonna take a looong vacation from LoL to calm my nerves and cure all the cancers, that this game gave me.
: How can you challenge faker?
Level 11 dude talking about cgallenging Faker in "New Player Advice" subforum. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} This gon be gud
Next champion will probably be a transgender liberal with jewish descent. Time to uninstall this trash game.
: What is better, Tea or coffee?
Tea is winning, better nerf Irelia...
StealthG (EUNE)
: Orange Essence Changes you probably didn't notice.
I agree with the OP on this one. I had to read and re-read all the announcement regarding this matter and had to go ask in the forums to make sure skin shards are also affected by the change since Rito's descriptions were too vague.
: Lucian Pronounce
I call him Jamal
Turlejoso (EUNE)
: Emotions in LoL
Depression Suicidal tendencies Salt
: i won tournament first place and i didn't get the price yet
LCS isn't over yet, Faker. You still have semifinals and finals to play.
: Is feeding drunk toxic?
I would report him. In fact I would report almost anyone who goes 0/12, unless he's a support and brings at least a little positive impact to the team. Imagine if I would play lol with a steering wheel. I would try my best, but still end up with a horrible score just because I decided to give myself an nonsensical handicap. I sure as hell would report me.
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: What happened to 1500 IP icons?
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stefankoXX (EUNE)
: Is corcki a yordle?
Actually, that's a very good question. LoL official site lists Corki as a yordle, but if you investigate further, you'll uncover that it's a big conspiracy, designed to cover up Corki's true origins. Excerpt about yordle physiology from LoL wikia: > " <...>**Their hands have four digits** while their feet differ greatly depending on the individual (from four to two digit feet).<...>" If you look at splash art of Corki, you can clearly see that he has 5 digits on his hands. Same trait can be seen in his skin splash arts. While other yordles all have 4 digits on their hands, Corki's different skeletal structure suggests him being of a different race from yordles. It's very fishy that Riot is actively trying to sell Corki as a yordle on all official media, despite all the mismatching little details. There must be something big behind this curtain of lies. If you ask me, I think Corki did 9/11.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN (EUNE): Anonymous504223 Keeping my fingers crossed {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Rito, it's not too late. Singed is supposed to release bees, not honey.
: [Tool] Calculate the Blue Essences you'll have when Pre-Season hits live!
Is it REALLY confirmed, that disenchant value for skin shards is going down to 20%? The way I understood it, all the talk was about champ shards/blue essence.
Driaven (EUW)
: Best name i ever seen :D
Best one I saw was Adolf Healer. He played Sona :D And there was one player who made me laugh not because of his name, but cuz of his skin + attitude. He was playing Mundo with Toxic Mundo skin. And he was toxic af in game :D He started the match with typing "F*** you all" to /all chat. I honored him after the game :D
Tesarijon (EUW)
: Add litovski language
Ahh, good ol' XVth century. I remember it like it was yesterday...
Barty (EUNE)
: Bump! This should be easy to fix.
Rito: "Technology is not there yet to fix this..."
: Snowdown Skin contest!
Umm, any updates on the contest?
: Snowdown Skin contest!
Jingle bells jingle bells Draven is the name Oh what fun it is to rend Ashe all the way Oh jingle bells jingle bells Rengar's frozen mane Can't stop trembling in this cold Why Brand even came? A match or two ago The story I must tell I went out for a gank But all went down to hell A pest was passing by Teeto was his name He looked up and said "Hey" I knew it won't end well At me flew a dart I swear I heard the bells As I lost my sight (and died {{item:3070}} ) The end. Merry Christmas summoners!
Kamimiko (EUW)
: I suck at the game but I love the Ahri so much that I had to cosplay her <3 _ <3
: Tristana can jump even though varus ult her.
> [{quoted}](name=VallaarMorghulis,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=b65YINnG,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-11T12:47:51.357+0000) > > why? Because you touch yourself at night :(
EDGKoros (EUW)
: About account Suspension EDGKoros
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is Europe Nordic & East the most toxic server?
Don't forget that there is also a Russian server where everyone gets their daily dose of "cyka blyat!"
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
1. Guardian of the sands Xerath 2. Mute button
So, season 6 toplane Graves meta confirmed?
