Watched 1 minute of it....got bored of life.
: Come Watch me Suck
That title though...I was expecting that one to be trade marked for adult videochat sites just.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: =)) am i ? , why? cause i want normal support and this never happen.. , welcome to eune ,i will transfer to euw .. as quick as possible... By the way i don't expect someone to play extremly good .. but i expect he know to play that hero if he pick it on ranked... otherwise he shouldn't play ranked... I just wish there don't be so toxic these guys who get autofill ... after they play like my grandma
Not you, the guy with the gold is silver in euw mentality.
: Permabanned
Do you hear the wind chanting very faintly: chatlogs....unedited...
: League unplayable.
I guess CrosbyNOTthebest. Smurfthebest.
: i actually liked the former skarner more. still inside i hope the crystal points will be removed again
+1 on that. Same here.
alex31533 (EUNE)
: what i should do ?(i need advice)
Buy and resell at current market value. In the meantime play.
: Annie's OTP stream live. So far almost 2,9m points.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Placements in the new season
The highest you can acheive is plat 1, but depends on your previous division (i.e. a former silver I doubt could go all the way to plat 1 even if he wins 10/10).
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Gold players are actually monkeys disguised as humans!
> I dropped from Gold 2 to Gold 4 in the last 3 days because Let me continue that for you. ...you were the only constant in those games it took you to drop from 2 to 4. So **many variables** and only **one constant** and the result ended up the same time and time again?! Might the constant be the reason you lost all thos games one after the other?! Not exactly plain and simple randomness law mathematics here, but the answer is: **YES!!!!!** _ {{champion:74}}'s seal of approval! _
: Well somehow when I leveled up to level 40 it granted me silver 5..
Ermmm...that means you got demoted. You do not get it that silver 5 is smaller in rank than silver 4, actually, do you?!
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Best thing is when i (plat3) get matches in team with diamond 4... Which means he is or on losing streak or suck and should not be in diamond. Funny.
You really didn't get the whole point of the OP, did you?!
totalll (EUNE)
: permaban my acound totalll
.....aaaand is gone. Poof!
187 SMR (EUNE)
: Ignored.
Ignore me all you want, that still does not make up for the fact you are but a mediocre player at best with self assesment superioirty issues. You peps played that fight horridly, not to mention the fact none of you have any idea how to build accordingly, in order to shut down Darius (wild assumption?!? - I think not, the game is in your history). Have a nice stay in silver with that mentaility!
Sindroma (EUNE)
: "Totaly" deserved temp ban.
This might be the first chat log I read that does not deserve a ban. Not even remotly. Sarcasm and a bit of negativity, but nothing that should amass in slightly to a ban, not even a chat restrict imo.
187 SMR (EUNE)
: For the love of God, Riot, do something...
Ermm...learn to play and don't make a fool of yourself on the forums.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Block list is useless
Abusable feature as you think it.
: Why no one likes to play support?
Ego and the fact support role takes secondary spot in terms of awsomesauce awsomeness in some individuals oppinions (ePeen ego issues). Carry, the ring to it, versus support, the ring to that. What many can't understand though is playing support is more like a game of chess. Not thrilling, but rewarding nevrtheless. My two cents.
: > [{quoted}](name=Axisdeus,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=YwjXnZLv,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-29T08:30:24.302+0000) > > That comes down to the underlying problem of elo boosting or people not being in the correct level of play. The fact one tank completly outscales another is a matter of skill. Same goes for ADC's that are not on par with the overall level of play. It's not a problem of tanks having to become a null and void alternative just beacuse a certain segment of the game population can't handle it. > > Sorry to sound so blunt, but is more a problem of normalizing the skill level and getting the boosted players down to their level faster than a problem of numbing a whole class. In low elo skill has nothing to do with how well a tank does. It all comes down to how skilled ENEMY ADC and sup are. A good sup will kite for his adc and tanks wont be able to do a thing. A good adc will kite for himself and tanks wont be able to do a thing. In low elo tank is the easiest role, because your skill doesn't matter much (depending which tank, but true for an extent for all tanks). Unless the enemy botlane plays well, you will be strong regardless of your skill.
> Same goes for ADC's that are not on par with the overall level of play. Same point you made, less words, more efficient. > one tank completly outscales another is a matter of skill Based on the assumption that each team will have a tank, if one outscales the other, is a matter of personal skill, getting crushed in lane.
: Permabanned
Yes it was and I love seeing you punished!
