: I mean... you're welcome to, but the data and figures is there to back it.
When I created a new account, it took me one, max 2 days to get a 6300BE and 3150 BE Champion. But now it takes FREAKING 4 days JUST TO GER A 6300 BE CHAMPION. HOW THE %%%% IS THAT FASTER? The data is bullshit, forged by riot to blind you from the fact that they actually slowed downed ingame currency game cause their income started dropping when they started screwing up time and time again.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: do you know what "getting one self banned" actually means?
Wrong person? Mine was aimed at Bamboozle guy here
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: not that Karma, that one is cool
: I appreciate the response. This makes me think I'll stick to top lane as I enjoy Sona, but hate AP carry champs. I like utility, and keeping my team healthy, while making plays with her ult.
that guy is just bad and salty. sona, janna and soraka can all be very annoying and effective in the right hands. hell...sona is always on urf in lategame. I've never gotten through to a carry who was protected by sona main, despite the carry being...well...no ofence but braindead(running into center of the teamfight stupid). Nami and janna are one of my favorite supports i play when i have to autofill.
Nevymoon (EUW)
: Game lags on top tier high end PC!
it's literally your computer being too good for the game. Not much can be done, however, i noticed that lowering the resolution can make the game smoother.(altho maybe blurrier). For me...well..what keeps things smooth is uncapped fps and resolution of 1600x900(altho i can use twice as that on other games).
: Tells alot, and below, no you are wrong, im not bragging about me being diamond. He tok it like i was bragging ;) And i guess your ban was deserved. Now bye :)
you seriously need to take a long look in the mirror. you're not reformed behaving like this
: More goldies ruining the game, why are they so ignorant.
why in the %%%% are you in that elo in the first place, or for that matter, how the %%%%?
: How did riot fk up their matchmaking system?
they dumbed down the game so much that it's also dumbing down the community. literally
: Climbing have nothing to do with luck. You might get lucky or unlucky in one game, but when you sum up all the games, only your skill counts in the grand scheme of things. I've checked your profile quickly and I can already see many problems. It's actually not a surprise that you lose a lot. **First ingame stuff :** * You seem to be getting a lot of kills, but at the same time you're dying too much... Dying is NOT ok, it's never ok. Getting a kill and dying is not worth or even. Because you might be able to go 1v1 equaly with your lane enemy, but when that fed veigar (or whatever champ against you) will go fight your teammates, he'll just one shot them since they don't have as much kills. He will then become more fed than you and guess what? You can't fight him anymore.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} * Also you don't buy control wards (or only buy one). If you're good mechanically, you'll have to work more on your map awareness. **You also have a problem related to your approach to ranked :** In just your last 10 games you played {{champion:143}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:420}} Those are 8 completely different champions in different lanes, with different roles and playstyles. You cannot except to win consistently with all of those. It's simple, the more you play the same role/champ the more you're gonna get more familiar with his damage, how much he can tank, his tricks etc so you'll be much more efficient while playing him. You're not supposed to try new stuff in ranked. And no, playing 10 games with a champ doesn't make you main him and give you mastery over his skills. Specializing will give you more game knowledge and you'll win more. A mid laner and a jungler aren't supposed to be at the same places and do the same stuff. So choose only 2 lanes and 3 similar champs in those lanes and focus on those. Also, play a lot of normal draft in order to practice. Only go to ranked when you know you're gonna destroy people. The idea of "Ooh this champ didn't work maybe I'll try a new one" is very wrong. Become a one trick at some champs, and nobody will beat you when you play them. Don't forget that the harder part isn't the mechanics, but learning and experiencing all the lanes matchups. If you are playing against a champ for the first time (as a specific champ) and you don't know how to deal with him (because you never played against him before), there are high chances he's gonna beat you. Also, when you start losing, stop playing. You'll just get tilted, be more agressive and lose more games. You should only play when you're at your mental peak. It's like any other sports. I can help you if you are willing to learn and don't show toxicity in your games. Add me ingame.
not in preseason. or in low elo for trhat matter
AndrewCJ123 (EUNE)
: #ToAllRiotEmployees
give me some of that you smoke?
: oh %%%% off
No heed to go offensive on ignorant
: Reporting is basically a waste of time
Riot's "%%%% em, i'm the dictator" system works perfectly
AsherUA (EUW)
: People will stop crying only when the world will stop moving and there literally won't be ANYTHING going on.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: when the players will stop crying
Meanwhile you are crying about crying
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
"Who cares? If you can't stand competitive banter, then you are a snowflake" = #Riot #Riot Community. Let's be honest, riot even advertized it xd
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Are emotes ever on sale?
How greedy you want to get? Emotes are cheap as they are, especially considering with a little luck you can get it for free.
: I am Janna main, does that make me bad person?
lil 3bood (EUW)
HELL NO. If anything, zed is too strong
: I shouldn't of had any reports I've been with premades and i haven't had many people flame me directly. Always others on the team
You can always end up getting a valid report by mistake. There are a lot people fully report all teams every game.
