Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: RaMMuS BoTTT: %%% it RaMMuS BoTTT: %%%j off What are those censored words?
The question is: Are they Zero Tolerance words or not. If yes, the punishment was deserved. If not, the case might require closer look. The OP believes the words were not Zero Tolerance, he should contact Riot Support. We here at the boards can do nothing else about the case.
: Dodge aram
C&P from one of my old posts: Fyi; It isn't possible to code a "keep champion" to ARAM dodges that would not be abused. There are in practice three ways that could be done, and all can be abused. System 1: the one you suggest; the dodger would keep his champion, everyone else would get random champion. Abuse case: Get super champion, dodge to get better team around you. System 2: the dodger (&premade) rerolls, everyone else keeps their champion. Abuse case: Got a bad champion->Dodge and get rid of it. Everyone else would have to keep their champion; good or bad one. System 3: everyone keeps their champion if someone dodges; Abuse case: System 1 abuse applies here. Additional penalty is that the ones with poor champions will have to keep theirs too. Also, all of the systems above result in longer queue times, since there would be multiple "random" locked in champions in queue, that cannot be put in same match.
: If you are right, then why our community is one of the most toxic community in the gaming worlds ? isn't it supposed to be less toxic than others ? because u know, ppl get punished for their doings.
I see two reasons for that; many people who receive their first punishment aren't logical/calm like NightAngael and keep on being negative/toxic after their first warning. Fortunately I believe that there are more people who are like him and never get a punishment again after their first punishment. NightAngael (and others like him): Keep up the good work. :) The second reason is, that it is too simple to create new account. Therefore if someone gets permanently suspended, he creates a new account and keeps on behaving like before, or even worse; trying to troll others so badly, that they "defend themselves" by responding so badly, that the troll can get IFS to punish them. Well, those are the main reasons I see, in addition of the general reason: Anonymity of the internet makes people behave in ways they would not behave in real life.
: Excuse me bro but this guy told me to kill my self and also went afk several times because he was loosing to enemy top and returned a bit after we won the game for him. I remember reporting him and nothing AT ALL happened. Also i want to point out that riot games this 2 months sent me a promotion email to return to league of legends and get bonus 3day XP boost and champion capsules. So riot is either trolling me or banning system is traaaaaaash{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
What he says gets his ass punished. What you say, gets you punished. Trolls attempt to make you talk back, so that they can report you. You might want to learn the golden rule now, before you get your account permanently suspended. The golden rule: If someone annoys you, mute him, don't talk to/with/about him, report him in post game lobby (still not talking to/about/with him). That is a good protection for your account. If you keep calling for reports or are otherwise negative, you will soon enough find your account permanently suspended. Please do notice, that the 14 day suspension comes with the notification, that it is the final warning before permanent suspension. Even light negativity will get your account suspended now. You can consider that a fact and warning. It is nothing personal, since I do not know you or your circumstances.
: This is my first time getting a 14 day ban on this account Mr.Smart pants and when you get toxic players who telling u to kill yourself and going afk all game saying "report nasus" its COMPLETELY normal action to do so. And for another my previous restriction was 10 games chat ban.
"So i got 14 days banned for a game i "flamed" 2 months ago and today i returned after quite some time played a ranked game TODAY on 7 august 2019 that I won and got 14 days banned for that game 2 months ago XD" Ah, it seems I misunderstood that. The first part suggested to me that you were suspended 2 months ago - apparently not. You actually just said that the game 2 months ago affected the punishment you got today. Well, I guess it just means that you were reported on that match 2 months ago and had a 24 game chat restriction a short time before that. That report put you to the last straws before the next punishment. Now, today you played again, got validly reported again and since you had not played in the last 2 months, IFS found that match chat log to put in your punishment report. I do think that it should have put the logs of your today's match there too. Maybe you just didn't see it? Well, I don't know IFS that well though, but apparently it does consider your chat usage toxic. You might want to contact support for more details, especially since you haven't had two 14 day suspensions after all.
Were you actually punished with 14 day suspension only couple of months ago, and now again for 14 days? If yes, there is an irregularity. By the [IFS FAQ]( we have been given, you should have been permanently suspended instead, if that is the case. Please do complain to the support, to receive your proper punishment. Oh, you won't? Weird. Anyways, I guess you ment that you had a 24 chat restriction 2 months ago, and decided to leave for a while. Punishment system doesn't forget your 'crimes' if you don't play, so if you returned today to play again without having played any games in between, it means you were still on your previous punishment tier and the next tier is the 14 day suspension you got. It is an escalating punishment system after all. If I guess right, you have now been punished 3 times. The next punishment for even light flaming or negativity is permanent suspension. Your chat log doesn't show extensive negativity or such, but there is some report calling, which can be considered harassment. That may be the reason why you were punished. If you want more exact details, contact Riot support and ask about it - that is, unless you were actually punished with 14 day suspension twice already like I joked at the first paragraph.
: How do you guys deal with tilt.
Tilt? What tilt? Well, okay, I admit that even I get a bit tilted occasionally. That tends to make me oblivious to the times I have died. Well, I don't pay much attention on that anyways. I only play ARAMs, and if you don't die occasionally, you don't get items. Thus it is okay to die from time to time. I guess that since I know that you are supposed to optimally we are around 50% winrate: ie: We are supposed to lose some - we cannot win them all. And I also know of existence of the win & loss streaks - sometimes you get lots of whacky defeats in row and even that is fine. I will get that win streak at some point to balance that. Those two facts help me avoid "Tilt" I guess. Oh, and even though I don't like to lose, it is still just a game. Why should I get angry over it? Ah, and I think that also helps, that I like playing the underdog. Those difficult matches give more chances for self improvement and are also more fun than the easy stomp victories.