: lmao best thing i read all day because what i said was a %%%ing joke said to be in a sarcastic way and instead of dusting it of you went into op.gg to look at someone's profile, jesus christ don't you have a life ??, so what im a bronze and you're a diamond, you still cant play tank
The fox and the grapes! And you cut out the recommend part of your post...how pathetic. Was it after I said I am diamond or after you realised you tried to be a smart ass and brought a fork to a shooting contest... Get rekt!....oh, wait, you do get rekt, every game in bronze! Cute!
: How do I improve?????
Learn to play with unlocked camera! First and most important.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Or maybe Tanks are doing way more damage then they are supposed to do even will a full Tank build? A Tank is supposed to peel and/or be a CC bot, nothing more. Even Leona, who is the closest champion to a proper Tank, has enough base damage to reduce an enemy squishy to 50% Health or around that. With full Tank build. I play Leona and I know it very well. No need to even mention the rest.
This, I agree. This is a point well put.
: maybe you're just a bad tank
Read beyond the obvious. I was hinting that even if tanks are strong, ADC's and mages can still deal with them. I guess your comprehension level matches your ingame division. I got diamond playing tanks and others in jungle my own way. I guess I did pretty good. What have you gotten playing your role?! Bronze 1 in over 1000 games ranked? I recommend changing game or getting lessons. GG WP!
: problem is low elo itself if we see the dps of a diamond adc and of a silver adc youll see why he is saying so. i silver adc leaves the target and start hitting cs in middle of tf,obviously dps will get lower and tanks will seem to be unkillable , as the low elo is not always even matchups sometime your top is just out skilled/autofilled and the enemy tank gets so fed that he can legit 1v9 by mid game as adc dont have some lifesteal by 20 min and that thornmail will kill them while tank will chill with 70% hp (cough cough ornn cough)
That comes down to the underlying problem of elo boosting or people not being in the correct level of play. The fact one tank completly outscales another is a matter of skill. Same goes for ADC's that are not on par with the overall level of play. It's not a problem of tanks having to become a null and void alternative just beacuse a certain segment of the game population can't handle it. Sorry to sound so blunt, but is more a problem of normalizing the skill level and getting the boosted players down to their level faster than a problem of numbing a whole class.
: Tanks are litteraly Tanks
I do not have your issue and I play tanks. I still get melted down by ADCs, especially if ahead. Resitances penetration, anti-tank items and champions designed to counter tanks (aka True damage).
: 14 Day Suspension
negativity, asking for reports, the usual.
: unfair banned (the 4 people that commented on my last post dont comment here not your problem)
Guess what, smarty pants, you got busted and I love it! Enjoy your ban, I sure do enjoy seeing you salty. Justice is best served in front of those you wronged. Thank you for beign this salty and sharing your furstration with us. I sure do love to see you suffer. Ahh, and that extra poll you did there, won;t make the ones that are thinkign fall to the little reverse psycology you tried there. Grow up, Salty one!
: in last game I played against Galio on top .. his items : Ninja Tabi, Rod of Ages, Zhonia, Doran's King, Liandry's Tornment.. he destroyed my wards I put on the top lane everytime without any control wards or oracle alteration.. but that's an exemple, I played mid a lot and it doesn't matter the enemy champion, they still took out my wards I placed and still without buying control wards or oracle..
In silver do they not teach you about the scryer plant?!
SiragahN (EUW)
: I can't even explain this outrageous facts without even getting mad RIOT!
You, man, are what some call blatantly dense! What a way to make a fool of yourself....
MelloTV (EUNE)
: Christmass is a time for Gifts, not work =)
Actually, Christmas is a time of sharing, among others, not of gifts, if you can udnerstand the fine, subtle difference. If not, well, good job on being just another market economy drone. Well fed, well dressed and well potty trained by consumerism.
: Huh, why did this get me banned..
Yep, fully deserved. Nice present from Santa Riot! You struck dirt this time, punk! I enjoy seeing you all this and salty on top!
MelloTV (EUNE)
: Thank you Riot for this Amazing Christmass Gift!
But they made a mission path that landed you with an icon, some exp and a chest, so it counts for something.
: Tell me tomorrow on what you get...
Socks are good... Others get nothing...or terminal diseases!
nick67 (EUNE)
: riot please permaban feeders and noobs
And what part of you being silver III solo queue gives you entitlement to decide who plays bad and who does not? For all I care you play bad as well, should you get banned?! Reality chek or otherwise slap yourself two times and come to your senses. Mind your own game and stop the lame whine on forums, punk! Now,on the other side, if this is a beast ass flood joke, well done! If not, also bad section!
Putr1k (EUNE)
: Can we somehow remove this?
The moment your OCD is not happy.... Do you get triggered by poeple not writting corerctly aslo?!