: Been on "you've reached the last checkpoint before level 3" for ages
sLwOlive (EUW)
: look at this whiny loser
While that comment was stupid, it was not something worth removing
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: What if his Ping was ok before that match but got 3000 ms in your match only? have you thought about that?
Lynnedin (EUW)
: Support intentionally feeds 0-18 in a 28 minute ranked game and no ban??
You only need to say %%% 3 times to get banned. Otherwise you won't even get a warning even if you go 0/24/0 in 15 minutes. Source: my account
degenerat (EUW)
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} HmMmMmMm I think that’s also a big problem since people get so impatient with saving their excess RP that they use it on boosts which just end up being a waste of money and not worth it at all :/
Especially since you spend money and freely advertize riot skins xd
Harleyyyy (EUW)
: buying 2 control wards, but paying for 3
I have experienced this as well
Scoliidae (EUW)
: Oh you mean like steam does it? You either but a set amount (10€,20€ etc) or just pay for a certain game (12,59€ for example). That would be very practical and nice. I am stuck with 102rp right now that I can't spend on anything :'D
: So we aren't even allowed to argue one bit anymore?
Dude, my post got deleted because I stated my opiniopn about the community in metaphorical matter. What else do you expect from snowflake moderators who are overreacting to everything
She is broken in right hands. Her comboes pretty much don't have any counter at all when you get flashed on with 4 abilities worth of damage(#riven flash=somebody just died) There's another thing. She has so many dashes, that she only needs flash to animation cancel more than half her combo.
: What aspects do you think, have to be modified, in order to make him more playable ?
more healthy as riot would put it. and frankly neither I nor riot knows.
: I personally don't play him, but people who do from my friends, they pretty much enjoy his rework. And my point was, if he's THAT VIABLE, can it be THAT BAD ? Again, not playing him, never really fancied Shaco, just my 2cents.
basically riot declared shaco rework a failure, because it failed to adress main problem of him and have a lot of new ones as well. it's the same thing that happened with mordekaiser. so they are just trying to keep those 2 in semibalanced state until they figure out what to do with them
: He's currently the highest win-rate jungler paired with Udyr and Jax (was on 8.23) - so I wouldn't say he's THAT bad.
: ***
i know really it cost me a ranked game
: Game unplayable due to settings bug
they reset all the keybindings. you have to rebind them all
: And who would that "we" be ? But yes, he will need a visual upgrade or something, his kit is pretty visually outdated - so are his skins. He's deffo not a top priority tho, look at rammus / voli / udyr etc.
riots last rework failed miserably so they put shaco into mordekaiser zone. in other words "don't touch until something real good comes out."
: so.. what happened to mmr after this patch?
Nðrth (EUW)
: I would like to have a summoner name from an account that hasn't played a game since 2016
: I placed Bronze 2 in my placements in season 7 so you are in luck xD. As for the whole part about what i chose to play. I have chosen those champions because i have seen people play them and i have always been drawn to them for reasons that i can't really explain. As for the play style you predicted for the choice of champions. You are not wrong on the part that i am a play making type player. I used to main Fiora in the toplane closely followed by Yasuo. I am well aware of thr skill curve and the effort that i have to put in to play these champions effectively. Roaming is still not my best strategy, but i have been working on improving it. I always try to learn from my mistakes. So if the janna shields her ADC and knocks me up. I will try to learn from it and change my starts accordingly. As for the warding part. It is not the worst, but it is not the best. What i can tell you is that i have improved in many ways since i changed my main role to Support. Sorry for the long rant, but i have enjoyed this role more than any other role i have played through my years of playing. Thank you for your advice. I will keep it all in mind and try to improve whenever i can. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
well nami is early agression into lategame passive support. you will get focused alot as nami
: Not sure what to call this :)
no when neeko released all settings for every user on the planet got reset. it happened to me in the middle of a ranked game and end up costing me one
Rioter Comments
GHazey (EUW)
: Going Pro; How does the process from "Random Solo Queue Player" to "Pro Player" look like?
Pretty slim. Your first task is reaching challenger. Second task is performing equally well on all champions in your main role. This means, you master the role, not the champions. Tho, keep in mind, every person has a champion that calls out for him. This means, it will be his main champion regardless if he tries to main one or not. Flexibility: Get into custom games with other challengers, masters and diamonds to try some crazy new stuff, especially during preseason. if you brake the meta, you have higher chances of getting noticed. At that high level of play, Teamfight micro and macro shotcalling(how to make yourself heard) is what decides the games.
