: Jax rework based on Kayle rework
Kayle ult now deals massive AOE damage as well. U would like to mention that if u r biased.
: The importance of consistency in a competitive environment - A message to Riot
The problem is not actually in the hitboxes. It's in the visuals. Which can make u think "nice I dodged this" and still get hit by the spell.
: Just a rant. I wouldn't bother reading this. But still..
I hope u read this, Having weak mechanics never means that u r a trash player. I personally have below decent mechanics at the game. Last season was my 1st ranked season and I climbed from Bronze 5 (the lowest at the game before Iron became a thing) into Gold 5 just 1 day before the end of the season. I've seen many bronze players and actually most of the silver players with better mechanics than me. U can always overcome that with game knowledge, good macro, positioning, ... etc. Not being able to perform on champions like Yasuo, Azir or Katarina didn't discourage me even at the time I thought I will never get out of Bronze ever no matter what (I was hard stuck Bronze 5-3 for 5 months). And that doesn't mean I had to play a completely boring/brainless champ like Garen. Just pick champion with moderate mechanics and make superior game knowledge ur strength. Good luck and keep playing as long as u still enjoy the game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people in ARURF so much more toxic than people in normals/ranked?
Arrcros (EUNE)
: they say nasus is fine.kite him,pick this into him pick that
How do you beat Garen, Illaoi, Darius,etc? You kite them or CC them. Nasus is not meant to be 1v1 ed. He is useless if he can't get on top of people and use his stacks. If you wantt my opinion, he needs a full rework.
: When the nasus and vayne nerfs coming then?
Nasus needs a rework. He is barely functional. He had 47% win rate and 1% pick rate so they needed to help him, but I think he needs more helps than a stats buff. Vayne is kind of broken. I don't get the buff. She was fine before it and had 49% win rate which is high for an "intense" champion. Q dash and invisibility every 1 second? Realy?
: Poke mage supports really need to be acknowledged as a problem by riot because the "support"rrole should be about helping your own adc, not making life hell for the enemy's. It's just not fun to go up against someone whose entire purpose is to not let you play the %%%%in game
What if you are autofilled and don't want to be a healing bot. You dodge the game?
Snowbrand (EUW)
: The best aoe ultimate combo? ft. Zyra, Amumu, Nunu, Neeko & Galio
Replace Zyra and Galio with Kennen and Malphite.
: Ban for inting when playing with friends
I need to stop coming to boards. I've already lost 30% of my IQ.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
I can only kind of "enjoy" a lost game by playing {{champion:142}} . She is so troll xD
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
: Well sometimes I see reverse Annie and think she has a permanent ult from level 1... Kappa
But Annie is like 50 times smaller than Tibbers, so...
: leaverbuster
If you have connection problems, you should not play ranked. There are others who try hard to win.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: So when is nasus gonna get Nerf?
Just make the +12 not work on large jungle monsters. He can't be a jungler because he just farms and never ganks, which is not what a jungler should look like. Nasus had 47% win rate and he is so easy to play. He needed help for sure. About ADC, yes sure we want that amazing ADC meta back. You could DPS through anything on the planet while killing sqishies with 2 autos. Fun times... ADC was busted to the point people played Janna for free ELO.
: Updating Old Skins and Other Skin Changes
The problem is that in league there are about 900 skins. With about at least 400 of them feel so outdated. Riot will never have the chance of remaking those along side with releasing new skins. I feel like the current direction is the most effective. They update the entire champion skins set with the VGU of the champion. So they can help champions that need it most (look at pre-rework Nunu)
: > [{quoted}](name=AhriInMyBed,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Eqj3ZjJf,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-17T08:48:57.363+0000) > > Last year was the beginning to a new version of skins called the Prestige Editions. This is a brilliant idea of having a player have to work for a skin that is a collectors item. > Paying 120€ is working for a skin alright.
You get every single skin by paying, so...
: The shop was also on {{summoner:14}} when the 1BE Blood Moon Capsules hit, and is still on fire. They won't remove them, and they won't compensate the community either.
Ðomla (EUW)
: Damage suggestion
The only 2 months ADC were weak, pro players and high elo played things like Swain, Velkoz, Brand, Mord and brusiers in the Bot Carry role. Global 10% debuff will not work because damage doesn't not affect all champions in the same way. If you reduce the damage of Soraka by 10% it won't matter because of all those heals. If you reduce the damage of Brand by 10% he will become so trash because he only has damage in his entire kit.
