: it always hits a minion though
Not if you use target champs only
: Caitlyn Traps
Use attack move and click near them.
Sande EU (EUNE)
: Looking for Coach for Tournament Team
I probably can set some time for you guys. Hit me up on league or discord Rimuru#8951
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: Is my ult that broken when RIOT stole the idea and no credit?
First off, really? A 2 year old post? And mord ultimate is a bit similar in a sense that it creates an arena to fight in. However this is the only similarity between them.
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: I'm new looking for friends to play with!
You can add me if you want. The name is the same on west
Sundling (EUW)
: Got banned today... 14 days for 7 messages.. yeez
Well homophobic slurs are zero tolerance like you said. That means its straight to 14 days.
pigZie (EUNE)
: Revert Aatrox
As an old aatrox main: He had an interesting kit with a lot of different abilities? Yeah no his kit was generic af except for ult. New one is a tank? Did you even see him ingame? Do you know what a tank even is?
okiren (EUW)
: Time for some buffs or rework on Taric
Its just the meta rn. Its not good for him. No need for rework. Perhaps a small buff.
: I need Coaching
Feel free to hit me up on discord. Azure Dancer #8951
Hikigaya (EUNE)
: Nasus buff isn't necessary
If nasus can 1v5 you, then you have bigger problems than nasus.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Or you're like me, and you miss a bunch of champions but have the ones you wanna play anyway. https://images2.imgbox.com/2f/c4/g9T0bfXY_o.jpg
Weird flex but okay
: I suck at itemization, and how should I approach it?
Knowing what to build and when to build it comes from experience. You can quickly see that some champions tend to build same items every game. You can then just look at those items and try to understand why they are bought. As to your armor on adc thing, you usualy just buy a ga, in some cases randuin as it reduces damage from crits.
: You get every single skin by paying, so...
Ye but not an obscene amount. Besides prestige skins used to be something you earn (with a small payment for a pass). Now its who has the deepest wallet.
: Updating Old Skins and Other Skin Changes
> [{quoted}](name=AhriInMyBed,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Eqj3ZjJf,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-17T08:48:57.363+0000) > > Last year was the beginning to a new version of skins called the Prestige Editions. This is a brilliant idea of having a player have to work for a skin that is a collectors item. > Paying 120€ is working for a skin alright.
: Everyone crying about the BE "scandal" and can't even wait a few days.... It has been fixed btw
Quick update everyone. We are supposed to be compensated with 25 BE. We as in anyone who didnt abuse capsules.
: Just play ARAM alot. And you will eventually find the champions you enjoy playing the most ;) You can never deduce logical explanation without having an actual experience of playing and enjoying a champion if u havent done all of them !
I do have a set of champs i enjoy. Thats the whole reason i posted this question in the first place.
: And you don't think that they will do it on other servers too? Just be a bit patient god damnit
: Everyone crying about the BE "scandal" and can't even wait a few days.... It has been fixed btw
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Esiii96 (EUW)
: illaoi not balanc
You mean the ult you can simply walk out of? The ult that is useless if not hitting 2+ people?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: There seems to be very little name originality with summoner names
AsherUA (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=gazzo97,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zUlR5ELJ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-12-04T22:18:40.888+0000) > > world of warcraft helps, but just for a couple of months! I don't really like WoW and not fan of a p2p games in general.
Have you tried guild wars 2?
: OneTrick
Imho onetricking is bad for you in the long run.
asdderroor (EUNE)
: Udyr Main
Just go with pedobear or unbearable name
: I got banned for WHAT?
If you had 14 day ban recently then this perma is fair. Also when you say you mute someone (no reason to say it even) actualy mute them.
: Its imposible when i am the best
Are you number 1 challenger? If not then your statement is false.
: Ranked Aram?
Already suggesting something not needed, and then shamelesly pluging in you youtube channel for no reason. I would subscribe just to unsubscribe.
: you are worried about RIVEN? what about SION? or NAUTILUS? or FKING ORNN? a tank with that rune will be unstoppable
You mean ornn with no shield will be strong with shield rune? Lol
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Personally I dont mind. but the skins are pretty sweet. which one you got ? Personally bought KD/A akali
All of them ofc.
: Hello! Are there any players from latvia?
: About mission
You only get first win mission. Unless its some kind of event. We will probably get some for christmas.
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Ghashog (EUNE)
: Servor EU NE This place of happiness
: Any name ideas for an adc main?
Report botlane What adc Half an int I might be a bit biased.
: World Token
By buying them.
: Does this nick sound good
Um why do you need others to pick YOUR nick?
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Looking for a dude to play with
Hit me up if you want to
: fired ur crew !!!!!!
Complaining about udyr yet not knowing which ability is which.
: Looking for an active and ambitious person to manage competitive teams in a community
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: can we have a new skin
If they do something similar to this they would need another guy. Ironstylus no longer works there i think. Besides it would look to similar to base.
: Katarina
Buff ivern because he is bad into tanks.
Nascy (EUW)
: As smol as Awwrelion Smol patch notes
So essentialy nerfing almost all the damage? Do you want boring tank slapping fights? Your patch notes might just as well delete assassins.
Shengoto (EUW)
I mean you kinda have aether wing
: EUNE support main looking for adc for funnel games (or karthus)
Except that the funnel strat got nerfed hard?
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