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Lari (EUNE)
: How not to be a Silver dude
This is all very nice but it has nothing to do with the rest of the team. If you dont suffer from listed disadvantages and still losing what are you supposed to do? Nothing. This is a stereotypical message for everyone who is climbing from elo hell that doesn't work as it doesn't acknowledges the fact this is 5v5 game.
: Or maybe the lux was such high mmr that she's predicting movements that won't happend in a low mmr game
I really hope you are joking because thats a really bad excuse. Anyone with brain could figure out after a while the pattern in low elo movements.
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: They are free to play... of course they are gonna try to make money in game. It’s just cosmetics and completly optional... trust me if riot was greedy things would be a lot different... really wouldn’t have been hard to copy WoW and make it subscription based, or valve and use a VIP system.
Riot can't afford to be greedy because people would just move to Dota or something else. They are checkmated by players as much as players are checkmated by Riot.
: Toxicity is extremely high in losing teams. Does IFS detect indirect insults?
I am toxic but I never start trolling. I keep going for objectives and ping/inform the rest of the team. Trolling/feeding/stupidity is not really connected. Bad player doesn't have to be toxic. Toxicity in ranked exists for two main reason. First people are more stressed out because it means "more" than regular game. And second is that players in ranked generally play worse and do worse decisions (or at least I am more noticing it). You say you mute everyone but that means you destroy any option of communcation- If someone will try to give reasonable request/opinion on you, then you will not know it and can lose the game because of it.
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: I have a question about promo's.
Yeah if you have promo you are %%%%ed from the champion select. You can't leave since it wouldn't count as loss and you tend to have WORSE player's in promo as well.
abixbg (EUNE)
: And people still say that Flex is the inferior rank queue! Also at the end of the season rank is full of people that try to climb for rewards disregarding that the last months they played Fortnite while LoL is changing too rapidly nowdays (Thank you RITO)
Flex and normals actually have better players :D If someone is playing in Bronze then afker in team is basically a must have occurence.
NoobStory (EUW)
: You don't want to listen, but I'll try to explain: if you're better, you'll climb. Before being platinum, I was silver, then I improved and climbed. If you're constantly better, you'll win most of the games. There are streaks of bad luck and bad games. It happens, it's life, take a break if it tilts you and come back a few minutes/hours/days/weeks later. Chill in ranked, your life doesn't depend on it and you'll only climb if you're relaxed and try to improve your gameplay.
How long have you been silver? Probably not enough. In Elo Hell there is mostly bad luck if you get stuck or good luck when you get out within days and never get back (which I bet is your case). It's you not listening you just want to bring argument that doesn't care about response from opposition.
: It seems like you put the post up just to get people to agree with you and discount the people who provide actual arguments to counter your OP. You seem to be the worlds unluckiest person because I have never heard of 3 afkers in every 10 games, not even from my friends in bronze/silver or in master/challenger. You're either really unlucky, or you're randomly pulling statistics out of your a$$. I've played in silver elo, very recently actually. I played 50 games in silver 5-1 and got like 2 afkers in the whole 50 games. People who blame their team usually do millions of things wrong too. That's why you're in the same elo as your team. If you were above them, you would be above them. 2 minions per minute may seem like a very small number. But if we take 2 minions gold to be average worth 20 gold. In 1 minute, you miss 40 gold. 10 minutes that's 400 gold. Average games last 30 minutes (source: So that's 1200 gold right there that you are missing. And a quick look at your tells me you are averaging between 4-5 cs/m. And you can easily improve to get 8-9 cs/m. an increase of 4 cs per minute would give you an extra 2400 gold, not to mention the extra kills you could get in lane with that extra gold. Further analysis of your tells me that you average between 7-9 deaths per game, which is abnormally high. Your kdas are all between 1.6 and 2.4 which is very low. You say that your teams are the problem, but I see your stats and they are nothing special. But they can be, and that's my point. In your last 9 soloq games, 6 of which were support games, you placed 1 control ward in total. Vision is an extremely important part of the game. If you can get vision superiority, you can set up a lot of picks and avoid getting picked off. In your most recent brand game, you placed 12 wards in a 30 minute game, which means the map was black a lot of the time and gave you little to no information. There are streaks of bad luck. There are also streaks of good luck. You can't have win streaks without loss streaks. However, to put all the blame on your team while having a lackluster record yourself is just absurd. If you focus on your own plays, you will improve your own plays and will win more games over all. If you stay at your current skill level, you will lose more games. It's as simple as that. Get better at the game -> Win more. Choose to not get better -> Lose more.
