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: I got worse rank with better games than i did last year
I am assuming that it's not a problem. Each player has 2 "rankings". First one is the one you see. The second is your hidden MMR, which might be different from what you see, meaning you will earn more than you lose, so eventually you can climb back. Personally i know a guy that was plat 5 last season, and got silver 1 this season with a 3-7. I got from plat 5 to gold 4 (if i remember correctly got 6-4 in placements). So, don't worry about it. Keep playing and you ll climb back close to your previous rating.
badamano (EUW)
: for suspended/banned account
(irrelevant of the original post) Uh..... well, since you really don't look like the flamer-type, here are some tips: * No matter how many false reports you get, you will not get banned (the odds are **extremely **small) * You might have gotten a ban because you did things that you didn't know are offensive. * Asking for reports in chat is considered offensive, that is, you can get banned for it. * When someone flames you constantly, don't try to discuss with him; mute him, report him after game and move on. Don't try to defend yourself or flame him back. * Flaming others after they flamed you first, can get you banned; it doesn't matter if they started or not. * Making mistakes (e.g. going 0-7-0, losing baron etc) is *not* going to get you banned (unless of course you run to them to die *intentionally*. Even if they report you for making honest mistakes, you will *not* get banned. * If you truly wish to find out what you did wrong, and want to improve, go to the player behavior forum of LoL and ask for advice. (if english is not your native language and you didn't understand something, feel free to ask) * Some words are considered offensive: newbie, noob, feeder etc (when i was young i didn't know the word "noob" was used as an insult)
badamano (EUW)
: 1. if someone stole account e.g. using links on forums then that's your problem every knows not to give password and username out 2. if you are the owner of the account whats the harm with talking to friends watching them play and giving them feedback on their performance.
Riot can't determine always if the user that is logged in with an account is the actual owner. He could be just someone trying to steal other accounts. Also, there are many ways to trick someone into giving willingly his login information (check "social engineering"). Many users aren't familiar with those tricks. Even those that are familiar sometimes can get baited.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Is a "fill except" role too over the top?
It sounds like a useful option, but it would make the role picking more complex to the user. Complex = not pleasant (for most users).
: Why the hell would a banned person get skins and stuff if they would never use it? Just make a new account.
Maybe he refers to non-permanent suspensions.
badamano (EUW)
: for suspended/banned account
Allowing a suspended player to chat would allow bad people that stole an account to spam his friendlist with links that lead to viruses, password stealing websites etc. As for being able to use the store and spectate games, I see no harm.
Akise Aru (EUNE)
> [{quoted}](name=Vaknoz,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=ucGGR9dM,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-24T12:14:05.324+0000) > > .... my **fps **got to 999 and I wasn't the only one . All my teammates had . Are you sure it was your "fps" and not your "ms"? :P Also, you might want to avoid showing your email address like that; you expose yourself to various threats for no reason.
Wiljam (EUW)
: It's not lasting forever, just have a little patience and a "cancel" button comes up, when you click it you come to the custom game just as normal.
I know :P It's in my post: > [{quoted}](name=BlackBlackHeart,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=GZyEs81a,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-25T11:52:15.841+0000) > > • Description: When creating a new custom game (right after choosing the map and clicking "create game"), a window pops up in the middle of the screen containing: "Retrieving data from server.. loading". **After a few seconds the option to "cancel" appears and everything proceeds as normal. ** > • Video / Screenshot: (pls allow us to upload images directly in the post <3 )
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: I don't own Lulu anymore??!!!!!
Make sure you are searching for Lulu by her name, not by visually detecting her icon. There is a somewhat rare bug when some of your champions are incorrectly displayed, e.g. Jarvan displayed as Morde. Although this probably is not the problem in your case, since restarting the client usually fixes it.
: [SUGGESTION] buff the assassins
Win rates that you see on various websites do **not** represent accurately a champion's performance, since they don't take into account some very important factors. Also, win rate is not the same for all MMRs; a champion might have 60% win in bronze and 40% win in diamond. Is he OP?
