Remmeh (EUW)
: How do people do it?
The toxicity never stops it becomes slightly less when you climb in ranked but people will always find a reason to be toxic no matter the elo. Your solution is probably /muteall or honestly do what I do and simply ignore them most of the time if you ignore them they stop flaming cuz they get bored ( no one to fight against in their keyboard war).
SoLjAaXx (EUW)
: Updating lol on a limited data plan
No the only way to download any update is through the League Client unfortunately.
: 9.10 - Zilean Q causing tower agro when target was in Zhonya's Hourglass
Zilean Q is a weird ability like I am pretty sure it interrupts recalls by only placing it on someone.
: Oh and one more thing, if you know a software, can you tell me? because i have like 5 accounts, im gonna try it on one and see if i get banned. Thanks!
It seems that Riot doesn't ban single players but kinda in waves so make sure he stops using it. As for your second question I don't know any such programs for Macs I know Windows has modskinlol for selecting already available skins and Wooxy that allows you to add custom skins and HUD even custom maps dunno if Wooxy still works but probably yeah.
: nah that's complete bullshit, riot can't expect everyone to be perfect human beings especially with the state of the game currently. I have seen chat restricts for literally the slightest bit of negativity and that's to some extend just someones genes when they give up lost games. But even that can get you banned, not everyone is a super optimistic delusional RL Lux who thinks everything is always working out fine and has it's greater value unless real harm and hate speech comes into play no permabans are deserved EVER for chat activity, ppl type KY$ because at some point it became the flavor of the month flame phrase, I didn't even know what it meant when i started to read it for weeks because I haven't played during the time it became a popular flame phrase. Also focusing more on trolls and inters would decrease toxcity as well as punishing intiators of toxic behaviour HARDER than retaliation I know riots statement for that but I completely disagree, I would NEVER EVER flame someone who didn't do anything wrong on purpose or apologizes for a bad mistake, but I do think people who troll intentionally or accuse and blame others for their mistakes deserve to get flamed and named+shamed(not necessarily on the boards because everyone could claim anything there). But I don't see any harm in people calling out what they feel and if someone calls me an idiot for splitpushing when he thought I should teamfight so be it. It's his personal feeling about the situation. If someone is constantly flaming someone with normal stuff then just remove his ability to chat completly for 100 games or whatever. If he resorts to inting or trolling this would be the exact proof that not enough is done against such behaviour. Never ban people who are not using highly offense stuff like (real life illness/death, racism, sexism, threats and similar). If someone is weak enough to start crying cause someone he never saw before and probably will never see again called him an idiot then he has different problems than this person who is offending him. years ago before the punishment system was this strict i was really toxic and i got some chat restricts and they stopped me from being toxic because i had to use the few messages to actually chat information that helps to win the game -> purpose punishment this year i got my first chat restrict after over 4 years since my last punishment and it picked 3 games with slight negative remarks considering intentional trolls spread over the last 6 months, this is complety ridiculous, I have seen many streamers which i consider to not be toxic or anything be more negative on a constant basis but that is just seen as competetive banter, like making fun of the full AD kha who got outdamaged by a support
No matter what happened in-game you can't tell someone to k themselves in any situation. For example my friend is toxic in chat (not all games but sometimes he gets pissed off and flames the feeding guy) and he never got punished for it except the one time he said to someone to k themselves (as a joke in champ select) he got 14days ban now he doesn't say but he is still flaming mildly which is not punishable as much as you think unless you stop playing the game and start keyboard fighting this guy who is feeding then you are no better that him.