You haven't given any actual argument. You are just repeating stereotypes, which have no validated basis. You simply claim that I just can't be unlucky that's it's statistically IMPOSSIBLE to be unlucky because everybody has the exact match make. 50 games and two afkers? That's some serious luck. I on the other hand don't remember a streak of at least 10 games when someone wouldn't afk either for part or entire game. To me never happened to have 10 ranked games without afker. Never since 2012 actually. 1200 gold is nice, but it won't compensate 5/1 enemy top with 30+ farm. I can farm some money more but when enemy team outnumbers our gold by 5000 at 20 minutes? Not to mention that it's the gold only I will get. I can't exactly give it away to someone' from the team...You are saying that if I kill 10 more minions, then suddenly everyone from my team will start playing better which is again illogical statement. I have never seen a game (maybe you did but I didn't) where farming 10 more minions actually psychologically affected my team positively. Can you please provide evidence that works? Maybe some gameplay of that actually happening. Okay 7-9 deaths is bad. Yeah it is bad for LCS/Master, Challenger, Diamond. But it's proven that lower elo have more kills/deaths simply because the laning phases are more agressive and careless. That's no argument. Also I am fascinated that you are trying to put positive kda against me. As you say if I had 9 deaths in the game then I have between 14-20+ kills for that which is actually good. If I was average for that division then I should logically have something close to 1.00 exactly. What do you want me to have? Kda 3.0,4.0,5.0? But then we are talking about smurf who is platina 4+. Which I never claimed to be. I admit that wards are my weak spot. But then again you are using stereotype argument against me. You are trying to throw EVERYTHING at me. It's like you claimed that I play 1v5 and four teammates are just the stand-by guys who have nothing to do with it. Even if I ward my lane, baron, dragon etc. It won't mean almost anything in silver. People in low elo ignore wards and calls in general. If you had two teams in let's say S4 or S3 or maybe even Gold V and one team had vision on whole map the ENTIRE game they could still lose simply for not caring/realizing the objectives. Vision is useless without being exploited as many players use only to see enemy rekting them at objective. And at the end of your comment you are repeating again. You are basically proving that your argument is about only ME afflicting the game. It's like some sort of propaganda from Uncle Sam. WE NEED YOU to win everything by yourself cuz rest is too incompetent...oh wait they are not you are.
: You're just putting words in my mouth here. What I'm saying is that in order to 1v5 carry games like people are asking to do, you have to be above the skill level you are playing in. However, the main point to climbing is improvement. You don't have to improve to the point where you can 1v5, but if you can improve your laning phase to get 7cs/m rather than 5, getting 2 more control wards and dying 1 time less to ganks, you will have a much higher chance of winning the game simply because you are stronger while the enemy team is weak in general. That's the point. Rather than throwing blame around like no tomorrow and then chain playing 24 games in a row where you see no improvement in yourself. It's all about the minor improvements. For example, when I was a jungle main in season 7, I increased my clear speed by 2 seconds by practising most efficient ways to clear camps on certain champions. I also learnt how to kite the camps effectively. And by increasing my clear speed by a simple 2 seconds, I was always ganking top lane before the enemy jungler, which usually led to 1-2 kills and started a snowball. If you can get your csing level to a point where you can consistently hit 9/10cs/m you will get much much stronger much much faster than the enemy laner who is hitting 6/7cs/m. Simple maths right? And if you're stronger, you will deal more damage. And if you deal more damage you will win more and more teamfights. This doesn't factor in the people who go afk. I never see people go afk, I have accounts in silver-plat1 and have also played in bronze 5-1 and diamond 3 and below. Very rarely do I see someone go afk in the middle of the game. And very rarely do I see people intentionally running it down mid going 0/20. And if I'm getting flamed, I just mute people. I'm just giving advise from my experiences and how I climbed from gold 5 to diamond 5 in 1 season by just changing my mentality. Won't work for everyone, but will see improvement none the less.