Stell (EUNE)
: I have the weirdest birds living near my apartment
> [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Wp83WW9U,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-21T15:21:47.907+0000) > > Last night they took 4 cigarette butts, and brought 5 leaves. The night before they took 2 butts and brought 2 leaves. > So, you're saying that the exchange rate went up overnight?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 19 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 2
: Guess my Age
-1 (minus one) or NULL
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 18 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 1 GO FNATIC!
Elýzium (EUW)
: A few suggestions for ARAM
1. Agree. Although they should give mastery points in ARAM at a lower rate compared to SR, because ARAM is basically a simplified version of a Summoners Rift match (no laning phase, no objective control, etc.), hence the less points for playing it, compared to SR. 2. Disagree. All RANDOM All Mid. If everyone gets plenty of rerolls to get their preferred champ, it's not so random anymore. 3. I'd like to add one more suggestion, regarding ARAM queue dodgers. Whenever you enter an ARAM queue and get a random champ, that champ should get "locked" to specific player. If that player dodges, next time he reenters ARAM queue, he should get exactly the same champ he had when he dodged. That would eliminate the point of dodging games when you get an unfavourable champ.
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
_Your Current Ranked Division_ **Gold V** _Are You Happy In This Division?_ **Yeah, since I only play ranked just enough to get victorious skin, then I go back to normals when I reach gold** _How Did You Get To This Division_ **Won some games, got some LP, won some promotions, just like anyone else :D** _Your Main Champion (MAXIMUM 2)_ **Jinx (since no one from my friends wants to play ADC) and Malzahar (great AP scalling, huge 1v1 potential, can lock down annoying bugs like Fizz)** _What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community_ **Nothing much, I think. I always try to stay positive and encourage my team whenever I play, so if anyone ever broke a smile due to my efforts, I guess that's it.** _State 1 Skin/Champion You Would Like If You Won_** Star Guardian Lux, pretty please :)** --- Oh, in case I accidentaly win something, you have my permission to add my name to your first post :D It will be easier to notice it here, on the forum, rather than in-game since I don't play every day, yet I come to the forums almost daily, when I'm really bored at work (and that happens a lot :))
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)
I agree that players who actively encourage teammates, point out their mistakes with explanations how to improve, crack an occasional joke and overall nicely talk to others can definitely be considered as positive, so I won't repeat what others already said in this thread. However, there is another type of player which I consider positive. I'm talking about a silent type, who usually writes no more than 10 words in chat during the whole game and is fully focused on helping his team. You can see that they always look out for other teammates (even if their role isn't support), cover them from execute moves (Jinx rocket, Cait's ult, etc.), shield allies when necessary, use their wards on other allies' lanes (even if laning phase is not over) and do other little things that they are not obliged to, but make their allies' lives much easier. This type of players usually don't actively use chat, they resort to quick one-liners when needed: "gj", "wp", "it's ok" (when you mess up badly), etc. They give off positive vibes just with their actions, not via writing walls of nice text in chat. Also, another important aspect (for me) is how these players (as allies) perform. I know that everyone has bad games, but if a guy is 0/10/2 and has cost the team a lot of important objectives, no matter how positive his attitude, I will be disappointed and frustrated because let's face it - everyone prefers winning than losing. In other words, player's performance also matters when it comes to positivity (at least for me).
: Look for Someone to get me to plat
I'm looking for someone to buy me a new PC. Any volunteers?
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
Btw, about that card skin contest you're planning to hold - I have a little idea, how to carry it out. First, you (the host) secretly assign a random card to each of card skins (for example, 7 of Hearts represent Ace of Spades Ezreal skin, 2 of Clubs represent Queen of Diamonds Syndra skin and so on...). You write down all the card - skin representations to a text file, put it in into a password protected zipped archive and upload it online. (you will reveal the password after the contest ends). Then the contest begins: each participant chooses a card and posts the picture of his choice in the forum (for example, I am a participant and I choose King of Diamonds card, see below). After contest time runs out, zip archive password is revealed and those who selected a card that is linked to some skin in the zip archive gets that skin. If multiple people selected same card, a random winner among them is chosen. Note: winners should make sure that they have the champion for the skin they won. []( --- So that pretty much sums up my idea. I hope it can be useful in deciding on how to do the card contest.
