: Change PermaBan
On your friends 14 day report card it clearly said that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban How do you know that the other people didn't get punished? In this context it really doesn't matter what others did because your friend is being punished for their own actions If your friend said any trigger word, of course they'll get banned by a bot because the trigger words are easy to detect
: BAN System is Becoming RIDICULOUS
0 tolerance words give you an instant ban simple and 100% deserved
: Anyone gift me new zed skin? ❤️
Harm (EUNE)
: Looking for girl to teach league
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ''not some dude trying to hit on you, because I'm most likely gonna be boring in the interaction part'' This is totally 100% convincing ''Think of this like me being just another teacher, a teacher who teaches you about something you like'' creep alert
: They quit the game lmao. Edit: they quit to play fortnite lel.
That's still account sharing and very bannable
: My account
''I've played on spare accounts that my friends gave me'' Is that account sharing i see?
: Random X in promos
Did you dodge a game?
: Tyler1 got unbanned so what makes him more important?
All of tyler's accounts are still banned only his ID ban was lifted In your 14 day ban card it CLEARLY said that the next one will be a permanent ban So you can only blame yourself
: perma unban
You don't It's a PERMANENT ban
: Unfair Punishment in League of Legends
''Recently i got 14 day suspended for flaming'' Yup, that's how it works
MileniiuM (EUW)
: Yea, and?
Imagine not getting the joke
MileniiuM (EUW)
: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition....
Small indie company, you know?
: Are bad quality because the visuals need updates? Alot of champs needs visual updates and inky a few are getting them. Unfortunately I can't add another poll for rek-sai for some reason.
And that's going to defeat the whole fact that they've been over 1400 days without skins? I'd say that bad quality skins are 975 rp and down skins that don't really give anything special in game For example with xerath, none of his skins are special. All of them are basically just recolors of his base skin Do i even need to say anything about Zilean? Skarner's legendary skin is cool but i wouldn't say his other skins are impressive or anything With Udyr, he has his ultimate skin and definitely not udys, which both are good skins, but the other 2 are bad
: Orn skin will actually come with his rework. Or riot forgot about orn. Uldyr, scarner and orn have reworks incoming according to sources that be right or wrong. How many skins do each champ have? I need to know because if they have more than 2 they done need one yet.
Xerath has 4 skins, but most of them are really bad quality, he seriously needs a skin Udyr has 4 skins, 2 of them are decent quality. But he's the champ that has been the longest time without a skin Shaco has 7 skins, 0 epics and all of his skins are kinda bad quality Skarner has 4 skins, 1 legendary which is good quality, 0 epics Zilean has 5 skins, 2 of them are legacy, 0 epics and the only decent quality skin he has is Blood moon Rek'sai is also 1 champ who needs a skin. Has only 2 skins and has been 1392 days without a skin.
: Champion who need new skins
{{champion:77}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:35}} All of these champs have been over 1400 days without skins (I'm excluding {{champion:82}} because he's getting a rework soon) Also {{champion:516}} because he only has 1 skin
Yaźed (EUW)
: Galaxy Slayer Zed
It's available now
: Sure it can be programmed, lets make it simple, behind the 5 roles are numbers, Top 1, Jgl 2, Mid 3, ADC 4, Sup 5. You are Sup and you have the number 5, and mid with number 3 wants to swap roles, so you give them the number 5 and get 3. Then you load into the game, you want to buy the support item but the game checks if you have the number 5 which you dont have anymore because you swapped {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
There you go. Wasn't so hard was it? You could've literally said that in the 1st message you replied to me with, because that's what i literally asked for But If we're talking about the system we have nowadays Nothing like that would work Sure riot could program an actual role swap etc but that would just be unnecessary work and would most likely create a shit ton of bugs
: No, you are in the champ select and assigned to the support role, then comes the loading screen and the game is so programmed that these support items can only be bought if you have been assigned to support.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} But what if people swap roles in champ select? How would you idea work with that? Oh yeah, it wouldn't
: I guess it would not be that hard to programm it so that the game notices someone swapped their roles.
But your idea was that they could pick a support item in the champ select So how in the hell would the game be able to detect a role swap there? Or even in game? because that also can be abused and it wouldn't work either because you buy items before you walk to lane
: Maybe something like Summoner A (Midlane) wants to swap roles with you. Then you are mid lane and he is support and can buy the items and you not anymore.
But how tf would the game know who the support is if people swap roles? Your idea ain't really working here
: Idea of making support items only avaible for Supporter
But what if people swap roles? How would your suggestion work with that?
