: Sejuani recently promoted out to plat. Jaxs overall winrate isn't great, but I would assume that he's been winning more than he has been losing recently, which is why he showed up in your game. Couple that with the fact that most people in your game have low winrates in gold, I'm going to assume that youre actually all around the same MMR, even if the ranks don't seem to reflect that. The Jax in particular seems to winstreak a lot. In the past 2 weeks he's won 20 games out of 43 (a winrate of just under 50%), but a few weeks ago he had a 13 game winning streak. To me this just tells me that he's probably in the mmr he should be but he isn't consistent enough to promote. Remember that silver 1 is only one division below gold 4. Also, just because *you* are gold 2 does not mean that your MMR is around gold 2 level - your winrate is also below 50%, meaning your MMR is probably a bit below gold 2, unless you've winstreaked a lot recently and are overcoming a bad win/loss record. This stuff happens - sometimes people just become unstuck and start climbing, so while their winrate might look suboptimal, they're actually gaining MMR because they are winning more than they lose. In general, we balance around MMR, not winrates, although one does tend to track with the other. I would recommend focusing on your own gameplay and improvement if you want to improve in ranked rather than focusing on your fellow players winrates - you can't change their winrates, but you can certainly change how you play!
You nailed it with your comment Mr.Riot I loved it{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
tymasko (EUNE)
: Game won't start after champ select and "reconnect button" is not there
im scared at this point to even play the game, im sure it will happen once or twice a day, my pc is so slow it takes enough time for my team to remake before i open task manager and close league.exe from there{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Uhhh... Greetings, I'm hardstuck Plat 5 on EUW and I have 80% winrate on EUNE with plat 1 MMR. Last time I joined in on an EUW vs EUNE argument I got banned from the boards, so my stance is obvious there. I hate EUNE passionately.
oh really, i reached plat 3 on EUW less than a week , i just dont care any longer or D5 seems just as easy as it is on EUNE
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Seroza (EUW)
: we want skin to Camille , Ivern , Kled, Taliyah , Aurelion Sol !
speak for yourself , i dont want any of those skins
Kiyjiâra (EUW)
: Clash, SMS verification not working
staring at "request in progress" screen more than 30 minutes
Fedairkid (EUW)
: Don't take everything as flame
i trash talk a lot, best way to express your feelings, when somebody flames bad teammate, ill be honest i like that, means somebody cares about this game, guy who makes mistake and dies and then types "xD" or "LOL" in chat, deserves few mean words, not advice imho
: Maybe it'd be good if it was well-written, but it doesn't really have that much impact so I personally don't even think it would matter as it is now. If you end up writing it then maybe, but...
I only wanted to offer basic ideas so they could make something bigger out of it, obviously if they really wanted to, they can think of something better without me , its just me thinking that Talon is so irrelevant for them so i just gave it a shot , Talon deserves more love and attention , thats all
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: In higher elo their is actually a hugh differents between EUW & EUNE.If your plat in EUNE your probally only gold in EUW.
: 1) Most of Challengers on Eune are Challengers on Euw as well. They like to have on both servers a Chall account. On top of it, 1 or 2 sesons in a row there were couple of Eune players that are top 10 on both Eune and Euw. The whole Challenger/Master div are better on Euw than Eune cause of the pro player base. However this doesn't change my statement/fact. 2) Most noticeable difference is in lower elos. Unlike most of Euw players, Eune lower elo either plays for fun or just are bad. Rarely you'd see a good decision making there. Euw lower elo show an attempt to improve and a desire to do so. They are driven to be in top to play against their heroes. Therefore, naturally the toxicity is more on Euw due to the clash of egos and competitiveness. Eune players go on a flame rampage due to the ignorance and usually that is short lived. 3) English language on Eune isn't a language you absolutely must learn to play this game since players here are usually playing with their own comrades, friends from the same country with the same or similar language. Eune server consists from mostly Polish,Hungarian,Russian,Serbian,Bosnian,Croatian,Bulgarian,Greek etc. Balkans speak similar languages so they don't necessarily need English. These countries also aren't visited by tourists as much as Spain,France,Germany etc. Which is why Euw where these countries players play on know English better. You spoke about Eune/English like they are neanderthals. I play on Euw and Eune and i see that Euw players have a better English than Eune just by little. Eune players speak English mostly from Gold and up and in lower elos speak English mostly when they rage only. I've seen on Euw similar cases where players don't want to speak English but would rather speak French or German. 4) The population on Eune isn't as rich as *most* of Euw, therefore Eune players play on bad Pcs with bad net. (this is in most cases) which also doesn't allow them to progress/causes them to rage etc. 5) I've seen egoistic players more on Euw than Eune that don't know how to play with terrible decision making, that just do what they want and flame. So the flaming co-op bots can be found there as well. The way you see it, both cases can tell your division. Since you say this without realizing that is the case on Euw as well, tells me you are Platinum most likely on Euw. Please provide both accounts for Eune and Euw, if you wish to compare both Euw and Eune divisions. Thank you This is my objective opinion since i do play on both servers and have no feelings for both to speak on behalf of just Eune or just Euw.
Caenen (EUW)
: There are a few bugs floating around this patch resulting in entire teams bugsplatting. Was there a Jhin in your game? Mind if I also ask for the replay of your game? (the .rofl file)
actually yes, there was a jhin in my team
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Aqualyn (EUNE)
: daily client issue on EUNE
its happening atm
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: Something we need to appreciate
well , thats true, RIOT support team is the best, they actually care whenever i need something{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
trauma (EUNE)
: okay guys, im having another problem besides match accepting freeze, etc. So i decided to play LoL today, launched the client then that little starting icon appeared but there was no client, then i started it for 2nd time and client appeared but everything was black and couldnt do anything execpt to close it with the help of task manager. Im just concerned is this the problem related to this one, cause yesterday the client was fine, and like all of you i had that queue bug.. Any help?{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}}
i had that issue yesterday, but only once. since i could not play the game anyway, did not pay any attention
: haHa They cared just about EUW, since long ago. But, on EUW are twice more players than on EUNE(ranked ladder) and on EUW are/were(now that server is bad, too) much better players including the "pros" playing:)).
i could not understand the point you are making, so lets just say OK.
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
i understand you are trying hard right now, if you could pay this much attention from the start, this problems could have been avoided , im not hating or insulting anybody, however, i still believe this will never happen on EU or NA , you care less when it comes EUNE, but let me tell you, EUNE is huge server now, we are as big as NA, so please, treat as equally in the near future if something happens again. {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}}
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Client is Bugged
same for me i feel like RIOT treats us like "3rd world " server so they wont fix it anytime soon
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Forll (EUW)
even if you face premade team when you are in soloQ, 5 skilled enough players should be able to win right? if not, blame yourseves
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