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iSneez (EUNE)
: My opinions: 1. Viktor - strong pick but hard to play, slow, hard to stay safe, I rarely see him successful in solo play 2. Zed - a strong mid laner AD assassin if you learn him he is always strong, not so metta at the moment but in solo play still good , not the good meta at the moment for AD assassins, but I still consider him strong. But you need to learn his combo for maximum damage also to get use with his shadow and ultimate second cast so you don't confuse yourself and not only the enemies. 3. Kha’zix - his a strong jungler, but you need to learn how to play him becuase he is very squishy and if you don't get feed and don't time good the moment when you enter in a fight and the target you want to kill, you feel kinda useless 4. Syndra - a very strong AP mid laners, she has CC [crowd control (stun)], now is the perfect meta for her since the new AP items are very strong. She is not so hard to learn to play, and not so hard to manage to combo the stun and burst damage, but not so easy also despite what people say, just keep in mind that her sutn it's a combo that can be missed, and her maximum damage with ultimate it's also a combo despite people calling her press R to kill. 5. Graves - he is now a jungler and not good played as adc bot lane, I really don't think it's a good jungler for a beginner, I think you need to know how to kite so you don't get big damage in jungle, also has no cc when you gank (except that w) so you rely on your laner, and even if you feel some Graves are very strong, if you farm bad and don't get feed I think it's hard to jungle and be impactful with him. So I will go on zed or syndra, remember zed is an assassin, syndra can stay behind her team and do damage from far so those 2 roles are different in a team, even both are mid laners.
Thanks a lot :)
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