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: > You don't know how bad it is for us in EUNE. True. We all had and will have those 4 man PL teams who only talked in Polish and flamed us in it when we tried to communicate with them. Like we haven't already figured out the meaning of their whole 3 curse words. But you can't really force a single language on a Server like EUNE. The demography (nationality and age of the players) won't allow it.
That's exactly what I am talking about. And it's not racism it's reality. I come from greece and i admit that many greek players do this too. I guess you are right, ages and nationalities will always be a problem in EUNE because of other reasons outside this game, regardless of the language use. Poor Scandinavians, whose idea in riot was it to match them with the Balcans? :P Thanks for the feedback guys
: Make English mandatory...
So let me see if i understand this, we play a game that is based on teamwork but talking to each other is not necessary? Pings are not enough. A ping somewhere can mean 10 different things and you can't ping a laning or a team fight tactic. English in not my native language either but i do understand that not all my teammates can speak my language. The title of the thread was a figure of speech, i dont want riot to issue some degree or smthing... Just wanted to provoke a conversation. BTW in my experience, in WoW guilds you either speak english or the second "official" guild's language. And most of those guilds who recruit different nationalities only allow english. You are not expected to talk abou a raid boss tactic in polish or greek (my native language). Why should it happen in lol? It's not random that all negative responses came form people playing in EUW. You don't know how bad it is for us in EUNE.
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