: I don't understand why account selling is not allowed, what if you're done with an account, you spent thousands of euro's into it, you wanna get rid of it. What should we do? Throw all that money away? Or earn some of it back by selling your account. BTW they don't have the power to take the page down, its under Facebook's control, and none of this is violating the rules of Facebook. Just saying.
Account selling is not allowed because it toxicates the game. People don't wanna play with someone who is actually Silver and bought a Platinum account. That ruins the game for everybody. And it's not safe for the buyer either. The big dogs who are selling these accounts are usually selling fished accounts and also most of the time the accounts are being recovered back by the websites who sells them.
Vincit (EUW)
: Seems illegal and against the ToA, therefore yes, in my opinion it should be taken down. Perhaps you should post the link of the site in your post.
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Dragorune (EUW)
: Well I don't know, not play for now, maybe the next patch will solve it, I have contacted kasperksy as well but have a feeling that this has not much to do with the firewall itself but more with lol We'll see
Oh okay, keep me updated if you find a fix or something!
Dragorune (EUW)
: Still haven't found a solution
Me neither, what will you do in the meantime? Until you find the solution or riot does?
Sanacin (EUNE)
: Me and my friend cannot log right now - rito fix it :/
NoLaundry (EUW)
: Possible fix found for League not loading after champ select
Dragorune (EUW)
: Problem connecting to server / firewall problem after champ select!
I'm in the exact same position as you are, i have lose so many ranked games, 2 times to my promo to diamond 4 because of this bullshit. I have gotten so many ''Lower priority queues with the wait time of 20 minutes. I just lost my promo again 1 hour ago because of this shit. I have done everything aswell. -The ipconfig thingy. -I have turned off all firewalls on my computer -Disabled my firewall router, and rebooted the whole router. -I have rebooted my whole computer aswell from scratch. So yeah nothing works, i'm so mad right now.

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