: people apply too much value on their ranks
Lulz, I can get as r3tardedly bad as I possibly and impossibly can at this bat sh!t game, I'll still be at least top 10% of the server at the end.
: Are there some people who just can't get better at this game?
I just wanna quit my job and get a part time so I can fkin play again, had to int my provisionals and go lowest possible just cuz I don't have time to play so I don't wanna play anywhere near plat these days.
: Sexism in Video Games are still real
> Instead the harassment ended up being "Oh you must be a girl gamer being a Support Main" >_< >No. Just. No. >Please stop this stupid sexist assumptions. Hah! You must be JUST THAT bad at the game if this actually got to you blahahahah 3:)
: What am I supposed to do when my teammates do this?
> People say if you are good enough you can carry every game. That's r3tarded dude. You don't have to carry every game you have to win more then you're loosing. Somewhere along the path it'll get beat into you that getting mad over individual games isn't worth it. And if it doesn't, welp; I feel sorry for your brain cells.
: Why isn't gg easy an instaban yet?
It's almost as if you want to get back at them for winning ahah xD
: Bot lane was 3/6 and kept feeding and flaming the 2 of us that were trying. I'd like to see you in my spot. Besides, I didn't flame elise in all chat, meaning it was unharmful
> I'd like to see you in my spot. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} b!tch please.
: What would you do in this situation?
> YOU Can you spell variety? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: What the FU are you suppose to do against master yi late game?
My brother is of the same mentality as you lol, he plays troll supports all day in plat so I'm like duh!~ ofc, what's Kled support gonna do to keep anyone alive other then himself rofl.
Haze97 (EUW)
: I'm glad Riot does not listen to the boards.
It doesn't matter what Riot does xD they always fk up ahah xD
: people usually only notice when premade is bad. When they are decent nobody will care, notice or remember them. Selective memory is very obvious here.
FearFactor (EUNE)
: Unskilled Players
That thing was just a placebo lol. Was only there to make ppl feel better for reporting dummies ahah.
Avalia (EUW)
: Why do you guys buy RP and Skins in LOL
Well, it'd have to be aesthetics and supporting Riot but since I didn't really like what Riot is doing since a real long time now, it's mostly aesthetics. But don't worry, I didn't forget about the other bit, I'm making sure they don't get much outta me. Maybe just a skin or two on the revel shops.
: When do YOU report your teammates for flaming?
I don't report all that much and even when I do I couldn't care less what exactly each pleb said, the way I'm considering it is based on how constructive the supposed flame was, so like, if they were flaming but it was plenty constructive and it maybe even helped us get on the same page or get things done then I couldn't care less regardless of what words were used, but on the other side if it's empty, needless criticism that has nothing constructive about it (and especially in a spam way) then yeah, I'll want to do more then just report the pleb and it's usually when I mainly use the mute function before it's too late lol. And by that I mean I'll report them for whatever and just hope they actually did something lol as in, they can avoid using bad words which they mostly do btw and still be a %%%%%.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is Ranked not separated into just Solo and just Flex?
I personally wish it was that way but Rito thinks otherwise. They'd fkin' remove solo Q and make it so each game would be a Clash sort of thing if not for the community backlash lol.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: This is how i feel. Doesn't matter if you're woman, man, dog, or an attack helicopter. Everyone should be treated according to their worth and if someone is diamond / gold they shouldnt be considering pro play. Doesn't matter if they're women. This whole thing about "all women team patched together from random diamonds girl power" is ridiculous. If Riot wants to promote that women play league too then a woman who is actually good and at pro level should impress with her skills like faker. All female leaders throught history earned their respect and it was not handed to them. Imagine Joan of Arc, Boudicca etc be like: Ok so we need a new leader but we never had women leaders, lets appoint some random girl to lead. No. ** If a woman was actually good and she was ridiculed just for the sake of it even though her play was impressive then yes that would be sexism but this random girl team isnt really helping. Just reinforces the belief that women are just bad at league and any serious play is just laughable**
Rofl, men are turning women these days just to show women that they can do everything better then them including being women.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: The saying its a "man's world" P*rn is made for men. Women have to be appealing on TV for men. Men have most positions of power. The fact that women have differential treatment is a decision men make too. The useless ingame but big tiddy streamers exist because there's men who donate them. Guess who has that privilage to donate? Men. Why women get all those easy jobs like secretary and stuff? Men again. So dont tell me this bs. Start judging people by their worth and not their gender if you want "equality" then
Ty for the lols, just woke up, it's nice having quality entertainment 1st thing after waking up, kek
: > [{quoted}](name=Ashe mage AD,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ezEYtJs7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-05T19:22:13.552+0000) > > It's only bad cuz the switch was made just recently, skip a few months and you'll have a ton of shards stocked up for that purpose and you won't have to spent any BE. And nothing changed :D
And where's your approach and wisdom (reads as knowing how to use knowledge) in this equation? Let me guess. You get a shard, you disenchant it instantly and that's that.