: what a deserved perma ban, gg rito.
Yes, it seems to be a valid ban, as long as you have had your 14 day suspension before. I didn't really see any questions in the text, but if you have some, feel free to ask. If you decide to create a new account or you have one already, you would be wise to study the [IFS FAQ](
Remmeh (EUW)
: How do people do it?
Some pieces of advice: - Turn of all chat. That doesn't help with toxicity from your team, but it helps a lot. - Lane stealing: Stay on the lane. If it is a ranked match (I guess it isn't since you might be too low level to play ranked), you report them after the match. If it is blind pick; there are no assigned roles even if you yell a lane first. You can play with any number of mids for example, so if someone decides he is too badass to be elsewhere, you have as much right as he does to be there. Granted, you will most likely lose, but wouldn't you lose anyways with the annoying guy like him? - Never talk back. Always play to win. That protects you from the [IFS]( - Avoid using team chat for anything else than morale boosting & tactics discussions (and avoid using it in general; I practically never type more than 3 lines during the match). - If someone's chats, emotes or pings are annoying you, mute them by selecting correct mute buttons under tab menu. Report the negative behavior at end of the game match. And remember; never talk back. That will trigger IFS and you will soon find yourself punished even more harshly than you have been before. Study the punishment system description under the link I provided above. - Have fun, even when you are losing. Well, try at least! You can learn how to fight and resist as the underdog, and sometimes you can make it a comeback victory.
Baden (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Call me Teddy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E54j9Q7r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-06T00:49:59.230+0000) > > Intentionally dying **once** isn't feeding, but regardless, there's an art to doing that in aram > > To me there's 4 ways to do it : > > - The sneaky ravioli : you try to sneak past the enemy team and get tower aggro when ur low hp > - I'm an idiot : poking them while ur minions are pushing under their tower to get tower aggro > - Basically trynda but without his R : you go in like a crazy madman and try to do as much damage as you can before dying > - Man I'm so tanky : diving the enemy tower and tanking it for a long time to either try to get the tower or a kill or two > > Just letting them kill you for free is never the best option since there's always something better you can do > > Also I think the response you got from the riot support isn't representative of riot or the community's views, simply saying they had to consider their position when replying to that question since they are riot employees but they're not really high up the ladder either, so they can't really afford to give you their own opinion on the matter and pass it as "riot's perspective" so more often than not they'll stay strictly with what they're allowed to say > > As far as I know, no one has ever been banned for doing that and it's unlikely to change as long as you're playing to win Thanks for your view on the topic. However, until I get a source, I still consider all your four cases to be intentionally feeding. Unless, with the first case, you manage to die by a tower without giving any kill assists to the enemy team - which is probably THE most brilliant move in ARAM. > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E54j9Q7r,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-06T01:00:33.587+0000) > > Don't take the word of one support person as the general rule. > > I'd say a lot of people think that dying in this way in ARAM is just part of the game. Actually I had another Riot employee say the same around the same time. But I think I lost that source. Any way, I'd still listen to one Riot employee that I expect has done his/her research on the case to give a precise response rather than what random players in general believe what should be okay. The best outcome of this thread would be that Riot listens to what the players accept as being part of the game, and remove the rule, or narrow it down.
Well, you can consider the situations Call me Teddy described intentional feeding, but IFS sure won't (especially since the player will most likely end the game with single digit in deaths anyways) and the player will not be punished if he does that. The support person simply doesn't know his stuff and your report will be flagged as false report. I think that most of us here (OP included) agree, that Riot should educate their support persons better. Edit; Even the situation in the opening by you is not intentional feeding, even though it would be better to try to find a less gold giving way to get to the shop - even just denying the assist gold would be better, or at least trying to get a kill while you die, or damage or protect an objective while you die. Punishing someone for that would get Riot more PR problems than what they need. Practically every ARAM player knows that the player should not be punished for that.
Xalin (EUW)
: I already did that, still got no answer yet.
It might take a day or two. It will help, if you do not add new messages to the ticket. If you do, it will refresh it and move the ticket to the bottom of their work queue.
Xalin (EUW)
: Why would I lie I want support from Riot so they can check my situation. This happened from a single game I don't have any more cards. I already did that yesterday thanks.
You get support from Riot by contacting Riot Support. They do not generally read these boards, or if they do, they don't answer to these threads at least. [Riot Support can be found from here.](
: you don't have to be that disrespectful yourself man .... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I guess my sense of humor just isn't for everyone (maybe it is just for me myself?). My apologies to those who were offended.
Lari (EUNE)
: 1) Sorry kid but you are not the only one who got in an university 2) i don't recall talking to you personally, unless you feed everytime you play, or you are a kayn that gets his form in 23 min
Yes, but the point is, some people simply cannot play Yi. My problem is playing any of the assassins. I cannot get it when I should attack with one of them and thus I just die with those guys. So maybe you should not insult those who cannot play Yi? Insults are bad okay, don't do them.
Lari (EUNE)
: How should i treat bad players?
If you are playing with "bad players", you are to: Keep calm Try to win Not whine/flame/blame/call for reports/be negative Sorry, but that is the best I can do with my lowest of the low intelligence. I wonder how I got though university with that. Weird!
: I did but haven't gotten a reply yet, and maybe somebody knew something else i could do
People here on the boards can only advice. Well, Riot occasionally participates in discussions here, but those occasions are rare and have been even more rare in the last few months. Thus; Please wait for Riot Support to reply to your thread. Don't bump it by adding new messages, because that will move your ticket to the last place in the Rioter what-to-do-next queue.
: if it's ur first time playing aram on that server you're probably placed in low elo aram, work your way to higher elos and ur aram experience will improve
I guess I will have to agree with you. I only play ARAMs (eune) and I don't really see that much whining, salt or tears in Abyss. Well, some of that experience might be result of me having all-chat turned off.
