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GhostyImp (EUNE)
: Explain to me what you mean by "easy".
easy mechanic champions that u can help better to your team.... with hard mechanic champion u can troll ur team in teamfights so hard and u can lose the whole game..
: You're in silver 5 with a negative winrate, and your main champions are Yasuo, Katarina, Shaco, Akali and Vayne.
Look my match history now :) 10 victory in row with amumu, so it works and when i played yasuo vayne and draven i lost almost all. and i climb to silver 4 60lp in day
: Hey, LeaverBuster is meant as a punishment for frequent leavers. The fact that you get 20 minutes queues means that you have left a lot of games in the past. The punishment is trying to tell you something: Fix your computer and internet before you commit to a game. Even if you leave a game unintentionally, you still lower your teammates' chance of winning significantly, you basically ruin their game. And because LeaverBuster is a penalty, it is meant to be annoying. Not being able to do anything in the client is part of the punishment. If you just don't leave, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. --------------- > if than something happens like power goes off If you can't even make sure that you stay connected during the queue, you are definitely not stable enough to commit to a game. I'll say it again. By leaving the game you ruin the game for nine other players. The game becomes unfair and your team's chances of winning are lowered. Repair your computer first, seek for help with your pc and then come back to League. You can't just play League without a working computer.
But everytime i got that wasnt becaouse of computer or some else issue it was cuz of power goes off,... i cant know if power will go off!!? IM TRYING TO SAY TO MAKE JUST WAITING 5 GAMES PENATLY AND THAN U CAN PLAY WAITED GAMES WHEN U WANT NOT AFTER 20 MIN
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: You're in silver 5 with a negative winrate, and your main champions are Yasuo, Katarina, Shaco, Akali and Vayne.
Nah that was test i was silver 1 when i started playing annie,poppy,kayle and then i start doing hard champs fall to s5 look my last match now, And its not my first acc i play this game for 6 years since 2011
: "Requires skill"-Inserts yasuo I'm done and I'm out
If u didnt know yasuo is one of the five most hardest champions in lol -_- dont talk shi t
: The amount of {{champion:24}}es (expecially junglers for some reason) that i see in low elo and completely fail because they go ham at early levels when they are no way able to survive it...totally contradicts that {{champion:24}} is somehow a easy or beginner champ. Quite the opposite actually.
Maybe but he is not that hard to understand,... thats maybe becaouse they dont understand something that not depends on champion, chasing enemy instead of taking Turret/dragon/baron or something like that.... U can win game without 1 kill its not about that its all about objectives.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'd say champion picks only matter when wanting to climb quickly. But it will only help so much, as climbing that way gives less improvment you can build off later. Meaning it will lead to gettign stuck just a bit higher. <.< The thing with playing champions one enjoys is that, while they might be harer to master, it doesn't matter once mastered. But if the person enjos the champion they play they'll play more games with usually a better mindset for it, and end up improving to a greater degree.
It matters always its so important if u are not that good, players upgrade their skill step by step that starts from easy champs ,.... Harder champions are much fun but its biggest problem why low elo loses games,...they feed and they dont know how to comeback when with easyer champs are different thing,....and then all teammates gets mad on 1 player who picked harder champ and don;t know to play him and he cant comeback,and then starts flame abuse,.... he just cant listen that and he is just doing worst,... thats the problem
: Playing easy mechanical champion will let you focus more on the macro as you dont need to do anything 'special'. Annie is a good example as she got perfect q Last hit, aoe w and a shield e with really good ultimate with build In stun on every 4th ability. Learning this champion is much faster and easier and you can focus more on other stuff In the game
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I don't make mistakes
Treycos (EUW)
: You're wrong on way too many points (and why do you write that while not being being ranked gold+ last season) You can climb with ANY champion you want ANY of them Yes, you may make it a bit slower with some of them, but don't force yourself to play a champion you don't like As LS would say, "You can be master with any champion" Getting better is all about knowing the mistakes you've made, knowing where to go and when And even more importantly, think about what you will do if you were an ennemy to predict their actions
U can see that on every video on youtube how to get from low elo! biggest mistake is champion picks and that is true 100%
Fathands (EUW)
: > look your mistakes and to fix em,.... I don't make mistakes, my team does. They hold me back.
