: Lets talk About an Santa Ornn Skin
Great idea! I also think Ornn would fit well into like a Worldbreaker skin with an Aztec design. I just want a new skin for one of my fave champs :(
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Cypherous (EUW)
: What would you even want those runes to do? I mean the ones we have serve our needs, what rune is "missing"?
Good question. I wish there were more interactive runes, instead of like some passive stat, and the base stat ones (Health, armor...) strike me as not impactful enough or interesting as they could just adjust base stats in like a patch.
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: Jarvan Ult Bug
Whoa, that's a bad bug {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Smerk (EUW)
: Should be there next month, at the start of preseason
Thanks guys, this is why I love the boards:fast replies :) So its time to start saving IP
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FruziaFru (EUNE)
: Lux Fan VU
This is incredible, so soft and beautiful, great job ! I have to say as Lux is one of my most adored champions, this really does her justice! I really hope they take some ideas from these when they finally update her :)
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
I hate everything about this
: Taking down towers. Kappa
Yeah , big daddy Rift Herald
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Pssssst. Come in here. I gotta tell you something
Im so confused that my name is here lol
Rondö (EUW)
: "Teach a friend" mission. LF low lvl
Someone from EUNE who would like to be my under lvl 15 friend for a game ? :)
RoC Hulse (EUW)
Does anyone know a similar one but for EUNE?
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Idk why that's happening , she is pretty boring for me , not even thinking of buying her like I do with every champion
She is actually much more fun to play than she looks to be, I know i literally yawned looking at her, but in-game she cool
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: There are only 2 genders *grabs popcorn*
GUuuurl lets not go down that road, tumblr will come for us
: With all those comments in this thread I feel so relieved... Makes me want to play the shit out of {{champion:11}} again.
U GO GIRL, dont let anyone stop you!
: honestly mechanics dont win games as much as it did before. This season meta is all about brain usage. If you dont understand game and just chase kills with your godly mechanics you wont get far.
: {{champion:89}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:16}} are one of my mains. I have 0 regrets.
: Because there are people in low elo who consider themselves god's gift to the rift because they play Lee Sin or Yasuo, and spam their mastery to try and assert themselves as someone who is good enough to play those champions to the biggest part of their potential, and therefore, in their mind, superior human beings. News flash: They're neither good enough to play them (hence why they're low elo), nor superior human beings because of their picks. In high-elo you don't see anyone complaining about the enemy playing easy champions. The most you'll see is people complaining about something being overpowered, but being overpowered is not dependant on being easy. Everyone's trying to win, more than anything. In lower elos people are more busy trying to assert themselves as "the one being right", "the MVP", and getting "play of the game", instead of respecting team needs, having attention to macro play, etc. In low elo, most people will gladly sacrifice a win, if it means they will show "who's boss" to someone that's pissed them off. And thus the "I never climb because Riot trolls me with bad teammates", " I'd be #1 challenger, I never do anything wrong, but the entire world and the extraterrestrial community is holding me back" and "I got permabanned unfairly, it's my teammates' fault" threads are born. In short, if someone berates you for playing an easy champion, it's an insecurity problem on their end. It's a "they" problem, not a "you" problem. Muting them is my advice.
: I understand you are new and so you don't know how exactly this community roll. A little example will clarify many things to you. {{champion:36}} passes for one of the easiest champs ever, given that it got a very old and straightforward kit that was modified very little in the past (and infact RioT itself consider Mundo rework worthy). Fact is, during the beginning of S5 or S6 (can't remember), RioT decided to remove {{item:3123}} and generally grevious wounds from most of the champs who got that in their kit, and to overall buff healing dependant champs. This resulted in {{champion:36}} and {{champion:16}} being considered OP and spammed like hell until RioT decided to nerf them AND to put {{item:3123}} back where it was (albeit a tweaked version). Now, do you think that the fact that {{champion:36}} has always passed for a "easy" champ somehow went in the way of the fact that people spammed it because it was considered OP? Of course not. Metasheeps spammed Mundo without thinking twice because, very simple, that's what metasheep does: play what they are told is OP, whetever it's "fair" or not. Better still, they play what passes for OP exactly because the general idea is that supposed OP stuff is NOT fair, and gives them an advantage. So, to answer your question, you should never be in any way fooled or swayed by what the community thinks, because the community itself won't give a s@@t about what it said yesterday when things changes today. So just relax and play what you want and in the way you want.
Im actually not new, Ive been playing since beta, and tried every champ at some point .. but I kinda always shy away from the Rivens and Aurelion Sols back to Jannas and Morganas because its just so much simpler, you already have so many things to think about, it just makes the game easier :)
Fajerk (EUW)
: In long term, majority of simple champions have little space to improve your play, so investing time into playing them does not have much benefit. More complicated champions tend to have steep mastery curve, there is a lot of space to improve your play and usually you are more likely to win with them. Also the more options champion has, the more ways you can influence the game. But I would say that it is always better to play champion that fits given game, rather than look on complexity. There is no reason to not play malphite into full ad enemy just because he is simple champion.
I never though about it that way, insightful actually :D
Notify (EUW)
: Season 1 Veteran, completely let down, unrewarded and feel like 7 years into this game = 0.
Ifeel the same , Im here literally since beta and I feel so insignificant
Treycos (EUW)
: It's not bad to play low skill oriented champion Most players complaining about that are trying to find an excuse to why they lose against you But if you take Janna for example, she's considered to be... "evil" because of how powerfull she is, and that's it Play whatever you want, as long as you enjoy it, other's opinions on that shouldn't matter
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