: What does counter Lux and Vel'Kroz in Bot lane?
Alistar, Leona, Pyke, Thresh, Blitz, Karma.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: By raging and flaming you're just digging your own grave
The problem is actually deeper than the game. Some people flame because they are just misrable human beings who abuse that flaming people online mostly goes unpunished. Others will flame in every game they are losing even if they are the main reason of the loss. These will not stop flaming till they realize that they are hardstuck in whatever rank because of their skill level. Not the bad jungler, not the worthless support and not the feeding ADCs.
: My opinion goes as follows. - If it makes sense, I dont care. - If it doesn´t make sense, then Im not a fan. By "makes sense" I mostly mean if the champion´s kit fits the role.
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Opinions on Off Meta (Example: Ezreal Top)
You can almost play anything top lane. The lane has the most versatility in the game. Off meta pick are fine as long as the are reasonable. You can Play Amumu support because he has tons of CC, but you can't play a champion with no poke or utility like Yi support because that's trolling, not off meta.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: How you shodu react to camping
When you flame them there is a good chance they 5-man gang bang you under your turret xD
: Maining or playing meta?
Look at all of league's 141 (soon 142) and try to find 5 or 6 champion that: - You enjoy to play. - Are Played in lane(s) you prefer to play in. - Don't do exactly the same. Don't One trick a single champion because: - The champion can be nerfed to the ground and you may not want to play a very weak champion (Azir, Gnar, Kalista) - The champion may suddenly become meta and people will pick/ban him/her so you will not be able to play your one trick for 60% of you games. - The champion can just get a rework even if he/she is statistically fine. Don't just play meta pick because: - The meta changes quickly because of buffs/nerfs and people discovering new builds and/or Rune setup (Protobelt Galio) - Meta picks can be champions you don't like or enjoy. Playing these just because there are strong is not a good idea. All in all if you can have a champion poll of 5 champions that preferably contain: - A tank. - A champion that can fill support. (unless you main support). - A champion with magic damage threat (Because full AD comps are meh...) I hope this helps and if you have any questions I'll try to help as much as I can (I'm just a Gold player, so take this with a grain of salt).
: This might not be one of the most clever responses, and it might also be a bit (a lot) childish... but I think there should be an option to punish opponents who mock you for losing lane to them. The mastery emote spamming, 'ez'-typing douches that you have done nothing wrong to except being in the same lane. I know I can mute them, but that's not the point. It's first of all stupid that they get as much honor as the rest. And to some players (yes I know I am childish, thank you) it's extremely frustrating. I can not get over the fact that there are people existing who actually enjoy shitting on people because they are winning in a game, and they never get any punishment for it. It would be so cool to see a system being developped where you can tag players for being such douches when they win. Like the honor system, but with small consequences, like losing honor or reduced BE gain. Premades might probably abuse it but I'm sure a lot ofpeople would stop being such shitheads if they know everyone will tag them. Yes I am childish.
Actually spamming "ez, izi, easy clap, …" is reportable. I don't even get te idea of mastery emotes. I've seen 100s of players with mastery 7 when I was in bronze, so this means nothing. A platinum player who plays Darius for 1st time will play him better than a mastery7 bronze Darius. I actually do have all chat and enemy emotes disabled in the settings. I'm not somone who will try to tilt the enemy when I kill him and I don't want to get distracted by the enemy, either.
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
I played in all ranks frim Bronze 5 into Gold 4. I can approve the ADC players skill scales the worst with rank. The difference between a Bronze and a Gold ADC is much smaller than with any other roles. ADC in Gold still can't farm, control the wave, they fight 1v2 when you roam, they cry if anyone else got a kill they participated in and they can't dodge skill shots. My advice is that you need to play a poke-heavy support (Lulu, Karma, Sroraka) or a mage and abuse the enemy ADC, because the support player is much more likely to dodge skill shots.
: In my experience its top players who are most toxic
Top lane players become so toxic when the enemy ganks them, because the lane is so isolated from most of the action. I can approve that. However, they don't get tilted and give up on the game as easy as ADC players, so camping bot lane is more effective, in my opinion.
Magneset (EUW)
: You shouldnt exclude players for talking trash in the chat. As i said. Words does not ruin games. Trolling and inting does. You can simply mute the insults and the problem does not exist. Its your own choice if you want to be the victim or not in that specific case. The chat is not meaningless either. Players can use it in many ways to improve their chances of winning.
