Typda1 (EUW)
: Skin shard for an owned skin?
I don't think it's a bug You get a random skin shard, so it's possible for you to get a skin you own (Has happened to me too)
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RF2h8YAQ,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-11-19T23:13:36.592+0000) > > Okay, it's someone's name > And? > > So the system is somehow magically supposed to recognize that you said someone's name? > And tbh, you still said it.** Riot doesn't want ANY 0 tolerance words used in the game, no matter the context** if it is 0 tolerance .. why is it in someone's name??? so people can use 0 tolerance words in names, but not in the chat.... friggin brilliant. does 0 tolerance , means something else than 0 tolerance??? so i can make a name "dead niBBa" and should be fine?? or number 547 j3w and this is all fine as long as it is not in the chat.... you guys are defending DoRitos system so much, you forgot to use your 2 brain cells. yeah 0 tolerance NO MATTER THE CONTEXT, but hey you can use it in your nick name, cuz it is 0 tolerance, but we give you some tolerance. Let's just defend Doritos 0 logic system at all cost, cuz kissing @ss is good
It's in someone's name because they decided to put it there Just like you can say it in the chat But if someone reports you for it, you'll be punished because it's 0 tolerance You might ask "why doesn't riot just stop people from using those words" But the thing is, if these toxic people aren't allowed to use 0 tolerance words in their names etc, they'll just make variations of it like KY$ and other more creative ones, which is more harder to detect So that's why the system is like this Sure you can say it and you can use it in your name, but because it's a 0 tolerance word, you'll get punished for it when you get reported Want me to borrow you my 2 brain cells then? You clearly need them after that one
: BE store.
Read the damn patch notes It clearly says there that BE Emporium will come on the 25th of November
: It is in some1 name lmao nice algorythm btw
Okay, it's someone's name And? So the system is somehow magically supposed to recognize that you said someone's name? And tbh, you still said it. Riot doesn't want ANY 0 tolerance words used in the game, no matter the context
0 tolerance words are an instant 14 day ban "GIT GÛD KID: Riven %%% XD joined the lobby" That censored word right there is a 0 tolerance word. You said that, the bot recognized it and banned you Simple
Reverse (EUW)
: pls ban this person for what he said to me
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You do know that the boards users can't do anything about this, right? The boards also aren't a place for reports. If you want to report someone, do it in the end game lobby or send a ticket to riot support And i honestly have no idea how you even expect us to do anything if you just show us this censored pic Also, you might want to re-check that math
deadcatus (EUNE)
: Project Pyke chromas
Because it's a bundle exclusive chroma
dohlan (EUW)
: Can I get to honor level 2 in preseason and get my rewards?
Fatla771 (EUNE)
: Ban
You went 0/18/0 in a 20 min game with doran's blade and boots Yeahhhhhhh you're going to stay banned But thanks forgiving proof to us about riot banning inters :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: Someone robbed a store and was not caught by the police. Does the police now endorse robbing stores?
This ^^ And the racist people do get caught pretty much always. Just because they don't get an instant permanent ban doesn't mean riot is endorsing racism
: Ok thought multiple reports helped more. then that is false but everything else stands correct as the players can still play seeing theire profile. no action has taken place.
You do know that chat restrictions exist, right? So how would you know that they didn't get punished? If they didn't use 0 tolerance words, they aren't going to get insta 14 day banned etc, they'll most likely get chat restricted If they continue with their behavior, they will end up perma banned sooner or later
Aureluse (EUNE)
: K\DA Irelia
Why would all bands NEED to have 5 skins? Why would all skin lines have to have 5 skins? Ignoring the fact that not all skin lines have 5 skins
: racist & toxic people can get away easy with the new support system!
: missions
Those are the 10 year anniversary missions Just play a game on each account every day and you'll get all of the missions
: No, I've had worse chat logs that netted me 7 day chat restrictions before. Like way, way worse. This is so mild I had to create a board post to just make sense of it.
7 day chat restriction isn't a thing tho, at least not anymore 10 game chat restriction -> 25 game chat restriction -> 14 day ban -> perma ban And how is calling someone the r word and a whore mild???
