Dujoman (EUW)
: Can't login / update
Solution that worked for me: repeated the cycle 10-15 times, after that a legit dialog that says that an update will go through appears, and you're suddenly able to log in.
: Toxic
Its something you have to solve with yourself. I can understand if you just say few "bad" words to you teammates in a 30 minute game, like small argument in a few sentences, but what you are doing in all chat should not be a thing xD, like you are having a big conversation with them, your focus on the game is almost non existent at that point i think.. Why do you have to be a jerk and to type ggez, childish af.
MateProZz (EUNE)
: xd is this reason to get perma banned?
: Custom game no AI implementation
Ye first thing i noticed today when i logged in, i wanted to test champions before going into game, and i immediately switched to old client. I have no clue why are bots missing from alpha..
Slavens (EUW)
: All-Stars Icon
Anyone knows is it necessary to vote all regions to get the icon? I voted for EU region only and submitted by accident xD
: How to get to gold and higher
All things come with experience, but most important things in my opinion that will increase your chances of winning games are: - Stick to one or two champions max (main one like crazy, second can be your backup) - Map is really important and you have to look there preety often. Why? Because you may get free kills just by assisting your teammate in the river chasing someone, which you wouldnt get if you didnt see the happening on your minimap. (i had a small paper on my monitor that had "MINIMAP" written on it xD) - When you make couple of picks, push towers. Towers are most important objectives in the game. Why? Because the more you take them down, the closer you are getting to their base, and when you have opportunity always look to push a bit. So Turrets > Baron > Dragon > everything else These were more general tips about what to do, i wanted to do more but they are more related to jungle role specifically. Mentioning that, i think jungle is the best role to get better at these things, especially map awareness. Since you can farm without any risk, you have so much time to watch the map. I did type all of this didnt I, what a no lifer xD GL
: Generic "I'm done with League post"
I will never understand the point of these posts. Its like you are leaving your girlfriend and you secretly want her to say "PLEASE DONT". But she doesnt. So dude, if you want to quit this game, just do it, or dont, its up to you, but dont seek any attention, because nobody here actually cares xD
: Pings are important even from toxic players... they might be letting you know that Bush your planning to walk into has a fed riven waiting in it. Plus the amount of people who relentlessly spam ping is kinda low, your not likely to encounter them especially considering it might not even be the person you muted who is pinging.
He is not talking about useful pings, he is talking about pings for no reason, when missplay happens and someone question mark him or just pings whatever to annoy other people
: Then you could say it isn't fair for the bronze 1 players, too. Just because I am level 30 and unranked doesn't mean I am playing at the level of bronze players. The average player level in LoL is silver, so you will get matched with these in your placements of course. Because the system expects you to be average in the first place.
When you hit level 30, you are not average player, you are way below average. i dont know what is that logic. You know very little about the game at that point, that its not even on bronze level. Level 30's should never play with silvers, its not fair for silvers at all. Riot is basically gifting elo to level 30's, no matter how they play their placements, they will be silver no matter what, which is unfair if you ask me.
: Matchmaking is BS!!!
To be honest, lvl 30 players should be matched with max bronze 1. Even more now since you level accounts 2x times faster then before.
mhkiler (EUNE)
: i am silver smurf and our team focus her but malph protect her and her life steel was !!!!!!!!!!! so if you think we loose because we dont know focus who or how play i think its cruel judge.
Thats your problem, you think you know everything, good luck with that XD
mhkiler (EUNE)
: why we loose rank(the game was 100% our win but...)?
People in bronze dont know what to do when they have a lead, how to play teamfights, who to focus and how to initiate. So you will have to play a lot more games to actually understand how this game is supposed to be played. So playing well early without knowing how to close the game means nothing. You just let that MF to land her ult everytime i guess, and you had great picks to start the fight and kill her first. But ok, you will learn with time how to play better, just keep playing. Its a long road bro
Zakart (EUW)
: LF team to get some ward points :D
There is a public chat room on East called " 5v5 " . There are people looking for teammates for ranked 5s, so i guess there might be one on west too. Try it out :)
: I don't think i deserve my rank.
Default MMR is in silver, and ye, you dont deserve it. First time i played ranked, i got S2, and even in those games, i played bad and i got carried or lost. Then i just continued normals because the season was ending and i took silver rewards at least. But next season, i played those 10 placements and got my true division, bronze 3. Then i just played and got to gold 3 by the end of season. So in 1 year of playing i was gold 3, which means you will be somewhere around that next year in july. GL :)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi LAUGHING COFFIN, The Jewels are only available on game days - there are no further games until later in the week :-)
I was so sad because i also need last 2 jewels for upgrade, good thing i saw this
Joetri10 (EUW)
: The Maokai troll from riot aside; the picks on who we should be expected for Victorious.