I personally don't care of the chat that much, but unfortunately, most of the time other team members do. I'm tired of unwinnable games just because someone started the flaming and then others followed him. Don't you think it's an annoying way of losing games?
: KOI CARP SORAKA SKIN! - League Of Legends (Fan)
It's so nice, bro. If this becomes a real skin, I believe the Q just needs to be a little moe visible.
: Could I give you a reason to keep your opinion for yourself. I just got 4 honors for playing Kat jungle. End of topic. Don't reply, cause im out. I am not here for endless conversations with no actual purpose. If I wanted to do that, there's a chat and you can chat there. The forum isnt meant for this.
Ok, I wish you become the best katarina support EUW. Have a nice day and cya.
nJacob (EUW)
: Why do people just lie like this? How do you know they go unbanned? the ky word and racism/death sentences have ALWAYS been instantly punished, whenever I report someone for that I always get the feedback window within the next 10 minutes. Remember that using the K word, despite the contest, is an automatic 14 day ban the first time and permanent the second, so how do you know they go unpunished?
Actually I keep checking and they are still playing. I keep a list of 6 of them that I can provide, but I may be penalized because Riot is against that.
: You personally insulted me and by your logic you should get perma banned cause this offence may actually cause me mental and physical issues. I play Katarina support/jungle cause I can play her in any lane. Only reason my win rates are going down, is cause people are too close minded and refuse to teamplay with me so it ends up in a 3 team game. Me vs 4 vs 5. It's normal to die a lot in the current meta at the low elo, as champions like Kayn, Zoe and Yasou get fed way too easily and even if Im 0/0 for 20 mins I will die in less than a second against these enemies, so it's basic common sense. People who agree with me are not here. The complaining posts are pretty low in what it should be. And I'm bored. Clearly i stated that in my comment. And stated it in a few more posts in the past hour. Plus I got only ~300 games this year. I'm used to have over 2k. So you can clearly see that I dont give my very best to raise in rank, playing in Silver 4 or in Diamond 4 is literally the same as a lot of the people there are boosted or bough accounts, while Silver 4 has loads of smurfs from the actual diamond tiers. Plus rank shaming is against the rules, so you just gave a second reason by your own logic to get a perma ban.
I never used rank shaming. You are silver, which is great, because any rank of Iron or above is always great (I'm Gold BTW it's not like I'm a challenger Yasuo OTP) On a serious note, u have 981 ranked solo games this season, also according to OP.gg. People can be close minded? Sure they can. They refuse trusting you? Sometimes they may do that. But could you allow me to give you some reasons why Katarina Support is troll: 1- She has no tanking or peeling ability. 2- She has no hard CC to setup ganks or suppirt the ADC that doesn't, either. 3- She is melee and has almost no poking ability. Even a Soraka can poke harder. 4- She is a snowbally assassin. She needs resources and she needs to get ahead. The support usually has the lowest level and gold income in the entire game. So, although I'm very open minded on people playing what they feel comfortable at, some picks just don't work. The last time I had a Tahm Kench jungle and I couldn't dodge, because promo, he tried his best, but he was 2 levels behind enemy Evelynn at 15 mins. How do you jungle with a champion that can't clear camps unless it has insane ganks (Camille, Pantheon) Anyways, I'm not fighting you and I'm not forcing you to accept my opinion. I'm just giving you a genuine advice hoping that it can help you climb and remember me (some random stranger) with good, because when I was Bronze I played things like Evelynn Mid and Brand top and always wondered why I had that that 42% win rate (actually if I didn't have some players hard carry my games from time to time, I deserved a win rate of no more than 20%)
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cavalier707,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7OUZhEb8,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-01-13T16:52:20.511+0000) > > So, criminals should not be prisoned, because they will get out and do more crimes anyways? Let me give you some reasons that banning the extremely offensive players is actually effective: This is in no way comparable but lets go with it. Criminals are reformed as they sit in prison. It works for some, not for others. That is not the same thing as getting a permanent ban in League. There is no reform period. Just a sentence and straight back in. Thats a world of a difference. > 3- This helps keeping the rest of community in check. I f people know that they can flame without any kind of punishment, what would hold them back? Simply mute it. Flaming is an issue that can be resolved by the players themselves. Everyone will flame even more and the game will be even more toxic. People who go AFK typing under turret don't ruin the game? I said that players specifically ruining the game with anything but toxic chat messages should be punished.