: First offense 14 day ban no slurs, no suggestions of suicide, no bigotry
I mean.... the r word is an ableist slur... Honestly, your logs are toxic as hell
: Toxicity is fine. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.
"Harassing people is fine. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong" :)
: i mean, not exactly, but i see your point, btw am i allowed to make new accoutns? im not ip banned am i?
I mean, pretty much the same chance to get the "yes" answer Yes, you are allowed to make new accounts Riot doesn't use IP bans because they would do more harm than good
: worth a try :/
That's the same thing as going to ask someone for 10k and when they say no you just say "worth a try" Lol
: Ban Appeal?
Wex0r (EUW)
: Erm Tyler1 is probably the best example of how this does not work but there are plenty of others where this has worked.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Why tf do y'all ALWAYS bring up tyler1 when he has NOTHING to do with this???? Tyler 1 NEVER got his accounts back Tyler1 was ID banned, his ID ban got lifted. But all of his old accounts are still perma banned Because guess what. Riot NEVER unbans justified bans
Wex0r (EUW)
: Create a new account prove you can reach honor lvl 5 and they will consider unbanning. You have to inform them via a support ticket that you wish to show your reformed and provide your new account name.
Yeahhhh no Riot doesn't unban perma bans
: i cant refund right? :(
The border? You can go ask riot support if they can refund it
: True Damage Border
You buy the skin, you buy the border, you go into a game and equip the skin, you will see the border in the loading screen
XO Mob (EUW)
: If that is your experience then I can assure you, the players you have reported weren't banned. Everytime I've reported someone and someone has gotten a ban, I've gotten an Instant Feedback Report back saying basically they have been punished.
It's not just my experience tho It's other player's experiences too, also specialists have multiple times said the same thing So...... Most of the time you won't receive an ifr. It's completely random if you receive it or nah
XO Mob (EUW)
: Never got any information about next ban being a permanent.
On the 14 day ban reform card it says "If this behavior continues, your account will be permanently suspended"
XO Mob (EUW)
: I would have gotten a notification. I wasen't permanetly banned instant. It took about 10-15 minutes after the game.
MOST of the time you won't receive an ifr if someone gets punished from your report So, you have NO idea if they got punished or nah And if they broke the rules, they did get punished
XO Mob (EUW)
: I am a very understanding person. So I do understand what you're saying. What I don't understand though is you point out "but the others never get banned", I never claimed that people never get banned. But when (not clearly, as I cannot access Ekkos chat logs from that game) Ekko flames and is chatting for **LITERALLY** the entire game, may I also add that it had nothing to do with the game itself, mostly flaming me or someone else. He never got punished. So clearly numbers of report in one game/session must matter. I've had this account for roughly 2 years. I have gotten 2 restrictions and one 14 day suspension. I've always gotten my Honor up and been able to get rewards. All I'm saying is I clearly understand there is flame, as pointed out by **myself** but, I do not in any way find the flame so **EXTREMELY** inflammatory as Riot's automated message indicates. I would completely understand a 14 day suspenion. To my knowledge you usually recieve two 14 day mans before getting permanently banned. That was atleast the case on my other account long time ago back in S5. And you say that it's logic and everyone should follow the system. Then are you "implying" that because someone has a temper they shouldn't or aren't allowed to play League? Not everyone goes to Yoga and does spiritual stuff that keeps them calm. Many people come from rough childhoods that turn them into perhaps slightly more angrier than others which often result in more flaming and tilting. That's just logic, common sense whatever you wanna call it.
But how do you know that the Ekko never got punished?
: >Senpai Danail: jump off a cliff 2 while ur at it Here.
