VIT Troll (EUW)
: Crashing in loading screen
Riot is aware and they are working on a fix.
: How long should i expect for riot to reply to a ticket?
Depends, if its a weekend less people are in the office and it will take longer to get a response.
volk44 (EUNE)
: yes my drivers are up to date and i cloused all apps and game is still freezing.
Does it happen with any other games or just League?
Mijecko (EUW)
: Login Error
Are you trying to login on PBE?
: Match History?
Should be fixed now!
KnobiMobi (EUW)
: Inactivity decay during preseason
I'm not certainly sure if there is a decay but even if there is one your mmr and elo stay the same.The only thing that decays is your rank.
Klepo (EUNE)
: Item not received.
Sumbit a ticket over at [Riot Support](
volk44 (EUNE)
: Game frezzing
Are your drivers up to date? Do you have any background apps running while you play?
: losing LP after reconect
Sadly if you are disconnected from the game for more than five minutes it will count as a "leave".
: I need help about PBE
Make sure you are choosing the correct server/region.
DooMNot (EUNE)
: Arabic players RP support ?
There are no plans for new payment methods sadly.
lordiggy (EUNE)
: How/can you change your email
The only thing you can do is sumbit a ticket at [Player Support](
Incanes (EUNE)
: Mouse Clicks Ignored in Team Fights
Have you tried repairing the game?
Lucaludak (EUNE)
: Can't sign in to PBE account
Sumbit a ticket to [Riot Support](!
DerMalte (EUW)
: pls help
I would recommend downloading [Hextech Repair Tool]( and performing a repatch. Make sure to run everything as Administrator.
y0Ink3rz (EUW)
: Link to "Request a human" @ your emails redirects to a survey.
Reply to the Blitzcrank bot and request a human.
: Ping drop
What did you use to play before? Lan or Wirless? Perhaps your PC is downloading updates while you are ingame.
gelexia (EUW)
: what causes lag and how to stop it
What are your specs?
: Riot Girl Tristana and Dreadknight Garen not working, pls help!
Send a ticket to [Riot Support](,you should get an pretty quick response! Please make sure you have verified your account email.
: MAC help
What version of OS are you running?
Jébús (EUW)
: 200mb Patch after loosing connection in client.
Im not sure if you actually download 200mb of patch,but what i can say is the game thinks there is a corrupted file so it runs a check. The 200mbs you are seeing are perhaps being scanned from your local folder.
: Hide preset pages and show detailed description during comparison uncheck every time after login
Head over to "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config" or the directory where you have installed league then navigate to the Config folder. Right click on each FILE (not folder) and click properties, Remove the check mark by the Read Only item in the file's Properties dialog box. The attributes are found at the bottom of the General tab.
: My Dreadknight Garen Code Isn't Working
Perhaps you clicked to the wrong server? Mistakes like that happen all the time. What you need to do is message [Riot Support]( and tell them ^_^ You should receive a response pretty quickly.
: 6h after the fix still can't log in
I don't think that your issue can get solved here. Send a message to Riot Support [HERE ]( your problem.
Try clearing your cache and browser cookies. Also make sure your account has a verified email. Login here and check your settings.
  Rioter Comments
: Help please
Try clearing your browser cache or using icognito mode then try loggin in on the support site.
GresSimJa (EUW)
: Dreadknight Garen
Send [Riot Support]( a ticket saying that you can't redeem Dreadknight Garen :)!
: Ranked games
Hey,i don't think its possible to do that. Rioters don't mess with your rank nor your mmr since everything is automated. Try to get on a winning streak and improve your LP earnings.
Ampharel (EUW)
: So, just to add: I've copied over the LoL folder from my gf's PC, which is fully patched. leading me back to this:
Hmmm,have a look at this?
: My client is not patching.
Not really sure if this will resolve your issue but try this. Get in the folder: "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\0.0.0.XXX\" and delete the releasemanifest. At the restart of the Game it realises that something is wrong and it should dowload it again.
Ampharel (EUW)
: Tried both, to no avail. Forgot to add them to the list ^^ Thanks for thinking with me though Added em to the post
I'm not really sure what is causing your issue because i have never seen that happen. Perhaps you have any antivirus thats blocking the connection or firewall? Nothing else in my mind :p
: Hello i need help
I'm sorry to hear that your account has been stolen,you will need to contact [Riot Support]( BTW account sharing violates the Terms of Use and can result in a permanent ban. More of that [HERE](
Ampharel (EUW)
: Requesting help with a minor issue
Not sure if this is the solution,but try run it as Administrator or try to install it on a diff directory.
: PBE Login
Open the pbe client and click "Forgot your password?" Sumbit your username and you should get a password reset on your email.
Vankicha27 (EUNE)
: Cant find the LOL launcher
The launcher should be located at this dir by default "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends"
Hitsugaji (EUW)
: Missing Shop
I honestly have no idea why this happens,not only the shop but sometimes (pretty rarely) buttons and stuff are messed up ingame. There is a pretty easy fix to this,all you need to do is exit the game and reconnect.
: I cannot log in to League all day
Are you using a shared network? Try restard your router.
: Performance Issues on a High End PC
Alright,so you can try this one,all you need to do is disable fullscreen optimization,first of all don't take this as a 100% fix but as a possible fix. To disable fullscreen optimization you will need to: 1)find your league executable (quickest way is to open task manager with a custom match open, right click the League of Legends with the old logo, and open file location Right click and go to properties) 2)Click to the compatibility tab, and "enable" disable fullscreen optimizations. 3)Exit the game, you will see the effect of the change next time you load into a match Note:This only works on windows 10.
: Have a mission bar but still not missions??
Missions should be back and running smoothly now.
Materisna (EUNE)
: Could it help if i turned off some startup applications (Like Utorrent, Discord etc.)?
Definitely,turn off most of the applications you don't use while playing league so more resources end up to the game.
Tentative (EUNE)
: where do i send the draw?
Login to the[ support site]( and on the top of the page press "Sumbit a Request" then fill your information.
: game crashes after death
Try repair your client,if the error persists you can send a ticket to [Player Suppot](
: Reconnecting bug
Id suggest you send a ticket to [Player Support]( . You can also check [THIS ]( to see the server's status so you can determite if its the server or just you.
: Instalation issues
Not sure how this will change anything but try run the setup as Administrator.
: Help please
Every player has 3 refund tokens,so you can refund 3 different things you bought with RP or IP.Go to the Store>Account>Purchase history and everything should show up there.If you have refund tokens and the skin you want to refund is too old you can always talk with [Riot Support](
: Suddenly started to get high ping
My advice would be to talk with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) Riot did not change anything lately nor others have such issues.
: When can i buy Riot points again?
Usually maintenance takes 3-4 hours.You can purchase Riot Points now.
: Problem With Client,Icons,champions,lobby
Try repairing the game.You can use [Riot's repair tool](
Maksor1999 (EUNE)
: Missing skin and champion shards?
For account related issues i suggest you contact [Riot Support](
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