Buttcramp (EUNE)
: To everyone saying "ez" or "easy"
I am not laughing to an enemy if i kill them.I try to be good,but when i kill enemy Teemo,he would say things like: FCK U! or NOOB! When they are toxic to me after i kill them,i AM going to say EZ.... with smiley face :).
  Rioter Comments
: My extremely unpopular view on boosting.
I don't care if my teammates are boosted or not.Because even if they are,it does not matter.Because if i like it or not,they are my teammates for 30 minutes. Honestly...and being toxic to them won't make them play better.
: How many Chest from Champions Unlocked?
I am trying to get a chest for a long time now,but i cannot get it. 1.i am playing those champs that i did not get a chest already 2.i don't have a chat restriction 3.I almost always get S,but no hextech chest. I don't understand why i cannot get any chests. Right now i have: 5 hextech keys+ 0 hextech chest Project Zed ready to be unlocked,but no hextech chest for essence.....
To make it short: If you are flaming the flamer,you are also the flamer. If you think that flaming a player while you are playing a game is not a waste of time,you are wrong.Better to just mute them and just try your best. Did you seriously spend 3k euros on League of Legends 0_0 !? I mean,i don't have the right to tell you want to do.It is your account,your money,your choice.But 3k euros? Wow,that is a lot of money to spend on just a game,to be honest. Do you know how much money i spend on this game...? ill give you a hint,it is a circle........ 0 But again, i cannot tell you what to do.It is your money and your choice. I am so sorry your account has been suspended,but if you were toxic,then you deserved it. Advise from me: When you make a new account,don't be toxic.Just mute those players that are flaming you and try your best.Otherwise,expect perma ban again if you don't stop flaming. Good luck in your next account.Be good :)
ZergaBG (EUW)
: Pay to play ?
Here is a short answer: Your account is forever lost. Go make another account and don't be toxic,or you will lose that account too.
: In need of a coach
Hello,i am BoeBu. I am from EUNE and i am currently Silver 1 (not the best elo,i know). Let me tell you first,nobody can really coach you on how to play the game.You need to learn for yourself. Sure,a coach can help you with your build,champion,runes,masteries... but if you wish to become good,you need to practise. Go play normals,maybe with bots. Go watch pro players and compare your gameplay to their own.Watch what they are doing and building. I would suggest Imaqtpie,he has a youtube channel called Imaqtpie Youtube. Always when you die,analyze your mistakes.Don't look at what your teammates are doing and focus on yourself. And DO NOT BE TOXIC.Don't waste your time on your teammates and focus on the game.If they are flaming you,just mute them and try to win the game.Never give up. I know i am not gold,plat,diamond... i am just giving you tips that i have learned while playing this game.It is very hard to climb the ladder,expecially when you are in bronze. I hope you found these tips helpful.I wish you good luck on reaching your desired elo.
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Why do towers exist?
Imagine LoL without towers. To be honest,that is not a good idea.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: Most of LoL players are noobs
I played a game this week,and it was the worst WTF game i have ever played...This is what happend: I played Yasuo mid against Azir... i thought to myself:o no azir mid this is not good... but actually azir was not hard i just poked him and he was so easy to kill that he almost gave me a free kill. I went like 4/0/0 i was good mid,but then i went top to help Sion because he was struggling,and i helped him and killed an enemy,what happened next shocked me.... He said:why did you ks me! i go feed!!!! Then he started to feed everyone and to make it short,i gave him a few kills in hope for him to stop,but he still feeded...now that is why hate noobs like him. We lost,i reported him,of course,and went to his profile and saw his elo,i wasnt surprised at all he was bronze 5... For all players who still says ks: You cant say ks if you are level 30 because it is for players that are new to LoL and ill be honest:ks doesn't exist. Also,everyone will be laughing at you for saying ks and call you a noob. Like,one my friend when he killed an enemy,teammate said ks to him,and he just left the game...He said he doesnt play with noobs that says ks and i think he is right.He is gold elo btw. And Sion name is: HEXGRIGORIS
BoeBu (EUNE)
: Most of LoL players are noobs
Most of League of players are noobs... i know most disagree and i know that there are pro players also in LoL,that is why i named MOST... Some players AFK,feed,troll... and about gold and plat players... they are good but that doesn't mean that there are not going to be players who go AFK,feed or troll. And of course there are players that are like bronze 5,and they have a pro friend that boost their account.I have friends that are very good at LoL,but i never and i never will ask them to boost me,because i want to boost myself. That is why i am trying,i know that i am going to be silver,i am so close.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: Most of LoL players are noobs
1.Just because i am in bronze doesn't mean that i am a player that feeds or trolls.I ALWAYS play with my main champions and always try my best.Once i played Mundo and won 5 ranked games in a row.This is not a lie. 2.If you all think that i am a player that always plays aggresive and feeds,that is not true.Because i really want to win a game that i play safe and just farm and when i can i get a kill... 3.I am in bronze because always someone feeds,and it was not ME and yes,i have some bad games but i almost always start a game with 2/0/0... i even go to other lanes to help my teammates and give them a few kills...