: Is Riot aware of this?
Riot officially punishes those people (I would guess that would lead to 14-day suspension at minimum (and the next step would be permanent suspension). However, we the players do not know the success rate of has Riot in catching them. The way you have to deal with that is the usual (with optional extra step): Mute, Report via post-game report tool, and optionally report them also via Riot support system.
Black0Price (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baka Red,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=adYsyvYs,comment-id=00010001000100000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-05-20T14:08:16.311+0000) > > Your "Calling for a report isnt harassment and it isnt toxic." vs Riot Husker's ["Calling for others to report a player is a punishable offense. It is a form of bullying and as such is against the summoner code. It should always be a personal decision for each player as to whether or not they feel another player warrants a report. In fact, do feel free to tell your team mates that "report calling" in itself counts as harassment. Flaming and bullying a player will never help them to improve their game mechanics, communication etc."]( > > PS: Husker was Riot employee at that time. So should we believe your words or his? My friend asking to a report a negative person who does never listen wont hurt his feeling if he never listens , he likes going for negativity and not listening and messing around .. in fact when I did say report him , he had left ... So I asked the enemy to give him a report and he wasn't here, so it's not bullying actually also , It might be annoying to see a player calling to report you and u might go fight with him in chat , but as I said, I did this after he had left to avoid in any possible fights with such a player... but simply a negative player cannot be advised so believe me anything I would do to help him or to hurt him wont matter , he will remain with his negativity , surely the case doesn't include all players and surely not the tilted players , but I mean the player that legit going for negativity as in my case
> [{quoted}](name=Black0Price,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=adYsyvYs,comment-id=000100010001000000000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-05-20T14:20:43.201+0000) > > My friend asking to a report a negative person who does never listen wont hurt his feeling if he never listens , he likes going for negativity and not listening and messing around .. in fact when I did say report him , he had left ... So I asked the enemy to give him a report and he wasn't here, so it's not bullying actually also , It might be annoying to see a player calling to report you and u might go fight with him in chat , but as I said, I did this after he had left to avoid in any possible fights with such a player... but simply a negative player cannot be advised so believe me anything I would do to help him or to hurt him wont matter , he will remain with his negativity , surely the case doesn't include all players and surely not the tilted players , but I mean the player that legit going for negativity as in my case Question to you: Why didn't you just report him yourself? I guess you didn't know that it is useless with Riot's "One report is as strong as nine." and "Report calling is harassment." Well, anyways, you do know that now, so you won't make the same mistake with your next account, in case you start one. Oh, and if you do begin again, you would do well to follow this guideline: If someone annoys you in league, mute him, don't talk to/with/about him, play to win, report him in post-game lobby (still not talking to/with/about him) and move on. That will keep your account quite safe.
PwentPL (EUNE)
: Maybe answer the whole thing without ignoring the inconvinient things for you. Calling for a report isnt harassment and it isnt toxic. You said players that playing against eachoter are the same mmr basicaly so hard feeding should be impossible. However these 0/10 stats are happening from iron to challanger. so inting and trolling is a problem. Asking the enemy to report somebody isnt really toxic at all. They wont pay attention as much. They cant see the chat, and most importantly they care less about the enemy. So if they see I want to report my troll teammate maybe they choose to report him too. Riot says they punish the player if he broke the rules, so if he had 1 bad stat in 100 games then it is fine. However if they see a 1% winrate 1000 game disco nunu they know he is an inter and a troll. So again your comparison was bad as %%%% because it makes no sense at all and you cant even form an argument for it. You just state it isa very clever parallel. Its not. So saying "I will report you." or "Report this feeder." isnt toxic at all. If you feel its toxic then report them, I dont care at all. However its entierly your fault if you are feeding and your gameplay is worthless. You dont have to decide if they are inting or not. You arent some kind of Riot employee to make decisions you have a tool to report thats it. You have again some very shallow understanding of simple systems. I wrote already what is a feeder and how I report them. You said I cant read so maybe you cant either. Maybe you should use less made up nonsese and bad parallels. Sites can tell exactly that. If you see a 10 games lose streak guy with very bad stats you dodge. If you see somebody with very low winrates, you dodge. Its very simple. It takes very little effort to figure it out if someone is a very bad player and you would most likely lose with him. Its not about the rank either they are in every possible rank.
Your "Calling for a report isnt harassment and it isnt toxic." vs Riot Husker's ["Calling for others to report a player is a punishable offense. It is a form of bullying and as such is against the summoner code. It should always be a personal decision for each player as to whether or not they feel another player warrants a report. In fact, do feel free to tell your team mates that "report calling" in itself counts as harassment. Flaming and bullying a player will never help them to improve their game mechanics, communication etc."]( PS: Husker was Riot employee at that time. So should we believe your words or his?
: > [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RyETp5c7,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-15T16:28:47.137+0000) > > What? Where have you heard that? Read the F[.A.Q. ]( Than how it is possible on my main account I have played over 200 games this season still honor lvl 2 havent moved a single checkpoint.
I don't think we know for sure if being validly reported a lot will stop your honor progress, but we do know it will at least slow down. However, if you get validly reported, (even if it is just for very minor negativity) it is only a matter of time before you get punished because of being consistently slightly negative. Therefore it is best to stop being even slightly negative, if you wish to a) increase your honor and b) not get punished again.
: Player Karma?
