Lektrique (EUNE)
: Who said anything about ekko being a farm jungler?? man I just wanna get lvl 3 without losing 90 pct of my hp so I can gank, plus ekko's clear is so good after around 6-7 levels when I get runic echoes. I'm just talkin about his early game and how frustrating it is when you can hardly finish 3 camps then you have to go back before you can gank or complete your first clear.. I mean why would I not play khazix or kayn in the jungle when they can finish their first clear and still get to gank or do whatever to dictate how the game goes [counter junglin, warding, etc..] that's what jungling is all about, but with ekko your hands are tied early... now dont forget that around the same time they nerfed his passive [base damage reduction and slow removal] they nerfed ekko's base AD to 50 something down from 65 at lvl 1, so all I'm sayin is that while they succeeded in deterring every tanky ekko they took all jungling viability out of ekko as collateral damage.
What route do you take? edit: also, do you kite the camp properly? You kite camps even with melee champs
Lektrique (EUNE)
: Pls buff jungle Ekko
But ekko jungle isnt a farm jungler and the ap scalings were made better, no? (Im not so sure but i think they buffed the scalings) As ekko you dont farm, you gank, get kills and snowball like a proper assassin.
: Does that client bug exist only on EUNE?
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
People who are still asking what, where, why and wtf just stop lol, especially in this thread xd the whole thread is made for issuing out the statement that things dun work. So no need to hurr durr saying that things dont work :D
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
Aram has never been so popular in EUNE xd
L1nnXX (EUW)
: Which champion and why
Talon is just fun af. Just remember, he cant stop fighting in lane, you just have to fight fight and fight untill lvl 6 and then he is one of the best roamers around. The key to winning w assassins is ganking and roaming after 6, even if youve lost your lane.
: COME ONE RIOT GAME make an option / color list to prevent being with these guys
From this msg it seems like you are a part of the flame problem, flamers in turn make trolls, trolls in turn make flamers. Get out of the witch circle and youll be fine
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Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: Make chat box for loading screen
So is this coming any time soon? :D
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Because it would greatly increase the loading time, which is the opposite of what Riot tries to do; lower it. The league client, and ingame chat, are two different things. Once champ select is over, and the loading screen appears, the actual game starts loading, and your account is logged into the gameserver. If you want a chat to appear here, you'll need to load extra assets, and require more network load in order to maintain the chat. This will increase the loading time, and for some systems the increase can be quite large, which in turn will mean that it takes longer for you to actually start a game.
Dude, its a chat box, a chat, box. Chat Box Nobody has this wood of a pc
kullehh (EUW)
: noo , we dont want 1 week loading games , nope
how on earth would it be 1 week loading screen... its a chat box xD
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Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: What are your common mistakes/areas for improvement?
i drown myself in the mistakes of my team and lose focus :D
Megumìn (EUW)
: Why delete post ? the truth hurt that much that u can't even answer ?
Because you were vulgar most likely. Be nice to people and don't swear please. Hope this helps.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Pretty sure all bans for verbal misbehaviour are written as "verbal abuse", regardless of the content or rule violation. I'll agree that this can be a bit misguiding, but it doesn't change the fact that the ban was justified.
If CSGO had riots policy on verbal abuse 99% of players would get insta banned. But hey, they don't and nobody really cares if a guy starts flaming, the MUTE button is always there if someone is flaming, no?
