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: Positive posts thread!
We don't do that here
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: Yeah on an adc it’s not that useful... but frankly you’ve only lost 5% of the threshold, vs an adc with 1300 health that’s only 65 extra health... doesn’t make much of a difference does it. The execute is more for bruisers and such... remember pantheon is a top laner he’s designed to be able to scrap with heavy weight champions... so a 20% health threshold execute on 1300 health is nothing, on a champion with 3000 health is a hell of a lot more.
He is more of an assassin than a bruiser though with his huge cooldowns, also he has no other reliable source of damage but his q.
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: Chest
You can only earn a single chest per Champion every season, meaning in the next season every champion resets and you can earn one more chest from them.
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Blaillary (EUNE)
: Is there any possible way i can get unbanned ?
Only if you're a popular streamer, you don't even have to reform then.
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: why the new chat feature is unhealthy for league.
If we can't have voice chat might aswell just not have chat at all, we've never gotten a decent update before, finally something useful will be added.
: Hey, anyone willing to help me?
just quit the game man, this game is not built for competition
: Unpopular Opinion
Yea nothing that makes the game "unplayable" per se but when you loose a lane with a 3 0 2 stat because you died to a certain champion because of a bug thus making that champ unkillable with a shitton of dmg while you have built defensive items specifically against him then the ONLY logical thing is to get frustrated.
: OK man I actually took my time and watched your last game on Aatrox. I suggest that you watch it yourself. Here are some points to consider: 1. At 5 minutes into the game, you're the ONLY player in your team who did not place a single ward. Everyone placed a ward, Pyke even placed two. You did not place a single one. And you push it all the way into his turret. What a surprise, enemy Sejuani comes! 2. Urgot misplayed, so you killed him. Instead of shoving the wave and backing, you decide to solo dive Sejuani, you get killed, Urgot gets all the minions, gold and CS. He is NOT punished in any way for taking Ignite instead of TP, thanks to YOU and YOU alone. 3. Having several kills, having both level AND item advantage, you manage to lose a 1v1 fight versus Urgot, getting solo killed. Embarrassing, to say the least. You disconnect immediately, showing extremely bad attitude. 4. You reconnect just to straight up intentionally feed Urgot a couple of times, and then you go AFK. Urgot ends up carrying the enemy team. 5. Your teammates actually won their lanes (bot and mid), but 4v5 was too hard, so they lost. IMHO, this is 100% permanent ban material. And you're the one complaining about League? Competitiveness and stuff? Dude YOU are the problem here. Just embrace it. Your life is bad not because of league, but because of this crybaby attitude that is clearly present in everything you do. Grow up already.
That was the game I realized that I didn't need the whole bullshittery of the game, so I quit. I don't really care about what you call "mistakes" since I had no control over the outcomes because of outside factors like internet connection. Also I'm not the one crying, you are because... because I'm quitting competitive? What even is your reasoning behind the bile you wrote? League makes you more toxic the more you play it. I realized that.
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: guess what. when i have a teemo top pantheon jungle. yasuo adc and blitzcrank support i often dodge too because i dont see me winning that game against a Kennen top jarvan jungle, vel koz mid, vayne adc and braum support. i see me losing that game. and instead of me losing a game and lose 19 lp and 30 minutes of my time. id rather just dodge, lose 3 lp and 5 minutes. the dodge system is great and it really just counters the act of people trolling or just having a guarenteed loss. i dont think you even deserve diamond if you honestly think the dodge system sucks.
So you don't think I deserve diamond because I didn't dodge those "unwinnable" games and won? Do you even read the bile you write?
: > [{quoted}](name=Atlas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L0NEbROV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-26T20:43:37.164+0000) > > Sorry forgot that in silver people tend to troll you told me there, finally you accomplished something good!
That includes you, edge boy.
: heard of this ? - you banned my champion ? I troll - I don't care I don't play support! I troll - you took that champ as mid or top ? I troll - hahah no ap in the team! I troll - no tanks! I troll I don't doge, and I knwo is annoying, I get pissed of also of last second doges, but for people that get annoyed by that behavior (I used to get annoyed to, but in 9+ years of league I got imune), let them doge! Premades chatting like this ! asdfsdaf sdafasdfasdf asdfasdfasdf asdfasdf ? jasndjaskn asjkd asdasklfmnasd lfkasd ? asdfasdfjkl nasdf :) asjdfnjsdf :) osb sdfsdaf ? sda asdfasdfsdn wejifnwef we? haa hasdfbh sadf ! let people that knwo it will be feed fest + spamming in that language bot doge!
Sorry forgot that in silver people tend to troll
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: Some champs are really strong sure, but they get patched and others take over, thats why we have a meta, some champs are strong but one day will be weak and visa versa, honestly i think they do that on purpose to keep the game feel fresh. Either way, try actually playing the champion, you're either right, they're broken and you win and get to challenger/master. Or you realise they have drawbacks and weaknesses and you now know how to play against them. Win win. Player behaviour is the same in all competetive environments, people are toxic. Difference being you gotta work as a team and it's super difficult to carry as a solo player, so you actually have to play as a team. But people are more inclined to flame others rather than look at their own mistakes, kinda like how you mentioned in your own post about others playing bad etc despite you winning lane, it's all the same, and the only thing you can change is yourself
The thing about those op champions is that they require a team that actually plays around them. If I try to play those champions I might do well, but its ultimately decided by luck. For example if I pick a late game champion then my team gets absolutely obliterated and the game doesn't last more than 20 minutes. You basically gave me the standard "git gud" speech. If I had the motivation to climb I would just pick up an OP- excuse me, META champion and try my hardest. The point I was trying to get through your thick skull is that a single player doesn't have enough control over the game's outcome. The game is not enjoyable at all. I don't even mind players that are not performing well, but I do mind things that are clear flaws in the game and should be fixed, like minion agro and pathing.