Rioter Comments
: I remember old times when I desperately wanted Vayne. Played, saved lp and finally bought her. And realized I am terrible with her. On topic. Short answer - no. Long answer... People have to work, school, life... how considerate of you. Don't give me that crap. Game is free. Everything that matters in game is free and obtainable in reasonable amount of time. But you want that time to be even shorter. What is next? Will climbing divisions take too long too? Why can't game play itself and you just buy champ you want at the end of the day? Oh, wait!! There is solution to your problem already implemented into game. BUY RP!! And another thing, if you are entering a match to get lp you'd be better with not entering match at all. Or should I quote you? Don't "waste your time" in front of computer.
Yes,you are right. I should delete League of Legends from my computer and delete this discussion,but i will leave it right here and see what other Lol players think of this game. I am not going to play Lol anymore because i don't want to "waste my time" which is like half an hour for 50 IP or 100 IP if i win. True reason why i won't play Lol anymore is because of noobs in Ranked.
: Just play the first game against bots. 1. Costs less time 2. You could quite literally afk in base and move around every 3 minutes to still get the IP 3. Its only 20 minutes. 230 ip in 20 minutes...just play the bot game and stop complaining. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Here is the reason i don't play bot games... i am not a noob.I am not saying that you or anyone else who play with bots is a noob. I am only playing with bots when i buy new champion to test him out,but no...i don't really want to play with bots.
Ysni (EUW)
: My point is that even though I have advanced so much, it was because of certain offers at times but still I had to invest alot of time, and quite honestly I'm at a point where I cannot invest that much time in this game because there are also other things to do. And even though I have advanced I still feel the need for more IP, I want to buy runes now or a new champion and I'm stuck because I don't have time to farm IP. Let alone other or new players. I don't think the increase should be high but it would be nice if there is a slight increase. The game really is slow.
Yes,a slight increase. That is my suggestion. I am not suggesting high IP increase,just a slight increase. :)
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
I am done playing League of Legends.I won't play it anymore because when i always play ranked games,i always end up with noobs.When they are feeding,i get so angry and worrying about my ELO. When i started playing ranked games for the first time with two of my PRO friends,everything was fine until mid started feeding.Then i lose my first ranked game.I was trying my best in ranked game because i wanted to be at least silver,but i always have to play with noobs that feed,go AFK or else. The thing that really makes me angry is not the feeding part,but when my noob teammate dies,he writes on chat like: xD or Hahahahah. Because of noobs,i was bronze II,until i started playing again,and,of course,some noobs start to feed.Then i was demoted to bronze III. Always when i play ranked and lose because of some noobs,i am starting to hate this game more and more. I am not going to play League of Legends anymore,maybe sometimes but not like before anymore.
: extra 100ip for penta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is a great idea! When a player do quadra or penta kill,he doesn't get any bonus.I think it would be best to add at least small bonus for quadra,and also small bonus for penta.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
Everyone,read this: I have been reading some comments,and i wanted to write this. First,let me be clear.It is Riot decision about League of Legends.Riot Games decide if IP is going to be increased,they decide about champions and everything in League of Legends. Secondly,when i was looking at some comments,i see that some players didn't read my suggestion.I didn't wrote in my suggestion like "we want 600 IP every single match". No,i wrote in my suggestion that IP is a LITTLE too reduced,that it should be increased,just a LITTLE bit. I know some player don't agree that IP should be increased a LITTLE bit because they have almost all the champions and rune pages. There were times when i used to play League of Legends,and i would get more than 200 IP every single match.I loved this game almost immediately,but i thought to myself "that is a little too much IP". And one day,Riot Games reduced IP like 50%.Now you would get about 100 IP if you win,and 50 IP if you lose.That is okay,but i think it is a little too reduced IP. I know about the First win of the day,i know about Party rewards,but i am talking about Solo queue.When your friends are busy or something. Whatever Riot Games decides about League of Legends,i am still going to play it,even if i know that it takes a lot of time for a single match and a cheap IP. It is a good game,one of the best in my life.
