: using someone's else account is against ToS dude...to mention that only.. you cant log in for him ,or anyone else. yes they stay around..
Thats kind of dumb, what if he comes over to my house to play the game with me, are we just stuck with my account? Or if anyone else comes over?
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BesniStakor (EUNE)
: As someone who uses both windows and multiple linux distros ( manjaro, popOS, debian ), I call major bullshit on your “assessment”. Linux is better than windows in almost every aspect. * More secure * Has a lot of different distros for different needs. * Easy to customize almost every aspect of the OS to your needs. * Community support varies from distro to distro but more often than not it’s awesome. * Most reliable OS ever. * Respects your privacy It excels at everything. It can do everything windows does but better, and on top of that it brings more to the table. The only reason linux is not everywhere is gaming, but that changed and it’s spreading like wildfire. Linux is the future of gaming. Open systems are advancing so fast that developers are turning more and more towards them. Not only will linux catch up on the windows gaming, it will most likely take over in time because it's easy to use, reliable and not dependent on closed systems. Oh... and if Linux was “shit”, it wouldn’t be used in more than 90% of gadgets you use every day. Even your android is based on a linux kernel.
How the hell did you even find this 3 year old thread :D
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: SKT T1 why ?
Unfortunatelly Faker wasn't enough to carry a trashbag team
Śwaggy (EUNE)
: Since i can't play league
Man, you have no Idea how jealous I am.
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: Do you want to know, which Champion is the fastest in pushing turrets?
Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: its the same
If you pay close attention its not the same, the wolf orb has a chance to give you another skin shard with your first one, while the lion orb gives you a chance at giving you orange essence I picked the wolf orb because I like rerolling skin shards
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: Game has started by itself and asks me to reconnect WHAT?
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: How to deal with Nasus after a failed early game?
Step 1. Pray to god Step 2.Take some anti-depressants Step 3.FOCUS him ALWAYS, and do 4-5 main raids on the toplane (against the raid boss) Step 4.Survive until late game where he falls off Step 5.Start a new game and this time DONT LET HIM STACK
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> It takes a while to produce a Victorious skin. Dude dont say that people are going to kill you XD (go see the comment section under the spotlight video if you dont know what Im talking about)
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Perilum (EUW)
: You want to wait, but not everyone else. The world doesn't orbit around you.
Im sorry but you are in the minority, most of us would rather wait than to loose ranked games because of needing to play a role you are not familiar with ;)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yes they are innapropriate but that is what makes them fun ;( Gosh darn it people get offended by everything these days...
Fathands (EUW)
: Anything can offend anyone in these times. But the names you suggested aren't offensive to me. I've seen people who had way worse names.
Thanks for the suggestion
: I tried to change my name. It took me ages to find something that LOL didn't find offensive. - R4PE - R@PE - Iswallowcum - %%%%medaddy - touchmyvirgin%%%%%. Lots of combinations such as the above and more. Not one was allowed.
LOL you're a savage dude :D
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: i need a 5 man premade
I will add you then we will only need 3 more
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > (yeah, it can autofill you mid). Ofcourse, because autofill will fill you into a role that's in demand at the time you're queueing. If there's not enough people queued for mid in your MMR range, you can be autofilled there.
Tell me honestly, its not supporting, is it really neccesary to throw me into a role Im not good with, instead of waiting 10-20s (keep in mind mid and top are the most played roles) to find someone more capable than me? I can understand with support, not a lot of players play it and even if you're not good you can pick soraka, sit back and heal. But mid and adc are those roles that you need to be good with to carry a game
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: Sarox, the Darkin Dagger
I really like the dipping in and out of shadows idea, and the turning the meele champ into a ranged one :3
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TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Client is Bugged
same here
Clarice (EUNE)
: Find match stuck in loop
The first part of the problem includes me, I get into a ranked champ select, I pick my champ, but for some reason I cant lock, it stays dark and it wont let me lock my cham, and I have to restart my client 2-3 times to even get into a que, otherwise its bugged out, I suggest you skip out on league tonight because a lot of people have problems with it, heck I even lost lp because of it
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: Where did they key fragments go?
You dont get them that way anymore, when you log in each day the game might say, thanks for keeping it sporstmanlike! Here's 1-2 keyshards, but you will only get this I think if you're at least honor level 3
: about the new ekko statue
Its 60 euros tho :< Im gonna have to rob a bank if I wanna buy that shizz
: Who should i buy?
I will go ahead and say jhin, jinx is just too basic for my taste
Febos (EUW)
: That damage was over the course 15 seconds. Now explain to me this: how can you, Diana, building just AP and at level 16, not be able to kill a full damage Garen in less than 5 seconds? I think I have my answer though. Garen is full build and his build is very expensive, thus making if very likely that he has been level 18 for a while now. Everyone else on your team is level 16 or less. So, tell me if I got this right. Garen stomped whoever he was against and thus became extremely fed. What are you complaining abou then? That Garen was able to stomp your laner? You can't take 1 case where the enemy champion is extremely fed and tell me that the items are broken.
To be real, drak'tharr and censer are really broken right now
: Pickpocket twitch .. problem
: IP-Boosts not available?
You can no longer buy them , they are gone forever
SoShady (EUNE)
: New Preseason Leveling System?
Im really curious about this as well
Treycos (EUW)
: Wait, wut Haven't seen that, got a source pls ? <3
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Rismosch (EUW)
: They are in bronze because they are bad, not because they are assholes.
Dude half of the community is bronze, dont let them find out you called them bad, they will rip your %%%% off
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