Oh, i missed that Then yeahhhhh, it's a deserved 14 day ban
: 14 day suspension
I don't see anything 0 tolerance, so i don't think you should've gotten a 14 day ban if this is truly your 1st punishment ever You might want to send a ticket to riot support and ask them about it
: ban too harsh without warning
0 tolerance words give an instant 14 day ban You used a 0 tolerance word, sure you just quoted it, but the bot can't recognize that I'll NEVER understand why y'all repeat what other have said. Why tf would you repeat 0 tolerance words?? What do you get from repeating what they said?? (Except a punishment in most cases) Also, constantly asking others to report X is against the rules
: I really hope so. What i'm supposed to otherwise do with those 25 points from anniversary rewards? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
i mean.... even if we have another event where you can get PP and if you buy that, you'd still have 125 PP aka. 25 extra which you can spend in the PP store
Rhoswyn (EUW)
: Will there be another event where we can earn prestige points before the end of the year?
AleCau13 (EUNE)
: Level System
You do know that level has pretty much nothing to do with skill Someone that's lvl can be a diamond level player meanwhile someone that's level 500 can be a bronze level player
: I always play AP as support. Zilean has 90% ap scaling. Too many counters for zilean to play as solo laner. It's more safe to play Zilean from support role and build AP carry.
So you aren't a support You're basically a midlaner who wants to invade botlane Oh it gets even better. You NEVER buy control wards and only place about 10 wards per game YIKES Maybe you should honestly just go play midlane
: Is there ANY OFFICIAL RULE not allowing support to kill creep and get banned for it ?
In some games you have 100+ cs?!?!?!? And you build full ap If you want to farm that bad and go full ap, go play midlane or something
Dinas Emrys (EUNE)
: Tokens Refund
You can always go ask riot support if they could refund your skin and tokens You can use the excess 50 points in the prestige store that will come soon, if you don't use then there, then yes, they'll disappear
Hecky (EUNE)
: ID Ban
How is he ID banned tho? How do you know? Last time i checked, riot doesn't use ID bans on normal players And no, perma chat ban doesn't work. Because then toxic people will just start trolling games etc which is more frustrating and harder to detect Rio doesn't want toxic people to be interested in the game, riot doesn't want to help toxic people who are so toxic that they got a perma ban etc, riot wants them out of the game
Dokitychamp (EUNE)
: Reporting should give you a + to your honor level!
Valid reports? Sure All reports? Nah
DeejayF (EUW)
: How do I unlock the Victorious Aatrox Chroma?
You need to be gold+ in 2 ranked queues Meaning you need to be gold+ in Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex 5v5 for example
: Password change
Account sharing btw
: Bann
Ok snowflake
: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/tr-tr/2019/10/ask-riot-worlds-tokens-meta/ look this is Announcement 1 month ago and this new and when ı search google i can find this link and this information Located on page 10. i m asking people but no one could not assign an official announcement obviously you act with stuffed ear. you don't know where the explanation is. If you knew you would throw me this site. if there was enough explanation, why did they open this site apart from why I can not reach the site 2 months ago, 1 month before the site can not reach anyone as prestige update site as evidence, but the actual proof of this site. I said this site today I saw the new products will be added to the store, even if they do not fully explain the implicit way of saying they had to say, but they did not do it, just stay in the new content added to the follow-up said.This is where I will know if the new content is good or bad. We recommend that you do not spend there without seeing new content, or new content will be like this content. They did not give the slightest information about what will happen. Moreover, people who received 100 prestige points for 2200 symbols on TR server returned their symbols when they threw tickets and why did they return the symbols if they were right?
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/10/ask-riot-worlds-tokens-meta/ "Are there going to be more things you can get with Worlds tokens? Yes! We’ll be adding more things you can spend your Worlds tokens on throughout the course of the event, including a Prestige skin for Qiyana." https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/learn-more-worlds-2019-event "More items will be added throughout the event, so be sure to check the in-game shop before the event ends." https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/prestige-updates "Upcoming 2019 Prestige Point skin champions (in order of appearance) Miss Fortune Thresh Upcoming 2019 Event Prestige skin champions (in order of appearance) Valiant Sword Riven (debuting soon during 9.19!) **--> Qiyana <--** Lee Sin" Is it really **THAT** hard to use ALL of this information riot has provided you for the past months to piece together that _"oh yeah, the true damage skins will be released during worlds. Prestige Qiyana is an event skin. There is no time to fit another event between worlds and snowdown. There will most likely never be 2 events running at the same time. Prestige Qiyana will most likely be available for worlds tokens"_ And they refunded the worlds tokens because it's such an easy thing to do for riot support. If the player truly made a mistake and thought Qiyana would be available for PP (even though there was tons of information saying otherwise) why wouldn't riot support refund it? They probably didn't use the tokens for anything else and immediately contacted riot support, so it was very easy
: Im really surprised you think that? Feels like punishments should be applied to people who have done wrong, not those calling out something as wrong? Also having skimmed through the summoner's code there, there isnt any mention of being entirely unable to say certain phrases or words? If it was true they absolutely need to have that in a much more visible place.
