: Ashe is situational champion with CC and vision. Usually its picked when your team comp dont need more dps and engage tool missing. Also its a safe pick. No need for rework
Ashe is definitely not a safe pick. It's probably worst blind pick ADC. But overall, I disagree with OP, I think she's one the most useful ADCs, just not fit into the current meta.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It would reduce the amount of smurfs dramatically which would improve the competitive integrity there. That's quite obvious.
Yeah right... I have only 1 account, but If I wanted to create another, I can ask 4-5 friends that don't play league for code...
Brokenhz (EUW)
: i want a tresh support not a %%%%ing janna support.More useless then useless this janna players.
I'd play adc all day long if I could get good Janna to support me
BoemKlap (EUW)
: Hold Q on Evelynn? (Evelynn main RSI formation)
Just rebind Q key somewhere else
munraker (EUW)
: Could a Rioter please explain why...
Exactly, why don't I get pentakill when stupid Katarina steals first 4 kills.. Riot, pls fix..
: "Your Shop"
I am disappointed with my personalized shop as well :( Not a single skin I'd buy
: Lissandra. New mechanic: [ADJUST/BUFF]
I agree. I love her kit, and I wouldn't like to see a full rework. Simply buffing her numbers would make her broken, but your suggestion is pretty good!
: Oh you are talking about mid-higher elo stuff because here in super low elo: 1. Bronze games are all about baron throws. 1 Penta for yi can change course of game. 2. Telling a person who is flaming that you are going to mute him changes nothing, he continues it, often you can see him standing still typing stuff like a madman. 3. Ah, APC's are usual company for adc in bot lane here, heck, even Leona's go for AP, even they skip sight stone and other utility items. 4. The last thing you want to do is tell bronze player that he did something not as good as he could have done. Most usual response is 'OK I GO FEED NOW" 5. Yeah... If you have something better to do - do not q up.
Lol xD Trust me, after my inactivity I'm super low elo player.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Because 1-2 of them might be ok advice, the rest seems like really bad advice. I think ill bet on sarcasm.
Sarcastic I suppose. I was bored, and since I didn't play this game in months, I forgot what's not a terrible advice.
Rioter Comments
: The Ohmwrecker Rework V2
: its not confirmed i only brought my opinion sry about that
It's a fucking Teemo. Someone might think It's Irelia or something, but no. It's Teemo. Victorious skin is Maokai, It's freaking obvious, yet people still speculate who it might be.
Zero Elo (EUW)
: you can't get banned for communicating a lot though and i've already got a few smurfs i type even more because they're lower elos than my main so i have to tell them what to do more
Yeah, sure you can't. If someone types a lot like you do, he'll get banned. Wait, you still didn't learn after permanent ban? Case closed, you deserve it, you won't improve, don't make more accounts, please.
: tbh because he has a staff and a fireball i would guess its veigar not teemo
Again guys like you. MAYBE IT'S DRAVEN? MAYBE IT'S KATARINA? It's Teemo, jeez.
: > [{quoted}](name=Evil Lubricant,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kQRcrnFv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-03T14:48:59.319+0000) > > It's easy to smurf in low level game and get S+. I only have 2 normal games with my main champion on lvl 5 account, both are S+. No actually it's harder. My enemies were platinum/gold as my teamates. It's easier to get better rank when you have low normal mmr. When you are identified as smurf, you play against other smurfs.
Yes, I know that. It doesn't change the fact that It's easier. For example, in my first normal game on my smurf I had 4 new players, enemies had 3, so one more smurf in their team than in ours. Enemy Yi got penta at 20 minute mark and they pushed 2 inhibitors. That made me try hard to win. Since I played {{champion:92}} I could 1x3 full build enemies later on, even though some were smurfs, I was as well (!). I am currently Plat 2 and I played on my main champion in that game, I could've been considered toxic there, but since it was becoming a really hard game, It was fun to turn it around. In the game after that I was laning against a new player, so perfect score was kinda meh. I stopped playing on my smurf because of these reasons. Also that It didn't save S+ from two games because I didn't own Riven yet.