: That's because the damage and the cc are applied at the same time. Opressor states that already cc'ed target take extra damage.
Maybe this was unclear: > Oppressor amplifies some spells' dmg (e.g. Ryze W) while it doesn't amplify other similar spells (Amumu Q), that is, it behaves differently. If you missed it, its k:P If it is unclear please let me know so that i can rephrase it.
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rocktex (EUW)
: [visual bug] Graves attacking inhibitor (animation to big)
That looks beautiful! Maybe it's a feature and should be left there :P
Count Dooku (EUNE)
: if Graves can't have his cigar why..
Smoking causes **very serious health effects**. Probably Graves realized that and decided he doesn't want to get sick, so he quit smoking.
bivalve89 (EUW)
: And when it comes back to the topic?
Wasn't your question about whether you can claim that "the ban was unfair because it was based only on IP or pc change"? My answer states that your above assumption is incorrect. It takes more than IP/pc change to get banned. They banned you because you shared your account and got boosted. --- Fun fact: A friend of mine suspected a silver guy that was playing like diamond as booster. He baited him into admitting he is indeed boosting the silver account and on top of that the booster even gave him a price in case he wanted his acc boosted as well. Guess what happened to the silver acc.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. If you need to a report a player for an inappropriate name, then you'll need to contact support directly. Forum moderators do not have the power to handle these types of requests. You can contact support directly [here](
I was hoping to avoid the process, but if there isn't such an in-forum feature,.. i guess support will had to do. Thanks friend :)
Cosantoir (EUW)
: There is the comment section in the report player option
Aw you tricked me! :P I clicked on "report" in a forum post just to test what you said, then selected a reason expecting a comment section but....... didn't get one; my (not so accurate) report was sent instantly. Do you mean the client "report"? My OP is about in-forum features. :)
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candoodle (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] You have been falsely reported prompt
What about your previous games? Where you friendly? Did you use "gg wp" whenever an ally made a mistake just to make fun of him? I highly doubt you would get the warning unless quite a few people reported you (falsely or not) in a short period of time (in recent games that is). --- As for your suggestion, although it sounds nice, i don't know if it would work. To my knowledge, not every single report made against you is checked instantly; you must accumulate x amount of reports in given time. Also, the amount of reports against you as a total matters regardless of whether there are easily detectable violations or not. For example, if you have found a way to annoy others that can't be picked up either by chat or automatic systems designed to track negative behavior (e.g. disrupting your jungler intentionally, saying "gg" whenever an ally makes a mistake, etc), then a high amount of reports plus non obvious reasons for being reported is a strong indication that you are a .. "creative" troll. :P As a consequence, reports can't be discarded easily as "false".
: Hello dude thx for your answer .... btw how i can get that message ?
I'm not sure on the exact details. I assume the offender has to receive a ban (not just warning or chat restriction), and also must be a report you made recently. [Here is what it looks like though.]( The message is displayed automatically (you don't have to enable it or anything). Simply report toxic players and you will eventually see it.
: Flame and Bans
You can get messages when a player that you recently reported got a ban. I've seen 3-4 of those in my last 100 games. Players get banned for being toxic. If you check the forum you'll find plenty of them complaining and making up excuses. ---- I suggest you do the following whenever you find a toxic player in game: * mute or ignore him (press tab during the game and click on the icon that mutes him) * report and/or block after game, selecting the appropriate reasons. * Don't argue with him, don't try to make him polite, in my experience it usually never has an effect.
: (BUG) Veigar´s Q damage is lower than is written. (My MR penetration?)
