: Tristana vs Caitlyn
from my experience (i play support) whenever tristana and caitlyn meet in botlane, the one who comes out on top is mostly decided by what support they have. If caitlyn has a zyra with her to permapush and get plates and harass tristana out of lane caitlyn wins, if tristana has a braum/thresh to make plays with tristana wins. 1v1 tristana would always win due to her kit.
xFluffe (EUW)
: Is there a consequence for intentional feeding?
Even tho people say stuff that they get banned for just saying 1 word and stuff that's almost always a lie. I've been toxic before and trust me, getting banned for inting or being verbal is very hard. usually u get a penalty for being toxic, especially if you choose to say racist slurs. Saying what people would call "competetive BSing" more or less will not be punished. my point here is that if you are not toxic in chat when ur inting, getting punished is extremely hard unless it ends up on a forum where more people will be exposed to it. Personally back in the day i've ran it down mid i think 10 games straight, no punishment or warnings. The system punishes consecutive trolling or foul language that is repeated in multiple games, a guy that ints for 1-2 days and then plays normal will not be punished, that's just how it is, that's also why u see toxic peoples match histories keep existing, most people are not toxic every game everyday.
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Potatoe (EUNE)
: Your past ranks mean nothing. It starts all over again, and the ones, who were at the bottom, suffered a whole lot, now, they can see the daylight, and beat those who were there. So, perhaps, Plat is too high for you at the moment and gold is where you actually belong ; ))))){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Pretty sure past ranks means something. Let me explain. If you have managed to get to a certain rank for several seasons that should be a pretty good indicator where your current skillcap is at. If i only just managed to get plat 5 for season 8 i might agree with you but since i've acomplshed getting to the platinum rank several times already and been grinding for a majority of the seasons in that division i would say that my skillcap is not yet good enough for diamond but that i am improving. You don't get a certain rank for several seasons and then suddenly "belong" in a lesser rank when you play the game quite consistently.
: I feel you, its just the new system buffed a lot of people up to rank they shouldn't be in. You can clearly tell based on how some one plays if they belong in that ranked. I can't get team of the same skill yet the enemy is stomping all my other lane's like its silvers vs masters.
Generally both teams have people of equal skill but 1-2 people are the ones that should not be that rank that either carry a game themselfs or int hard.
: I think im done with ranked this season
I feel you guys. I was plat both s7 and s8 and being near d5 at one point. After the season started im basically stuck in gold 3, i might go on a losing spree and get demoted to gold 4 but by then my overall winrate is so bad i just get back to gold 3 in 1-3 games. The problem im encountering the most is that silver-gold-plat almost always play with eachother in ranked. Like why is 3 different divisions in the same elo?? Also maybe it's just my own delusional opinion but i feel like there is a shit ton of smurfs/boosters going around in ranked now. People playing on accounts with no former rank and pretty much just above lv 30 but they play at a high gold-platinum level and sometimes even better. Like i said, maybe im being delusional but some of my game feels like 1-2 people on either teams does everything while the rests are lacking severely in skill comparativily. For example. i just had a game with a thresh support and he was crazy good but insanely toxic towards every1. I figured he was one of the smurfs. After the game i reported him for his toxic behaviour, inspected his profile and hes gold in soloq, iron in 3v3 flex and diamond 4 in 5v5 flexq. So yeah this guy obviously is losing on purpose to get put in lower elos then behaves toxic towards others so he can feed his superiority complex. Hopefully this all fades away in a couple of weeks when the only people i'll be playing against is the "hardstuck" in their respective elo like me and not people that's gonna go from gold 4 or something to platinum 1 in a couple of days.
: First game of Season 9
i too have had this happen to me during my third game of the new season. My laptop has crashed before but i've never seen this message before until this new season rolled in. I have only league and spotify open. Unless spotify is somehow trying to "hook" into league im pretty sure this message is standard once u for some reason get blue screened or anything else that forces you out of league.
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