Zero Elo (EUW)
: I believe my perm ban to be unjustified and undeserved, opinions?
You type in 1 game more than I typed in my last 10 jeez. No wonder you got banned, you type more than you play. Even if it wasn't negative chat, I wouldn't want teammate like that in my games, nobody would. I've read all the chat logs and you really deserved that ban. I suggest you make a new account with a fresh start without ever typing at all. Remember, NEVER type.
: I got it around lvl 4 on my EUW. The next game I bought Annie I main Annie on EUNE though.
It's easy to smurf in low level game and get S+. I only have 2 normal games with my main champion on lvl 5 account, both are S+.
: search for smurf in silver to boost me from silver1 to gold5 .
First of all, you're supposed to look in team recruitment section. Second, being boosted is illegal and lame. Do you feel good when you make a headshot using AimBot in shooters or something? Considering you were gold last season, and you can't get out of S1 this one, It's kind of sad.
: Why are you CURRENTLY on boards ?
Can't sleep, as usual.
: My main was {{champion:98}} now it is {{champion:238}} can someone guess my personality ?
You were once a nice person, fighting for others, being humble. Later on you realized that It's not worth it, that they are ungrateful and you had to put yourself over others.
Rismosch (EUW)
: {{champion:103}}
You watch hentai. Wait, that's why I play Ahri...
: Daily reminder: Matchmaking is perfectly garbage
Matchmaking was perfectly fine for me until yesterday. My mmr is okay for my elo (Plat 3), and I usually get matched with similar teammates/opponents. Yesterday I got Gold V in my team (7 divisions below everyone else) that took Windspeaker's Blessing on Amumu, that wasn't sure if it's even ranked or what his skills do. Just imagine how easy it is to get out of Plat like that.
: Well damn... I have Dragonblade since a while... but I'm afraid of using it because of people judging... Life sucks...
I got all of her skins and I don't give a crap about enemy expectations or anything, I'll just play as good as I can. Fuck everyone commenting this, or in game that are like "sell skin" blah blah. You like the skin? Use it.
: victorious jhin confirmed
Oh boy, another Victorious skin, another guy who's like "LOOK IT'S TEEMO" >_>
: nice i was on 59% wit poppy, dropped to 57 and dropped to plat 3 :P nearly 200 games
I dropped to Plat 5 after a huge losing streak (60% > 57% Riven with 150 games, and 70% > 59% Eve), but I'm in promo for Plat 3 now :D
: had 1 game, lost but it doesn't matter. she's a ton of fun
I lost my first 3-4 games with her! Here I am with almost 60% win rate in ranked 50 games later :D
: Lookin to main evelynn
Go for It tiger! I'm not {{champion:28}} main, but I played her a bit in ranked this season (third most played champion). Good thing about maining her is that her build paths are very diverse, you can choose items depending on the game pace. You can even go AD eve if you have to. Also, you can carry games early with her ganks. Bad thing about her is that she falls off a bit later, so you have to feed your laners early in the game. She's hilariously fun, and once you get better at her, you can play her in lane (advised for normals only) to screw with minds of your opponents. All in all, she has "main" potential, and long life time before getting dull. I don't know the best Eve build paths myself, I experiment a lot, I advise you do the same. Here are some items I pick (most are situational): {{item:1402}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} Of course, not all of them together, I just pick 2-3 out of it, games are relatively fast with a good {{champion:28}} . {{item:3116}} I love this one on her though.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: This ain't my account buddy
Sure, they all say that.
: Bro. It's PERFECT!! I wish i could've drawn like that . ;~; But 1 question, how much time did it take to draw this beautiful art?
Thanks a lot, means much to me! This particular one took me 3-4 hours I think. It wasn't that complicated, one of the easier splash arts to recreate :3 Some other, like Riven basic splash art took me 6-7 hours. There it is: (Deadly Sin Wrath is my IGN on RU server, drew this for 40 RP to buy Riven champ on sale).