When you kill something with Veigar's Q you get permanent bonus AP. If you get assist or kill on enemy champion in any way, you get permanent bonus AP. Perhaps this is why it increases .. "over time". --- However it still remains unclear what exactly you observe and what actually happens in the rest of your question. Could you provide a screenshot? It would be even nicer if you can edit your question and post it in [this format.](
: So just because I had a 17 game winstreak once - that was a booster on my account? xDDDD you're good brah
The odds of getting 17 wins in a row (assuming you normally have 60% win ratio).... is 1 in 6000. It's rare. It could be pure luck; considering there are millions of games every day, thousands of players get such streaks. Or it could be an indication that something fishy is going on.
bivalve89 (EUW)
: Avoid MMR boost misconception?
I find it very hard to believe that you actually got banned for changing IP. Unfortunately for boosters and boostees they are very easy to detect. I won't go into detail of how that is possible, but (contrary to some people's beliefs) there are HUGE differences between how a diamond plays and how a gold plays. Detect those differences, along with other patterns, and you got your evidence. Account sharing/boosting of **a single account** can ruin the games for **hundreds of players** (both during the boosting process, as well as when the boostee later on plays at an MMR he doesn't belong to).
Hansiman (EUNE)
: While I'm not going to argue that Darius is very strong atm; considering his win-rate sits at 47.2% atm, I'd say you still have a fairly good chance of winning the game. =)
Websites that measure champion performance usually do it in a very inaccurate way. They don't take into account how experienced someone is at playing a particular champion. That means that people that try out for the first time Darius and those that have mastered him are all used for the displayed average of 47.2%. This might be even worse with popular champions since more people would be willing to try the champs. This factor has the effect of underestimating champion performance. There might be other factors that do the opposite. ---------- Additionally, I m pretty certain that champion performance is a function of Elo. That is, Darius might be very strong in gold while at the same time be weak at diamond.
: Stupid password strengh is stupid
Unless there is a specific issue with password strength requirements, i would disagree that it is stupid. There are many bad guys out there that would love to get their hands on your (or anyone else's password) for various reasons. There are very easy ways to "guess" someone's password, unless that password is "strong". If for example you are using: * Login name: BTNGU * Password: BTNGU1234 It won't be that hard to guess. [Here]( you can find links to some of the most common passwords. All a hacker has to do is try them out on an account... If LoL players could use weak passwords, **many** players would be at risk.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Whenever you wanna send something directly to Riot [Support]( is the way to go. Not sure with what kind of things they deal with exactly, but if it's a serious bug it will obviously get worked on as soon as they notice, which they should this way.
I see.. what about less pressing matters? Like suggestions regarding cheats/negative players?
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: Scripters, how to define them?
In most cases it would probably be impossible to conclude with absolute certainty that a player is using scripts **just by watching him play**. You could have strong indications that he does, but they are nothing more than indications. If I strongly believe a player is using scripts, i would report him with the "cheater" option in the new report system. I m sure Riot detects software ran simultaneously with LoL and bans those that use scripts. Additionally, dodging important enemy skillshots within milliseconds consistently can't be mere luck, and it **can** be detected by a system designed to track such things. E.g. think of a player that dodged successfully 100 skillshots in which he had 50ms available to dodge it (impossible for a human). Therefor, all cheaters will get their well deserved permaban given enough time.
: Just had the same thing a few days ago, while my Blitzcrank support grabbed from a pinkwarded bush to yasuo who stands directly in front of him, blocking his grab with his windwall. Just reported this guy and got a message that he was banned because of my and others Reports a few days later :D. See you in the Rift (without scripters, I hate these Rengar and Yasuo scripters like nothing else), HuntingFighter
Are you sure this was the person that got banned? Didn't you report anyone else in those few days? I though the "Due to your... a player you reported is banned" message is displayed minutes after a report results in a ban, that is.. perhaps 10-20 minutes after you report him.
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: There isn't one for the mobile beta. I mentioned and sent feedback on this a few times already. Quote or Share are the only options.
Can you link to your bug report? I searched before posting, but i missed it.
Encrux (EUW)
: There's also one for every post. It's at the bottom right
It is not displayed for me (check the image I linked in the question).