: Arabic language
1. most likely not 2. It has already been said million times why riot isn't making a server for X country/place
: Account bug! urgent! Please!
: Account Suspended
How would this not be deserved?? Those chat logs are extremely toxic
: PermaBan changes Please
Not gonna happen
: BUff
There are many things he is But he *definitely* isn't weak
Zedant (EUW)
: No,normal are boring for them(me)now,since the mmr is broken(we just get diamond and even challanger one time)and people just troll anyway. If I need to climb there are problems specific whit flex: [How am I suposed to climb in flex,if it require 3 person to start whit and the normal human player doesnt have this many friends that play lol,at his level and whit free time to activetely climb the game.] *This part is wrong soI can climb alone,last time I never tried alone so didnt know that* Just invite random people?Hope there are just enough people to play whit?And hope they can play whit you at your time?And hope they wont quit because they dontlike you or something. Anyway its just a pain to do this just to be able to enjoy the game whit some friends. Its the best to just be able to play whit 2 legue above you before master,there isnt any diference anyway and you still prevent these 11 in a bijtion game where you have a bronze in your diamond game whit the 2 league limit. There are just soo many way to better this system. Or are you suggesting that if you just go afk for a couple of week your friends should stop enjoy the game and play flex OR you shouldnt be able to play whit your friend anymore?
Bronze and gold aren't the same skill level at all Flex doesn't need 3 people. Wtf are you talking about??
Shìro (EUNE)
: I forgot to mention about BTS I like 5 of their songs but Im not really into that makeup look :)
If all you say is true You seem like a guy i could hang out with
Shìro (EUNE)
: Im looking for a girlfriend
Opinion about BTS? *very important question*
: Yasuo Combo guide - For Beginners
Yasuo guide for beginners: 1. Don't play yasuo
: To the people who flame for not pinging missing.
*Ok but it's still your responsibility to inform your team that your laner is missing and act accordingly by either pushing the lane or roaming somewhere*
Gerbster (EUW)
: Mastery score?
xPjlol (EUNE)
: summoner names
I'm pretty sure it's because people have already claimed the champion names It's not riot's doing People just always want the realest names, like if you have a legit 'Zed' name for example, it's cool
DMS Eren (EUW)
: i still got an answer from you, so why should i reply to every single person here while i can just reply once for everyone xD tribunal worked just fine while it was implemented, with all the "toxic players" being able to side with or against others. why wouldn't it work again? maybe you weren't around when the tribunal was up, but for the player to get punished it required 10 different ppl voting the exact same thing :)
because that's not how it works Not everyone checks the threads etc so most people won't see it But if you want to be lazy, go off ig
DMS Eren (EUW)
: To Arcade Lulu; i wish to believe they get punished, but i really can t. Some do, some don't. That's not really the point. Let's be honest, riot's employees are just employees. They barely play the game, barely know what's going on. After i posted this, i continued to scroll through this subforum and found some "emissary" guy standing at a silver 4 elo for 3 years now. His intentions might be good, but to be able to hand out a punishment you should first understand the game, then the player itself. It's just like we (LoL players) would start giving advice and veto ing for punishments in Apex, or other games that also have a reporting system. It just doesn't feel right And for Wex0r; i think what you said there is accurate up to a point. I think accounts get flagged much later, since i don't see any pop ups saying a player got punished based on recent reports. But once an account is flagged, it remains flagged for an eternity (personal experience, i have an EUNE acc that got a 14 day ban in 2017((resumed playing a month ago)) and after ONE game of typing in chat, i got 10 chat restrict. after finishing that restrict, i had another game like the one pointed out in this post and got a 25 chat restrict. Once you get a punishment, you never go back) resuming to the topic, adding an idea since it just came up. In a hypothetic scenario where tribunal returns, since i know how it was and the abuse that could be done, players able to vote for someone's punishment should be master elo at least. they've been through all stages of the game at some point in their LoL life. They met silvers who think they know everything, golds who are "on the top of the food chain", plats whom think they're already challenger and hardstuck tilted d5 players. Since they've seen it all, they're the best to decide in my opinion. Anyways, this is just chatting since no post on this forum is read by someone actually doing something for riot on this side of the problem, so we're just throwing ideas that'll be forgotten by tomorrow.
You do realize that i won't get a notification about your comment if you don't directly comment it under my comment And most of the time when someone gets punished you won't get an instant feedback report about it And honestly, your idea would never work because masters etc would too have toxic people etc. So i don't think letting players decide would work
DMS Eren (EUW)
: Tired of inting players not getting banned because they don't say a word ingame
The do get punished, it usually just takes a longer time If you see someone inting games, just send a ticket to riot support and they should get banned. That's what i do Because the automated system isn't good in detecting inters (dunno why) I don't think tribunal would work anymore because i'm pretty sure riot doesn't have enough staff to check the millions and millions of reports coming in
: 14 day ban without any previous warnings?