Evile Theif (EUNE)
: Your banning system is cruel
I am pretty sure is the right ban for all those previous times you did not took your mother to the hospital. The one that cried WOLF! Remember that story?!
Spagooti (EUW)
: Justified permanent suspension?
> Mórdékaisér: syndra reported > Mórdékaisér: syndra is getting a x4 report xD > Mórdékaisér: me talon and kayn and corki report u ...and yet, ironically, you're the one suspended. This here might be the proof of how unbased reports lead to nothing while one rightful report is enough to trigger a punishement. That is for all the_ x9_ promoters out there. By the way, it makes me happy seeing justice being delivered, and what a better time than this. Enjoying what Santa Riot gave you?!
: does evelyn have counter play except pink wards
Simple: wards inside camps with emphasis on the INSIDE part, and track her down with pings starting from that vision - sadly, is a team effort. That means all must pay respect to the pings and eve's whereabouts.
0 for ranked, for now. You are not 30 yet. Normal for normal queues. You'll get seeded around around silver III - silver II at level 30 and with first placements and depending if those go really well, gold V - gold IV at most.
PMW Rory (EUW)
: Hardstuck in Silver, yet Im a Plat player.
3v3 different beast, different mindset required.
imSeath (EUW)
: Losing LP
This is some new level of griefing, right here!
: New Season ban System?
I'd start working on a new account, if I were you, the permanent one is lurking just around the corner. Poor, poor classic alpha male is itsy bitsy confused.... (laughing my ass off)... Ah, and the info, all of it, how it works, hasn't really changed, and is all out there. Maybe actually read it and do an effort to understand it. _Ain't nobody go' time fo explainin it fo' a self annointed "classic alpha male"._
: I am going to do the right thing here and just stop replying to you. Please go spend your time on another post now.
I have the feeling this is the new cry type post. I want help. Gets help. I do not like your help, it tasts bad. Git gud! Simpler advice.
: I did understand you meaning, but the only place it was written were in the topic. That is all. If you read my answer to the earlier comment, counterjungling and taking objectives was something I commented in on that I was doing. (which means keepinng track of the enemy jungler). If you are going to read into grammar rather than give advices that is not so rude, then I do not wish you to further comment on this post. It is completly useless and a waste of both our time. And to comment on that it is not "Your jungler" but "The jungler". Tell that to the four other teammates I have in almost every game that asks for THEIR jungler, and his/hers assistance. No one ever said anything about not all roles having a unique part to fufill. Try to understand what people are asking for and want help with, rather than focus on issues you find in the grammar.
It's not about grammar, it's about perception. You sound like you do what most jungler do wrong - act like you are babysitters. You are not. You have a gazzillion other things to do than to respond to any and all pings of assistance. Who do you assisst then, if any? That comes down to learning what pressure manipulation means. Where do I shitf my pressure so that i get advantage overall?! How this will equate in the overall scheme of the game?! If this the best decission I can make given the time at disposal and the current situation?! Shift pressure where it is most efficiently used. Else, screw them. You are your own role, and is not babysitting, not objective farming, not counterjungling. Those that you said are means to and end, not the purpose of jungling. The purpose is manipulating pressure. As an example, let's say top is your only and strongest lane and everyone else is having a hell of a rough time, ganking those in need might not solve anything. Else, go top, be next to the lane that most likely will get next ganked, turn the match from manipulating that pressure already there. Or, if the enemy jungler or others are not comming, gank there, get advantage, gain their attention and pull them in the strong lane, where you have a fighting chance, giving respite time for the others to catch up. They will not see it and not even understand it, thus is the way of this role. And you still refuse to get it...
: You clearly have not read the post.
You've clearly did not undestand my meaning. Whoever says <my jungler> is not worth your attention as a jungler. More, if you, yourself use this in your games, then you clearly do no understand that each role is equally important, not one is the proprety of other. More still, _the_ in _the jungler_ means you have a unique role in the team, as do every other team member in those other 4 roles. Identify it, figure what makes the jungler be the jungler (**pressure manipulation** is to be more exact) and work and train to that purpose. I can't be arsed to continue, seeing you gave no thought to what I wrote. Cheers, Your _not so willing now_ neighborhood jungler.
: Where is my Jungler?
Is not _your_ jungler, is _the_ jungler. Simplest, cleanest advice you'll ever get.
K1ash3r (EUW)
: Game blue screened, and I lost 2 promo games, 100 mmr and down to 70 lp. How?
Queue dodge in promotion counts as loss....that is most likely your other loss.
khazalid (EUW)
: It says i lost 1 promo and won 1 but i only played 1 and that one i have won
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