Riot says they don't have "report weight" anymore, which is pretty much the "Karma" you speak about. You can check it [here]( Edit; On the other hand, their [IFS FAQ ]( says "Also, players who consistently make false reports against others diminishes the value of that player's report and renders them meaningless." So, I guess it is up to you which line you believe. I personally haven't seen a "Player has been punished" message in over two years, and there have been people whom I have reported for Zero Tolerance things like using "%%%" among those reports, and it is a rare evening that I don't report someone for something. Well, less rare in the last couple of months, since I haven't been playing that much anymore. Edit 2; and for those who want to tell me that "You don't always get the message." - yes, I know, but the ZT users whom I reported weren't punished in the next couple of months - that was checked from their match history couple of months later.
: [FR]Please add SMS validation as a requirement for ranked play
Even though I agree in spirit (and even though I don't play ranked), I think that adding SMS validification might cause GDPR related problems for Riot. At the very least, they might need to update their Privacy policy. Anyways, sounds like a nice idea. Maybe Riot can do something with it, maybe they cannot. We shall see.
: some days ago in lobby. Probably in game too, but idk i was on the enemy team. > yR: riven > yR: ill find you > yR: and break ur knee caps > yR: are you spanish? > yR: or french > yR: no other nationality > yR: ur > yR: 200 games > yR: gold 2 > yR: drink bleach > yR: and jump in front of the > yR: nearest train reported for all the right reasons. Still playing. Its a fact report system isn't functioning properly. People like this should be instantly removed from the game. He broke game rules, as well laws. btw, i've heard rioters on forums mentioning zero tolerance policy multiple times. Saying how people get instantly banned for saying specific things (including k.y.s.). here found it: > Punishments generally follow a basic escalation path: > > First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction > Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction > Third Offense: Two Week Suspension > Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension > > However, it is possible to skip to a Two Week or Permanent suspension based on the severity of the behavior in the game. **Excessive negative behavior can result in a Two-Week or Permanent suspension at any time without having a chat restriction on the account.**
Yes, I believe you are correct. Even if after reporting such a player via in-game system and sending a support ticket about his behavior, those people aren't always punished with the suspension. I have had this happen twice for me personally (I being the reporter, not the bad guy). IFS ZT system isn't as infallible as many people here believe, but that is what we got and thus we have to live with that.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: do you know that the IFS issues punishments based on the players reports? riot have nothing to do with punishable phrases/words/etc, players shape the system, riot only gave us the base this is why "gg ez" is punishable now, when i started playing you saw "gg ez" in every single game and it wasnt punishable, now its just a toxic phrase right now ppl see that repeating other toxic ppl is punishable, so you get punished for it
Sorry for the late answer (I generally stay at NA side of the boards and only check EU side occasionally): Yes, I believe I know the punishment system quite well. There are two main parts for the chat related IFS: Zero Tolerance (ZT) part, which generally punishes with immediate 14 day punishment if it detects words from specific list of words (which cannot be said here due to autocensoring, even though they can be said at NA player behavior boards), and the 'self learning thingy' (of which quality I find questionable) which punishes in accordance of chat log severity and consistency. It does punish some people, so I don't think it is all bad. At least it does something. "gg ez" might be counted as negative by the second part of the IFS (I consider that the main part even though I say "2nd" here), but it is most likely very low on severity scale, and therefore won't trigger a punishment practically ever.
Madnasher (EUW)
: > Lux, Pyke, Syndra, Brand, Sion and Maokai can be dodged, Yi is nasty yes, but his kit requires him to be in melee range, his Q often puts him in range of danger... you can move to evade or mitigate these, Teemo and Karth pretty much demand you buy X or die. > lux lands a q in a rather narrow setup, someone is eliminated- Pyke lands a q-e. someone is eliminated, hell, its hard to escape pyke with the resets on his ult, yi needs a kill or two and he snowballs, hard, easiest way to deal with him is CC, which you cant guarentee youll get. Maokai, his ult fills the width of the map, and his e means bushes are something you dont go near at all. Brand, so much space to escape that ult..... Sion with his passive does insane damage to towers/teams in those close confines.... Karthus has around a minute and a half cooldown on his ult, at max level, with full CDR, thats not bad, but the short range on his q, w and e makes the rest of the kit fairly mundane for ARAM. Teemo can be hard countered by one item. 300 gold. Seriously, shaco is worse to deal with, and that same item is essential against him.
I mostly agree with you. The part in which I disagree is Karthus; He isn't just his R. He is very strong, especially with Mark/Snowball. I think I had around 80% ARAM winrate with him at some point, but I guess I have gone down a bit from my glory days. Anyways; I disagree with the OP: No champion should ever be removed from ARAM champion pool. If one of them is removed, we can just as well remove every other champion too, since there will always a new overpowered champion for every removed overpowered champion. If the ban system remains after the experiment is over, the OP can ban one of them every time. I have seen plenty of Karthus bans already during this experiment and I am afraid I won't be able to play him that often anymore. So OP, if you happen to read this, ban Teemo instead. Someone else is already banning my Karthus, okay? ;)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: how you dont see that if you quote a toxic player you are toxic as well? why do you have to repeat ppl? you can just report them after the game and they get their punishment by repeating them you just get yourself punished...
Well, imo that "repeat another's ZT is toxic" is stupidity from Riot's part, but I know that is most likely truth and we have to live with that. That doesn't mean it still isn't stupid and should not be pointed out so that Riot knows they should fix that. However, most likely Riot is unable to 'fix that'because their IFS isn't most likely that "smart" as many people here believe. :( Anyways, the chat itself is toxic enough even if we omit the quotations (lots of report calling for example) and apparently there is some Zero Tolerance words included among his own words _("LasanhaDeAtum: what the %%%% u want?")_
: I die in our jungle 4 vs 1, i dont fed them. Even more, when all enemy go to our jungle i ask for help and they said that thats not our job and 2 of them stay afk on a bush near to the teamfight.
So you most likely have nothing to worry about.