: yeah but everyone knows the reason tyler1 is unbanned is because of riot was dying after he got banned and that is a true fact. why do they perma bann us players but not perma bann tyler1 anymore? and he hasnt reformed at all the onyl thing that has changed is that tyler1 doesnt flame in chat anymore he just uses the stream to insult the guy. and dunkey. are you trying to get what iam saying? that is maybe the most toxic thing dunkey has every said in that game and he got perma banned immediatly. he lost his account cuz of 1 sentence. maybe he went a little bit too far indeed but the bann was unnecesary. they might have given him a chat restriction
They unbanned Tyler1 cuz he became a meme and Riot saw this as an opportunity to cash in trust Riot wasn't dying no single streamer has that much power if dunkey would have kept persisting I think he would have gotten the Tyler1 treatment and I don't remember Tyler1 saying to someone on-stream to k themselves. P.S dunkey didn't lose his account and wasn't even permabanned like Tyler1 it was only a couple of months.
: Boosted Accounts
Report them nothing else you can do or anyone can designing an automated system that can detect boosting is probably as hard as creating a self-efficient AI.
: watch and earn
these missions are almost as buggy as Mordekaiser (pretty close) so just keep trying different games.
: but srsly.. you can lose the entire account you have played on he is lv 249 just because of '%%%' he gets banend how can people agree with this does no one think a bann goes too far? give him a chat restrict lol insulting shouldnt give someone a bann. bann should be received by trolling or inting not by flaming. its really simple flaming (just talking in the chat has nothing to do with the game)=chat restrict trolling/inting (making your team lose the game on purpose)=bann but riot just focuses at the toxic people and now there are only idiotic people online. seriously you can be positive for 3000 games and negative 1 game and riot will only look at the negative part they wont say anything about the positive parts. just like videogamedunkey he promoted riot for 4 years he was the biggest league of legends youtuber. and someone was trolling his lane he flamed him and gets banned immediatly. not even a single thank you for promoting their game for free. so he was positive about riot for 4 years they havent done shit for him. he is negative 1 time and gets a 3 months bann. nice riot
I get your point and I am NOT defending Riot but it's their game so they right the rules so we have to follow. Now telling someone to go and k themselves is actually a big no no since you have no idea what effect it will take on the person in real life , are you willing to live through such consequences ? definitely not. In the case of videogamedunkey he absolutely went overboard with the things he said in chat that game and Riot was right to ban him (If he is famous he isn't exempt from the rules even more if Riot doesn't take action against him it would just spark controversy). And let's not forget the case of Tyler1 he also got banned for toxicity for a couple of months look where he is now after reforming much more popular and working with Riot in multiple events Riot DOES support those who make the game more popular in a positive manner and that's understandable. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Skin Mod for Mac
I don't recommend using any skin-mods because Riot detects them as cheating software and might ban your account. Unfortunately this also stops people using custom skins just for fun (by custom I mean self-made custom skins). P.S Riot has a reason because apparently people found a way to cheat using software like that.
MelinkataBG (EUNE)
: How can I get better at fighting in the Game!? (teamfights, 1v1s on lane)
The champs you play aren't really made for team-fights Akali can sit in W and spam moves and R - Zed can only focus 1 target in the fight prefer the adc - Yasuo needs to put a great wall to block something important or just to wall off the adc and then he needs to land tornado to get his ulti if the team has no knockups. Another thing try watching PRO games where they play these champs Akali has lots of games lately watch how they play and try to do it in your games.
Pοro Ward (EUNE)
: About that "Meow, meow" all chat thing you did
I actually played an ARAM game where I didn't get the joke and no one was typing on all-chat except one enemy who was going Bark Bark after everytime he dies or does an outplay I thought he was being toxic and just trolling so I reported him poor guy. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: middle east is about 30 countries if lebanon and jordan have good ping why 28 country have to suffer
gulf countries are like 6 or 7.
There is a difference between Middle East server and Gulf server Dota2's "Middle East" server is useless in any non-gulf countries Lebanon Jordan etc. Though we have better ping on EUW and EUNE here than you do.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: wtf riot?????
