: ARAM and the Logic behind it
I think you'll need to repost this in the morning in order to get some responses.
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: ***
So there is a professional member of the staff who looks into subjects like that and came to the conclusion that this summoner,the OP,is actually boosting?I highly doubt a human took a look at this and agreed in the process of the ban.I myself had an account permanently banned for the same reason which was unranked and had 0 ranked games on its record.In order for me to get a permaban I had to boost twice right?I didnt even play any games before the second and final ban.I sent a ticket in the first one and maybe a bot,not sure said something along the lines of "well we are pretty sure you were boosting and we take these things seriously and and and and".Great company went to shit after this one for me.
: Falsely accused for MMR Boosting,Requesting for a Rioter
I think that most people in the comments missed the meaning of this post.What this guy said is that he went as deep as making a Thread,so in other words an open field where he could find summoners and rioters to communicate with about the so called missunderstanding he has.The ban he got isnt a joke,not because he got suspended for 2 weeks from the game for doing nothing on his behalf but for being in fear of getting banned again.Now Riot said that if the ban is repeated it will be a permanent one and we will have one less summoner playing this game because the algorithm might have been at fault.I do believe that there should be a better look into subjects like that.
: Its allowed to smurf but be careful they can ban you for breathing and blame it on boosting again.
I know,my account had no record of ranked games and I got banned twice,the second being a permanent one ofcourse :D
Rioter Comments
Got my actual account banned 7 hours ago,the account was unranked I started playing 5 months ago 0 ranked games played,I love this.

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