LeTurismo (EUW)
: No. Support Riot by buing RP if you want stuff fast.
Some people don't have money or they don't want to spend money in a game,but in reality.
: Meh, I don't think they really need to increase the IP gain, I could play so much more and still get enough to buy every new champ. besides, the goal is to get you to buy some champions with RP, as with every f2p shop. What they should do though, is give all 450 ip champions to people who reach lvl 30, as a starting pack for rankeds. I remember last season someone telling me in ranked selection "I don't have garen". The pain is real.
I understand that Riot needs to make money,but IP is reduced like 50% and my suggestion is that they increase IP just a LITTLE bit. And about 450 IP champions to all players who reach level 30? Small chance they will do that. Plus,450 IP champions are cheap
TAV Fumes (EUNE)
: Yes, it would be nice. But take it this way, how much money would they lose because of it? Thousands of dollars. Maybe even millions. If people can grind expensive champions pretty much everyday, it would mean that in the end, everyone will be able to get every champion with ease. Thus, making it not worth buying RP for champions. Since many of the newer players that are stuck for the game buy RP and then proceeds to buy champions. Yes it is a slow process, but in my opinion, being able to buy 6300 champs everyday would seem not fun. It is what makes this game fun. I've been playing League as much as I can for 4-5 straight. I have yet not collected all champions. But that is my goal, and if you can achieve a goal with ease, it is not a goal. Besides, League is the largest and fastest growing game in the whole world. If the company behind this will proceed to go through with this. They will, as I said, loose countless amounts of money, they earn TONS of money everyday. Just because of people buying things in game for real money. If they were to make that process pretty much free, and small amounts of grinding would get you an expensive product in the game, they might even go down in money. Forcing them to quit the game. Because if they make it easy, they realize it wont go in their favor, they try to fix it by changing it back, the community goes wild, making some players quit, which will create a chain reaction. Friends of the people quiting will also quit. Thats it for league, its gone. I don't want that to happen, I have big dreams about this game, large goals. And I still have chance. Seeing it fall apart would be devistating. So please, if you want this game to live, try not to take control over it. It might be for the worst. This game is not meant to be easy, making it easy will destroy the whole meaning of the game. Gaming is lazy enough, being lazy in the game is taking it to the next level. Think about the pro players, they worked hard, but they got there, making it easy for mostly unknown people will make the pro players earn less respect, since they need it.
First,i am not Riot.He decides about IP boost,not me. Secondly,why did you wrote in the comment like i wrote suggestion "We want 500 IP per match" I just wrote a suggestion that i think its the best if they increase IP just a LITTLE bit,not 500 IP or more... And getting a 6300 IP champ every day? Read my suggestion...
Maíko (EUW)
: How about playing a botgame? 100% winchance and you get the full 150 bonus IP
They are some reasons why most players don't play against Bots. 1.They want to prove to themselves that they can beat real enemies,not bots. 2.Bots run away when you attack them(all players run,but bots always run when you hit them first) 3.Players that play on bots are those who don't know how to play(noobs,no offense) or players that are like 30 level and boring playing with real players so they play with boots. 4.Sometimes,bots are really easy to beat...so,most players play on PvP with real players because they want to have fun. 5.Some players think it is a shame to play with bots. I hardly play with bots.I only play with them to try out new champions or when i was level 1.
Maíko (EUW)
: Imagine.... you are lvl 30.... you get your Champions with really hard work... you have invested so much time in this game.... And then... when you finally got them all... Riot makes it easier to get IP How would you feel?
I think Riot needs to do it the opposite way. Because i don't see the point where you get all the champions with hard work,spending your free time for 50 or 100 IP,and after couple years later,you have all champions and rune pages...And then it gets easier to get IP,when you have all the champions. How i would feel...confused... Why increase IP when you have all champions? On what would you spend IP on?