Corefornia (EUNE)
: It is true but i gotta fight for it since everything is possible.
Not everything is possible Riot has already said many times that they never unaban accounts if the ban was justified No matter how much ''everything's possible'' power you use, it's not gonna happen
Corefornia (EUNE)
: I wasn't polite at that moment but in general i'm polite.
Sure But you being polite ain't gonna get your account back
Corefornia (EUNE)
: I'm polite but i got toxic because i got trolled. I couldn't hold it and told them how i thought.
That's not very polite, is it?
: The old system was decent at that time, due to the freshness and low playerbase of the game. When LOL "blew up", and passed the multi-million player mark, harsher and quicker punishments had to be implemented, in order to avoid becoming a toxic wasteland. IMO the system is working pretty well. Toxic players are given the subtle hint, that they are unwanted in the community, and should quit. I'd even take it a step further, and make them pay for a secondary account. I'd introduce real ID verification, just like in KR. You got the account linked to your ID banned ? Pay up for the next one, or straight up don't ever come back. You get 2 bans ? You're out.
I'm pretty sure ID verification will never be a thing But it would be nice to have that, because it would also reduce the amount of smurfs this game has The system we have now is quite good. You get few warnings and then if you still break the rules, you're out Of course there's people who actually reform after the permaban, but that doesn't happen often enough
Corefornia (EUNE)
: Yea i know, but if i had a chance i could prove that i've reformed, really. I also know that i was an idiot who got suspended a lot but still were toxic. I've made mistakes and i know it well, don't hate me though. I'm not toxic anymore after i got the ban, I support people a lot nowadays. I've bond my soul with that account and i need the very last chance with it. Trust me, i've became a completely different person and i want Riot Games to help me. Btw Arcade Lulu, be more polite because i felt very bad when you said that my account doesn't have a single chance of unbanning. I want to tell you honestly that i don't pay that much attention to those reform cards and in the past i played games like CS:GO where the bans would just stack like you said, so that is the reason. Now when i know the seriousness of League, i'm ready to prove everything. I've done wrong, and i hate myself because of that. Everyday i imagine playing on my account and i miss it. Help me please
Your account has 0 chance of unban That's how the rules work If they unbanned you, they would have to unban everyone. And that wouldn't work Should've read the report card better. Because it very clearly says that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban You had more chances than usual to reform, but you still went and got permabanned And don't you tell me to be more polite. You're the one who had 2 chat restrictions, 2 14 day bans and got permabanned
Corefornia (EUNE)
: New Ban System
Few years ago there was a different ban system where the bans would just stack etc That didn't work, so perma bans became a thing They aren't 100% effective either but they're better than the old system because now some toxic people actually leave the game after a perma ban. And that's what riot wants Honestly, you had 2 14 day bans and 2 chat restrictions and you still didn't reform after those? I don't believe you would reform if you got unbanned (which ain't gonna happen) You were well aware that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban (It clearly says that on the report card)
: Can i gift an skin from a friend "Your shop" to my friend?
Nope, you can't But you can gift him the RP he needs to buy the skins
: Unban
No, he will not be unbanned Riot never unbans people if the ban was justified And i'm guessing that your friend's ban was justified
: New Gnar Skin
Next time, get a link that works {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So what...same people gonna make second acc and do same again...will anything change? no still same...riot should really find a solution to this so that everyone can play tilt free angry free flaming free etc...
Many people do actually quit the game after they've gotten perma banned And the punishment is in the fact that if you've spent a lot of money and time on your account, and then it gets perma banned. It feels really bad, as it should Honestly 1 thing i would like to get is the ability to unbind or move our chat button
cursedd666 (EUNE)
: riot very bad judging
You got banned for flaming most likely Logs?
SixthKill (EUW)
: About getting permabanned
Permanent chat restriction was a thing few years ago But you know what usually happened when someone got perma chat restricted? They started trolling games, and that's so much harder to detect if they do it right So i'm pretty sure that'll never come back (It would be nice tho)
: Well. Okay so. Now i know that if someone trolls / feed / afking and they are 2 premades i shouldnt ask someone to report.
You don't need to ask someone else to report them 1 report has the same weigh as 3 or 6 reports Asking for reports is just unnecessary toxicity And i'm pretty sure the enemy can see them feeding/trolling/afking without you telling them
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