: I'm glad some people like you actually take the time and effort to write something like this which hopefully will be heard by Riot as well since it seems to be getting some sort of attention on this board to say the least. But first and foremost I also want to clarify that the following is just my personal opinion I'm stating as well and hope people might join in in this conversation to give some feedback. **About me** Let's start with some information about myself since I kinda know how some people like to argue about not being into League all too long etc. I've been playing League of Legends since season 1, pretty much play every season since season 3 (just) up to platinum+ and stop there since I don't want to spent the time grinding for higher ranks to drop lp and get demoted after a couple of days of inactivity for whatever reason (e.g. holiday). Moreover I'm not a too competetive player (at least in League) which is just one of the many reasons I stuck to and learned love ARAM where I've currently played roughly over 4651 games of since introduction of the official mode. Now let us get to the **experimental changes** listed above by **RiCaR1** and some other ones in the current patch 9.7. * **Bans** - While I also don't get why anyone would implement them into ARAM (intended fun mode) and kinda like the solution of **FR4GGEL** to simply make all champions free to play for everyone to get rid of the ARAM accounts (even though I don't really mind those) I can see the problem here for Riot. If you'd do that most people wouldn't feel the need to ever unlock the champions in the shop for the normal mode in case they'd only play ARAMs which kinda ruins Riots idea of how the shop for champions is managed with blue essences. It might be hard to imagine but blue essences would then be even more useless. However with bans now implemented you could almost compare it with simply removing the blind pick mode for Summoners Rift which is ridiculous. * **Poke protection** - I don't get this change either. Yes, it can be frustrating in case the enemy team get's something like a Varus, Xerath, Velkoz, Lux, Kaisa etc. in the same team. But in all seriousness... How often does that really occur? In all my 4650+ ARAM's I might have had a single game where our team didn't have chance. If at all.... It always depends how you play it out especially after the implementation of Mark/Dash which helped melee champions immensely to find engages against such comps. The only thing I'd eventually change there is to lower it's cooldown overall down from 48 to flat 30 and remove the punishment/reward of missing/hitting the mark due to a 48 seconds cooldown being very unforgiving in ARAM in case you miss it and 36 if you hit it. Like that I'd imagine there would be way more openings against poke comps. * since **RiCaR1** mentioned **Warmogs** as well... Here's the point where I disagree with him. It is basically the current poke protection for tanks in midgame just like lifesteal/spellvamp in general as well as several runes like Bloodline, Taste of Blood, Second Wind etc. which is fine in my opinion at least. * **Increase of minion spawnrate** - A pretty welcome change to make the games a bit faster even though it can lead to several champions not being able to utilize their midgame power all that much due to the midgame being shortened by that. However you could argue that other champions on the flipside get to their lategame items way faster. It might need some more time of testing. * **Runes** - Probably my favourite change of this patch which I really appreciate since some runes compared to each other are just way too good/bad depending on how you want to see it or simply not even viable so that some even were already getting automatically changed before this patch (e.g. Gathering Storm). * **Mariner's Vengeance** - First off to my now most hated item in ARAM: Mariner's Vengeance. Personally I think this item is completely over the top. The reasoning behind that is that it can be very easily be abused by hypercarries like a Vayne for example which is easily able to rip almost half your team apart in the 4 second duration of the item (which literally is an eternity in this game; especially in case she goes crit and/or she gets to your backline). But that's not just an issue with hypercarries. Another example are Fighters like Riven who have an extremely high damage output with their regular spells due to the item refunding all cooldowns except the Ultimate which can be obnoxious to deal with as well. The items user getting instantaneously cleansed by any crowd control and not having any stasis/windup time like the regular Guardian's Angel isn't really helping to do anything against that too. The passive alone is just way too strong. * **Ghostwalkers** - Since they are back once again... Just a very strong item in generaI if you use them correctly. I don't see too much of a problem with them except it being eventually a bit hard to keep track of somebody running inside the walls due to the effects visibility not being "eye-catchy" enough. Yes, I get that it's supposed to be like that to fit the theme of it supposedly being an option especially for assassins. The question here is just if your team is hypothetically dodging skillshots of 4 people while a "wild" Amumu suddenly appears out of the wall without anyone noticing it's just rough. So it could be a little more vibrant I'd say. * **Backtrack/removal of Barrier** - Personally a big fan of Backtrack since it's really fun to use and has a lot of interactions and synergy with several abilities. Mostly beneficial for Assassins but can also be an exceptionally good spell to kite as an ADC for example even though the 2,5 seconds delay seems very long in that case. But did we really had to remove Barrier for that? While Barrier was one of the most popular spells to be taken in ARAM I think Backtrack is easily on par with it due to it's versatileability in creating plays. * **Butcher's Bridge** - While I think Butcher's Bridge looks more appealing and interesting in terms of the overall theme/design than the Howling Abyss I've got to say that it's visibility-wise especially the usage of Mark/Dash way worse. Probably due to the fire's orange lights. However you could argue that it's better in terms of visibility for several abilities using blue/white particles than the Howling Abyss. On the flipside it's worse for orange and green-ish abilities because of the contrasts. So it's just what you prefer... For me personally still the Howling Abyss. Would be great to be able to switch the skins via the ingame options since it basically isn't affecting the gameplay I'd assume. I hope I've more or less everything covered. Thanks for everyone reading this and taking into consideration to join this topic in advance. Time will tell what's gonna happen I guess. Have a nice one. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
I (ARAM only player with 4-5k ARAM matches behind me) mostly agree with justMvN's post above. The only difference between our opinions seems to be that I don't especially dislike the banning system. That will be required, if the abomination known as Mariner's Vengeance stays in game; Master Yi will have to stay banned if that item exists. However, I am not against not having banning system either. Either way is fine, as long as Mariner's vengeance isn't here to stay.
