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Change it to quickcast in the options.
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Yashi97 (EUNE)
: Riot, Please fix toplane. -A plead by Yashi
Yeah, the meta is boring right now too. Every game there is a Vayne, Gankplank or Malzahar. Also, the meta doesn't match my main Talon at all, cause not only he needs buffs cause anyone with brain wont let you snowball by shoving the lane, there are so many tanks everywhere i cant kill anything 100% to 0% after 20 min (yes im salty). Stormraider's Surge doesn't have a good replacement too cause lets be honest Phase Rush sucks and only 3 champions use it{{champion:13}},{{champion:69}} and maybe {{champion:136}} . Riot doesn't see the champions that need buffs desperately, like Zed (yes), Jhin (buffed 20 AD on lv 3 ulti, much wow, such buff) or nearly all bruisers. Can we just nerf tanks so they dont outdamage and outtank 70% of other top champions and make game interesting like in preseason with comets flying everywhere? I dont play top lane at all so i didn't say anything about it but that's how i see the game rn.


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