Some people end up getting home earlier than they tought from a party or something and just decide to go for a game or two before sleep, it will most likely happen to you too, stop being butthurt over 1 silver 5 game
KemiKaze (EUNE)
: 1v1 Ranked queue Discussing
This is a pretty bad idea, 1v1 isnt really about skill, its pretty much who has a better pick (yorick, malza, illaoi, ap nasus, caitlyn, jax and such), in 1v1s it is not uncommon for a silver/gold to beat a dia+ player
: Interesting. You might as well just end the season already.
True, all of that crap was happening in my master promos
: Banned for 1 game?
Telling someone to kill himself is literally a 14 day ban trigger :D, bcs rito think someone will commit suicide because someone told him so
bbb (EUNE)
: Didn't get LP?
I was D1 with 80 LP and i won another game when that bug happened, and i also had to wait for 30-45 mins in order for it to unbug, when i finally managed to open the client i was again at 80 lp, after 3-4 client reloads i am now at 89 lp xD?
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
NocaNoha (EUNE)
: EU NE problems again | Unknown error
The same thing is happening to me, i've had to leave mid game, but my teammates were fine, where do you live and whats your internet provider?, ive restarted both the router and the pc. Edit: working fine now
Drakun LCS (EUNE)
Because its a pure BS to fight vs a champion that has 4 mini-flashes, shield that scales on AD, empowered basics, stun and a skillshot, Runs away and catches up to you whenever she wants to.
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
Take smite on twisted treeline (s2) just to use it on minions, first 10 games i clicked on spells instead of using keyboard :p
: Somebody hacked my acc
>hacked >stolen 1820 RP >low IQ one of these 3 is possible
Febos (EUW)
: Emo Skin line
Hopefully they killed emselves already
: smurf lf smurfs
That is supposed to concern anyone how?
: Banned for something that i dont do
Ofc you got banned, they dont ban scripters right after they use the program, the bans come in waves.
: Balance Changes to CritChance for healthier gameplay
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: Possible Keylogger?
I would certainly like an Dev's opinon
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Arcwest (EUNE)
: EUNE goes down for the second time today. Now imagine this happened to NA
: Which role would be best to main to rank up?
Jungle IMO, Find a versatile jungler and use him to win all 3 lanes, I carried myself from bronze to diamond only with {{champion:35}}.
ironferas (EUW)
: Logout button?


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