RaulSky (EUNE)
: Why is Rammus getting slower?
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Kayle Support Ardent Cancer + Athenes
I like the sound of that, imo the old one was suboptimal due to the high mana costs for a support above all else, only lame enemies would let me get away with it early in lane like for real.
Kian987 (EUW)
: I play sup so aftershock is the best I can get. When I was playing him top grasp was a nightmare to proc... I mean I can't stand 4 seconds of trades against in-meta champions like Yorick that can melt me over and over again.
I can play around his bs spawns but they always make me lose cs for it. Took me the most to learn out of all match ups I'll admit tho.
: New Kayle coming out, same old trolls
I've a plan. I'll keep an eye out for when the game finally starts to die the fk out, then finally these mofos will keep it up for a bit longer in a more stable state with lower updates frequency, then I'll play my heart out until then fk ya'all rly.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)
> Keystone mastery not found. Grasp, you infidel. I don't agree with half the things you've put here but whatever, I do agree with the essence of the post just not in the light you put it, I just want the last Q nerf to be reverted and he's viable to me all day any day.
heηcha (EUNE)
: Cait is probably the hardest adc to master in the game, she has an insane ammount of animation cancels and needs to perfect trading patterns in lane
> [{quoted}](name=1l1l1l1l1l1l,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6Bp9fxQk,comment-id=0002000100030000,timestamp=2019-01-26T13:29:19.220+0000) > > Cait is probably the hardest adc to master in the game, she has an insane ammount of animation cancels and needs to perfect trading patterns in lane Let's say I agree, but then there's Vayne where you need to keep focus on a single Target in teamfights or you ruin your DMG with that kinda range she like lol.
Zetenji (EUW)
: No wonder this game doesnt has any new players. Better to avoid this game. It's not a good feeling to get crushed game for game, just cause you play vs. the wrong enemys. I never had a good experience with this game since that week.
Bruh, I played like a 1000 games of Coop vs Ai before playing normals and I'm not even joking and when I did finally play ranked I got Plat from 1st season of me doing so, never climbed past it either but yeah. Only reason I ended as gold 1 last season was cuz I deranked from inactivity and couldn't care less about plat borders and whatnot.
Player47 (EUW)
: How is this game not an S?
It means you're bat shit compared to the rest of the Irelia support players. You compete with the rest of the server for those grades.
Rioter Comments
Shamose (EUW)
: They are designing a champion based on me browsing for zoe r34?
More like.. let's say 10% of the player base searched for lizard/ chameleon girl r34 this year, have some {{champion:518}} . Stuff like that.
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
Well, just as long Tencent doesn't mine data through the LoL client but even then not sure if I give a fk. But like; assuming they do, what if they use it to design champs for example? That would explain a few things.. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Why are Crit Adc's so bad
You drunk or something. You gonna get blown up anyway, you might as well go full crit so imo crit adc is the only adc regardless.
: Team voice chat would make this game so much better
As long it has opt in it should be ok tbh, and 'fears' about sexism are r3tarded af also because your answer then is simply hiding away under the anonymity of the internet plus your stance by default is then that girls are some top tier weaklings that can't fend for themselves like gtfo they can and they will.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:555}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:141}}
BitsNeck (EUNE)
: The best top laner
What made MaRin so good was he'd play with this build on like 4 champs {{item:3074}} {{item:3068}} and never miss a cs on top of having real solid everything on top of it.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: Gives us compensation days for the snowdown 2018 pass!
Rofl xD you think we're NA or something? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Just forget it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Sunwise (EUNE)
: saying "It is just a Game" or "It is just ARAM" or "It is just Normal"
No, fu; I like ranked cuz everyone goes try hard compared to the other queues but despite that it's still just a game. And if it's just a normal you can bet your ass I'll play only troll picks regardless of what you think.
