SalBunny (EUW)
: i forgive you but scripts in other way is HACKING and that's completly illegall
<3 yea i deserved it ;d
True Sight (EUNE)
: Why do you even need Riven scripts? Just mash your head against the keyboard.
haahhahaha i dont need them my friends told me to try them in 1 game and that got me banned rip but i deserved it
Icehood (EUNE)
: Wait you got perma banned again ?
no this account is perm banned and i got banned only once ;P
Lsayu (EUNE)
: What would be the point of the ban if they unbanned every person who is really really really sorry about what they did. Also, they don't do that. You only get unbanned if it proves to be a mistake.
okay np i understand
Boniwix (EUNE)
: Im sorry ;P
Ou btw Merry chrismas to anyone reading this! xD
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