: True but people with 40-53% wr after hundreds of games simply don't believe that, they still think it is only their teammates fault, and that they aren't stuck. Their mental (as one of the things) keeps them in the same spot. Instead of trying to improve, they find whatever excuse they can to reason with.
What you are saying is just not true. In 6-7 seasons I actually went to gold 1 in like 50 games. Until I get to plat I have stable win ratio of 60-85 % every season. But then since season 6 I have climbed the same way 4 times. And in those 4 times the moment I entered plat I started getting TERRIBLE PLAYERS. Not only on my team, on the enemy too. For myself I am sure that riot is sending free wins and loses on purpose, Believe what you want. Plus I have seen players in silver with 400-500 games who are on diamond level skill. But yet they are stuck there for some reason? When I talk to them, they all complain about the trolls in the games(they just didn't realize that one game they get the weaklings and the other the enemy). Sorry guys, I am sure that the machmaking is controlled. Have you noticed every time you enter new devision that you get a newb on your team? Every time you climb a devision there is someone there to lose you a game. This was in the past seasons. This season, now, you get those free loses 1 or 2 games after you climb devision, because people have noticed what riot are doing. I have been playing many times with bronze, silver, gold, plat, diamond players. I have played around 30 games with challangers almost every game in season 6 too when they made the mmr reset of ranked flex. And I can tell you. I know the skill of a player after 5 min of watching him play and around 20 % of the people I play with from bronze to diamond ARE ON THE SAME LEVEL. They are there to slow you down. And if you think about it you may notice that in previus seasons you could actaully climb A LOT faster. And tell me, why in past 3 seasons there have been dozens of diamond streamers that are stuck in silver on fresh accounts? Sure I can go and play master yi and carry 3v5. I can dodge the games that are not suitable for him. But that's not the point. D you know what is the chance of all 3 lanes losing in a game? Around 1/8 not counting the influence of the jungler. But yet in almost half of my games either my team or the enemy team has 3 lanes winning. 10 min 15/2 or someething like this. That's not normal.
: You'd need to be P2+ to be able to duo with me, and anyways, in soloQ I ONLY play solo. Flex I run with my friends, I'm D2 there, so ranked restrictions again. I'm currently sitting on a 63% win-rate in D4 out of 50 games or so. Not planning on climbing more this season, due to lack of time/motivation. If you can't climb, just improve. It's that simple. You think I don't get matches where all my lanes lose and even tho I'm 10/0 I can't win ? I get 4 out of 10 games like that. The other 4 are stomps, where my team wins every lane, and I can go AFK - we still win. And the remaining 2 games, I actually have a greater impact than my opponent in the same role, hence I turn an even match in my favour. That's how you achieve a good win-rate.
You just confirmed whatI said. 8 out of your games u dont have impact. That's my problem. Before season 6 we had impact on 8 out of 10 games.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: I just don't care anymore, any tips?
Nope, the real problem is that ranked games are not competitive since season 6. Riot just send you free wins and free loses so you stay at your place. The do not want you to climb because for each player climbing there is one falling. That's the sad truth. Season 6 killed this game.
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