: riot is dumb
Maybe stop being dumb yourself and send a ticket to riot support
Bjarne1984 (EUNE)
: In the Event I get the golden chroma for all other championship skins, but not Ashes. That is strange. Thanks for info. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah because golden chromas for the other skins were introduced this year, and i'm pretty sure u won't be able to get them next year the ashe chroma was introduced last year with the skin
Bjarne1984 (EUNE)
: How to get championship Ashe chroma
You can't get it this year It was available last year
Yemoja (EUW)
: why not?
Tbh i like what they did with the unlocking elements thing and it's kinda pointless if she can just swap elements after choosing one I just don't see the idea because she literally has like 10 form she can choose from so i think it would be kinda dumb and overpowered compared to the other ultimate skins Sona - can swap 3 forms Udyr - 4 forms and swaps them with abilities Ezreal - form swaps when leveling up ulti Mf - Can swap 4 forms Lux - Has 10 elements she can choose from and can choose whichever element path, can change form 2 times but still has the opportunity to play whichever of the 10 elements she wants I think is fair compared to the other ultimate skins that she can't swap forms
Yemoja (EUW)
: Elementalist Lux forms changes
She has like 10 forms she can pick from I don't think she needs to be able to change them from one to another
: Ranked Aram?
: Trade skins
never gonna happen
: Free chest bug when getting an S?
The number under the chest symbol means how many chests you have available
: Trading Shards
Not gonna happen
: banned for 1 game
lol, the amount of games has nothing to do with the ban You're toxic -> you get banned
: Could you explain why you feel it was deserved? I'm not expecting to get unbanned I'm just trying to understand why my 3-4 year old account was only allowed 1 chance.
Your time after the 14 day ban was you chance That's how it is, that's how it has always been
: I feel my permanent suspension was unfair and the reasons given do not justify it.
It was a deserved ban and riot has said that they aren't gonna unban people who got a justified ban
: I mean it's not bad to try so I figured to submit a request.
Riot has said so many times that they ain't gonna unban accounts And the fact is, if they unbanned you, they would have to unban everyone else too because it's not right to give someone a special privilege
FNC Jambozo (EUNE)
: K/DA Borders
Not every skin has a border
: Yeah you're right bro.
So why would you be asking for an unban? You aren't getting one you had your chances
: Banned Account
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} It's a permanent ban
hardys77 (EUNE)
: Because I want the %%%%ing border when I start the new season like many other players. Bronze and Silver players don't want the %%%%ing border because they are ashamed for being so trash. s i m p l e.
I mean, i can totally see your point I was so annoyed when i found out that i wouldn't get my plat border But there isn't much we can do about it
: Anime' -> Light Novel - Manga Fan?
Fairy tail and Kuroshitsuji are my 2 favorite mangas I highly recommend
: i have time for go 2 lv honor and get skin.
Season ended already {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
ZiadTheMan (EUNE)
: how to kill champs
Please don't play ranked if you don't know these things
hardys77 (EUNE)
: Next season borders..
I don't understand your thinking process in this How would the new system benefit bronzes and silvers? They'll still have a border matching their skill lvl You're diamond 5 rn, so if you're legit diamond, you shouldn't have any problem getting into diamond next season too?
: if I upload now 2 lv
what does that even mean
: Why dont have Victorious Orianna
: Without caring ? how was i expected to know my account was hacked when i haven't used it in a long time and at some point i forgot about it, i had another account that i've played on for years and i remembered about this account and wanted to see what division i can place it on this season and just yesterday i found out that it was stolen and it was for a very long time because i checked it and someone was playing on it regularly they even changed the email so i didn't got any emails regarding the account so how the hell was i suppose to know, and a back bone ? back bone for what ? punishing people that are mostly innocent ? as i pointed out i know a part of it its my fault because i didn't checked on it for such a long time, but let's say you go on a trip and someone broke into your house and stole a T.V and you spend 3 months on the holiday and when you come back the company tells you they can't give you the money back because you didn't ''care '' how the hell do you know i don't care ? and if they have such ''high standars'' that everyone has to micro manage their account then why the hell can't we have high expectations from them? And no, you are wrong on ''its your fault for getting hacked'' so you are telling me if one person breaks into your house and kills a family member of your its your fault ? think before you talk, sometimes things are out of your hand and you can't do anything about it, that doesn't neceserally make it your fault. and before i hear you ''but you had time to tell riot'', again, i didn't know i was hacked i didn't knew i had to take action because i didn't knew it happened and i was keeping this account so i can use it as a smurf.
