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: It is because matchmaking is based on MMR-matchmaking rating and it increases/decreases with win/loss. Ranks, although I agree don't represent skill to some extent, actually is a good visible metric for skill. This unfair matchings happen because matchmaking is probably more concerned with giving a faster game and less/not at all concerned about fairer games. This not only makes climbing very slow, but also makes games demotivating and not fun at all. There should be two options-current system for faster games, better matchmaking system for fairer games.
I agree with you on that one. I mean if I could choose a system w/o autofill but it would match me in 15 minutes instead of 3 i would pick that option in a heartbeat. 30% of my recent games i got auto supp with mid/top q :D i got support more than top
: Ranked matchmaking is severely unbalanced
Thanks for the answers :D although i doubt my mmr is good regarding the fact that my winrate is around 40% soo i guess the system needs more games to assess it properly.
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