Enjutsu (EUNE)
: How about a new season where riot introduces a bunch of new stuff? Like for example no wards, no mana pots, a bunch of new items, just some random examples.
thats still the same game even with the changes... the goal in league is the same: KILL THE NEXUS thats it. When i mean a new game i want somethink defferent from riot out of MOBA like blizzard has done with WoW (mmo-rpg) to DOTA 2 (MOBA) and the list go on with games like starcraft HEARTSTONE and ECT. I really WAnt to see what Riot Games can great with that MONEY they got from league of legends.
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Sasogwa (EUW)
: This rework has exactly the same problems Pantheon has right now. The nature of his kit will make him a snowball reliant champion. Also, when a spell becomes a skillshot it has to get increased range because 550 range for a skillshot is absolutely garbage (if you think about it, a targeted spell will follow the target even if it goes away, so it has more effective range, while a skillshot won't. For an example , Veigar's Q range is relatively short and it's still 950). Then, what does 1.5 his missing mana back mean? 1.5% of missing mana? That's quite low. But well, it's still ok, gives him mana sustain, so basically he becomes even more of an obnoxious laner. W only stunning the first target hit? It's a huge nerf?! Or does it ignore minions? In any case it's a nerf compared to the point & click current one? Also the current one gives the passive again WHILE still keeping the current counter for another iteration of the passive. In yours , it's not precised it gives that, so I suppose it doesn't anymore. Now you give it an AD ratio. E passive is a gimmick. Reset passive when killing a large monster/minion, champion or tower? Stupidly situational. Active, you increase the ratio by 0.2, slightly increase cooldown and increase base damage by 7. Might be a pretty huge buff early game. R is pretty much the same except you give it an AD ratio instead (still magic damage). Yea why not? Overall, still Pantheon has the same weaknesses. He has no real defensive steroids, the nature of his kit makes him bad lategame because he is easily interrupted (E/W), easily killed and does not have insane scalings to compensate, he also has weak in-fight mobility. And I don't think you make it better. Also, you completely remove the possibility of fun (troll?) AP build, which is kinda sad. I'm sorry if I sound like a dick, but this won't change much. If anything, I think he'd be worse.
i wanted his w to be like fiora q so he can dash and escape situation the rest you are saying is ok.
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Better nerf heim

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