Tou left 3 out of 4 points unanswered, so... And why do we have to exclude players who ruin games through chat? I mean, if the chat is totally meaningless, why does it exist.
: Only thing that ruins my win ration are trolls who intentionally troll me. I can hardly care for the chat, cause that doesn't affect my game at all. I lost 4 accounts for 'passive aggression', without using even one offensive word. My biggest crimes were sarcasm, irony and trying to teach a fool how to play his own champion. So I shall not agree with you and there's a lot of people who wont, only issue is that they don't waste time in the forums, but instead play the actual game. You know why they don't go to the forums? Cause they arent A) Bored B) Getting even the slightest insulted by snowflakes
I don't mean to offend you or anything and I hope You don't take this personally, but you are playing support Katarina in silver 4 with 45.7% win rate over 219 games according to OP.gg. That has nothing to do with trolls and it proved my point. I mean If I see that in my SoloQ, I dodge and take that 3 LP penalty gladly. Maybe you are just trolling yourself by not looking at your own mistakes (you average 12 deaths per game) and instead you try to "teach a fool how to play his own champion". People who agree with you are always here. If not, where do all these complaining posts come from? If only people who are "Bored or Getting even the slightest insulted by snowflakes", then what are you doing here?
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Truth is, the moment you feel like you're in "elo hell", your winrates drop to around 50% and you start blaming the team it means you reached your personal skill ceiling and unless you try to improve, you ain't going higher. Bad teams can delay you in your climb, or even set you back but they can't keep you on lower elo than your skill level the whole season. There's a reason some people become challenger and some others remain stuck in bronze, silver, gold, plat etc. You can always improve. Even as a Master's player, you can improve if you want. We can't all be Fakers and Uzis but we can try to be better. Don't tell me that Faker is gonna get hardstuck in any elo if he was given a new account so this whole "bad team" is an excuse
Although this is not the main point of the thread, I totally agree and that's what I've said. When you are stuck, you need to realize that you need to improve. Sitting and blaming bad teams will never help.
Magneset (EUW)
: Toxic player should not be banned. It solves nothing anyway? I have been playing this game for an eternity, and the toxic situation is neither better or worse. CS:GO is in my opinion doing the right thing. Only banning for people who actually ruin the game. Words does not ruin a game. They make the claim that its better to get rid of them. What does that matter if they can just make or buy a new account and get right back into it? Its pointless. Stop spending time and resources on it.
So, criminals should not be prisoned, because they will get out and do more crimes anyways? Let me give you some reasons that banning the extremely offensive players is actually effective: 1- Some of them just leave the game after getting a perma. 2- Some of them reform for not losing their next account as well. 3- This helps keeping the rest of community in check. I f people know that they can flame without any kind of punishment, what would hold them back? Everyone will flame even more and the game will be even more toxic. People who go AFK typing under turret don't ruin the game? Yes you can make a new account but you lost all the purchased/owned, champions, skins and you have to rank up again from level one. It's like your lost years spend in the prison.
: I agree that people should be banned for toxic behavior. But, only if their current location is in England, cause that's the only place you can go to jail for saying naughty words. Otherwise "toxic" behavior shouldn't cause perma ban unless it gets to a point of being illegal. Which includes, saying that you will murder someone, rape claims, pedophilia, sharing someone's personal information, promoting 3rd party software or gambling or drugs or alcohol. Calling someone a naughty word, being sarcastic, ironic or the so called 'passive aggression', should be totally pardoned from perma punishments. Even using the "N" word and not the "racist" one, in Germany should be ban worthy as it is illegal in Germany, using the "N" word, so called "racist" word, cause Europe clearly forgot their own history... should be ban worth only in the UK and I'm unsure about France, as people like eastern europe who were actual slaves are still using it as normal term for "black people" as we dont actually say "black people" instead we refer to them by actual name of the race. So I don't know what mentally you lot have, but Europe isn't only the UK/FR or GR, neither is Russia, USA or China the whole world. People should actually wake up from this propaganda way of view and notice that there's more than their backyard and their poor feelings. Having the same rules for whole Europe was, is and will be stupid as Europe is made from a lot of cultures, which have different expression, way of thinking and laws. Just because the top 3 don't see it doesn't mean it's not true. Glad we had this conversation. Hopefully I wont get called the naughty German N word now, cause I have a different opinion than everyone else :)))
Have you ever seen someone getting perma banned because of "passive offence"? I have never seen that. And whatever is the reason someone got berma, I think that we can agree they got warned many times through incremented punishments, right? Anyway, using "legal offence" like "you are so bad", "this guy must be boosted", "why don't you just delete lol and go play Mario",.... only decreases your (and your team mates) chance of winning the game for all the reasons mentioned above. It's like soft inting when you fight 1v3 when you know you will die. It's "legal" that you take fights and no one can prove you are inting. Shouldn't that be punished?