kkayy (EUNE)
: i cannot download lol on windows 10 PLEASE HELP ME
You gave us so much info, could you describe what exactly goes wrong, what happens all of that :) Right now its the same as saying ''I don't know how to make a nuclear weapon, please help'' Like we're gonna know :D unless this is some common bug and riot are aware of this
Trick2G69 (EUNE)
: from a post in NA > [{quoted}](name=BlâckLotus,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PTP8EZ21,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-29T00:28:50.309+0000) > > Riot called my behavior "grossly offensive" > Game 1 > BlâckLotus: oh boy > BlâckLotus: im against the thunderlords ignite renekton > BlâckLotus: ryze why are you farming? > BlâckLotus: ryze pinged he is comming > BlâckLotus: and went afk to farm > BlâckLotus: holy hell i will add this tf after the game > BlâckLotus: he solo won the game > BlâckLotus: what a beast > BlâckLotus: nid has 4 succesfull ganks > BlâckLotus: we dont have any > BlâckLotus: guys please > BlâckLotus: picking jungle > BlâckLotus: when youre a bad player > BlâckLotus: is the worst thing > BlâckLotus: you can do to your team > BlâckLotus: please > BlâckLotus: never do that again > BlâckLotus: i will not flame you > BlâckLotus: theres no point now > BlâckLotus: just please let someone else play jungle > BlâckLotus: and go support > BlâckLotus: please stop talking to me > BlâckLotus: ok youre reported for verbal abuse > BlâckLotus: oh now i see it > BlâckLotus: you just pick jungle because you cant lane > BlâckLotus: report me for what? > BlâckLotus: lmao > BlâckLotus: he doesnt know what open mid is > BlâckLotus: he is attacking the minions > BlâckLotus: im rofling > BlâckLotus: report jax and ryze > BlâckLotus: for verbal abuse > BlâckLotus: thank you > BlâckLotus: he has been harrasing me all game > BlâckLotus: and he doesnt even know what open mid is > BlâckLotus: gg
Thats just regular competative game flame... The biggest problem with this system is that they don't save the whole chat, just the reported players chat, or at least don't publish it so people could see proof id say, but there might be a valid reason for it, idk. I don't have a solution for this, i won't pretend to think that it's some easy fix but things need to change, because this banning system is just downright bad. The chat ban system, ok i understand it, no need to be cussing all the time but god damn when its against a troll give him some slack, the troll just ruined the game for 9 people and took their time.
Trick2G69 (EUNE)
: PermaBans
+1 They need to seriously revamp the whole ban system. Too many trolls, too many people getting banned for calling those trolls out in game (and the ban bot just sees the flame the victims put out) and too many people getting banned for being just douches and not genuine flamers and such.
: As much as I love Kayles theme, her E playstyle and her versile build paths... she's just one more toxic Champion which has to have a below avarage winrate. Because everyone who's good with her will create rivers of salt even with tiny buffs. Yes she needs love - a lovely rework. ----------------------------- (mhm.. change 'E' with 'W' and 'her' with 'him' and it could be a post about Aurelion as well.... sigh... q.q) ----------------------------- [Edit: Clarity: I dont consider her a bad pick overall - you just need to be really, really good to be successfull]
Nah i dont think she needs a rework, shes that on hit ADC that we need :D and i don't see her as being toxic, there are clear weaknesses to exploit and ive never felt i was cheated when playing vs her or i couldn't do anything Edit: how do you have to be really good? Shes like normal ADC to me, with some abilities to make her safer and slippery, just with different items and mixed dmg
Antenora (EUW)
: Low popularity does not mean a champion needs nerfs or buffs.
Did i say anything about popularity? :D could care less about how popular some champ is, just giving my 2 cents
: Trust me man, shes not weak. the new fever may take away its on-hit aspect but gives her AD instead, while she may be losing about 10-20 physical damage from the on-hit, she gained more AD to scale with her E AoE which is great if you are building a {{item:3085}} {{champion:10}} is just in a spot of low popularity (Compared to other champions)
But think about this, the fervor gave, what was it 120 dmg on hit, with guinsos thats 240, dropping that to 60 while sure will increase the aoe dmg really minimally but the dueling was drasticly worsened (so she didnt lose 10-20, without guinsos its above 60 already) and without a good tank item to boost her, eh, don't see her being ''OK'' atm. I mean im fine with the slow nerf on railais, but the base stats, especially the HP in my opinion, is something that she could really make use of.
: 1. is intended, healing or shielding grants assists. 2. The soldier not aa'ing the inhib is intended, but azir not being able to is a bug. 3. It's the same thing with Nautilus and other big champions, but i guess that's a weird one to fix. Either you'll have to lower the HP bar into the champion model or raise it far above it. Both come with clarity issues.
1. i dont think its intended when gp and the healer or shielder are in spawn and the fight is in mid, effectevly the healer did nothing and got gold 2. i know :D 3. Wouldn't raising the emote fix it?
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: Well the main part of his identity (soldier management) will be left untouched more or less. From what we know riot are targeting some of his excess strength that is present in his kit as that's what has caused him to become the issue he has become (he has so many different strengths that when he is in a good position he shoves everyone else out of viability because he likely does their job better than them). So he will be losing some tools but in return riot won't have to keep him in such a weakened position like he is in atm.
