: there will always be trolls. nothing new. nothing we can do about it. i am getting those trolls in gold all day. this game is toxic. and it made me toxic. i win more games when i mute all though.
Muting everyone the first second of the game isn't my style. I just felt bad doing that. Like, they weren't toxic yet, no1 flamed or troll picked yet.. but you might be right, I'll try muting everyone in future games and see if it helps.
: yes randomly demoting everyone that was boosted will surely increase the quality of the games in the elos they are going to be moved in oh wait
It won't increase the quality of games in that elo, but it might increase it in ours,most of us here grinded hard to get to diamond, plat, or even gold,and we have to go through all of the toxicity and trolls all over again? That alone kinda takes the will to play League away from me. Also,don't you wanna win because you deserve it and not because the enemy Yasuo ran it down mid 10 times cuz he got support, and got you fed along the way? Or never have that player in your team at least is good enough.
: I experienced the same. From Gold IV to Gold I, the games were mostly quite good, but ever since I reached plat promos and started playing with plat players, every single game is pure garbage,
Could be the fact that you can demote to Gold,but also get to Diamond from Platinum that sounds amazing to most people and that's what makes them so nervous during games,still if I'm capable of not raging every game I expect the same from at least 20% of players in my games.Sadly that ain't the case..
: demote yourself to gold because diamond is even more interesting
I might as well listen to that advice lol
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