: Mobile payment for Montenegro
I dont think anyone should use mobile payment, its pure robbery compared to standard paypal or visa. Those who want RP and dont have a bank account can always found someone who can do it for them for small commission. Way more economic then mobile payment
thankarezos (EUNE)
: no you need to play atleast one game
If you played for last 2 months actually, you will get it. Also its a Riot Kayle, not silver xD
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Ranked Question!
You have a default elo of 1400 i think, and thats around mid silver, so u start there, and based on your future games, if you win it will raise, if you lose it will drop. And how you play those 10 games, it will give you a tier based on your final mmr.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
I wrote a ticket, geniunely pissed off, demanding my LP back and my leaver buster punishment lifted. I dont know what are the chances of that. If they help us, that will show they actually care about players. And if they dont help, well, it will show even more :)
Lùnix (EUW)
axxaaxxaaxxaxxxax oh man :')
: I can't it's blank
Can u be a bit more clear? xd
: RP in Russia
Paypal is available in russia, so try adding your credit/debit card to it.
: Que times
Waiting more then 20 minutes now, also gold
: Client using way more resources that it should use, which causes a MAJOR FPS DROP
Im having the same prob, are you guys using win 10? Im asking because it started happening after latest win update today so its maybe related smh
: OK, What is going on with Draft mode. HUGE FPS drops while in Lobby and during Champion select.
: anyone here with an iphone?
I know i did this with android phone, so its preety likely that you can do this with your iphone. And its the exact way as you have described it. You can use your phone as a wifi adapter. I used it when i moved my computed to another room and my lan cable was too short so i used my phone, and i didnt notice any difference in speed, ping in game. Preety cool
Tufio (EUW)
: Riot declared solo is likely gone for good just 4 days ago...
Sadly, this is almost confirmed, sigh -_-
Zorsus (EUNE)
: Banned for 3rd party program use?
Is it permaban? sry for that
ZewsssLV (EUNE)
: Riot plz read!
Your or their clock's might not be setup correctly, can occure for several reasons tho
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: I just want to play a normal game
Ye, with 3 different people bans and every man picking at the time they buffed waiting by a lot.
: something wrong with the placements ?
: How did you feel in your first ranked game ever ? What were your experiences ?
How do you guys rememeber that xD I started to play league in mid season 4, and i just played those 10 games by the end of the season, jsut to see where ill end up,but there is no way i can remember my first game. I guess i didnt give that much importance to it. The only thing i remember from my first ranked games is that i was a bit scared, i thought they are something soooooooo important and i should never lose.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Thing you gotta hate in silver
Pro tip, take all the kills if you think you can carry with those and put the game on your back. If you fail, its your fault, thats how i look on my games =)
pronlpro (EUW)
: Golder Border
you got banned i guess, there is no way you can get it back :P
: Snowdown Shop - my experience so far
Hood is really cool, i like them both =)
Pørki (EUW)
: Wat?
Get it before it gets hotfixed :D
: Night Hunter Rengar 292 RP? Yes, yes please
Holy fk you got lucky, i got it for 30% discount, but headhunter still better :P
: mid/top gold3 lf team
Contact me if u need a jungler.
: the blue one is new and the red one is now new that was the OLD system it made a hell of alot more sense too names being blue and red pending on team started this patch at least for me and its stupid as hell
Jesus this was fkin painful to read.
: not true it used to be white - in lobby and grey - left lobby red - dc'd/quit
What is the blue one for then? and im preety sure the red is not for dc/quit, bcs i had 3 reds in enemy team, and none of them actually left
duckarp (EUNE)
: If that's true, it doesn't work at all, at least not for me. Some people have colored names, even though they left the lobby and some people are grey and still chatting....
True, most of the time all of them are grey, i saw this in just a few games so thats why i found it a bit weird
Lysine (EUW)
: Colored ones are those that are still in the lobby, the others already left.
Oh for some reason i thought the otherwise, because precisely the ones who flamed the most were colored xD
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JamzBamz (EUNE)
: Getting older, but love playing this god damn game
And i still think im too old to play this game. (22)
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Should I continue to be nice?
Ofc you should continue to be nice, but only with nice people. By muting flamers, you help yourself, and you increase the chances of winning the game. Noone who acts like an idiot deserve your kindness. If i was telling you this couple of months ago, i woulda been so hypocrite, but now, ive improved alot, and im very satisfied with my attitude in games, either im winning or losing.
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Moose (EUNE)
: Player in room concept I made in photoshop
Hm, riot could make it in a second, and as a feature is not bad. Just saying, why not =)
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