: That wasn't the point... It goes both ways. If someone else is spamming "ez" all game and nothing else. How should others react since you are so fickle about this?
If you think it is reportable, report it and let IFS handle the rest. PS: since he is spamming it in your example, that might make it more likely to be punished. Singular "ez" and nothing else most likely won't be punished (well, if he does it in every match for hundreds of times in row, that might be consistent enough negative behavior for IFS to consider worth punishing, but I doubt that it is so).
: was I toxic in this situation?
Your question was: Was I toxic in this situation? a) you threatened to afk -> toxic b) you afked -> toxic So the answer to your question is simple: Yes, you were toxic. Free advice: Don't be toxic, or you risk being punished. Instead of being toxic, mute the annoyance, don't talk to/with/about him and report him in post-game-lobby. After that forget the guy.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: guarding the lane's furthermost tower from the base till minions spawn=/= afking in fountain i don't understand why that comparison exists
Technically you might be correct, maybe. In practice and in spirit however, if a person is staying at fountain 'protecting the nexus turrets by looking imposing (while the player goes for a smoke or to toilet)' that player is certainly handicapping his team and often puts the team behind in gold with his behavior and gives the enemy a chance to snowball which in turn allows them to win more easily. Therefore the OP is correct with his reminder, which in practice says: "Please play to win from the very first moment of the match." I personally would like to add to that: "... to the very last moment of the match." Dear Voldymort, we don't always have to oppose opinions, even if it is in our blood. :) I personally usually forgive a minute or two of afking at the beginning of the match, even though I do frown upon it. Please note the "usually". Sometimes I don't. If I don't forgive him, I report him, and if that player has been reported for afking a lot, IFS might punish him for that afking habit of his. So, technically, I think Whats Supp Doc is actually the person who is correct here; technically that person is afking. In practice that afking very rarely results in a punishment.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: just had this %%%%%%ed trynda who kept engaging 1vs5-.-
If he was in your team, you could have used your team chat. If he was in the enemy team, why would you talk to him? Isn't it a matter for his team to handle?
Vanderlin (EUW)
: A Two Week Ban is a Bit Extreme
OP, since you used Zero Tolerance words, IFS and quite likely most people here agree that you deserved your ban. A friendly piece of advice; Once you get out of your suspension, never be negative again. Why? Because you just got your final warning, and the next time you are punished, you have to say good bye to your account, since it will go under Permanent Suspension. If you need help in learning self control, you can most likely find appropriate threads from these boards with some search attempts. If not, you can start a thread of your own and get answers that way.
RazerX (EUW)
: You don't get banned for one game of bad behaviour. You only get the results from the last game that you were reported for.
Well, some do, like this guy due to his Zero Tolerance term use.
: That is not entirely correct. If the zero tolerance system acts, it's always at least a 14 day ban it only hands out those and perma bans. Also there is no 1-week-ban. However, it is a myth that the zero tolerance system instantly punished just because of one word without any previous offenses. That is evidently not correct. This myth exists because flamers who got hit by the zero tolerance system often claim that, before that, they never ever did anything wrong. This is usually bullshit. It's simply not true. Almost all flamers claim that and it's never true. So a more accurate name would probably be "almost zero tolerance system". It seems to target people who use hate speech (or similar stuff) AND have at least some kind of toxicity background (not necessarily a previous punishment. Doesn't really make a big difference because those people who use this kind of language are usually the kind of people who show some kind of toxicity anyway, but it explains why some players who use word that should trigger the zero tolerance system are not getting punished immediately.
This is an excellent answer (not only because I agree with it ;) I have personally seen couple of ZT cases, which slipped through both Report system and Riot Support without punishment (no 14 day lapse in their match history in couple of months). If the two cases were people who had never done anything bad before that, Humpelstilzche's Almost Zero Tolerance theory would explain why they weren't punished. Thanks. However, I do not think it is a wise move by Riot to call their punishment subsystem Zero Tolerance system, if it is actually Almost Zero Tolerance system instead. If it is Almost Zero Tolerance system instead of Zero Tolerance system, Riot should tell us that it is AZT instead of ZT. Well, I guess "ZT system" is more effective deterrant for ZT words than "AZT system", so maybe that is the reason why Riot claims it is Zero Tolerance instead of Almost Zero Tolerance. Maybe that is good enough reason for calling it a ZT system.
: When do YOU report your teammates for flaming?
The three types of things which you say you only report go under Hate Speech reports and I hope to see "player has been punished" message afterwards(I haven't seen one in over two years even though I have reported Zero Tolerance cases during that time). I use other report types for less severe types of flaming; Verbal Abuse and Negative Behavior are for those. I report people whom I think behave in a way that lessens team morale. This includes "enemy missing" spam after a team mate makes some mistake, telling people they are "noob", "loser" or "idiot" etc. And Also many other things get a report from me; yes, many other things as long as I consider those things negative for the team. However, if someone dies due to a mistake - even dies several times - that isn't worth a report in my book. Mistakes happen and I make plenty of them myself. Well, I guess you only asked for flaming reports, and dying isn't one of those. I file "intentional feeding" reports very rarely, since most people don't really do it. Anyone can feed, but most of the time that isn't intentional. Someone might flame them for their mistakes though, and that in turn might result in a report from me. I hope that satisfies your curiosity - at least a little bit.
Eywee (EUW)
: When you get 1v9 aram as a support :(
Yes, apparently bots are still a problem at low Match Making Rating (MMR) ARAMs. Apparently Riot still takes care of bots occasionally (and it seems that there was a recent ban wave, since we have plenty of "I was banned for 3rd party software use" threads here atm). Unfortunately that doesn't stop the bots from coming back the next day. It only punishes those poor fools, who bought accounts from those botters. The way to get away from the bots is to climb to a higher MMR; Bots aren't smart (like you most likely noticed) so you should be able to climb higher than them easily enough even if you are the only real player in the match. Bots won't be able to climb since they lose to the enemy bots (and real players) more than 50% of the time.
