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: In-game reports are handled by bots and not support. Those are detecting toxic words by using filter and hammer people with bans. You might get better luck with support for sure. Not that I consider it worth TILTING to the point where you are making board threads and support tickets. Some kid have written one sentence... and even after ban will just make a new account using the same mail.
The irony in my support ticket being answered by a bot called "Blitzcrank bot" lol. I don't know what to say. I'm starting to understand why the community keeps getting worse, why people aren't afraid to give up, afk or ragequit. Support bots are intentionally set to not flag or act on most things to minimize the risk of someone innocent being punished, or something being punished too hard. That's mainly why punishments are so inconsistent, if most of them are handled by bots and automated. I don't blame them for wanting to save money and manpower but that doesn't help the community one bit. I've worked/continue to work in the gaming industry and have seen first-hand the development and deployment of these automated systems. Unless you wanna double check every decision the bot makes to make sure it was just, you always set it to have a very high tolerance before it acts. A bot can't tell the difference between "I will find you and kill you" that is meant IRL or one that is meant I'm gonna come find you in your jungle and kill your champion. Hence why it shouldn't and can't be handled by a bot. This was always the one thing Riot got involved with. Shame that's not the case anymore. I suppose this is how its gonna be then, death threats are now accepted. One more argument for the /mute all command.
JustClone (EUNE)
: You wont hear from them. It is not allowed to them to reveal what actions they will take. Usually they will tell you that they will investigate. But if you have sent a screenshot, consider it done.
I sure did. My screenshot was of his post-game lobby where he said what I posted, since I had him muted during the game (My duo was telling me that he's threatening to kill us there as well) but I'm sure if they investigate they can pull up his game chat just as easily. Either way, thanks! Wish you a great time on the rift and have a good one.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Riot support takes death threats very seriously. Do it.
Already done. I'll update you if I hear from them. I don't have much hope frankly I expect them to take in-game reports seriously since that is literally what they're for. But I guess we'll see... Really a shame how some people can't handle a loss.
: Man, I do this from the beginning of the season. I only gank if I see some kills in my way or if my teammate know how to behave. Imagine being flamed because you went to your second camp instead of diving at lvl 2 the enemy just who was under 200 HP. I get flamed for choosing to do the drake solo at lvl 4 instead of ganking a pushed lane (by my teammate). I get flamed for not being able to defend myself in my own jungle against the enemy jungler and 1-2 laners ("report jg int"). After all this they still blame me for not ganking them where I need to solo fight vs an enemy with 3 levels above me and almost a full item while my teammate stay behind and wait to ks me. Like now is my job to win his lane and is my fault if I don't win it. Now I take care of my own business and gank when I want. Still remember the name of that player who asked me to gank him and I didn't even finish my first buff without leash. And there was still my fault because they invaded us and the bot run in 0.1 seconds, leaving me alone vs 4 enemies. I was forced to walk to the other buff and when I arrived my mid said that in that minute I was supposed to already gank the mid. --- This is a quality complain made by a jungler.
I know the feeling. It's really difficult to keep chat or even pings unmuted at this point. I get spam pinged to gank a lane yet when I'm contesting crab or drag not a single soul wants to roam and help me lol. 30 seconds after that, guess who's getting flamed for letting the enemy take drag... Being a jungler is really difficult but honestly after so many years this is the only role I enjoy playing, I can't see myself anywhere else. I just have to deal with the fact that people think its the jungler's job to win their lane for them. Even if you camp them they still have something to say. "Why did you take the kill", "Why did you take ONE minioin", "Why did you hit the turret I wanted solo gold" etc.
Mada (EUW)
: did you report him?
Sure did. Me and most of the people in the lobby from both teams. Sadly that did nothing, he seems to be "enjoying" league as if nothing happened.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Screenshot > Ticket to riot support > Profit.
I'm gonna try and do that but if the in-game reporting function hasn't done anything, which btw is the main platform for this sort of procedure, do you think a ticket will do much? Both my team and the enemy team reported him, at least 6 people in post-game lobby said so themselves. If that does nothing I don't know what will honestly
: > [{quoted}](name=BartholomeOP,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nT3u0GQf,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-04T00:33:17.974+0000) > > Just read this and tell me if you can think of any reason at all why this guy receives absolutely no penalty whatsoever. I'm just curious because if what he did is really within the rules of this game, I don't wanna be a part of it anymore. I think we need an automated system to let players know that they don't get a notification everytime someone gets punished. Because i'm beginning to feel like one, given how many times i have told someone the same thing. > Isn't this supposed to be the step too far that gets people banned, or at least chat restricted? I got chat restricted for 2 weeks once first offense for telling someone "maybe league isn't the best game for you" and I understand how that counts as harassment. But if that's the level for a 2 week chat restriction, what's the punishment for this? You simply don't know if you were punished for that FIRST offence. Changes are that you were flagged as potentially toxic because of some previous games and only after you demonstrated to be indeed toxic you got that restriction. Also i tend to frankly not believe that you were punished for a simple "maybe league isn't the best game for you". Are you sure you did not put some "r@tard" here and there in between that? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I don't really care about the notification, what I wanna know is why is it that so many people, at least all the ones I've known and seen have received perm bans for telling someone to kill themselves or even threatening to kill them and their family. And yet when it happens so obviously and out in the open nothing is done about it. And no, I didn't put a r*tard in there lol. I know better than to wrestle with trolls. That's what /mute all is for. Sadly there is no mute all for the post and pre-game lobbies.
: > Just read this and tell me if you can think of any reason at all why this guy receives absolutely no penalty whatsoever. Show me how he didn't got punished. Show me proofs from his account that he didn't get a chat restriction.
Threatening to kill someone is not a chat restriction offense, its a bannable offense. That is the one red line that Riot NEVER allowed people to cross. As soon as you make threats against someone they're always the first ones to jump in and say that's behavior we don't tolerate. I regret to say I personally know 2 people during my few years with this game who did the same although not so harshly and got insta perm banned precisely because of that one line where they said "I hope you die" or "you should kill yourself". If you check this kid's he seems to be playing uninterrupted, although if his numbers are any indication he doesn't seem to be doing too well.
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