I'll be optimistic about this, i gave it some thought yesterday and played it and realized i was wrong about this, i am now one of the only few that can use it :D and rabadons quicker is good. I'll edit the main post lol xd
: Eventually that's gonna happen to every player... that's the thing with regular balance, it's gonna negatively affect every champion at some point (and I know how it feels... way back in the day my absolute favourite was old AD sion... who got a complete relaunch which killed that play style off... it sucks but you gotta endure and adapt).
Well, whatever they do, i hope they don't fuck up Azirs playstyle too much
KeyShr3kt (EUNE)
: wow...i just played a match with azir, and guess what...i carried in early and i helped yasuo a lot in late (with combos)...and we did a biiiiiiig comeback...dude i love this champ...i fu*ked an elementalist lux very hard
I don't see a match with him on your profile :d wanted to see it :c
: Riot have stated that the champions that rylies is meant for will be kept under a watchful eye in case they have been hit too hard. But remember that it was a necessary change... it's intended for battle and control mages but was being used by pretty much every mage because it was one of the most cost efficient ap items without the slow meaning champions who can't use the slow still wanted it. So a revert is out of the question because this nerf is doing its job.
Yeah but when its messing with your fav it feels horrible :L
Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: New raylias (or however you spell it) and Azir
Seriously, if any Riot employee is reading this, please, i beg of you, give this to a shot caller in the game design section. I only play 1 game all the time and this is this game, and only because Azir exists, and well Kayle (who is also nerfed to ground with this new magic slow stick that dosent work). I like playing games, but if you guys go trough with this, i simply won't have anything to do in my spare time other than watch TV or Youtube and i don't want to do that. Please, help me out.
KeyShr3kt (EUNE)
: Jusr wait until they're doing something to him...maybe he'll be better...
Maybe... i want THIS Azir, this is the champion i bought with rp on the first day, with the skin, never stopped playing him since. He might be better, he might become meta, but he will not be my champ :/
Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: New raylias (or however you spell it) and Azir
Eh, you know what, don't revert it, im quitting this... if theres no Azir then i dont want to play this game. Good luck in the future Riot and hope for the best. Goodbye and good luck :)
: Buffing Azir is a dangerous thing. Remember release after all the bugs got ironed out? Remember how he outshined every other mid lane pick? Giving him a big buff could put us right back to square one and that's something Riot wants to avoid.
Well right now they nerfed him indirectly, so something has to be done
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: I don't know man. A lot of Items you buy on azir only give you very limited useful stats. Compared to any Adc, you lack crit, on hit and lifesteal as the basics. I don't think crit would be a great ting to have on Azir, but lifesteal is defenetly something that would be nice to have late game, unless you buy yourself a gunblade and then get reported. (SOME Ad scaling on soldiers would not do any harm though^^) The other thing you lack is on hits, most noticably of course the main item Nashor's Tooth or stuff other mages would build like Lich Bane. So you see, here you only get like half of your items effects, just because CDR, AP and AS are totally the things you need as Azir, but still have that wasted Passive. Same with "Gunblade" if you would consider that an effective item to get, since your AD doesn't mean shit. I also think that he has a waaay to huge mana problem that you can't solve unless you get a blue buff 24/7. An ADC would just buy Essence Reaver and be done with that forever, while also reaping huge CDR benefits. There are also these weird things, like attacking with soldiers stacks a rageblade, but never gives the actual double attack at any point (man that would be fun^^) Personally I would love if his soldiers could attack seperatly and are not target based. That means if you place like 3 of them in different spots, it would FEEL nice to have them all do something, instead of having to adjust them with Q all the time. Think of this: You place on soldier on the lef and one on the right side of the caster minion wave and want to attack the middle on (and for that purpose all of them obviously) but they stand just barely out of range and they end up doing nothing. It would be much nicer, if they would attack in the same DIRECTION, where you are putting your AAs (as an A click user, YES). This would mean he feels slightly different, if you don't know what you are doing, but it would make a lot more sense and also give those idle soldiers something to do ;)
I like where youre going, maybe that item change would do some magic, idk? But the soliders and all that need to stay the same, for me, this is my champ, i don't want him changed in any shape or form unless its a new build but ends up being the same base champ :)
Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: About the Azir rework
Tbh if he did get reworked i would probably quit league... he is just that thing that keeps me playing, even tho i play a variety of champs he is the one that keeps me here.
