Saibbo (EUW)
: >why dont we just lose half of them or something? because it would be easily abusable by people, player always find ways to cheat the system. And even if that wouldn't happen or riot implements it anyway, to be completely fair the winning team should earn half of the LP as well and not all people would be happy about that.
how abusable? If one player of premade went afk they would loose full amount of LP. EZ PZ
Smerk (EUW)
: No you wasn't banned for saying "wow", at least not for it only. First you spammed this nonsense, then you blamed your teammates for losing and feeding.
: I would like to see
This quote says all: > You do not need to play this game to balance it. Riot Ghostcrawler
Nondicio (EUW)
: Inting + Toxic and he is still playing? I want justice!
Show us a proof that your friend was banned for inting because nobody has ever been banned for inting by system. Those who were banned were usually streamers or 240 loose streak tahm kench who triggered reddit community
: yeah use kýs and nïggër instead one player did this, spamming those tabu words but with slightly different vocals, no punishment
I can confirm because I do the same.
motaz14 (EUNE)
: 14 Days Banned
You dont need to sorry. Try not using tabu words such ky.s or ni..gger and you will be fine.
Atlas (EUNE)
: EUNE Blind pick sucks beyond belief
Ranked solo is the same. Full of dogshit ppl. Flex is way better since flex is played by more mature ppl here. I play usually from 8pm
: can riot plz make a server for india/pakistan plz? ( we got shit tons of ppl who play league here)
Buy a shit tons of RP (instead of on streets kappa) and RIto will make a server for you. If it is not profitable they wont do anything
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Ah Shiwah. Shiwah, famous Shiwah. Our SJW Shiwah. Do you know you are not so loved on boards here and nobody respects your opinions<
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Don't complain about matchmaking if YOU ARE THE ONE that broke it...
Wtf Are there really people mad about matchmaking in NORMALS?
: You can make this game enjoyable again.
If you are casual play normals ffs. Rankeds are for tryhards where defeat is not acceptable shame. Kapiš to?
Egillion (EUW)
: THere is almost no counter-play against Kayn : - You can't shut him down early - If he's caught in a bad spot, he'll just wall-hack away - Lethality is too strong on him, his scaling is far too high - he's too easy to play, his combos are toddler-friendly if not brain dead - Once he gets going he can't be countered... he will simply murder any type of carry over and over and over - I don't even wish to comment on Rast/bruiser-form Champions like Kayle, or Zilean are ineffective against him. Anti-assassin champions do not counter him... So, There you have it. Perfect toxic anti-carry champion...
Blue Kayn is kinda balanced but Rhhast is cancer. Especially lethality one
Rioter Comments
: How about instead of complaining you pick one of the many tanks this game provides? Then you won't be gone in 0.60 seconds. And complaining about cc is like complaining that ranged champions exist. It is a game mechanic, of course it will happen.
tanks are boring and straighforward.
: Farewell Summoners
Play PUBG like me. I was permabanned for using scripts (I didnt even use any, didnt play on my account for week and our local rito support aka motherf**** didnt even tell me which scripts and even when I used them). PUBG has also some flaws but at lwasat you are not forced to spend 40 min with %%%%%%s or dealt with broken champions .


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