: I can't select my first champion to unlock
create a new account, you are lvl1 anyway so you wont loose something special
Drda (EUNE)
: Why would we not be able to have 99lp?
as i remember riot changed 99lp to auto promos because 99 lp was annoying...i may be wrong,so im just asking
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Zockerede (EUW)
: Chat banned for this? xDDD LOL
Just report everyone who wants to report you...iif they don't get banned report rito for reporting you! It makes no sense to play this game to win,if you tryhard your team feeds you flame you get banned,if you play bad ur tram flames and report you andyou get banned again... just rito
: agreed xd
If I could see ur chat in bad games I'm sure you flame and ask for ff too... this community is shit,why should I keep playing a 10-40 at 14' game and also having 5 games loose streak cause of bot feeding and them not getting banned is sad af in my opinion!
kjono1 (EUW)
: Have you noticed the first two report options are negative attitude and verbal abuse. Your chat logs are full of you talking about giving up, trolling and also of flaming your teammates, so you covered both those options. Retaliation is also not an excuse as it just makes you as bad as the player you are retaliating against; so you cannot blame your teammates for your punishment, you brought this on yourself. You clearly know the report system works as you were punished for breaking the rules, so next time, don't break them and use the report system that is available to you at the post game screen. Also, bit of advice, the number of reports has no effect on the outcome, 1 report is as powerful as 9 so asking for players to be reported is useless and is just another form of flaming a teammate which when repeated becomes harassment.
it was a game that we were like 3-20 (1-3 me,0-6 ezreal)...if you could see the rest of the team they were like %%% etc etc and also report morde was for fun because enemy team were thelling this all game....if you se im the only one who got banned from all 9 even tho the rest of the team flamed
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