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: i wrote one time waited 70 hours and got some email from riot about if they did good or something like that but i didnt get any help
Ah, sorry but we cannot help you there. I guess you just have to keep poking them occasionally (not too often though). Or pray to the gods that someone from Riot actually notices this thread - I guess the chances of that happening are slim at best.
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: i have been trying to contact riot for the last 4 days but i am not getting answers thats why i came here
Ah, an advice in that thing; Every time you write new stuff to the support ticket, you go to the last position in the queue Riot will handle the ticket. So stop bumping it to get it looked at.
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: of course Pre-Game Grjóni G: who Grjóni G: xD Grjóni G: little devil beemo happy elf or badger Grjóni G: why In-Game Grjóni G: please report the tf on my team Grjóni G: he told me to end my life Grjóni G: he said in champ select %%% to me for no reason Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: i didnt think it would kill me Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: gj Grjóni G: its good Grjóni G: and also Grjóni G: tfd Grjóni G: why report me Grjóni G: oh Grjóni G: ok Grjóni G: saying %%% is reportable Grjóni G: will do Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: cant Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: killed ez Grjóni G: thats worth i think Grjóni G: walk in that bush Grjóni G: nice Grjóni G: bad support who Grjóni G: and we could have killed them if you didnt go b tf Grjóni G: but its ok Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: if i would have gotten the q i could have killed him Grjóni G: scare him Grjóni G: pls Grjóni G: now Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: the one in the bottom right corner Grjóni G: look at my score and my skin xD Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: why Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: tito op Grjóni G: teemo support op Grjóni G: i inted hard Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: SRYU Grjóni G: gg teemo support op
Even though people say that context doesn't matter, I recommend that you contact Riot support about the case. They are likely more forgiving than the Instant Feedback System (IFS) and might understand that you simply used the same term as someone else, in a (misguided) attempt to get him punished. (Misguided, because 1 report is as strong as nine, thus there is no need to ask for reports). After you have talked with Support, you know your fate. PS: Support _might_ unpunish you. However, the chance of that happening is unknown and depends on the support person(s) involved. Be polite.
: ARAM is my favorite yet my most tilting mode to play for the following reason
Sorry, but your thinking that people only dodge because their champion sucks is too simple. You are missing one big reason people dodge: the other people and their champions. People consider the team composition, the attitude of people in the pre-game-lobby, maybe even their win statistics and possibly they have other reasons. Therefore it won't be meaningless to dodge even if you get the same champion on the next lobby; your team composition would still change, even if you keep your champion. For example; you got some super champion, but the rest of your team sucks and you would most likely lose if you played with them. Would you dodge? I might; that is actually the biggest reason I do my occasional dodges; if the team composition sucks, I dodge and everyone else from that lobby gets a chance to get better champions in the next one. I will just skip league that evening and play the next evening. (I dodge maybe once a month or so) Your suggestion doesn't mention what happens to the champions of those people, who do not dodge. However, what ever happens to them (they keep their champions, or they get new ones) doesn't matter - The system would still have serious flaws. "What flaws?", you ask. First flaw: We would have several same champions in queue at once. (For example 10 Luxes). Imagine how long the tenth Lux would have to wait to get to a match. Riot cannot put two of them in the same match after all. Even worse; you might have two people with the same champions locked up for them queue up together as pre-made. These poor guys would never get to the match, because they have the same champion. Second flaw: Since we cannot have two of the same champion in the same match, match making would have to take that into account and that would mean longer queue times for everyone - even the non luxes. Third flaw - option A: If everyone would have to keep their champion, instead of only the dodger, imagine what would happen to those who get super poor champion to play. They would get to a lobby, someone with super champion decides "I am not going to play with that guy" and he dodges. The poor guy would have to go through dozens of dodges, just because he happened to get that poor champion. Soon the first flaw would start to hamper their queue times (instead of ten luxes in queue, we would have twenty Udyrs waiting for their time to get to the lobby .. to see someone dodge again) Would you like to be that player? I sure would not. Third flaw - option B: If everyone else than the dodger would get a new champion, they would still whine that someone dodged and they lost their Super Champion X because of them. Also, they would suffer from the First and Second flaw of the keep-your-champion-system. There isn't really a way to have a keep-champion-in-case-of-dodges system for ARAM that would not cause problems or that would not be abusable. Current system works fine enough; queues are fast and dodge penalties hard enough to have people dodge more often than once a day. My suggestion to you dear OP is that you change your mentality; Once you see the loading screen and the champion in it and not a moment before, you will consider the champion with your name under it the champion you are going to play. That way you won't feel disappointed when someone dodges.
: weird, we don't usually get racism or homophobia or any kind of discrimination in our chats, just pink flowers and fluffy clouds! for real dude ? I get this type of talk 1 out of 3 games!
Weird indeed. I rarely see such. Might be because I don't have all-chat on. Other factor might be that I am ARAM only player, so the other players might be in more relaxed state than the "serious matches". For me ARAMs are the serious matches and if any of you happen to play a match with me, you will most likely complain about tryhards afterwards. Sorry about that, but ARAMs are serious business (for some)! :)
: > I was banned last time for 14 days also because I typed "%%%" in the chat. I didn't know that this exact combination of three letters is a zero-tolerance word. Last time I checked this was not written anywhere so technically I didn't agree to this. Thus it shouldn't be bannable. I find it hard to believe that people don't realise after they get banned, for saying that exact word. It's been notorious to result in instant 14-day bans and overall regarded as a hate speech term. Homophobic, racial slurs and hate speech are all zero-tolerance, and are not listed anywhere since people could just work around saying those exact words to flame and deceive the automated system.