New champions get released with the price of 7800 BE and prior to that IP for a long time now. After 2 weeks of a champion's release the price gets reduced to 6300 BE and it's the same time that the said champion is available in the free champion rotation. Plus on the release of Sylas Quinn's price is reduced from 6300 BE to 4800 BE and Vladimir's price is reduced from 4800 BE to 3150 BE. In short chill. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Cranavvo (EUW)
: Background Patcher Suggestion
It's a cool idea on paper but when you start dealing with it in the real world it starts to show it's problems biggest example is the Windows 10 update system no one likes it downloading stuff in the background. I think a better way is to implement a reminder system that tells you that a patch is available and it's gonna start downloading it in a set amount of time which you can decline to do which still some people will find annoying an example would be the World of Tanks (WarGaming) patcher.
: Kai'Sa E interaction
That would be extremely counter-productive.
: How good is firefighter tristana skin?
Hmm it's definitely not up-to-par to the new legendary skins but its not really bad I think skins are a matter of taste anyway so check this video and decide. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: They won't do it for at least two reasons. Reason 1: It's a business decision. Riot make money from skins. It's their primary source of income. As such, they don't want free skins available that people courld use instead of buying theirs. Reason 2: It can be used to cheat. Although skins are processed client side as the guy in the video says, they can still be used to cheat. He goes on and on about how it didn't affect anybody and was just an innocent source of magincal joy, but he's a bit short sighted if he thinks they can't be used to cheat. Still not convinced? They can be used to cheat mostly when used to change the skins of other players, not your own. Since it's all handles clientside, the models and the drawing and texturing of those models is done only on your computer and is easy to fiddle with. I'll give you two really solid examples.... You see that "ambulance" soraka skin? You see how it doesn't stick within the model or hit box of soraka? Well, how about I change the skins of every single jungler so they also have an enormous neon yellow halo that surrounds them. No need for wards on botlane, I can see a big yellow ring arriving long before they come to gank me. Great! Or lets say I find getting ganked by invisible champions annoying, so I change the skin for the "camoflage" state or rengar, kha'zix etc to now be bright pink. Advantage me! There are probably so many other ways these can be used to cheat too, mostly around the idea of making invisible or hard to spot things easier to see and avoid.
I remember seeing someone make a custom skin that shows him when to last hit minions perfectly with a red dot on top of the minion.
Lari (EUNE)
: Control ward does not reveal Teemo?
Control wards don't reveal invisible enemies (Teemo/ Kha'Zix ,etc).
: Evelyn E skill
It is a bug do you have footage of it or a screenshot ?
: Patch 9.1 Lux AA/E Sound Bugs
Can confirm the E sound bug it's annoying both as and vs Lux.
: What's going on?
Because for some reason boards are the place people go to complain and rant apparently.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: i found 4 pc that im intrested in.And the max they cost is 550. And yes i would like to stick to 550. I found 3 pc that im intrested in at the best and today i had the chance to chec them.Problem is i dunno if hdd or sdd is better...etc.
You can just post the specs of the PCs here and I can tell you what's better. SSD is faster than HDD but costs more and it doesn't affect in-game performance just loading times.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Question about pc!!
First thing when deciding on a PC is your budget. For example I wanna buy a PC I know I can spend 500$ on it so I search for the best one I can get with this amount. So how much you wanna spend ?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Pause key [function]
DOTA 2 has a pause system I can't say it's too bad of an idea to implement this in LoL but it can be abused too much by toxic people (which this game sadly has tons of) of course fail-safes can be implemented too its just that it's not worth the hassle to do so. Most AFK players don't DC because of internet or PC problems they simply rage-quit , and stopping the game just randomly can cause problems in teamfights or even small trades. My point being is that this will introduce more problems than it fixes. P.S wow so many downvotes why the hate? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Jungle changes are incoming anyway let's see what happens then.
: KOI CARP SORAKA SKIN! - League Of Legends (Fan)
I mean the splash art and the skin are simply amazing I am not usually a fan of custom made skins(most of them are meh) but this is gorgeous.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Because it has been explained a million times why there isn't a server like that. There aren't enough players in the region to keep the queues healthy. The last one was just hours before yours. You guys just keep spamming the boards and always get the same answer.