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
Skin idea: **Star Guardian Taric** It feels like Armor of the Fifth Age Taric skin is not fabulous enough, so I came up with this idea. Star Guardian Taric is Star Guardian Lux's sidekick dressed in the same uniform. Same white silk leggings, same purple skirt and same fabulous sailor uniform. He became a star guardian after he promised his lover Ezreal that he would banish all the evil from this world and build a better tomorrow for both of them. Skill appearance and effects: Q (Imbue): Both the target and Star Guardian Taric glows with the purple light of male friendship as Taric heals his target and himself. W (Shatter): Taric realeases his manly power with a gust of wind which flips his purple skirt and deals magic and psychological damage to his enemies. E (Dazzle): Taric releases a targeted sparkling purple star which stuns his target. R (Radiance): Taric briefly loses all his clothes and undergoes a magical girl...ahem..a star guardian transformation giving him a fabulous shining uniform, revealing his manly chest and abs. He then proceeds to grant nearby allies an outrageous amount of attack damage and ability power. Side effect: all female champions get a nosebleed while all male champions wish they could unsee Star Guardian Taric's fabulous transformation.
: Riot hates me
Yeah, I can imagine, some guy in Rito office looks at his computer and says "Oh, poonslayer512 is about to start his promos. I should put some bots and trolls into his team just for the lulz."
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
2. Champion idea: **Daga'Dulu, the Witch doctor** Daga'Dulu lives in Bandle city with Yordles, although he is not a yordle himself. He is believed to originate from Plague Jungles, southmost part of Valoran. No one knows why he left his homeland, but witnesses report that he used to travel all around Valoran before finally settling in Bandle city. Daga'Dulu's apperance somewhat resembles a yordle - small height, tiny limbs, unproportionally big head. He is dressed in tribal clothing made of jungle plants. He specializes in voodoo and totemic magic. Passive - Lifeline: Being near a totem grants Daga'Dulu +3% spellvamp and +2% movement speed. This effect stacks up to 5 times (up to +15% spallvamp and +10% movement speed). Q - Totem: Daga'Dulu places a wooden totem on the ground. Totem grants minor vision (same range as Teemo's shroom) and synergises with Daga'Dulu's other abilities and passive. Totem has (2/3/4/5/6) hitpoints and a maximum lifetime of (45/55/70/85/100) seconds. Enemies cannot move through totems (unless they have Phantom Dancer and ignore collision). There can be a maximum of 5 totems placed at any time. W - Thicket: All Totems near Daga'Dulu expands in size (to 225 units diameter) dealing magic damage and slowing nearby opponents. Enemies cannot move through totems (unless they have Phantom Dancer and ignore collision). E - Infect: Daga'Dulu fires a straight line skillshot that poisons and reveals first target hit and deals magic damage over 4 seconds. For every totem near Daga'Dulu, his E gains +50 range (up to +250 range). R - Plague Bog: [Toggle]All totems emit poisonous gas around them, damaging and reducing vision of all nearby enemies. Spellvamp from Plague Bog is doubled. Daga'Dulu can be played as a mid or support. He excels in zoning and pushing opponents out of lane via attrition. However, having no escape tools, Daga'Dulu relies on wards and totems to spot incoming danger and slow it down with his W by blocking opponent's path. --- _I didn't post any damage numbers or raw statistics, because it's Rito's job to balance numbers :)_
Sherefa (EUW)
: Female player looking for friends
I can play with you on EUNE server if you have an account there.
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
1. Skin idea: **Babysitter Morgana** Morgana, with her perpetual frown and an angry face looks really funny when put into everyday normal situations. I got this skin idea from her Sinful Succulence skin splash art where she is depicted fuming in anger after having burned her cookies in the oven :) Morgana looks really funny and out of place in the kitchen, so I tried to think of other situations where her anger would look silly and charming. In her splash art, she would be dressed in normal human clothing (a long dress, obviously), like an everyday standard babysitter. There would be little children running all around her, pulling on her dress and hair and Morgana herself would look tired and given-up, with her trademark angry frown.