You know, maybe you should have played on your own account and not play on your friend's account That way you would've noticed the hacking Crazy idea
: I did not shared this account with anyone
Yeah but your friend shared their account with you -> Account sharing Now do you just wanna tell us the account name or.... And technically them giving their acc to you kinda also had a part in your account being stolen because you stopped palying on your account so you didn't notice that someone had hacked onto it. It sucks but riot can't do much about it because it has been so long since the hacking happened
: My Account was stolen and perma banned
: Only in Turks? The Germans are doing and French, Spanish. Do you make them racism ? you can true read my comment
''Do you make them racism ? you can true read my comment'' What does this even mean? And imo, people can play on whatever server they want, but the fact is: League is a team game where communication is kinda important, so if someone is incapable of speaking english and just scream in the chat with their own language, at that moment the communication doesn't work and it's just very frustrating. If you're in a premade with someone and you both speak the same language, please use discord etc to talk, don't fill the chat with your messages It's not racist to not want the chat to be filled with foreign language I mean, i could just start speaking finnish in the chat and refuse to communicate with others in english, but i don't. Because i know that that would annoy other players
anhtuancz (EUNE)
: Your teamate ban your champion you pick.
If you aren't the 1st pick in the game, i WILL ban your champ if i don't want to play against it
: Hey Riot
PERMANENT ban What's so hard to understand Just make a new account
: Turk Racism
You have your own server, why not use that Like, i'm fine with people playing on whatever server they want, but it annoys me when they are incapable of speaking english and just speak their own language
Scythe (EUNE)
: plat border
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} smh
RedBull220 (EUNE)
: Mod Skin LOL
Stop using it and you should be fine
: Is it okay to report people for griefing when they don't accept a surrender vote?
Nope, it's not okay because that's not griefing You're the ones who should be reported if you just give up and don't even try anymore
: guardians of the galaxy skin line
Copyright btw And odyssey is pretty close to guardians of the galaxy
Keirgo (EUW)
: So about Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune
Because riot picked the most popular SG skins for this project
DeadSpooly (EUNE)
: Rank rewards
Gotta have that honor lvl 2
Rioter Comments
Nunu is bae (EUNE)
: Refund
: that s the point, the system can' t recognize the context. Do you think i was being homofobic? I even said i have nothing against homos XDXD
Why do you use the word then It's a homophobic slur and a zero tolerance word you deserve the ban let this be a lesson for you
: Creative Names for Lulu Twitch couple
Please stop, that's just so cringe
: This got me 14 days-banned omegalul. Rito?
If you mean the F word, the yes, that's offensive because that's a homophobic slur And i'm 99% sure the system recognized the word and gave you a ban, how should the ban system know the context you were using the word in (Not that you should ever use that word) 100% deserved ban
Not a bug you were afk so you lose lp
Siłent (EUNE)
You need to be challenger 1st to be able to get the backpack And then you need to have honor lvl 2
Nonstopre (EUW)
: How is this akali?
The Kai'sa skin looks more like Irelia than akali
: Worlds 2018 tokens
I'm pretty sure there will be more missions because from what i've heard, you can get 400 tokens for free
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Is riot running out of ideas?
Tbh i love the Pajama guardian lulu probably more than i love the original star guardian skin
: Victorious Orianna
You just need to be gold to get the skin, you don't need to play more games And the queues mean the different ranked queues, you know Flex 5v5 and Flex 3v3 and ranked SoloDuo If you're gold+ in 1 queue, you'll get the base skin If you're gold+ in 2 queues, you'll get the base skin + the green chroma If you're gold+ in 3 queues, you'll get the base skin + the green and the red chroma
jippi ja (EUW)
: Ban all smurfs!
But how can riot know if someone is smurfing
: Is PBE Leona skin idea fair?
It's not fair at all And it would've been better if they made a VS event with the skins but just one of them would be for diana
: no one should buy them ,and then they will make them chromas =))
If people complain enough, i'm pretty sure they'll bring the skin prices down
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