: is %%% not an instant 14 days ban anymore? If so why is that?
you need to choose hate speech and even then the system is inconsistent. I did get banned the next game after I finished one.(And left the game because I realized this game is turning me into a monster)
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: One shots are supposed to happend and short teamfights are way more fun and skill oriented than long teamfights because you get punished by your mistakes and you get rewarded if you make a good play,People complain about this meta but forget how terrible s7 was because of ardent cancer{{item:3504}}
i dont mind oneshots. what i do mind is a lot of hidden skills(knowing the range of morgana and zyra ult for example, knowing the timers) and strategy are basically nonexistant nowadays. it's who kills faster rather than who gets to base faster. not to mention the child mentality people here have
: but she was good in teamfights before she didnt need a buff there, she can root and slow 5 people with w and ult her dueling is the thing that was really weak and now its even worse thanks to the useless passive in 1v1 and damage nerfs to everything
well what do you expect from riot exept an otherly bullshit screw up on every time they try to change something
íGengar (EUW)
: Unless this IS his main and its all a cover to complain about matchmaking :0 I mean who has a level 111 smurf...
someone who is acc sharing or bought an account. (I've seen level 500 accounts banned for account sharing)
: Matchmaking in bronze is unreal unbalanced
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BradutulFermecat,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7jteckzE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-30T08:11:58.632+0000) > > Let me tell you something boddy, not everyone thing a videogame is his life. We actually play video games to enjoy ourself and take a break from real life and emerge in a virtual world for some time. > > So for some of us we prefer losing in a company of friendly and great human characters then wining with toxic jerks! We don't want stress and anger in our hoby/brakes from real life to, that enough stress in life to bring it to games also. Well, i maybe had to said that i was talking about ranked games, not other game mods. In ranked you are suppose to try, in other game mods you can pretty much do what you want and no one should care, i am not talking to try hard every normal or aram, i am saying if you go in ranked you should try your best, maybe we are just talking about different queues. And dont you think i dont want to have fun?? or anyone that try to play at their best, dont wnat to have fun...., but we cant have fun if there is someone that troll and this is his way to relax from a real life. I had the most fun few season ago where the match making was some kind of balanced and after a hard intense game, both teams were happy, because they tried and the came was close. Again i talk about ranked, where it is suppose to be more serious and if you jsut have to goof around, you should just play normals.
doesn't make any difference at all
: 4th option: taking the win, yet reporting the toxic player. no matter how good you are at the game. if you ruin my mood, one good deed such as handing me a win won' save you. if we put it in a more harsh scenario: you see someone commit armed robbery, 10 minutes later after they stashed the goods. you see the same person save a kid from being run over by a car. sure, now they're a hero. but the armed robbery still happened and scarred another person for life. would you hand him a medal or would you slap them a pair of cuffs?
I have to agree.
: Orn ult bug
this bug has appeared occacionaly on patch 8.21 and 8.22(1/10 and 4/10 reproduction rates). Is it consistent now?
Lleajy (EUW)
: I've tested every build possible around the tank tree, I'm not posting because I felt it was fun to, I meant what I said. Why do dmg dealer have plenty of runes that directly proc with their champs and that don't pop on a whim ? - grasp of the undying is a bruiser rune, not worth since it implies to get in lengthy trade to actually get the bonus enough. - Aftershock is not bad, but it's an aggressive rune, won't do much if you are pined down on the tower and getting poked the %%%% out. - font of life is not helping you to tank, demolish too. - Bone plating and guardian are just popping too easily to be that reliable, especially when your %%%%ing jungler can pop it when you leash. - Second wind gives you some sustain, but it's based on the health, which you don't get much of in early. It won't heal back much until you get a decent health pool - Conditioning takes 10mn to come in, that's not what I call an early rune. - Overgrowth is the same, it takes to much time to build, and doesn't even give much health, with the older runes i could get 3 x 1,5% health bonus, and it wasn't even that worthy at that time. - Revitalize is a healer/shielder rune. - Unflinching is not reducing dmg.
tbh unflinching, keystones, font of life and revitalize are the only runes i see semiviable. still, i only use this tree in support role where I have to be agressive (Since my adc thinks it's safe to cs in enemy minion wave) and those runes become somewhat useful. Otherwise...yhea, I take domination healing even on tanks now xd and let's be honest it's not much you get out of that tree. resolve tree needs a huge look at. conditioning especially needs a buff, 5% is nothing. i dont mind it kicking in in 10 minutes if the buff would be 5-20% scaling on level. (tanks aren't meant to be good early anyway). Grasp is fine. Aftershock.... I think it is fine. Old overgrowth I actually liked, cause at times I could get as much as 10% or more health bonus thanks to constantly staying in lane. I was unable to damage but I couldn't be damaged too severely without an adc either. Problem is, overgrowth was quite useless on carries who were more focused on killing and dieing rather than farming, and even then it was not that much. at 6. 5 it would be broken again) minions it could have made the difference it needed to make without becoming op. Flat health on the defensive stat tree combined with overgrowth still gives far less than inspiration+resolve or resolve+inspiration gave, or resolve+offensive trees for that matter. They hit the offence spot on. They messed up defence a lot , mainly the HP part. also conditioning was nerfed because it was too strong(it used to give 10, then 8%. If it would have scaled per level, then the problem might have been solved.)
Lleajy (EUW)
: Tanks with the current runes.
all tanks are squishy unless they build sustain in runes.
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