: Please don't be offensive to all, I know that there are people who are toxic and give you a bad time, I encountered many of them, but with the good attitude from your side, you can bend their minds and behaviors, the second thing is NO, no, my depression didn't come from this community, if anything, some mere actions made me feel really good and positive, therefore, hence the following : -Community is not garbage, you are one of the community though. -Company is not shitty, you are not forced to play. -Game is not broken, you can counter and learn to play. -No hell to be shown. -This game carries you to another world and not sink you. Sorry you can't change my mind, but you are entitled to yours though.
I have played many games on euw and eune which definitely was enough to see, that indeed most of community is garbage, i know that for example having a lee sin 1/22 doesnt happen that often, but since rito focuses on flamers not feeders and trolls this game is a lot less funny to play. About company, did you know how many people, most women were abused in this rito games? There was even a dude who was coming to other employees just to fart on their desk and go away, you can look for that on google if you want. Game is rather broken, for instance when i play against kayn his w is 60% of time invincible so i get dmg and slow not even knowing why, before i realise riot broken yet another thing. About hell, hmm i guess depends i know few people who play like bronzes or silvers but are carried to gold by diamond smurfs, rito wont do anything about it in low ranks but still its irritating what they are focusing on(constantly new fckin skins instead of balancing game but when most of rioters are in silver i cant expect bad players to ubderstamd what is a problem, like lately they increased blitzcrank hook distance wth). And about sikning or not, it all depends on what teammates you have, i have feeders in team half of the time at least which makes me hate this game more than like, since you cant carry whole trashcan team by yourself anymore. You wouldnt believe how many times i was the only fed ap mid would mb could carry but %%%%%%edd team started fight without me all died when enemies also had baron so defending nexus tower was impossible. You cant change my mind
HavickPT (EUW)
: can riot make other anthro animal champion please?
I would like riot to add champion with a title inquisitor who shout "nobody expects a (noxian for example) inquisition" when ulting so loud everyone on map would hear that. Ult would summon 2 ghost alike allies to help during that time idk i would be otp of that for sure{{sticker:sg-jinx}}


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