: you are a prime example of, despite his low win rate, someone who stays true to the champ they main and want to keep to them through thick and thin. really like people with your mindset {{champion:268}} {{item:3460}}
Only a low win rate for the first 100 games with him :D after that, you become an elegant bird that is hard to kill and will do wonders, even when kda is negative i top off the dmg dealt to champions chart every other game.
l MrD l (EUW)
: I love him too but i do hate to admit it that he does need a rework. You cant just think about you playing teh champ you have to think about playing against the azir too and when i played against a good azir i did feel powerless. About the increasing Q range too. That could be a bad idea as it would buff his early game which is where rito tried to balance him out so the enemy team against him has a chance before he becomes a late game monster. I had an idea of actually making him a DPS character. Changing the ult back to 5 seconds duration and removing its damage and also reverting the previous W damage nerf. This way hes relying more on his soldiers to deal damage rather than shurima shuffle with an ult and burst them down.
he is a dps character, rarely do i use ulti for offencen only when chasing or the enemy adc is just there, ready to die, tbh if i use it i don't think too much about its dmg, i can do more with 1 soldier :) Id actually be fine with no R dmg but theyd have to increase all the other dmg WAYYY too much to make up for it, and i think that doing so will bring up that early game problem, where he will just shrek the lane Edit* Actually r needs dmg, otherwise your kill potential goes down a LOT
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Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: Please fix
Since this wasn't fixed in this patch i thought id bump it :D since it seems like a pretty easy fix, idk tho. Id really appreciate it if you fixed it :c can't even show off lvl7 with her like this.
Exdominator (EUNE)
: One thing where imo u copletely screwed up riot...
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Blackbolt21,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=jlfpgFel,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-07-03T13:00:02.550+0000) > > So i got a day to do nothing, end of the month so no money, raining outside so cant go and play basketball or anything like that, and nothing good on the tv xD and the one thing left for me to do is down. Pretty boring quite honestly but i guess we all need to take some serious chill n relax time sometimes :) I know it's not really a solution, but apparently players experiencing this issue are able to play on other regions (such as EUW). Again it's not a solution - you guys should be able to play on your home server (EUNE) - but if you wanted to get some LoL in that's an option while we investigate.
So any eta on the fix? I mean i got my pay in but its still raining .--. and going to the pub on a monday just seems wrong
Blackbolt21 (EUNE)
: Theres a mute button if you don't know how to flame without being banned :D
No but really, just use the mute, its there for a reason and dont spam REPORT REPORT The more someone says report the more likely i am to not report, same for most people :p
Shaponja (EUNE)
: Is THIS why people hate Dynamic queue? Or premades generally?
Theres a mute button if you don't know how to flame without being banned :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Blackbolt21,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=jlfpgFel,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-07-03T13:00:02.550+0000) > > So i got a day to do nothing, end of the month so no money, raining outside so cant go and play basketball or anything like that, and nothing good on the tv xD and the one thing left for me to do is down. Pretty boring quite honestly but i guess we all need to take some serious chill n relax time sometimes :) I know it's not really a solution, but apparently players experiencing this issue are able to play on other regions (such as EUW). Again it's not a solution - you guys should be able to play on your home server (EUNE) - but if you wanted to get some LoL in that's an option while we investigate.
I have a few accounts i can use on other servers, but they dont have the flame, the rage and the bs that goes on in eune chat :D Btw maybe get someone to add that exclamation mark to the launcher that says that you guys are aware of the issue, that way people who dont look at the forum know that its being looked in to.
momoandapa (EUNE)
: EUNE server problems
So i got a day to do nothing, end of the month so no money, raining outside so cant go and play basketball or anything like that, and nothing good on the tv xD and the one thing left for me to do is down. Pretty boring quite honestly but i guess we all need to take some serious chill n relax time sometimes :)
Im Tolik (EUW)
: Looking 4 team currently silver 1 (max gold1) ADC JUNGLE OR MIR
How can you be in silver if you been playing since s2?
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