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Why some people choose to disrespect their enemies? They are humans too with souls same as everyone. It's kinda strange to hate an enemy because some algorithm put you against each other and start verbally harassing them (I have seen both. Better skilled flame low skilled and vice) just because they lained against you. That's not being competitive. That's being toxic.
Exactly. I didn't go through this maybe because I frequently forget that the all chat exists. I have it turned off in settings and I believe it should not even exist. I know that every 500 gqmes someone on the enemy team can say something nice, but mostly people use it to either tilt the enemy or to ask the enemy team to report someone. That's just my opinion, tho.
: How to balance Conqueror
My genuine opinion about how to balance it: 1- Remove the bonus AD because it helps bursting squishies while the keystone should be anti tank. 2- Change it from activating after 4 seconds in combat to activating 1.5 seconds after damaging an enemy champion like lethal tempo. 3- Change true damage conversion from 20% to 10-30% scaling with enemy armor and MR (reaching max value at 250 Armor and 150 MR) so, again, less effective vs fragile champions and more effective against champions that only stack resistances. This will make only optimal vs tanks. Now many champion just take it because it's so strong.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: I am with you on that. I actually feel not to bad in my elo as ADC. sometimes I lose hard, most of the time I win, and sometimes I win hard. In lane that is, than in game I get to 3 items most of the time. I even get next to full build it feels, in close to every game. I am supper strong. I kill kill kill. But for some reason I cannot win a surprisingly big chunk of these games. I am not sure if it is actually due to low agency as ADC or due to my inability to carry, or maybe just my pick (I believe Kai'sa is super strong but not a good carry more like an assassin. You do your job but you need somebody else to finish the game) Right now I consider switch back to my main jinx, with her i never had such games. ADC are kinda strong still, when you manage to survive. But they also are a very easy to shutdown target. I am on the edge on this. I am not sure the changes Riot plan will help. I feel strong, I just feel to easy to shut down. But when they cannot shut me down anymore. I will take over every game at 25 minutes again, and nobody wants that I guess. So... hm I am very afraid changes in the current meta will break something. But well that not the point of this post. So I will keep my thought for a better suiting discussion.
Well, there is a reason why people started playing mages support (velkoz, brand) or even top (viktor, lissandra). Like ADC, mages are not weak. They can carry team fights so well, but assassins are simply so good with 1 item and still stronger with 2 items. Sure I get 3 items and I can do so much in team fights, but will your team be still in the game by then? The new changes to turrets helped a bit and I'm sure the buffs to defensive shards will balance things out.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: With flame i meant this >So, frequently, some players who got punished come up with some low effort threads that usually have the same points I was just hinting at you pointing that it most of the time are posts people spend very little time and thought on. The spelling thing I just pointed out because I like your post very much. And it is a shame that it comes across as a low effort post since there are many typos you didn't bother to correct. I mean you even abbreviated "you". Thats low effort mate. Show some selfrespect :-) But none the less I like your post you are right on everything. For your observation. Thats interessting. I am main ADC and yeah usually I go tilt when a game goes not my way, but not because I am so easy to trigger, just when the mid lane comes the 3rd time and your mid neither follows nor takes turret the game basically already went south, and with so many mages and assassins and other glascanons in game the game is over for you as an ADC at that point. So I actually wonder, because when I stop my enemies, they get flamed alot, so their own team tiggers them. Eventhough an ADC these days has little impact when everything can oneshot you. As I said I wonder, is it the tilt that loses the game, or are they tiltet because the game is lost and there is nothing an ADC can do about it. Just a thgought I had. Recently I los 3 games with these stats 20/3 Kai'sa 13/5 Kai'sa and 20/7 Kai'sa, thats why I have a hard time to believe the ADC tilt works so well, I cannot really claim to have impact on my games. But I know for sure, it was either top or mid in all these games that won and lost the games. Somebody farmed, got fed and the ADC can do nothing about it. He either 1v4 the rest of the enemies while your team dies to the fed player or you kill te fed player while your team loses the 4v4. -.- You get no say in winning or losing. And than they steal your penta... Thats what tilts me :D So in short. Just wondering what it actually is, the ADC tilt our your feast on them that gets you to carry.