You dont even read the OP. Your logic counts with your team being able to at least keep up with the enemy but most lanes are decided by 15 min mark. You are platina level which means we are talking about smurf level again. You live in a dream game where you are just too good for the silver/gold enemies to handle. Standard row of lests say 10 silver games has at least 3 afkers on either side which is really considerable amount. And there is always at least one clueless player who will be pretty much useless. And just because you can kill two more minions doesnt mean he gets two more IQ points. And you are actually using arguments from SEASON 1 climbing? Are you joking? This is entirely different game by now.
: Your post is flawed by this one single thing: Improvement. No one, not me at least, is blaming anyone for a game loss. I see posts like the ones you describe and I try to give constructive feedback on how the player can IMPROVE his gameplay rather than having a blame to why the game is lost. If people think less about the blame, and more about themselves, they'll improve faster and lose less games. Now I'm not saying all games will be won, but more games will if the player is good. Just look at smurfs.
You are just proving my point. Improvement is the neverlasting argument of sunflowers like you. You basically say that in order to get out of certain division you need to become smurf. Because unless you are way ahead of your rank you won't have much chances getting out. If you took Gold III and put him in S4 games he wouldn't do great simply because he would be outmached in practical numbers 3/4 vs 5 players. So you say (smurfs) that in order to get out of Silver you have to be platina level skill (somehow) and then you might get gold. Logic RIP.
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NePhiLim96 (EUNE)
: Appreciate your good enemy !
In most of the cases, I would rather honor an opponent rather than team player.
: No... we got tons of lag and massive delays... which NA didnt had... Kappa
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: who won
We. The blue side.
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darroll (EUW)
: > Teemo at 17 minute with ONE finished item dealing this with ONE Q. --- > [{quoted}](name=ApoIlon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LwgvBRkI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-01T22:09:48.884+0000) > > 900 magic damage. Your argument is invalid to that. Teemo's Q is "blinding dart", not "toxic shot".
Well, still he killed me within like 3 hits. We werent fighting more than 3 seconds.
darroll (EUW)
: It's not a hack. It's called a lvl 9 adc without any MR item.
900 magic damage. Your argument is invalid to that.
S1lentQ (EUW)
: Its not hard you just weak and everyone else who is complaining instead of trying his best is just weak and has no clue how to overcome difficult tasks , its immature and its a sign of average weak people which is ok most people are like that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I smell bronze from you.
S1lentQ (EUW)
: If you have a problem winning at silver division it might be, because you are silver. now its out dude , now you know ... so you got 2 options either you get better or few days later create another similar post like this one
Thats oldest and most %%%%%%ed opinion in league. I am fascinated it remains in some brains for so long.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: Well...ofc Riot is not taking Summoner’s rift soloQ MMR into consideration for Twisted treeline flexQ.
ofc? Illogical things are ofc?
: How is that not a valid argument? Thay guy had a soloq rating of platinum, which is completely unrelated to both flex 3v3 queues, normal queues and flex 5v5 queues. Your mmr is different for each queue. There are people that are bronze in soloQueue and plat in flex queue, and thus manage to play at a platinum flex level, even though he is bronze in soloQ. If the person you are matched with has a soloq rating of platinum, it doesn't say anything about his performance in flex queue. Those two things are completely different. So you don't have a valid argument.
