: Her ultimate should work like a ultimate from Death Prophet from Dota 2.
Hi! I checked your idea, it would be really cool! :D just wondering if it would be too easy to use?
: Pls extrapolate this to more than just a general idea. Anyways, as we are talking about the LoL word of Runeterra, it should be about other creatures than regular bees. And there already are three Creepomancers (Yorick, Malzahar, Elise to some extent).
ty for your comment :) I will leave this into an general idea on purpose, I would like that anyone can be inspired by this and develop the character the way he or she wants. And I can't see why she couldn't be an ordinary bee queen :D
amexG (EUNE)
: wtf
why this has more views and comments than my effort made champion concept XD
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: I love the idea ! I image Riot could even make her dress change color like they did with Arcade {{champion:103}}'s tails. That would look awesome in my opinion. >How do I send this picture to Riot? I guess your best chances are visiting the NA Boads ?! They do all the art stuff over there, so maybe you'll inspire some of the artists :) Good luck !
ooh, the color-changing dress would be so cool! :O And thanks for the advice I'll try that! :)
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