: But that’s just what a minority wants, it’s the issue of a loud minority, the majority have no reason to speak up so that creates the illusion of the minority being the majority. So let me rephrase that for you... a minority wants akali to be reverted back into an unhealthy and brain dead state... and you are right it’s what the majority prefer, unfortunately for you your not the majority
ok we understand that , you just can't play against real akali mains. Close your mouth!
: Yeah you are right old would win... cause she was unhealthy and had no outplay potential... new one does... so old would win but for the same reasonbshe got reworked. If a champion is unhealthy they get reworked... no one group of mains no matter how big should stand in the way of game health, all main groups are minorities in the end... changes should be made for the majority. So no old akali won’t come back because you miss her or prefer the old one, new one is ultimately healthier so it won’t be reverted same with all reworks
only because you can't play against real akali mains that doesn't mean they cannot turn her. It's about what people prefer , not only you.. A lot of us want our Riot to turn the old akali back. So it's their choise.
: Goodbye Fist of shadow... :(
New Akali isn't bad i agree. But new akali against old akali in 1v1 its 100% sure the old will win. It's about the skills. I know ppl who have 2m point with the old akali and after the rework they totally forgot about her.. So im asking if they can turn back our old champ or just make new champ with the same abilities & different name.. WIthout her i just don't have why to play this game.
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