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: Will probably stay disabled due to too many players overloading servers at the moment. This is all because of TFT. Allowing players to create their own custom games/practice games would crash the server so Riot is putting some boundaries.
OKay , seems fair enough :D Thank you!
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Dzsime (EUNE)
I would like to suggest the option to add another report reason. The report reason which i want to suggest is for the players who swear like wishing "cancer" "to die" and more of this.
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ImRichard (EUNE)
: Party rewards - Is this a joke?
Hehehe 250 x16 = 25 gj rito ;) hope this is a bug or atleast information why we get under 30 ip bonud when it is x16.
Sublime (EUNE)
: New patch failing at 99%?
Same problem here ... After it stuck at 99 i closed and it started to scan files....
: More Ping Options
I think we need only Warded another are not so usefull , because most of the people say this in chat :) Or atleast me xD


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