Rynor (EUW)
: Riot Games Employees Behaviors
When will they suspend the balance team?
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
Bunch of r3tards. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Fendokil (EUW)
: Can we stop giving riot shit?
They refuse to nerf dmg, no wait, even before that, they refuse to even acknowledge dmg is a problem, therefore; let them burn in agonizing "memes".
: Riot lately
> I thought we were promised diversity and original content . Miss me with the diversity shit, they gave Fiora a gay haircut merely to add some diversity in the game. And they want more females working at Riot, pfft. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: > Tyler1 reformed. He isn't doing those things anymore Ermmm, when you are a killer or a pedphile in real life you don't stop being one by stoping doing these horrible things. You can be reformed after penalty but you never be stopped treated like one. Tyler1 was moking for years the whole penalty system Rito created by multiaccounting and when he is "reformed" he should be brought as an example on international stage? Does Rito wants to say: you can be toxic and racist for years and for a long time spoil other games but then you reform we will show you as a prime exapmle of being refomed? Do you think Riot would redeem him if he wasnt so popular and bring audience (and thus the money) with him? Do you think Riot would do the same for Average Joe? No, they would perma ban the account of unknown guy and think twice about it. By inviting Tyler Riot showed that you can do what you want as long as a you are popular. For some constant, bad behaviour (aka: notority) there should be no redeem! Known pedophiles are not allowed to have contact with children, killers are not allowed to posses weapons. Why is it diffrent here? And on a side note - is he really so reformed as you claim? Even now while he was comenting the games he was spiting lines like "get out of here LOOSER" when one player killed other one (as far as I remember this killed player was Caps. Calling Caps a looser???) And nope it didin't seemed like joke. > Had 400k views on his league of legends comeback stream, his funny duo streams with Greek, one of the best Draven players in the game, the shortest man on earth, the person who against all expectations reformed and is now helping the game by testing voice chat, participating in RIOT events etc. Come on, you seriously want to complement this person? He is overly agrresive, abusing, spitfire dude. How does this puts other content creators, streamers, influncers who were not total shitbags for years? There are normal people supporting LoL and they should be cherished. > Riot is the most hypocritical pathetic company in the history of online gaming, when it comes to following their own guidelines for the game, it's literally like watching children trying to run a company with no adult supervision! That's right. And the only reason why that is, can be described with 2 words: financial profit. I'm asking again - does Rito wants to show us that you can be toxic for years and be completly perdoned for it because you "changed"? What sort of example this gives for other players: "hey I can troll, because in a long term I will be pardoned evenualy?" "I can troll as long as I'm popular because then I will reform and be even rewarded for this (in the meaning invited to big international event)". No matter the publicity, good or bad as long there is publicity, right Riot? To all of this I say: NO. There should be a limit to forgivness. There should be a limit to showing as an example of "getting better" with person who was so notorious. I don't want to assosiate with game which supports this kind of persons. This kind of person is antithesis of what a player should be.
> Ermmm, when you are a killer or a pedphile in real life you don't stop being one by stoping doing these horrible things. You can be reformed after penalty but you never be stopped treated like one. WELL~ just for the sake of it religion plays this same trick as well. Moses for example killed a slave guard, Muhammad (if it even counts for most of you) was a warlord among other things, so were David and Abraham (these should count unless you're atheist). Jesus was pretty much a king, he may have not killed anyone with his own hands but I'm pretty sure people were being stoned to death in his name by his followers (for refusing to accept him as messiah). In Islam for example you can be a fkin genocider, as long you repent / become a muslim essentially (and not do it anymore) you're good to go.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: So yes, believe it or not, Toxic culture on top, so as in game, game structure becomes structured to reflect what mentallity is on head quarters and there you go, we have toxic and abusive environment in game :D Absolute mistake having 80% hard core gamer men and a fraction of 20% women in. Because men are %%%%inn idiots.