Oh, I got what u mean , but as u said this takes so long to write xD maybe I will do my best to fix the errors. I think the ADC role is balanced but games end quickly and that's why assassins have more agency. I don't like playing assassins that much as I prefer mages, but sometimes u gotta get some free LP xD Edit: I fixed most of the typos (at least I believe) and there were so many actually. Thanks for helping me out.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: I like that post. Since you flamed the low effort posts in the beginning I would advise you to proofread this post again a little to many spelling errors I'd say, makes it look less efforty than it actually is, and I know it takes while to write these. Also, maybe include to point 2, it actually has become a legit strat to make your enemies flame each other. I won games this way. Find the trigger, pull it and they break apart. Thats how bad flaming is. It literally loses games and wins them if you know how to abuse this OP stat.
I didn't flame them being "low effort" because os spelling mistakes, but because they r always the same. There is nothing new every time I see one of those. I respect anyone who tries to post in English when it's not their 1st language and typos do happen. About the strat, I noticed that most of my lost games have a tilted ADC player who flames the support and maybe even goes AFK. I swapped from top lane to mid and started abusing enemy bot lane and it actually works because ADC players r the easiest to get tilted. The strat, for me, doesn't involve typing a single word in chat. They just see a Talon or a Fizz coming and they r already tilted.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: You can always duo with me, I can ban Garen everytime we play. Just stop playing for a week that is all you need to do
On a serious note, I agree with ur thread. Ironically, I ban Garen almost every game XD
Rawag (EUNE)
: The amount of games I lost because of one toxic player starting the war is uncountable. I believe that if Riot removes the very toxic 3% or 4% of the players entirely, no one will actually miss them and others will take care more of what they type.
Probably. I've seen many players who r racist, wished someone else will lose his family, uses sexual hating terms or even used the "K word" go unbanned and keep playing. It's joke when this type of players go unbanned of get that useless chat restriction.
Rioter Comments
: People still think winrate means how strong a champion is....
When the champion has no mechanics or complex combos and is still below 50% win rate, this means something.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Irelia is a second book of RIOT many %%%% ups , but camile and kled ? By the time camile can land her 2nd Q she is possibly DEAD , with Kled u always have to work with his kit unlike Nasus that just walk and spams q none stop , on top of that his W never been touched for a nerf and I dont understand why ? along that he has aoe Armor reduction circle to do even more dmg .
Considering that Camille only build steraks for defensive stats (no titanic or black cleaver", she kind of tanks a lot. Kled has a possibility of a double dash. I'd take that any day over the slow. Nasus armor reduction is a joke, because he is not a tank killer type of champion. I feel like he needs a rework he is so basic.
: All Seasons Zyra
I really do like this brilliant idea. I'm only afraid that some ADC players who cannot dodge a single skill shot will make those "U LEAVE ZYRA BUSTED BECAUSE SHE IS GETTING A NEW SKIN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" threads and come on us. Oh,... I forgot the "Ivern deserved this skin more" thread by someone who doesn't even know what Ivern abilities do. Anyways, if this becomes true, take my money I'm getting that.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Garen needs your help for Justice about 1BE-Capsule scandal
What if I hate Garen and wish he is removed from the game?
: Nope. People should be banned for toxicity. The game makes us all mad. You are not different. And if you can't keep your mouth shut and start insulting teammates, making the game even worse for them, you should get banned. Temporary ban doesn't work, because those players return, might be behaving normal for a while, and then go back to toxicity and ruining the game for everyone. Also, the rules aren't as strict. I have friends that flame occassionally, get reported, and never got banned. But they don't do it as often. I can't imagine how bad you should be to get perma ban. As for the chat restrictions, as someone said, it doesn't work. I've had people like that, they would play normal, then someone would screw up, they start pinging him and going to lane with him to feed his enemy. They just find another ways to ruin the game.
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