Game is UNABLE to detect he is solo platina and thus oficially more skilled? You dont have a valid arguments. You say that its all about mmr, but that doesn't excuses Riot from not being able to make solid matchmaking systém.
: If they were matched with you they probably had an mmr close to yours. Also, seeing that flex 3v3 isn't the most common queue, there can be a difference in ELO of your teammates. Also, the picture only shows their solo rank, which is completely separate from their flex 3v3 and flex 5v5 ranks. In flex 5v5 I also face people that are lower soloq rating than me, but i don't bother making a thread after a loss because it's just completely unrelated.
Thats not a valid argument. That guy was still Platina.
: So? He was much more valuable to the opponent's team than jhin was to yours. Yes, it doesn't make up for the fact that jhin went afk, but who cares? They already made the remake system to prevent cases of AFk losses, and it's possibly the fairest way to do so that cant' be abused. Changing it so everyone with an afk gets their lp back for whatever reason isn't going to work. And if the remake system didn't work in your case, get over it.
My point is that this game is UNABLE to detect it after like 3 minutes? Really?
: Make more threads
Its better to trash talk rather than bring valid argument huh?
: That's not logic, that's simply not true. Unless of course, you are one of the people who don't get the difference between feeding and intentional which case I am wasting my time here anyway.
You probably dont understand it as well.
: didnt malphite afk? or is the image just magically glitched?
Ehm if you had eyes "cough" afk in 30 minutes "cough".
: We get it, you are pissed cause you lost. but you really making up stuff or you simple want to be the victim in this story. im done with you..
I am the victim of the systém, and you wont change this fact.
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: Unless you are a "feeder or afker" the enemy team has a higher chance of getting such players, else you got the same chance for it. Let that sink in before you keep complaning.
No enemy chance has always better chance of getting at least average players. I dont remember last time enemy team had afker. I have them every third ranked.
: shit happens, if we are talking stuff that aint logical its your mindset. if i get pushed by someone on the streets - for no reason and i dont see that person again, does that mean that EVERY person will do so if i walk outside?
Logic is logic and you cant twist it. What you say doesnt make sense.
Febos (EUW)
: Jhin left the game post 3 minutes and a remake is no longer possible after that. You lost the game and your LP. Get over it. Not wasting more time with you.
You dont get my point lol. Ok dont waste your troll time here, not interested in your troll opinion.
: if it was the intire game then the system wouldve detected it after the first 3 mins - as you see the jhin had bought items and obviously was connected then. malph was also afk. You will not get LP back, unless you win it back (:
Malphite went afk after 30 minutes. Againt illogical statement: You lost LP because......? Earn it back by winning another 3v5 game.
: i will just leave this here.....
Because you were lucky and enemy was clearly much worse unranked player team.
: You gonna tell me you didn't win a single game, because someone on the enemy team was afk/dc ? like never? there is your logic!
I am telling you in 70% of my games I have either feeder or afker. Thats my logic.
Febos (EUW)
: You lost LP because you lost the game. Isn't that how the system works? It doesn't matter if you had AFKs/trolls/feeder or whatever. What matters is the outcome of the game. Win -> gain LP; Loss -> lose LP. The best you can do is to report those players and hope you aren't matched with the likes again. ######By the way, they had an AFK too. If you won should they get their LP back too? Yeah, I don't think so.
Ive had afker for entire time and game is UNABLE to detect that. You cant overargue that.
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: > At this point it was clear I am not fighting against silver Riven. where is your prove?
The whole game. I have never seen a silver playing like this. I never had against silver such a bad score. In 80% cases I win top and in the rest i go for draw. She just totally destroyed me.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: He used to be platina, now he is lower gold.
And? He WAS platina. How can you know he didn't finish placements few games ago? He was was still a platina and he was in SILVER game.
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