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: Well I'm not gonna try to convince you, I believe you're able to decide if League is good for you or not. If you're not having fun here anymore, this might be a good time to quit. But if you still enjoy the game, like you said you do, I think you shouldn't see this as the end of the world ... You snapped and said some nasty things, that surely was a mistake, but it doesn't have to dictate the future. In a few months, this won't mean anything. Your account won't be marked forever, people won't treat you differently because of a past mistake. --- You can learn from the mistake and improve instead of dropping everything because it went wrong.
Tnx man, u really can boost some1 moral.
: You realized that you made a mistake and you're leaving the game without getting completely crazy in a post, for that I'm tipping my fedora for you. If you come back, don't let your ego sink to other flamers ego, they don't deserve the attention. Well, the door is open...for now. Cya Hodor, you were a good bouncer.
Cya bro.i was holding the door 4 years, maybe time to crawl under night king ;d
: I liked that in the past seasons people would occasionally leave for different reasons than being banned. Today it seem to be the only case, to the point that everytime i see a "Finally i'm out of there! Bye!" thread, i already know that who opens it is not really leaving but rather getting the boot. And it amuses me, too, that some people claim to have played for years without ever being triggered by some d@@@@ebag but then, hey, they suddenly get mortally offended by one thing and leave. And that happens just when they are get banned in the process, mind you. Whatever. Goodybe.
Atlas (EUNE)
: 14 day ban doesn't randomly come out of only one game... Glad if you don't return because of this, it shows you're truly toxic and you got what you deserved. Also don't act so overly dramatic, we all know that you will be back on the Rift in no time flaming your tits off, get permad and come back on boards with some weakass apology, how it wasn't fair, how you have problems in your life (who doesn't) or just say it was hacked and be outraged when the lift doesn't come. I've seen it too many times. {{champion:427}}
Look man, i didnt came here to ask for forgivness or whatever so.As u can see i barely use boards.2 threads and 2 comments in 4 and a half years.Im not some attention whore who cant take responsibilty for his actions, i just came here to say goodbye cuz that was the thing i tought i should do atm. Oh and if u are glad cuz of my ban good, that will keep reminding me why should i just stay away, too much negative energy in here
DutchPro (EUW)
: I would expect that after so many games of experience you would only get better at dealing with flamers and tilt/stress. I did at least
i would too but sometimes u cant control urself and everything u do is just mashing the keyboard.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Dude. You know he could be lying. He might aswell just said even worse things back to this other "flamer". No chatlogs, no evidence.
After i read those comments bout my family you can bet i said some hard words to him.
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: What season did you join up?
braum release mid of 4th.
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: PETS!: In game Companion!
this is LoL.....Not WoW !


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