Barty (EUNE)
: Fill EXCEPT something (please, Riot? *puppy eyes*)
My thoughts since beginning of the season.
Unlaughable (EUNE)
: I am bronze 5 but always matched against higher level enemy team
It would be weird to be matched against worse opponents (considering you look at rank).
PepijndM (EUW)
: Nice! Also, your name xD
Thanks, I changed my name recently :D
Wen294 (EUW)
: I know the feeling, trust me. Always afraid to fuck up a otherwise good drawing in an attempt to give it colour xD Arcade ahri does lose most of her appeal in black & white tho, or at least for me because i just love her colourfullness.
Yeah, but I like B/W drawing as well :D
PROaa135 (EUW)
: Too much drawing skills. I can't draw a stickman even if my life depended on it xD Here's a cookie! {{item:2010}}
*eats a cookie* Do not lose hope young Padawan!
: That actually looks pretty good {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Will you be attempting a coloured version?
Thanks, but I sadly suck when coloring something :D
: 10 years anniversary has been a disaster for me [RIOT PLS READ]
LOOK, EVERYONE HAS A RARE SKIN FOR FREE, FUCK EVERYONE THAT HAD IT. It's like giving CS Riven to everyone, including that eye candy that former owners will have. Riot marketing system never ceases to amaze me. How hard was it for them to give everyone a mystery skin, or make a new skin just for the occasion, It's a big one after all. But Rito.
: If he had a bad early game, then the game shouldn't last 40 minutes. He has a terrible early game so he needs a very strong late game. Which is not THAT strong like Azir or Vladimir, he just does a LOT of damage, but he is still very inmobile. Late game assasins will still ruin his life.
Considering that he has the best zoning ability in the entire game, I don't see that happening.
: Did you looked at the actuall splashart while doing it? I could never draw it that detailed out of the head
Yep I did. I was watching at it almost the whole time :D
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: i think you forgot the little minion that COUGH, Checks ahri's gadgets {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I was thinking on drawing the whole splash art, but I wasn't sure If I'll have enough space on my paper :( Also, I was kind of lazy, so I didn't even draw her orb in the end ;_;
: Pulsefire Ezreal visual update
Considering that Arcade Ezreal is better in terms of quality, yeah, he needs it.
Sefi (EUNE)
: damn, not bad at all. now i kinda wanna start drawing again X3
Do start drawing again! ^^ And thank you :D
: Nice! Well done!
TreyMaze (EUW)
: They eyes,mouth hair its sick even the hand at the back
Thanks, I spent the most of my time figuring scales and drawing face that Isn't ugly :D
TreyMaze (EUW)
: FK thats perfect
Thank you, In my eyes It's far far from perfection, I didn't "fine tune" it last night because I got tired in the end. :D
: if you get good enough you might even replicate important paintings and sell them as if they were original xd but if you really want to get good at drawing, have to 1) practice. And 2 (optional) take some courses about it (or watch some youtube videos). practice is important tho ;)
About replica thing, I am bad at painting because I mess up my drawing usually. Sketches and replica drawings are only things I'm okay with :D And yeah, I have to practice if I want to improve, this is my first drawing in two years I think. I also have some art books that I should re-read.
: so, you took the actual image of the splash art and tried to recreate it. while that is ok, even casuals that draw once in a few years can pull off such a feat. if you want to be impressive, try to change her pose. Something simple like her looking sideways would example, or standing on her feet rather than jumping to rape someone
Yup! You just saw through my "pls don't bash" :3 I have really bad imagination, so that's why It's easy for me to draw while looking at something because I perceive everything as a line after line. I did some other concepts that aren't "recreations" but Imo, they weren't that great. If I ever make something that you and I actually find good, I will post it here (probably won't happen cuz I suck).
: What he said o/ Srsly tho that is really well done :o
: Wow that is good, GJ Mate. "GIves a thumbs up" xD
MadClown (EUNE)
: Well done.
Thankerino mad clownerino :D
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