Heh, well, I find it easy to believe that people don't know about %%% and other Zero Tolerance words. I have a friend whom I have warned many times about his chat use. He has even used %%% (I didn't report him, since he is cousin of mine - I don't know if anyone else did) and he wasn't punished. He still doesn't believe that this kind of language filter/ZT punishment system exists.
: lazy comment, that's the case closed, maybe
Well, I guess since this thread has already been necroed, and you are still looking for the answer... The line which got that account suspended is most likely this one: _"oriannashutsdown: who the %%%% is eggnivia"_ The %%%% is most likely a Zero Tolerance (ZT) word, which Riot Instant Feedback System (IFS) (tries to) always punish with a minimum of 14 day suspension. I would have adviced you to contact Riot Support about that - well, you might still want to do that - since I don't see that word being directed at anyone and IFS cannot really understand context, but I would not be surprised if Riot won't unpunish you. Their punishments for ZT are quite strict.
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
Play the match as well as you can (without saying anything negative - it should be easy to keep your mouth shut), report the trolls (threatening to troll is reportable already, if they actually do troll in game, that is extra). If they do gameplay trolling, you need to report them via support too, since IFS won't most likely detect gameplay trolling. Before the next match forget the trolls. Maybe they get punished some day and you made the world a little better place, maybe they won't - that is all we can do about any kind of troll, premade or otherwise.
SeanGoku (EUW)
: Hi there Baka Red. You are right about the dodging to get a better team. But at least it's less likely to occur than someone dodging because their not happy with their champion. People are mainly focused only on themselves after all. Also yes there will always be ways to abuse it in some way. But saying "No abuse" is falsely representing the current system, as it is also regularly being abused by people dodging when they get an unsatisfactory roll. You cannot abuse the knowledge of the champion you would get, but you can clearly and easily abuse the system to never play a champion you don't feel like playing. I have proposed other ideas in the past too, like an EXP debuff for playing after dodging. So you would get less or no EXP depending on how many games you dodged prior. (Obviously Summoner EXP in case anybody was questioning that..) [Link to that thread]( What are you're thoughts on that one? And thanks for your response. You obviously put some thought into this reply and I appreciate that. Thanks for your time and have a nice day. :)
Well, at least that suggestion could not be abused, so in that way that system is clearly better than the suggestion here. However, I doubt that many of the ARAM only players really care about experience (or even blue essence), as long as they get some occasionally. Therefore I think that the suggestion would not really help in reducing dodging. I personally dodge maybe once (or twice max) per month and that happens when the team looks really weak - that way the others get a chance to get better champions in their next lobby and I get to try new champion in the next day (I rarely bother to go through the 15 minutes dodge penalty - I rather do something else instead). I cannot say how often others dodge, but to me someone else dodging is often a relief rather than disappointment. I get to new lobby soon enough (usually within that same minute) and since rerolls are recovered as long as it wasn't me or my premade who dodged, I am happy. I guess I just don't see the problem some of you ARAM players have with dodges. In short; I believe that the suggestion behind the link is ineffective, but as a bonus it cannot be abused.
SeanGoku (EUW)
: ARAM Dodging Penalty
Oh, so if I get some super ARAM champion, but the rest of the team sucks, I can dodge and keep my champion? Are you sure that won't be abused? ;) Fyi; It isn't possible to code a "keep champion" to ARAM dodges that would not be abused. There are in practice three ways that could be done, and all can be abused. System 1: the one you suggest; the dodger would keep his champion, everyone else would get random champion. Abuse case: Get super champion, dodge to get better team around you. System 2: the dodger (&premade) rerolls, everyone else keeps their champion. Abuse case: Got a bad champion->Dodge and get rid of it. Everyone else would have to keep their champion; good or bad one. System 3: everyone keeps their champion if someone dodges; Abuse case: System 1 abuse applies here. Additional penalty is that the ones with poor champions will have to keep theirs too. Also, all of the systems above result in longer queue times, since there would be multiple "random" locked in champions in queue, that cannot be put in same match. System 4: The current one; nobody keeps their champion. No abuse. Once you see your champion in loading screen, you know you are most likely going to be playing that champion, not before that.
: The notifications don't appear in general, it doesn't mean that they weren't punished. But yeah, it's annoying to see people still playing when they should have been banned
Zero Tolerance cases are supposed to be punished with 14-day suspension minimum. Thus it is possible to see if they were punished or not by following their match history. The two cases I mention weren't punished in couple of months time. (I checked their histories at later date). Thus Riot's "Zero Tolerance" isn't really Zero Tolerance, as far as my experience (and experience of some others I have seen here at boards) tells anything.
Shamose (EUW)
: They should just make it so that if you dodge the next aram game you get the same champion.
That kind of system could be abused too easily, whatever way it would be handled. System 1) The dodger (and his premades) has to keep his champion. The others have to reroll. - Flaw: "Okay, so I got <insert some super champ name here>. The rest of the team sucks. Dodge!" System 2) The dodger (and his premades) has to reroll his champion. The others get to keep theirs. - Flaw: "Okay, so I got sucky champion. Dodge!" System 3) Everyone keeps their champion. - Flaw of System 1 and in addition to that, the rest of the team will have to keep their sucky champions. Flaw of all of them: Increased queue times, since we cannot have same champion appearing in the match in more champion slots than one. "Hey premade friend number 1, this queue seems to be really long." "Yes, that is true premade friend number 2. Do you have any idea why?" "No idea, but I am going to wait, since I am going to get to play Lux this time!" "Oh, me too." (the same would be true even without premade involvement; if there are lots of Luxes waiting to get to a match, and only few others, those Luxes would have to wait a long time for a slot to open for all of them).
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