Eambo (EUW)
: This may be blocked by some add-on (IE: Adblocker or something similar) if you have any running, not sure why - but yeah, it's in the exact same place on the Original Post :-)
You are right. When I disable Adblock it shows normally. (I am using Ubuntu, Firefox/Google Chrome) On windows+firefox it works fine regardless of Adblock being on.
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: Letter to Riot Games - Wouldnt it be better with long-term bans than permanent bans?
> [{quoted}](name=Samura Yukisuna,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=EVrKYEhB,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-01T19:31:33.516+0000) > > And any player who hasnt realized just how terrible it is to get your account torn away from you; You feel terrible because you lost your account. You know.. being flamed and bullied every day by toxic players feels the same. Isn't it fair that you got exactly what you were causing to others? Why are you asking for compassion when you clearly (in the course of months) didn't show any compassion to your fellow teammates/enemies? Also, if you feel that you have changed and wouldn't get banned again.. then there is nothing to fear in your new account. Riot does NOT ban players without a very good reason for it. You have to be toxic (in various ways, not just flaming) in order to get a ban. As for a permaban you have to be VEEERY toxic.
: I have seen people being clever and using the custom game feature to test it. But I don't know if I can use it, can i get banned? {{champion:48}}
FlexAdams (EUW)
: tbh I can't see them doing it because it'll put extra stress on the servers, and given the fact that they aren't great as it is the gain isn't worth the potential cost.
I am currently creating custom games to check my ping. I m sure many people do this as well to ensure a better gaming experience (lag free) both for themselves and their teammates. This is probably a few orders of magnitude more expensive for Riot than creating a system that checks your latency for 1-2 minutes.
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SetiSemi (EUNE)
: [BUG] UI - Sejuani displayed instead of Fiora on Champions' page
I got the exact same issue with Orianna being displayed as Riven. Restarting the client seems to have fixed it. Clicking on it displayed Orianna's tab.
: If they did that then it completely negates them having the decimal places and would ultimately give a lot of champions a little bit of a buff/nerf (depending on rounding), you never know when that 1 damage could make a difference it is just the way the game has been designed and balanced over the years
> [{quoted}](name=Entity Rush,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=42MEuFup,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-10-07T21:25:02.895+0000) > > If they did that then it completely negates them having the decimal places and would ultimately give a lot of champions a little bit of a buff/nerf (depending on rounding), you never know when that 1 damage could make a difference I don't see how having decimal places can be negated; they exist in rune values, in masteries etc. Decimals cant just disappear. (unless you mean something else) Changing it now would indeed cause small buffs and nerfs to various items/champions/masteries. Also, you might be right about it being due to rounding. They might be using a different [rounding method]( for stats and a different for inflicted dmg.
Cypherous (EUW)
: because that would result in you gaining damage that you shouldn't have just because of the rounding, if you only have 61.5 AD i dont want it rounding that up to 62 damage taken as you'll be doing more damage than you really should, the rounding is because of limited UI space and because having 61.7 AD really doesn't make any sense
> [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=42MEuFup,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-07T22:20:50.597+0000) > > because that would result in you gaining damage that you shouldn't have just because of the rounding The actual value is 61.97. Rounding it down would create the opposite effect; losing dmg. However you might be right about rounding being the issue. Perhaps displayed stats are rounded using a different [rounding method]( than inflicted dmg.
Dzsime (EUNE)
: It was a feature wasn't it? I could swear that I uploaded pics directly to the board, I remember that I had to drag the files to a little popup window. Was it removed?
No idea. I started posting here for the first time only recently. :P
Cypherous (EUW)
: Very much this, the ingame counter doesn't display decimal places so it will round the number, this isn't a bug its a design choice
: This isn't a bug Looking on lol counter for the champion information jax's base damage and scaling are not whole numbers so this is simply due to value rounding
Are you suggesting that 61.97 is rounded to 62 displayed AD? I agree. Why not round it to 62 when dealing the autoattack dmg **as well** then?
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