: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 15
I'll tell a story of my first steps in league. I started playing League back in Season 3. Although my very first champion was Nunu, after a few matches i switched to Teemo and played most of my games as him. Having just started playing playing League and being a newbie I had no idea about the reputation Teemo had (and still has) around the League. I didn't know who was the "Satan" that all the opponents and teammates hated and wished to die a horrible death. Now that I look back, my naivety had to look pretty annoying to others. An example game of n00b me playing as Teemo back in Season 3: *I (Teemo) go mid against enemy Brand* *Having never fought against Brand before and not knowing his abilities, I get stunned, and barbecued several times.* Teammates: "Feeder, I hate you so much Satan." *I had no idea who is Satan. I though it was Brand, since he kinda looks like a devil.* Me: "Yeah, I hate Satan too." Teammates: "OMG, report report." Also, my troll friends who introduced me to League, didn't help either. I didn't know all the lol terminology back then and when i asked my friends, what "ks" means, they told me it's a praise. So, you can imagine what followed: *n00b me, playing as Teemo.* *Joining teamfight late, picking of kills from our adc.* Teammates: "Wow, no help and 3 times KS in one teamfight." Me: "Thanks, I'll try to keep it up :)" Teammates: "OMG, report that Satan." Me: "Huh, but there is no Brand in this game." Teammates: "..." [All]Teammates: "report 9x this cancer troll" I think I received more reports during my first month of playing league than the following 2 years. These were fun times, I learned a lot since then and when I shroom kill an escaping enemy adc as Teemo now, I know exactly who is that little Satan who everyone wishes cancer to :) I'm glad all these beginner hardships didn't turn me into a raging flamer. Now, I always try to encourage my teammates instead of raging at them when they do something stupid. Afterall, I was a newbie once too, and I understand that no one is born level 30 :) League is supposed to be a place to unwind and have fun, not hear someone wishing cancer for your family.
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. Gamemode idea: **Killing Floor** 5v5 match that takes place in a map full of dangers. The bot lane is the hot zone: there is a river of lava just outside the map border and once every 1 minute the lava river rises for 10 seconds before receding again. Lava deals moderate damage to everyone standing in it. There are a few small hills (high ground spots) where lava doesn't reach, so players have to keep track of the lava rise timer and try to push enemies away from the safe spots to ensure the lava gets them when it rises as well as trying to secure a high ground for themselves in order not to be barbecued. This lava river dynamic puts extra significance on zoning, baiting and trying to put enemies into worst position possible at the right time. Mid lane is the tech zone: every 20 seconds a laser shoots all along the mid lane. The laser is similar to Lux ult - before firing, it shows a red line indicating impending blast. Red line indicator lasts a bit longer than Lux ult indicator (for about 1 second). The lasers width is same as Lux ult and it's always randomly offset from the middle of the mid lane. For example, it may shoot exactly along the dead center of the mid lane, it can also shoot further from center and closer to the wall. In this lane, dashes and blinks are especially helpful to escape the laser, while displacement, stun and root abilities are great at keeping enemy in place to get blasted by the laser. Top lane is the horde/farm zone: depending on how far your minions have pushed, extra amount of minions spawn for your lane. If you have pushed all the way to your opponent's tower, your minion wave consists of 4 extra minions (2 melee + 2 casters) and conversely, if the enemy has pushed you to your tower, your waves are smaller than normal (-1 melee and -1 caster). Pushing to subsequent (2nd tower, inhibitor tower) towers adjusts minion numbers accordingly. However, while you are near your tower, you gain full gold for minions killed by your tower. In this lane, the further you push, the more your pushing power increases (because of increased number of minions), BUT if you push to opponent's tower and can't destroy it quickly, you can fall behind in farm since opponent has more minions to kill + he gets full gold value for minions killed by his tower. This lane makes snowballing harder, because the more your enemy pushes you, the more potential farm you can get. You have to balance between farming/pushing and freezing your lane. In this gamemode, every lane is like a different minigame, requiring very different playstyles in different lanes. Mid/bot is all about positioning yourself/zoning your opponent and keeping track of the surroundings. Top is all about startegic thinking and balancing waveclear/turtling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _I will post my ideas for a skin later, when I get back from work :)_
: Since patch 5.14 I have at least 3 Crashes per game. New HUD related?
> [{quoted}](name=Morgothmelkor,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=IVj4hAu8,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T09:20:15.303+0000) > > macbook Well, here's your problem
: Add more pings please!
Good point man, it's beyond me how Riot didn't think of that. I always miss pings like "Look at me, I just bought an expensive skin and I'm cycling through it's animations" ping, "This player is a feeder, a n00b, I slept with his mother and I hope he gets cancer" ping, "I gotta go take a dump, defend this position for 10mins" ping and many more useful pings. I feel like I can't properly coordinate team strategy with these limited pings...
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
{{champion:412}} Blood Moon Thresh {{champion:222}} Firecracker Jinx {{champion:17}} Omega Squad Teemo
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