: I feel like the increase should only happen after level 30 or maybe after playing like 1000 games in League of legends (non-bots), because one of the biggest reasons to league of legends success is that its addictive and that addiction comes from grinding ip to try out new champs, but at level 30 there is the rank addiction so it should be fine or if its just small IP increase like yours it shouldn't be a problem
Maybe...But it would be best if like they give a month IP boost for new players,or they have like good IP boost until they get to level 10. But reduced IP...50 IP if you lose,100 IP if you win.That is a LITTLE low,it should increase...just a little bit...
raishinari (EUNE)
: I already returned back several times. But every return back becomes more boring. Right now I just get daily bonus and when i get a new champ i will leave for some time again without doing dailies. It is around 2 years since I started this game. So i guess it is pretty normal to get boring. I remember playing 8-10 time matches a week and enjoying all of them. Right now even dailies are like a burden.
That is why Riot Games try to come up with new ideas about how to improve League of Legends.So that players like you or me don't get bored playing it. In the future,they will add new champions,skins,... and maybe even new runes.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I've been playing for almost a year now, have like 18-20 champs, 5-6 rune pages, I work, study and still have like 20k IP left. It's not hard to earn IP
Congratulations for champions and rune pages. You surely played a lot matches since last year. But don't you think IP is a little too reduced? Like,when you lose,you get around 50 IP. I believe it should be like 80 IP. There were times where in every win i would get more than 200 IP.I got a 6300 IP champion(Rengar) in a week.That was a little too much IP,so Riot Games reduced it,like 50%. Now,when you win a match,you get around 100 IP. I am not suggesting to increase IP back to 50%,i am suggesting to increase it JUST a little bit...
Larry (EUNE)
: It is marketing policy to keep you as a customer for as long as possible. From Riot's perspective, if you buy all champions lets say in 1 year, then you have no more things to see in the game. I have been playing since season 1, i have used RP to buy champions, i now own every champion and 20 runepages, and my goal is to buy all runes now :P
Well done for all champions and rune pages. But i didn't wrote a suggestion to increase IP to 200,300 or 400,but just to 130-150 for a win. I understand and i know what would have happened if Riot Games increase IP to 500.Everybody would have best runes and champions. But this is a suggestion to increase IP just a tiny bit...
: While i understand people that would like to get increased IP gain from games, i understand riot and people who don't like this idea. First of all (and that's not that important fact but it's still true) - People that are playing since season 1-3 and they play consistently, they already have every champion, every rune, every rune page and they are sitting on 50k + IP and they have absolutely nothing to do with them, they spend that much time to get it and it would be unfair for them. Second, this game is for free, there's absolutely nothing for RP that would help you win games (no "Pay 2 Win" factor, just "Pay 2 speedup"), items that actually give you some power in game (runes) are for IP only which only confirms that riot doesn't want any kind of P2W in their game, and what's the point? well, Riot needs money to maintain servers, pay sallary to their employees etc. if they increase IP gain, it would lower number of RP purchases (Champions for RP, IP boosts) so they would lose money (and don't tell me "people would still purchase them and buy skins" - this is not entirely true, i know some people that has 0 skins and they don't want skins but they did purchase RP to get IP boost / champions) Third, this change would increase number of smurfs and account sellers. Smurfs are annoying for players in lower leagues, it's unfair that someone who is in much higher skill category, it may be fun for them to crush some "noobs", but it's complete waste of time for regular players of that league (IP gain increase would make smurfing a bit more easier, so i pressume that people would smurf more)... as for account sellers, it would be easier to gain stuff on account, price of accounts with lots of champion would go down, more people will purchase them (because the price will be lower than purchasing them with RP and then riot loses money again) You should always think about both sides... because there are always reasons why is it that way... i'm not saying that i am right in every aspect of my comment... but it's my opinion and my point of view. Also yes, my grammar & english suck (hello to every grammar nazi out there)
I know that Riot needs money,but they reduced IP too much,like when you lose a normal game you get 50 IP,it should be like 80-100 IP (depends on how long match lasted)
Fler (EUNE)
: Well took me around 2 years to get all champs, but anyway, they will not give us more IP, because its a F2P game, and they want u to buy it with RP, if u dont like it with IP.
I know,they need to make money too,so they reduced IP ,but they reduced it too much.
