: They never ban if you just flame one time. To get a permaban it means that you flamed more time than one.
> [{quoted}](name=KUROKAMI00,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uQPdjkob,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-02-25T19:07:56.146+0000) > > They never ban if you just flame one time. To get a permaban it means that you flamed more time than one. They can ban you for onetime flame if its toxic so hard... for example racism, homophobia, cancer wishes, or what he did with your mother or sister yesterday etc. (report hatespeech)
TeeTohr (EUW)
: 4 man premade don't exist in flexQ
> [{quoted}](name=TeeTohr,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BOPnEPUn,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-02-17T10:30:13.876+0000) > > 4 man premade don't exist in flexQ Thats the point why he wrote this :D
: Because people would then abuse it. They'd pick whatever the hell they wanted to begin with, but queue support just for the IP bonus.
They are doing it anywy when autofilled so what difference? ( for normal player not fo riot)
: Its unsportmanlike attitude and every people that does that should be banned, including me when they start to say it in game and then i win
I completely agree with you... its like you are playing football, and after match you piss off on your opponents instead of handshake.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: The solution to this problem has already been announced, we are still waiting to implement this in-game tho. The thing they wanna do for season 7 is that you will choose 2 roles you wanna play, as usually, primary and secondary and then you will exclude one role you dont wanna be given at all even when autofill is activated. For example you choose mid/top and exclude support. If autofill is activated you will get one of 4 available roles.
But it will just cause longer queue time because supp will be mostly picked as excluded ( statistically here isnt less played role then supp)
xilien (EUW)
: " main thing to be a good player is to have a good champion pool to play ranked " That's completely absurd. I have an 80% winrate with ADC, i'm good with ADC and there's no reason I should play anything else. Did you notice how everyone in bronze and silver hardly mains a role and everyone high plat + MAINS a role? That's because they are good at their role, so they play it. Playing one role far better then others doesn't make you less of a player, it means you found your role and you should play that role as much as possible. Such as statement is something a bronze/silver player would say.
Yeah, but if you want to have 100% chynce to be adc... just play in full premade... If you have 80% win rat you will find team easily
Doomley (EUW)
: maybe, but why would he play ranked then in the first place?
Just because I want to play draft... if draft will remain I wont play solo/duo at all... I just want play flex with friends and solo draft for training... if solo/duo will be last possibility to train new champs ( I hate blind so much) I will do it.
Doomley (EUW)
: Now that flex queue exists, i don't even care if they decide to remove normal draft entirely because i will be using flex queue as a practicing place anyways. Normals can't be taken seriously these days.
Similar like me, but I am playing flex with friends for tryhard... and solo for practicing.
Domu123 (EUNE)
: Either way for the both of you, you won't be trying in one of these ques. This would mean that you'll be effecting the game for other people... That's exactly what I meant....
Personally I agree with statement that normal draft pick should´nt be removed. It will only cause that some people will be annoyed by soloq (for example me or other flex players) and flex players will be annoyed from soloq mains who are using flex only for training.
Domu123 (EUNE)
: Flex Queue becoming the Normal Draft?
Because me and my friends want play rankeds together, we will tryhard flex and solo/duo will be just for training instead of normal draft.


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