But WHY would you need to call something out as wrong? ESPECIALLY using 0 tolerance words while you call someone out When it's well known that 0 tolerance words are an instant 14 day ban What do you get from calling them out? Nothing, except a ban in cases like this
: Wrongfully Banned, how long to recieve a response to my Ticket
I'll NEVER understand WHY y'all repeat 0 tolerance worlds when it's WELL KNOWN that they're an instant ban Just why? What do you get from repeating their words? Let me rephrase that, what GOOD do you get from repeating their toxic words? Because you sure as hell will be banned when you repeat their 0 tolerance words TECHNICALLY you did break the rules because you did say a 0 tolerance word. Sure you didn't say it to anyone, you were just repeating what they said, but you still said it Maybe they will take away the punishment, maybe they won't. Dunno It usually takes around 24h to get a response depending on the traffic and the number of workers
: riot announced it but not too many people have seen it. It wouldn't have happened if they had explained it at first. i said When I searched for the 2019 World Championship Event on Google, there were a total of 8 pages, and none of them had any information about the costume. While the announcement made 2 months ago can be reached from googled, why can't I reach the announcement 1 month ago? I did not like the market when the event already started should I pay for a costume that I don't know if I like now? If I don't like it, will Riot give me my money back?
It ain't riot's fault y'all don't read their posts and updates etc They have explained it, multiple times. You just didn't read the explanation It's even said here: https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/learn-more-worlds-2019-event "More items will be added throughout the event, so be sure to check the in-game shop before the event ends." They didn't want to spoil the True damage band when the event started, but they still told you that there would be more stuff added to the worlds shop Even on the damn event pass description they CLEARLY said that more stuff will be added, so if you're not a fan of reading riot's posts, you still have a clear information source about this Then we have the info that Qiyana will get an event prestige skin this year Wouldn't it be LOGICAL AF to think that Qiyana would be added to the worlds shop? When the worlds event is ongoing for a long period of time AND we don't really have any time for another event before snowdown And then they announced 1 month ago that Prestige Qiyana will be available for worlds tokens, which is the most logical outcome And why should riot give you your money back? You don't have a right for money refund It's not really that hard to wait until the event is ending and then spend all of your tokens, that way you'll 100% know what's available
: https://tr.leagueoflegends.com/tr/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event this is 2018 worlds event https://tr.leagueoflegends.com/tr/news/riot-games/editorial/ayrintili-bilgi-worlds-2019-etkinligi this is 2019 worlds event RIOT dont update this page if you click first link you will see there writing 'Güncelleme' this mean 'Update' In fact, even just looking at the links is enough
Thank you so much, for linking me these 2 posts i don't understand shit from I don't really understand what this is supposed to prove? This isn't going to change the fact that they announced Prestige Qiyana being available for worlds tokens A MONTH before she was released You just need to think 'bit about what would be logical and what isn't logical taking into account the skins' release dates etc
: Can you understand what you read? Which costumes will appear at the events that will take place in 2019. Not Writing 'Costumes for the 2019 World Championship Event.'
So you think, that they will somehow fit 1 more event with a prestige skin between Worlds event and snowdown event when events usually last around 1-1,5 months? ESPECIALLY when they announced that the true damage skins will debut during worlds And then they announced that Qiyana would 100% be for worlds tokens (Which was pretty damn obvious at this point) wayyyyyy before she was even released
: Your average league player trying to "communicate": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlnpkrJs6wM
Pretty much yeah {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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