: Support main looking for a name change
THANK YOU ALL! Sorry for not responding but damn, all those ideas are great, when i have enough BE, i'll surely use one ^^
: Supsona (kinda like fursona) [name of your fave supp] bot (probably already taken but worth the try if you like the idea) SupportLivesMatter Failure Farmer (I mean, you're not gonna farm) Ward machine I dunno dude. These are all pretty lame. I'm terrible at coming up with original ideas. Gotta say I love my name. My boyfriend came up with it as a joke. It has the word healer, and there's this Finnish children show Hilarius Hiiri. Now all my fellow Finns spot me, and people know I main supp.
Those are pretty spicy ones, thanks a lot ^^ Also yeah, your name is really cool :D
: KS=Kill Secured (as supps are usually blamed anytime they somehow end up with a kill)
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