Not true everyone makes mistakes even your enemy u just dont see them,... your team is not bad its not their fold,.... try to get that in your head!
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: Wich Champion to pick up?
IF u are low elo player u should pick someone who is easy to play Phanteon is good choice try him... dont play those champions:{{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:126}} and more harder champs u should pick something like this:{{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:23}}
: i cannot climb, i quit
Thats becaouse u play hard champions in low elo,.... u probably play:{{champion:268}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} or someone thats is for high elo players not for starters,....try to play easy champions and easy to master and u will improve your skills. Theres some champions u should play in low elo (Low elo is:Bronze,Silver,Gold 1,2,3) Mid Lane:{{champion:1}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:103}} champs u shouldn't play:{{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:61}} Top Lane:{{champion:54}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:75}}{{champion:23}} champs u shouldn't play:{{champion:164}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:92}} Jungle lane:{{champion:32}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} champs u shouldn't play:{{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:60}} ADC lane:{{champion:18}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} champions u shouldn't play:{{champion:498}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}},.... Support lane:{{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:201}} champions u shouldn't play:{{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} AND DONT PLAY MID CHAMPIONS ON SUPPORT LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE I HELPED U LISTEN ME U WILL CLIMB. if someone is toxic or abuse u just use /mute it will help u alot,... And dont be like them play support when u get autofill not just feeding and troll, some kids..
: i cannot climb, i quit
That is becaouse u master hard champ probably someone of this:{{champion:157}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} or someone is hard to master, easy champions({{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:10}}) u will climb and will be easy. Listen me and u will climb.
: Rengar
If u are low elo stop playing him, (He is not very easy to master) Try to play easyer champs and u will improve ur skills in time Play someone like:{{champion:32}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}},.. WW is little risky but its not that hard. In time u will improve and than u can try Rengar, try to gank enemy champion if he is aggresive or u sure there is no ward in bush. Dont try to counter jungle if u play against assasin jungler or someone who can easy burst ur health. MAX skill order:Q E W if u miss E than max W second. if u play against easy to kill champion buy something like this:{{item:1412}} {{item:3142}} after that build what u want it depends on what enemy team u facing against. and if u playing against tanky champion:Start this {{item:1412}} {{item:3071}} or something like black cleaver. Hope i helped.
: How to deal with Zed?
First ZED is not low elo champion so keep that in mind (Try to poke him, He is probably not good at that champion)And u should pick someone easy to play like {{champion:1}}{{champion:103}} {{champion:10}} DONT PLAY THIS CHAMPIONS:{{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:61}} OR SOMEONE ELSE HARDER TO MASTER AND PLAY,...if he have good jungler in team try to keep your eyes on map and ward,..SAYING SS WILL HELP UR TEAM CUZ ZED MAYBE ROAM OTHER LANES.if u miss his movement dont follow him try to take his turret down. If u playing AP Champion you should build Hourglass first item ({{item:3157}}) ur build depends what u facing against. ZED counters are not easy champs so dont try to counter him ({{champion:8}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:84}} and more others. Try to waste his combo in lane (W>E>Q) then start attacking him. Hope i helped.
: is orianna support still good?
No,dont play Middle lane champions({{champion:1}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:63}},.... on support role its not okay,, special if u are low elo (Dont play hard champs in low elo) u will improve play normal champions For SUPPORT Role, someone like {{champion:37}} {{champion:12}},,, if u play this champs in low elo u will improve than u can try to play more Hard champs like {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}}.
: What exactly is wrong with people? And some respect to the supports!!
Try to play easy champions ({{champion:12}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:32}} ...) in low elo u will do better, and u will be relaxed, helping ur team,....u will improve in time,.... And if someone flaming u abuse just use /mute u will do better without them,.... CYA Bro hope i helped.


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