: Uhmm.... Aurelion never had 5 stars. He only had 3 stars and that's it. Maybe you're confusing a character from another moba.
Well... I just found out article that says that on urf mode he had upto 5 stars. Thats weird. Couse I remember how in late game i would hit more stars in ranked. Am i going crazy?
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Now you can't be logged in both League of legends client and PBE on the same time. Once you have closed your normal client, try again to log in the PBE. Also your League of legends account and PBE account may have different credentials but the same email so ask [Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) for further assistance.
Hi. Im opening PBE from its own shortcut. Im not logged in to normal league of legends. I will try. Ty for commenting.
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: I'm having the same issue for a few months now. Sometimes even happens 4 times a week. I asked Riot about it and they said they know about the issue and they'll fix it. If I had to guess, they won't try fixing it in this client, because it would be useless wasting time on that when the new client is coming soon. So I think we should just wait until new client gets released, and we'll see if it still resets or not.
Ty, when I searched for asnwers I only found people saying "I have a same problem" and no more context
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E1H8lqg6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-12T10:11:55.224+0000) > > ranks do NOT matter, at all... your rank is just a fancy way of saying that you are on the 654633th place on the ladder > > what matters is MMR, solo and flex queue have different MMRs so its possible that you are diamond in soloq and iron in flex > > i dont think so, as i said only MMR matters Okay thanks! See with the MMR, I remember seeing a streamer saying that if your enemy team has a higher MMR than your team, then if you win then you would win extra LP, and if you lose it wouldn't be as much. Is that true?
I think its like that: You win games, your mmr rises, you lose - it drops. If you have been losing few games in a row, your mmr drops and you are facing people with your current mmr, but lp that u get at winning is lower and lp u lose is higher. The more you win, more it rises, and when you win against current higher mmr enemies, u get more lp, if u lose, u lose lower. Imagine the system, where smurfs get much more lp becouse of their performance and win rate so they could go faster the ladder and players who are above the rank they should be in with lower performance getting lower lp and losing more to match their rank they deserve.
: nobody has said it yet
Professor Akali said it.
: You didn't ward, you got camped. It's not your jungler's fault. Because you died twice to their jungler so early, he got a gold lead, faster clear speeds because of that and more gank potential. Soo your own contribution to this as well, don't just blame it on your jungler. I can play jungle, spam gank lanes and get every lane ahead, and then once I'm out of my team's lane for 2 minutes, they die solo to the opponent and start blaming me. It's too easy to blame the jungler for your own stupid mistakes.
I dont blame the jungler, I say theres no reason to powerfarm. Win or loss depends if jungler keeps farming or helps. If I get ganked once, I get lead, jungler get lead, but simply they dont do that. I never spam "report jungler", I spam "counter gank" or "no summs, I have ult" or "enemy jungler top, gank bot". People who die solo are not seen very often what you say. If im Malzahar, I have ult, I dont even need to e or w, I just need one click r and jungler can do the damage, problem is that jungler afk farms. Somebody has to win, and its 50/50, but why that depends on a jungler? I have nothing against that role. But while im in Plat and I see junglers who can farm whole game leaving team 4v5 and then blames them, it makes me sad. Infernal dragon is up, but jungler doing top scuttle crab, top laner being pushed, jungler walks to do blue buff. That happens 50% of the games. If you are jungler and you are entitled to your camps and no ganks, you say junglers job is to take objectives and still we have 0 of them, quit playing jungle. What touches warding, wards have limited time, also pink wards can be destroyed. Again, if I have a better jungler, that mean he will gank, I will get boost, lanes will get boost, easier to win lane and the game. If enemy jungler is better, he will help lanes, it will be harder to win my lane, other lanes too. Thats the point Im making.
Shamose (EUW)
: Better x wins. where x is any role.
Well Its very rare to solo win vs 2. Im very good Syndra, I know all the combos, how to execute, but if enemy jungler ganks, im falling behind, I can do same combos, but not enough damage becouse of my lack of items. I can kill someone when i have ult, but not if they are 2 levels higher. And they dont become 2 levels higher if their jungler doesnt help them. Bot can fight and either team get kills. But if jungler ganks, they cant 2v3. Lanes simply trade and farm, in games that lasts 20-30 mins there is no reason for junglers to wait late game. There is a reason for lanes to play safe, but not when they play safe whole game becouse jungler needs gold. I had LB in my team, Katarina in enemy. Kata couldnt win mid so she roamed bot all early, LB kept farming and didnt cared. That I call better mid, but that happens rare. If I see that enemy is playing better, I play safer, the difference is that jungler should come and help, it sucks when support manages to come mid and we get the kill while our jungler is full hp with both buffs farming birds, 2 feet away from the action.
