: Items with negative stats
No. Especially the example you gave is so unbalanced. You give 80 ad, 12% lifesteal and -30 armor? It's like a suicidal item for an ADC.
pAtr1x0 (EUNE)
: Server ERROR
Most of us have. Just deal with it.. they are "TRYING TO FIX IT"
: New Champion Select is a FAILURE
NightBlue3 uploading a picture of 81min in queue.
Dobrotek (EUNE)
: Ask about EUNE problems
I got 3x 30min + -10LP for each leave. Now 4 losses I have +0 LP. I don't lose any LP but Idc. I need my 30 LP back.
: ?!?
I got these problems since 2 days now.. what do you mean? lol
: RIOTERS Pls, whats happening with EUNE
Already lost 30 LP like that. -10 for every dodge. I never dodged. The error made me dodge because I couldn't ban a champion. Every dodge is 30min penalty. So I lost 30 LP and got 1:30h total of penalty
UniqueSupp (EUNE)
: I keep losing LP!
Same here. Lost 30 LP already and had 30min penalty 3 times now. Give back our LP!!!!!
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Penalty for "leaving a game"
I got 30min penalty 2 times. One after another. I joined, I "dodged" because their error and I had 30min penalty. I join again after 30min.. And I got another 30min because of the error.. Dodging = -10 LP btw. I was 33 and now I have 13.. Because of Riot.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of and working on issues on EUNE right now, and loss forgiven has been enabled. Please keep an eye on the [Service Status Page](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#eune) for further updates.
Loss Forgiven has been enabled but what happens when we get a 30min dodge queue because the client gives error and we can't select a champion?? So it dodges itself..and we get the penalty. Are you serious?
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: When does the new Season 6 Ranked START?
tomyi2 (EUW)
: I have windows 7 and this bug has appeared the day after new update for windows. It starts to be more annoying than playing against {{champion:223}} on lane.
Especially if your friend spams a lot and you type something you can't even see what you typed. It appears above all the messages and you only see what he said and not what you said. That sucks.
: Exactly !!! i have exactly the ssame problem in skype AND in league of legends any suggestions how to fix it already ? cuz its getting like really annoying >-<
Yeap. That's why I talked about Skype on the thread. Not sure if it's a glitch on Windows 10 or a change that did it on Skype but that's what happens on LoL too and it's annoying. Especially the part that you can listen to the chat sound even when you send the message.
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: Someone steall my account!!!!
Did you just tell me to steal your account?
niko223456 (EUNE)
: Ban for no reason
So I'm pretty sure, the chat logs are full of toxicity and in the end the guy said "Good Job" and got banned so what we keep from this is that he got banned for saying "Good Job" rofl
rastko2005 (EUNE)
: Why beter players become a bronze?
Eveninn (EUW)
: EUNE and EUW actually share the same board, that's why you'll encouter both here. ;) There hardly are any confrontations tho... apart from the occasionally EUW > EUNE or EUNE > EUW argument every other week. :s
I think everyone shares the same board. NA too.
: Patch 6.1 ?
As I was looking myself I came up on this [source](https://rankedboost.com/when-does-season-6-start-league-of-legends/). LCS means nothing honestly. I do wish though the Season 6 starts soon..... http://i.imgur.com/Gn6w37a.png
: My First Milestone has been reached!
Honestly, the bronze icon is probably the best looking icon they made for this season rewards. I mean look at this badass.
Toxter (EUW)
: Who is REALLY getting punished when Ranked Games go Wrong and what can we do about it???
While I understand you try to give a suggestion but let me put it down my way. As I have people who are afk/leavers/trolling in my team I always want to "take my blood back" by finding one in the opposite team and make the easy LP. So if enemy has a player who is af/leaver/troll I would simply DO NOT agree on the RESET game because these are easy LP. As easy as I lost my LP the same easy way IM GONNA GET the LP and I won't accept for a match reset. I don't care if I get an HONORABLE OPPONENT since I'm here to play the competitive game and I wanna achieve a higher ranked.. not get an honorable reward.
Emillie (EUW)
: The new champion is "original"
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: If you enter a ranked team in high elo and don't play games will you get the end of season rewards??
So you basically want to join a high elo team so you get free high rewards and brag yourself? Well... lol
Sneneal (EUW)
: Camera stuck when playing
There are 2 ways to lock the camera on the champion. One is the key bind which is Y (or as SkaiBlade saying Z for German and I assume depending the keyboard the default key bind changes). And another way is a button on the Minimap layout (just above the minimap). The thing is that sometimes I do have this bug and I haven't pressed any of these buttons and I still have a locked camera on champion. Usually I solve it by smashing my keyboard and it randomly gets away. I think alt+tab to desktop or just hitting escape helps but not sure. Always try reconnecting too if it is actually a bug and you are sure you didn't pressed Y by mistake.
: That match making system though
Ahahahaha this is funny. I do also join with my bronze/silver friends for normals and I am against silvers. They cri evertim Kappa
: Why isn't there a fat girl in League?
Imagine a champion that would actually get fatter scaling with the kills you have PogChamp. That is so epic just by imagining it! Ahahahahahahh
: Leblanc-clone stole my bluebuff
Excuse me but this is actually funny. I can't imagine how epic that would be if I would see it live ahahahah. Getting trolled by your own self without even wanting it.. ahahahaha amazing!!
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WestWorld (EUNE)
: this is a permanent fix good luck mate :) > http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/t5JhUWJh-patcher-fixes-d
Thanks but doesn't matter now. I got the leave and I got -20LP and now the client is fixed itself anyways.
: Masteries & Runes
For me I need to get rid of the Masteries and Rune pages numbers. What I mean. Each character you pick, should have options to create its own individual rune and mastery page. Like a combo. For the first time you pick the champion you'll have to create the rune and mastery combo. Or even before for each champion. What that means is, that every champ you pick will have a saved combo for masteries and runes. So you can make combos before the game start and if you are fancying to play a silly build like let's say Thresh ADC then you can make changes on the fly while on the champion select screen. So to sum up, the runes and masteries SAVE for EACH CHAMPION separately and NOT on the account. (Of course, there should be a log that save your combos to your account so you can play on another PC). That's how I thought would be best. Runes will still cost to buy them with IP but they can't lock us with 20 mastery and rune pages. There's no point, we are over it.
zeffe (EUW)
: patch 5.3 is getting on my nerves! HELP!
I was in game when I had a dc and I restarted the launcher because some times when you get a dc Reconnect button isn't working. I lost the game for no reason, flagged as LEAVER and lost 20 LP.


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