: My placement after recent matchmaking fix...
Ur not the only one. Got gold 1 PRE-fix and Silver 1 Post-fix. Dunno how can a 1 provisional decrease ur rank By a whole league or more.
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: >I bet que times wont matter in rankeds if u get one of your strong roles. the only reason why autofill got introduced was because complained about the huge queuetimes(me, D3) had 30-40 min queue times in off peak hours and maybe 15-20 min otherwise. It wasnt a fun experience. >So yeah, autofill got turned on at eune gold-plat. I was like its k for me as far as i dont get support cause it is my promos. they have made it so you can't get autofilled if you are in your promos. So something isn't right here
Imean the que times were around 5-10 mins MAX at gold3 before riot released autofill. But ay lmao does autofill help, nope. The que times are still around 5-10 mins even if autofill is enabled. Riot rly should improve their system behind autofill.
Possible (EUW)
: There aren't many people boosted in higher divisions( 3-2-1) mostly in 4 and 5 and the most popular elo's to be boosted to are diamond and gold.
> [{quoted}](name=Possible,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rBRxWE14,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-31T14:43:49.629+0000) > > There aren't many people boosted in higher divisions( 3-2-1) mostly in 4 and 5 and the most popular elo's to be boosted to are diamond and gold. Yeah, but then again its eune with less population etc, but definetly g2 and 1 was just pure hell compared to g5,4 and 3. Am now at promos for plat 5 2l 0w for the second time today,. Both losses was cause of dc'd player.
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Stopci0 (EUNE)
: all of fuc*ign us and we will get - lps for sure lol
Meh, Eune is working fine for me atleast.
Fr1kys (EUNE)
: Thank you :) I hope so
Definetly not. When i first started the ranked season back at january. I ended up to b4. Then i climbed till i hitted g1 2 weeks ago. Im just here to warn u. g2-p4 consists of mostly boosted or toxic players. Btw Good job By hitting gold. My goal is still to hit plat this season.
Rismosch (EUW)
: But why would he play ranked if he bought the account? SeanContra's theory makes alot of sense. There is no point in playing ranked right now, especially when you bought the account, because you want to keep the awards. It would be dumb to play, because then you would lose the rewards.
eitherway, that guy is obviously a beginner in high elo, or a very mean hacker, lets just wish the guy gets penaltized <- heh zed, or the account to get suspended and the original owner gets it back.
: I MADE IT! :3
Congratz man, im still trying to get plat as i started from bronze 5 this season, climbed all the way to gold 3 and now im on my promos for gold2. it has been hell a job though.
SeanContra (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kian987,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WUeRlRAX,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-18T01:39:22.576+0000) > ..... In my last ranked game (diamon/platinum ELO) I had a Vladimir in top lane going 0/8. Ok, it happens but when we saw his profile we were all shocked. This guy is playing and ruining tens of high ELO ranked games since weeks with no punishment! Right now he&amp;#039;s in another game that is already lost because of him feeding 0/999. He was high-diamond since 30 Aug with no activity during the next months then **SOMETHING** happened 2 weeks ago! > > 17% win rate in all ranked played by him before the boost and here are his scores: > > * 2/12 [still going on] > * 0/9 [still going on] > * 0/8 [MY GAME] > * 2/12 > * 1/9 > * 6/12 > * 2/14 > * 2/11 > * 6/7 > * 1/9 > * 3/12 > * 0/11 > * 2/11 > * 3/11 > > .... I pretend an explanation from RIOT. I want to know why a boosted player is allowed to play for more than 2 weeks tens of faked ranked games ruining the experience of hundreds of players in diamond ELO with no actions taken. This is pretty interesting. Chances are that the account is boosted but you know what I think? I think this account was stolen. **Hacked!** It makes more sense to me. Because NOBODY would intentionally sabotage their Ranked Division Progress... At least nobody in their right minds would. If this guy is indeed boosted, then the whole reason why he paid/cajoled/BJ'd some other dude to climb ladders would have been for the end season rewards. If he is bad at the game, he'd just: * Play unranked or... * Make another account or... * Simply not just play till the end of season rewards have been released. Why would he run his own work to the ground? It makes no sense to assume this man has a case of Sisyphus Syndrome... Unless he actually is an unstable individual in which case it would be very wrong to punish the person instead of reporting and treating him for this disorder. So the hack theory holds more valid ground here, at least to me. He is clearly in a hurry to destroy another man's progress before the original account owner tries to log back in and notices. In any case, this should be looked into by RIOT ASAP!
There's also a site called epicnpc (online marketplace for games.)- (i use it only for cs go items right now), Theres different places to Buy/sell/trade league accounts etc. So there's a change that the guy has purchased the account.
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Necroniss (EUNE)
: Game Crash
Rito ples. Fix this asap, it isnt fun that eune has this kinda problems every other week.
: ***
Äläs nyt :D. Jos peli ottaa nui kovasti pannuu nii kannattais varmaa lopettaa se. :) Eune kokee nyt samoja mitä euw 2-3v sit.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Fix Nordic, games won't start
Dunno wth is wrong with eune
munraker (EUW)
: why report it :( now riot will fix it
Mayb because some players are gonna get it in rankeds now, it could change the way the game goes pretty easily.
Sevixys (EUNE)
: Viimeset puol vuotta, tekninen puoli, jees. Palveluntarjoaja muutti hetki sitten jenkeistä Saksaan - kaiken pitäisi mennä paremmin tästä lähin. (Atm en btw pääse matsiin en sitten millään. Anaalista) _Perttipersereiältä on vissiinkin jääny snickersit syömättä ^^_
Oon siis ite istunu 20min loginiscreenis. Alko ongelmat hetiku tuli se host migration.
: ***
Eune vähä kusee kyllä :))
kps dinamo (EUNE)
: isnt it about time you fix your servers?
Whats this about. Having a prob that i cant login or it just stucks at logging in.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
So guys. Got the same shit, got leaverbuster 5 mins for 5 games. its not bad but yeah, realized to uninstall and reinstall the game UNDER eune server, so it downloads the oatches with 6.16, not 6.17. Gonna update if it helps. Edit: It works for me.
: I have seen others do this as well, what do you use to press those buttons when you need to spam 2-3 abilities with an item active? I find it very difficult.
Just been used for that. Got the same key configurations from early s3 to this day. Dunno what i thought when i first made the key configs tho.
Spezi (EUW)
: Project Ashe Ultimate
The thing is here, that no skin should make u pay more attention as it may give advantages. Project ashe is bit unclear though.
: Do you have any unique key bindings?
Got my x z and c on item slots.
PsyKzz (EUW)
: Good idea, the only downside i could see here is if you were typing to a friend and agreed to decline so you both could play instead, while typing you pushed space and got thrown into game.
There always could be somekinda thing that when ur typing to your friend, it would not accept the game untill you close the chat.
Encrux (EUW)
: Yes, many drivers make it easy to program macros, that's why we've decided to put macros in a seperate category. These monitor setups fall under the red category, since they're a modification of your frame of view.
What if you have somekinda 1 ultrawide monitor in ur setup and it can produce a larger frame of view?
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