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: You're saying it like there's 0% chance of winning that game.
There are games where you have a very low chance of winning, and it's generally a good idea to take the -3LP and wait 6 minutes than to try to fighting an uphill battle to win the game.
: It increases for subsequent dodges, as mentioned already. The timer also increases with each dodge within a certain time period. Your first dodge will be 5 minutes, then 20 etc. So there's plenty of things in place to discourage it. Whilst I get that it sucks, handing our harsher punishments from the get go isn't really fair to those who may have simply just disconnected, or whatever other reason pulled them away from the client before a game. >people should lose 6-10 LP for intentionally dodging, as it just brakes game for others. The client can't tell the difference between me Alt+f4ing or just turning off my computer. Or unplugging the router. Or various other methods.
The first dodge is 6 minutes and 3 LP, and all the dodges after that will be 30 minutes and 10 LP. And the penalty resets like 16 hours after the dodge.


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