Cypherous (EUW)
: You're not factoring in the 150IP for first win of the day which would take you to around 250IP for a win, assuming you literally only played 1 match per day and you won it thats only 25 days for a 6300 IP champion, most people don't play just 1 game per day so IP costs are fine, i even have 16 rune pages total and am only missing about 10 champions and i stopped playing seriously for ages, the grind is fine considering its free to play
Yes,but you are saying one match per day.What if you lose a match? Start it again,probably.And you lose again.And so you do this every single day until you finally win the match. I am not suggesting that Riot should increase IP boost for 50%,just a little bit.Its almost a wasted 40 minutes match.If you lose its 50 IP,if you win its 100 IP.That is a little too much reduced IP.
raishinari (EUNE)
: I play a bot game each day to get that bonus ip and 2-3 matches at most at weekends. Getting the runes and champs at the same time is too hard. And i dont want to play the same champ over and over. I guess Dota 2 will win at the long run.
If you find League of Legends boring,you will most likely come back to playing it again.Believe me,when i stopped playing,it was boring,but when i started one match,i had fun i used to have when i was playing it in the past. League of Legends is a good game,but it takes a really lot of free time,almost wasted because IP boost is reduced a lot. Hopefully,Riot Games will increase IP boost.
Goofle (EUW)
: They know how much money they wanna make, but thanks for the suggestion.
: i agree {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Thanks for support :) Hope Riot will agree too...who knows...
: I can tell you certainly that most of the people who already bought all will disagree.Personally i have all, but i dont disagree. It would be nice if we earn 200 ip but no more.
I know players that have all champions,skins,runes pages will disagree,but if they could just stop and think twice. Would they disagree if they were level 1,played 5 matches,and didn't even bought a first champion. I would agree,but when i started playing League of Legends,winning a match was about 200 IP.That was nice,but it was a little too much.But now Riot Games reduced IP boost about 50% I am not saying they increase IP boost back to 50%,i am giving a suggestion that it should be increased like 20-25%.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I somewhat agree, but I think the prices of 3150/4800/6300 IP champions & rune pages should be reduced instead of increase IP gain per game, since the lower champions are actually quite cheap (And obviously without being any worse than the higher ones). PS. Even this would sadly make LoL a little less "thrilling" for new players, y'know it when you're new and you realllly want those shining 6300 champs and you finally get them ^^ Also I find rune costs quite fine, since they literally halved the cost of all the basic runes, and others are usually just a "luxury". Players that just started playing should NOT be focusing on getting a good amount of runes, which they might would in case IP gain would be increased.
Thank you for support and an idea,but i think its better that champions stay on current IP prices.The only problem is IP bonus after a 30-40 minutes match.Its just too much reduced...Hope Riot will find a solution...
: I say make runes free.
Slow down.We are not trying to make this game too hard or too easy,we want to keep it in a normal zone. Riot Games is in charge of League of Legends to make it challenging and fun. Making runes free is not a good idea.Maybe one day Riot Games will make runes free,but its a 99,99% chance that they won't.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: I got all champions, so Idc xD
Congratulations,you have all champions,you surely played a lot of League of Legends. But,imagine...You are level 1,played your first match,and you see 100 IP boost (without the Win of the Day) What do you think,how many matches you have to play to get 6300 IP champion? You have to win a match to get around 100 IP,if you lose,you get half of that. Even after about month later(including playing League of Legends every day with about 5 matches,(also including if you have a lot of free time)),you get 6300 IP champion,and then you do it all over again until you can purchase your champion. Wouldn't you think like-"Oh my God,IP is so low for a match that lasted 30-40 minutes,it should be increased"
Fransiee (EUW)
: for a lot of people they get to level 30, bought a few champions and lack there because they don't have the right runes. The new champions throughout the year got highly increased in cotst which I think is logic. But if you look at the new people, they have to spend ages behind their computers to get the champions they desire, obviously there are lower IP champions. but come on... 6300 to spare up is a LOT. So what I was thinking about: Why not give beginning accounts the space to get achievements. this way they can get motivation to learn and they will get a limited amount of IP. some small achievements like 50 IP for destroying your first tower, or clearing a blue or red for the first time. 150 IP for your first 3 win streak. 100 IP for getting more than 10k gold. There is a lot to work with I think here I played an app game for a long time called "vainglory". it is basicallly LOL but for the touch device. they got it where you get everyday a first win bonus, third win bonus and 7 days a win in a row bonus. also something that could be implemented here
First,thanks for supporting my suggestion.Secondly,i think achievements is a good idea,and who knows? Maybe Riot Games add achievements on League of Legends.
