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: Twisted Fate's E fixed
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: Mind of the Virtuoso - Teaser
It's not just that, the teaser comes with the champion changes. DId you see Garen, Zed, Vi and Sona? ( well if not, here's a link to the Champion Page and check them out ) That's clearly a new champ lol XD
: Virtuoso
I think it may be something about the nature too. Think about it, at the beginning there are roses on fire. Then when the bullet shots, there's ice/wind. Then there's the smoke (still wind i guess), and nature when the guy gets rooted into a tree (i didn't really understand this scene)
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: I don't know if i'm asking for a difficult thing but i would be cool that the map of aram could be the blidgewater one or the freljord one chosed randomly, just like the champs.
Or the ARAM game mode could have 2 disponible maps, and the Bildgewater one would have the pirate voice too cause i love it XD


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