This isn't my post and even if there tons of the same question posts there are no rules that forbid this and no reason to downvote a post simply because the question was asked before. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
OTP Jayce (EUW)
Why is this downvoted XD?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The question is Why?
hmm to get better ping ?
Nherax (EUW)
: You might want to change Morgana's E to "Blocks all disables until broken EXCEPT for Zoe's W.
You already got hit with the spell so you get stunned you are supposed to use the shield to block the spell. P.S the bubble is Zoe's E.
: A few observations about the game
Pyke support is not selfish unless he goes around killing people without his ulti which means gg Pyke won you the game.
2πrOWilD (EUW)
: It makes my game freeze for 3-5 seconds Everytime I click on a champion that got a support item, my screen freezes for like 5 seconds, and I'm expecting the stats display to be the cause. So I want to remove that.
No way it's the cause. try reinstalling/repairing the game.
2πrOWilD (EUW)
: Remove the champions stats on the top-left of the screen
It makes you what ? Plus these stats are actually super important so no removing them.
: While I don't agree with the op saying that there's only 5 champions who can deal with akali is a massive overexagguation... any tank or AoE mage can deal with her... ultimately her only form of defence is her shroud so anyone who's AoE is big enough to cover all of it can stand up to her (so long as she isn't too fed)
Can I get an example of a tank that can handle her and an AOE mage (except Lissandra).
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: how can you tell ... .. no one can tell
The answer is simple it's too hard to implement something like this.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: the thing is .. if someone pay to someone in riot to get someone dc or afk some games .. that can get him to rank one or something .. as if not boosting and selling accounts weren't enough ... riot is not doing shit abut that .. that mean alot
Yeah no way "someone" at Riot has the ability to directly dc someone from the game sry that's not how platforms like these work.
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
XD this is actually bananas but to be fair after testing this I don't think they see you browser tabs or what you are doing what they DO see is the name of any open programs currently running (so the browser looks like its called "Cheat Engine - Google Search" and Cheat Engine are no no words) and this only happen at the start of the game after loading so the scan takes place 1 time ???(maybe several during game but I didn't try to check) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: where to find ?
NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings If you can't find the LoL client add it (and check Global Settings also.
Ranchy (EUW)
: Is 140 ping too high to attack move properly?
Depends on your elo it wont matter till high-diamond.
: Gpu usage
Maybe you have V-Sync enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel.
: Active boots concepts
These boots are OP I can see the horror of them being in-game but I agree that boots need some love (maybe an upgrade like old ones).
: well i was 100% sure i was alone on our wifi, but anyways the problem was fixed after a full repair. Thanks alot for trying to help though! :)
Ping related issues can't be solved by repair but well lets hope you won't get this problem again.
: Blurry Client
Try to restore default setting in NVIDIA Control Panel NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > and Restore defaults. you can also try to change the FXAA setting to off.
: I have the same proble and dont know how to solve it. All I can do is set Low Spec Mode. Win 10 x64, 1080Ti nvidia (last driver) Reinstall didnt work. All other fixes too. Thats how it looks for me: [1.jpg]( [2.jpg]( [3.jpg]( [4.jpg]( [5.jpg]( I hope some one can help us :)
We can't see these images you need to upload them to imgur or something.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why isn't Nami's R called "TsuNami?"
: nonstop 8000 ping
It's very hard to be sure of your own internet connection just by watching a video.Try to check if someone is using your internet while you are playing + if there is something downloading in the background (some updates or something).
: Riot gaming open your eyes
That's because these champions can't kill super tanky enemies that's supposed to be the ADC's job now whether they are doing this job is another matter entirely (ADC's are weak supports are just good).
: I think riot team gone too far with Akali's nerfs and w changes
Annie is like one of the 5 champs out of 142 champions int he entire game that can stand up to Akali doesn't mean Akali needs a buff. Akali's W is an annoying spell to play versus as almost any champion in the game that's why she is getting nerfed and she will continue to be until they somehow fix her W.
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