: I feel like Riot should increase the Ip you get when you lose a game, and make it almost the same as winning games, as it makes people play more for fun, and less for IP grinding.
That is what most players want.To increase IP for lost and win,but not too much...
: I agree it should be increased, it does take a long time for newer players to buy new champions if they are just using IP (although on the flip side in a way it forces people to play and learn the champion instead of just playing him once or twice and abandoning it). On the other hand, it will be better to wait until Hextech crafting goes live to see how it affects the champion acquisition rate before making any big changes.
I just wrote a suggestion.Its Riot's decision about IP boost,but,hopefully,they will increase IP...
: Yes, i support this suggestion. IP grinding is currently the slowest process in the game, but HexTech crafting will be grindier when it gets released. Still, there are many reasons as to why IP grinding should be changed, and you pointed out your statements.
Thanks for supporting my suggestion :)
Saryn (EUW)
: Theres party ip boost from time to time :C
I know,but i am talking about solo queue,when your friends are busy or something like that.
: I really agree! Because to get 1 6300 IP champion requires about 66 wins and I don't think you can win 66 games in a row so add maybe another 20 games.
It takes a really long time to get 6300 IP,even when you have all the time in the world.I hope Riot Games will solve the problem so that everybody be satisfied.
Rioter Comments
TEFAlpha9 (EUW)
: Then there would be no point in having the option for buying things for RP when you can buy them for IP for the most part I agree it is low but they have events like party rewards which can stack up multiple times making it worth playing with a full group and grinding out a lot of games. Having low IP most the time allows them to flex this system to encourage activity around specific periods (ie balance testing) by offering these rewards. Also encourages more playing in general. What would be nice if you could earn champions which they have now added with the hextech chests
We don't want for Riot Games to increase IP 50% more,just a little bit. Like 20-25%. We are not asking for 300 IP a match -.-
Ekoby (EUW)
: Didn't even read the text, just saw increase IP and voted yes.
: People are already farming IP together, and honestly if you work that much just buy an IP boost , you can buy IP boost wins + Days, aka stack them and get massive IP boosts, dont be a cheap skate :)
I don't buy IP boost because why should i spend my money to get 6300 IP in a week when i could get it in a month for free? IP should be increased. maximum one hour of playing League of Legends will give me only around 100-120 IP. Some people just don't have money or they don't want to spend it in a virtual game,but in reality. You know:food,drinks,cars,houses,...
: Also on a side note, why would you bring childrens education into this, even if they get 500 IP per game, they will still not get better grades ,your point is invalid and not relevant.
I am just trying to explain how much people play League of Legends that takes a lot of free time. Also,there are children that love to play games like League of Legends,but they also love to learn. About children that you mention in the comment,those are children who hate to learn and just play games. All of us are different.Someone loves and someone hates League of Legends,hate to study,love to learn...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: https://i.gyazo.com/d1e4c1afb7a09ee13c4bc9a88a01da76.png Nty. It's fine as it is. I have been very inactive the past year, and I have never had any problems keeping up to having ~30k - 40k leftover ip on new champion releases. The sales on runepages make it easy to obtain 20 pages. The only thing that COULD use a change, is rune prices because they are actually the individual most important thing that affects your games apart from your personal skill-level. Also a free tip: Don't make your threads a wall of text, but spread it into chapters. Increases the chances of people actually READING it.
I have been inactive too,until i started playing,then i found the fun i used to have when playing League of Legends.The only thing that really surprised me is IP bonus.It is reduced a lot,like 50%.I am not asking Riot Games to increase IP Bonus back to 50%(that was a little too much IP)i just wrote a suggestion about increasing IP bonus like 20-25% And well done on 30k-40k IP that you have.You surely play a lot,that includes that you have a lot of free time.But some players don't have much free time.A human has to work,go to school,high school,college... That is why i think IP should be increased.
: If IP gets increased then I want more things that I can buy with it, I'm sitting on 100k with nothing to spend it on.
Be patient.Riot Games will add new champions,skins,items,... Its just a matter of time.If you don't have patience,there are a lot of other games than League of Legends.Play games that you like the most.
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