: Being an Esports player means you have to be the absolute fu**ing best of the best. So not climbing through diamond comes with the territory of it. It's not that the game has bad design, it's just you've peaked. Blaming anything besides your own ability is the main reason you aren't climbing, sure there are faults etc but let's be honest, if you played as well as you say you did CONSISTENTLY then you would climb or get scouted by pro's. You have the same attitude as every other silver/bronze player that comes on here and complains about "im good but i cant climb because of x reason", only difference is you're diamond, but you're still not good enough to get higher than that unless you keep working to be a better player. And how did racism come into it? XD was this just a rant post or?
I'm well aware that I'm not that good, my point was that the game is not enjoyable due to many design flaws, bugs, player behavior and Riot's laziness. I got a bit off-topic at the end there but the boards is still part of league.
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: Are you capable of thinking logically??? If what you described was true you should easily climb now - what's the point???
I know I can easily climb, I just don't have the motivation because Riot deleted my progress without any reason. The point of the whole mass demotion was to get worse players out of their "undeserved" ranks because the MMR gain was too much supposedly. Yet I earned less LP and lost more because my MMR was already lower than my rank (D4) somehow. After the reset my MMR got increased thus me getting more LP but demoting me from my well earned rank.
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: Don't reach diamond
Ah thanks for the advice, I'll just skip Diamond and go straight for Masters!
Eambo (EUW)
: Fixed ^^
When I took someone's Summoner Name the Pentakill icon stayed, its not a big problem but if you could fix it I'd appriciate it.
: >you should not take them seriously and just convert the word into something else more nice That's not how triggers work - and no I'm not meme statusing the word trigger here either, that's a whole different thing. For example, I have a few triggers myself from some rather traumatic past experiences. When they happen I either: A. Have the mental strength at the time to deal with it OR B. Don't have the mental strength and spiral downward. Most people experience this in a similar fashion - it's different for everyone but these are the most common two options when you deal with a trigger. So turning into a "joke" doesn't really help here, because it kind of just makes the whole situation focus on that trigger.
Its okay, I'm giving him the %%%-pass
Dcorpio (EUW)
: Goal of the team is to simply improve enough to compete in online tournaments and in-house events within our community. this is long term goal) wouldn't be wrong if you're committed. what rank are you on EUW?
I don't currently have an account on EUW, but I'm thinking about transfering one of my alts, I think I'm around gold on that one.
: So 10 people are dissapointed. Wow.
*sad music playing on the world's smallest violin*
Dcorpio (EUW)
: Coached Gold Team looking for Jungle and Support
What is the goal of the team? Would it be wrong for me to join if I'm in Diamond on EUNE?
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You are having a basic misconception about permanent ban. Permanent ban is not there for one to reform, for that there are chat restrictions and 14-days penalty. Permanent ban means, that one is not welcomed in game with the behaviour that one presents.
If thats the case then why doesn't Riot give IP Bans? Simple, because they want to make more money from the people they ban..
Lavenora (EUW)
: Mind giving some criticism i can work with instead?
Don't draw inspiration from anime for starters.
Lavenora (EUW)
: Neon Caitlyn idea
I'm not allowed to share my disgust with this concept. Oh well whatever, its ugly.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: hold up u got banned for feeding?damn the system actually works? having 1/12 and 1/18 in games its normal then for u to be banned.inting or not the system picks it up.
I got suspended for supposed toxicity, and as I said I've never played Mundo in my entire life. So playing against people in a diamond level game while they have a premade jungler and has mastery level 7 I would really have no chance...
Hansiman (EUW)
: Question is: Are you **intentionally** bad?
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: Please
They only downvote opinions dude
: Can't see the point to arguing on holidays. Later alligator.
: > I ban it every game because I just don't feel like playing with or against her You're doing everything right, pal. You feelings matter. Teammates come and go, and your mood stays. If you feel like that towards any champion, ban that champion without a second thought.
Thanks man, its good to see some people understand
: I'm pretty sure the purpose of the boards is to have conversations with people, not just moan about everything.
I made a statement, you're the one being too insecure here
: Why would someone go on boards if they are just going to complain toward everyone and everything?
Thats the purpose of boards?
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, yeah, ranked is just as chaotic during preseason, but it's still an option if you don't want to get big premades against you or in your team. You'll still get premades of 2 quite often though, because they are almost as common as solo players.
Just tried, got 2 pairs of premades, top and jg, adc and supp.
: Care you explain your reasoning? Because frankly, right now it makes you look like a bit of an arse.
I don't want some douchebag to think they're good just because they pressed W or they get focused when they turn into the enemy soraka while building full tank. I don't want more champions in the game to play with. I don't want to deal with a leblanc W everytime I try to fight her. And yes, I'm an arse in everybody's eyes. %%%% everybody.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, 4 games is quite small sample size, so it can just be a case of seriously bad luck. And there is no protection against premades in normal games, so that's a risk you have to take if you want to play less serious games
Less serious games?! THERE IS NO RANKED IN PRESEASON! Its mayhem in these times... I have no choice but to play against premades each and every single game. I made a post about this already, I have premades against me in EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH.
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: ???
Why would someone go on boards if they can't understand basic english?...
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Riryz (EUW)
: Someone downvoted you, have an upvote.
They hate the truth
Riryz (EUW)
: So what youre saying is (just reading between the lines though, not sure if im correct)... ur mad cuz bad?
I will find you
Eveninn (EUW)
: Dunz be mad. :c Haz cat!
I will curbstomp your cat into the %%%%ing pavement
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