: the other side of the medal is a jungler who always attempt to randomly gank.. and ends up with 0 farm and all of his camps stolen.. jungling is hard..
I know its hard, but powerfarming and waiting for late game while team 4v5 isnt answer either
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: i think you're too nice to your teammates when jungler comes only to steal minions, ping him same thing with bot/top it's cool if they take minions after they ganked and give you a kill, it's rude otherwise this goes for laning phase btw 80cs in the first 10 minutes it's good farming, congrats after laning phase, when everybody is bound to come mid and "steal" some cs, what are you supposed to do is push other lanes, bot or top, and farm there bot comes mid? well you go bot then top comes mid? you go top jungler comes mid? you farm jungle just because you're midlaner doesn't mean you should always stay your lane the entire game
Its not always 80cs, but Im trying to have more than enemy mid, but that lasts only for early game, most of the times im ending up games, win or lose, with 130 cs while enemy mid has 200. Even supports like janna, while im freezing the lane, couse there are couple enemies mid, take minions, pretends to push. I mean cant leave mid while everyone is grouping, but while everyone is grouping team uses all abilities to cs and im only one who can do damage or cc when enemies dive in.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I've been playing the same amount of time as you and, after reading what you wrote a certain thing came to mind. Someone once said that, even the LCS pros aren't necessarily good at farming, what they're good at is wave manipulation. What this does is, it doesn't matter how much farm you have, it matters that you have more farm than your enemy. So denying your enemy farm is just as important as getting a bunch of it yourself. So if you really see this as a problem, I'd point you into looking at some wave manipulation tips so you can freeze and unfreeze your lane super hard and just win it by default every time. It's easier depending on the champions you play as well. Also because, if you play a good wave-clear champion then mid-late even if bot comes mid you'll still be the one taking everything. (And do take everything, take all the kills, take everything you can cause you are carrying and you are climbing with an above 50% winrate while everyone else will stay where they are)
Well im trying to take stuff, but for example when im playing Brand mid, i have couple kills, couple deaths and bunch of assists. Whenenver enemies are low, people seek to last hit, same with minions. I dont like idea of going top or bot while team groups mid, but for no reason when people group mid, they pretend to push and take turret but ending up just farming for few minutes and nothing.
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: Riot's banning system is interesting.
I had similar experience. And I have no idea how reporing system works. But in my case after the game, if im only one bothered by harrasments, toxic language, verbal abuse and I report someone, nothing happens. I think 3 is a magical number. If u and your teammates (atleast 2) agree to report someone for being toxic, shortly after you get notification that your recent report issued penalty. Single reports doesnt reach systems brains. Maybe sometimes its puts on spam folder and searches for keywords, who knows. But that banning system is interesting.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Is there anything I could do maybe? If you only had a chat restriction, you have until February 11th to get honor level 2. For the past few years, honor has been a requirement for ranked rewards.
Well its february 1st, ill wait, I have honor 2 already for a month or so
Tynos5 (EUW)
: From what i remember, you can't get the season rewards if you had a ban or something siimilar (like a chat restriction e.g.). But i don't think you were banned for politely asking in a single game tbh... The people I know which got chat restrictions did earn them. Maybe it's not flaming in your eyes, but others feel bothered or annoyed. Try to communicate more cordial and polite, e.g. ask your mates to do something rather than to instruct them.
Sorry for being late, but people say awful things in a game. Single report does nothing, and 3 reports after a game gives you penalty even if you dont deserve it. I have seen it few times, I talked to other people about reporting system, I watched responses to this on youtube. I wasnt even talking to our jungler, I saw after the game when I got the penalty my chat history in that game, lots of words, but I was talking to my team "take enemy red", "jungler is top, take the dragon", "go, go, go, i will tank it". That was in my chat restriction called the reason. I always report toxic people, never had issue with restictions.
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