What a tard, you go ahead and hire 80% women, all they'll do is giggle for days and no one does any work done rofl. Plus the game would then become the League of Yaoi instead.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Current And Former Employees Sue Riot Games For Gender Discrimination
> regularly turned down female applicants for not fitting the company’s image of “core gamers,” (from OP's source) This shit's r3tarded af. Idc if you're a girl, if you're not enough of a gamer to work at Riot that's that lol. Gtfo. > While 48% of women in the United States report having played a video game, only 6% identify as gamers, compared to 15% of men who identify as gamers. (google) So by that the 6% women figure + the 15% male figure = 100% of gamers. Roughly let's say 75% of the total are male. (for US alone and outside of just League but still) > The 2,500-employee games company, which is 80% male. (OP's source) So really, just gtfo, if women want 'equal rights' in that company better start playing some LoL or just stfu already. If anything they deserve a 5% increase at max.
: Game unplayable due to settings bug
Each time i tell you plebs to use 'Read only' on your settings files you're like 'muh volume' as if windows didn't allow you to set volume separately for each individual thing you got open.
Smerk (EUW)
: There is automated system in place already, so it's not nothing to begin with. And your suggestion will not make it better, because it requires too much human resources, while not improving results that much and also increasing amount of false positives. > check contested results So basically any report that was made against someone who has more than 0 deaths and less than 20? Because there aren't that many cases where it's easy to tell what is going on
Dude just get real, anyone misusing the tribunal would get banned from using it thus loosing the chance to gain that extra BE and Riot would only need enough staff to check the contested cases this way as well. Edit: and yes, you could say anyone would contest but after the dust would settle most of the work done would be legit since the people misusing the tribunal and people properly using the tribunal would've been segregated. Edit 2: add in mandatory honor lvl 5 (above 3 ?) just for good measure.
Smerk (EUW)
: Ok, let me explain why it won't work. 12 seconds per death, 10+ deaths per game. that's 2 minutes per game. Then get one million of games played every day. At least in out of 5 games you'll get a report for intentional feeding, people feed every game, intentional or not, so you should expect tons of reports. That's a total of 200 thousand reports daily. 400 thousand minutes of replays or 6.7 thousand hours or 278 days worth of replays. It actually doesn't look as bad as I imagined, but you have to remember that I was overly generous with my numbers, in reality you'll get more daily matches with more reports and more deaths, so you can easily multiply final number by 2, 5 or even 10 or 50, depending on how pessimistic you are. Now with my first number you'll need just 10 thousand people to review those games in reasonable time(<1 hours spent on reviews daily per person). But do you really think that you will find 10k people that will be willing to spend 1 hour every day to watch people die in game? It's more likely that you'll need 100k that will be willing to spend 10 minutes. Also you have to keep in mind that most of those reports will be false ones, so those people also have to be objective and really watch and think and not just press punish. Now read what I said here and think hard. Is tribunal really a solution or even a step in right direction?
For like the 10th time, something it's better then nothing. Also Riot wouldn't need as much staff for it, they just need people to check contested results the rest of the process could be automated with the risk of locking innocent ppl out of their accounts temporarily every once in a while if that's even acceptable for them.
Shamose (EUW)
: I get that the system for trolls/feeders needs improvements. But why would bringing back a slow acting system work in these cases?
> But why would bringing back a slow acting system work in these cases? Because as slow as it'd be we got nothing right now for starters. Riot be like : that thing's too slow, bettah do nothing. Like fk off.
Smerk (EUW)
: System is pretty ineffective against trolls, I can agree with that, but then you're not really providing a solution. Tribunal is slow and has too high error rate. Current system has too high error rate as well, but at least it's wrong on the forgiving side(letting guilty players free) and not on punishing side(condemning innocents) like Tribunal
How hard can it be to code a replay that goes over all death markers of a player for like 12 seconds per death? Just give us those to look at along with a full chat log and stop making excuses.
Rioter Comments
: Reporting System needs improvement
https://www.change.org/p/riot-games-bring-the-tribunal-back-in-league-of-legends/share_for_starters?just_created=true There you go. Now spread the word.
: Why riot let trolls troll?
They simply lack reliable detection tools for it, which also aren't too expensive and whatnot. Hiring an army of support employees to sort related tickets out is not what you're looking to do if you're Riot. But you know, between not taking action even when players go out of their way to send proof of such cases and also refusing to bring the tribunal back.. yeah.. they could definitely do more about it then what they're currently doing which is just about nothing.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Why does rank matter in interactions with players?
As long as the subject of the discussion is game related the rank is in fact a pretty good reflection of your understanding of the game. I mean, aside from the fact that people are assholes.
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